Hit or Miss: Willow Smith’s AMA Outfit

11/24/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

Holy fashion!

Last Sunday, pop star-in-the-making Willow Smith hit the red carpet of the 2010 American Music Awards in a very interesting outfit.

The 10-year-old’s out-there garb included a grey long-sleeve romper, a yellow leather shoulder harness and seriously floppy black boots.

To top it all off, she also rocked a Snooki-esque poof.

While we admire the tween’s penchant for edgy styles, we’re not sure this look works.

TELL US: What do you think of Willow’s AMA ensemble?

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Jordan on

The poor child.
It’s also scary that someone designed the pieces and then someone else approved them.

Nicole on

This is totally a miss, sorry willow.

hayley w on

I do not like this one tiny bit! What is wrong with the poeple running this site, your asking us to judge a child?? a ten year old child any one that does shame on you!

Yeah lets start picking on kids that can’t defend themself against grown up picking apart an outfit …….worng!

Tess on

It’s a miss. And an attention getter, which I suspect was the point.

Jill on

Since you are asking…….miss. Horrible and ugly outfit. It looks like she has big bird on her shoulder

J on

Not a very flattering outfit, regardless of her age.

h on

look at her legs, isn’t she a little skinny ( just asking…).
anyways, she’s a beautiful girl

Chris on

They should have used the picture with her mother and brother included. My first reaction was the fact that Will wasn’t in the picture; I wouldn’t want to be seen with any of them dressed the way they were.

Beautee on

SMH I agree with Hayley.

Kristin on

Hayley, do you not read people.com? Hit or miss is a regular feature. Willow is trying to be a celebrity now that she has a song out so I don’t see the issue.

Definitely a miss.

Sam on

@ Hayley w – no one here asked us to judge a child. They asked us what we thought of the outfit. Willow wore it for that exact reason so people would “LOOK AT ME, I’M HERE, TALK ABOUT ME” kind of thing!!

Ridiculous. Cute little girl but this outfit does indeed scream for attention and that’s low self asteem doing her talking, not her ‘unique personality coming out’.

Notice we don’t see Jaden around the pages lately? It’s Willow’s turn for fame and attention!! After all his attention grabbing for ‘his’ movie, I’m sure she was very jealous. Now we haven’t seen him out and about, but they discovered Willow could sing and BAM got her a record deal just like that (snaps fingers). Jaden had his turn, it’s Willow’s turn now. Sad.

momof3 on

Haley said it well. You should not ask us to judge a child! Children need all the positive influence they can get. Life is rough, even for celebrikids.

The outfit however, is a miss. A BIG miss, the designer must have been on crack. But kudos’ to Jade and Will for letting their daughter to decide for herself if she likes it or not. At least it’s covering up all the important parts of a young lady.

Bill on


Your Mother must be dressing you again. You may want to ask your dad to get you a new stylist.

lise on

i would say this is a miss. my first reaction when i was it was that is looked like something that i would envision from the book “the hunger games” – quite futuristic…like the colour combo, but that’s about it!

Terri on


Abi on

This outfit is possibly the ugliest I have ever seen. To each their own though! Willow is such a pretty girl, its hard to believe she is only 10 years old.

Sam on

CBB did NOT ask us to judge a child. They clearly say ‘fashion’, ‘outfit’, ‘garb’ and ‘ensemble’. They want comments on the outfit and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Willow chose to wear it, it was ‘approved by mommy’ so it’s open for discussion. Willow is adorable, her choice of clothing is not. Oh and she is not a ‘young lady’ quite yet, she is still a little girl.

Beautee on

There are a lot of pictures of Jaden at the AMA’s by himself, next to Willow and with his parents.

kelsey on

I hope she didn’t have to go pee during the evening!!!

Noelle on

It’s kind of funny how people say it’s awful to judge a child and then proceed to actually judge her. If you don’t like the question, don’t answer it.

And this is the biggest miss i’ve seen in a long time….

erilynne on

HUGE MISS! I don’t know what is worse, the shoes or the outfit.

Ellea on

I don’t see anything wrong with judging her outfit. She’s not some little girl on a playground put on fashion police. She’s recently decided to become a singer, she’s on the red carpet not as a guest of someone else but as a celebrity in her own right.She’s She’s walking the red carpet which is basically a runway, so I don’t see anything wrong with judging her outfit. I actually like the concept of the the yellow jacket sleeve, but the execution of it didn’t work. I could see this outfit on fergie or something but that kind of jumper on a little girl is just unflattering. So for me its a miss.

Georgina on

I think Sam has got it right, the article asks about Willow’s outfit not Willow herself. So comments referring to her person like her legs are too skinny are offensive and uncalled for when discussing someone who is 10! Specifically because they are 10, and so still growing!

I think as Willow 1) has the confidence to be up there infront of everyone and 2) probably choose the outfit herself, means that regardless of what any of us say, She probably doesn’t give a damn about our opinion. Which is great, because no, I dont like it!

Sheri on

People Magazine seems to be lacking a sensitivity gene. Asking us to judge a child? Despicable! I will, however, be judging People Magazine. Bye, bye subscription!

JMO on

Outfit is a big miss. But she’s channeling the rest of these celebrities Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Gaga, Pink etc. So what is the difference? If Gwen Stefani wore this nobody would be complaining cause they’d say oh well that’s just Gwen! Well guess Willow decided she has no taste too. No biggie!! 😉

cris on

Okay, I am laughing so hard!!! Ridiculous!

Ericka on

lmfao @ all the people criticizing CBB for asking you to critique Willows outfit and then in the next sentence saying her outfit is a miss. Really? If you don’t think CBB should be asking our opinions of her outfit then why would you give your opinion? Hypocritical.

I think the outfit is odd but then again so is fashion you see on most runways and I think Willow was going for that outfit that she wouldn’t bump into another girl wearing at the same event. She pulled that off definitely lol.

Tess on

No one is attacking the child, they’re attacking the outfit. There’s a difference between saying the outfit is ugly and the child is ugly. The focus is on the outfit.

Regardless, if Willow (and her parents) wants to be famous, then criticism comes with that and it’s something she should expect. I don’t see anything wrong with saying she’s wearing a ridiculous, attention-grabbing outfit.

Hea on

I will not judge a young child. I will, however, judge the child’s parents. What the *beep* are you thinking, Will and Jada?

Elisa on

if I had a daughter she would never leave home like that… her mother dresses normal, so why does she dress like thaT??

Niko on

Um…ahem…WTF? Rihanna meets Lady Gaga, lol. Why can’t Willow ever dress like an 11 year old kid?

martina on

This poor child, being pushed into the spotlight at such a young age. Haven’t the parents leared anything from the endless “happy” child stars that end up in rehab, with eating disorders, low self esteem, etc? I am sure being Will Smith’s child opens all the doors in Hollywood, but is this really necessary? Give her a few years and then she can go into the “show biz” on her own term.

mommyof2 on

this is so sad to see what grown adults are saying about a 10 year old. i think she looks beautiful. she is showing self expression in a appropriate way. she is clearly a confident and strong girl!! i think she should be praised not bashed.

Jill on

Hayley W….. do you really think that Willow Smith is some defensless child who had NO input into her outfit? Why can’t we judge her outfit? We’re not judging HER, it’s the clothes…. sheesh.

The outfit is terrible. It’s not appropriate for a little girl. But, I have no doubt that Willow Smith had A LOT to do with what clothes she wears, what style she has and how she dresses.

LB on

She looks stupid, but who cares? She probably thinks she looks cool. We probably all wore something odd at least once when we were 10.

LPW on

She scares me.

Alyssa on

We’re not judging Willow..we’re judging her outfit. Cute girl, ugly outfit.

Mira on

I don’t think the outfit is so horrible. The poof on the sleeve is too much, but the jumpsuit, the boots and the colors look fine to me. She’s obviously trying to be avantgarde, not to blend in and be sweet and child-like. With this goal in mind, the outfit sort of works.

ILuvPerfectParents on

She is such a pretty little girl. This outfit is actually a knock off version created by a very disappointed Mom of London designer named Mildred von Hildegard.

Sam on

@ Georgina – thankyou! Still other posts have come in saying CBB should not attack a child. Where are they doing that, ’cause this reader missed it?

@Sheri – if you can’t read you shouldn’t have a subscription to any magazine! Bye bye!

Denise on

Yikes…then again, she is only 10 years old.

In regards to being a singer…well, as for singing…”I whip my hair” over and over and over again…I don’t really see the talent there. Of course, the Disney Channel has latched on to her, next we will be seeing a show based on her whipping her hair and outlandish outfits. They will need something to fill the void left by the Jonas show being cancelled…

lila on

I think The Smith’s are a little too concerned with pushing their children into the spotlight. Talk about stage parents……

mamabear on

Jaden once said in an interview that his sister always tries to “out do” him – I think this is Willow’s way of trying to outshine her brother.

At the premiere of HIS movie, “Karate Kid”, for which Jaden received kudos on his amazing performance, she tried to steal the spotlight away by wearing the most outlandish outfit she could find…until now.

I blame the parents for allowing the ridiculous outfits Willow wears, but I suspect Miss Willow herself is the one behind the choices.

I think her brother may be right…ANYONE who wears such attention-getting outlandish outfits is SCREAMING FOR ATTENTION.

Sheri on

Hello?! Have you never met a preteen or teenager? Girls especially are all about appearances…their weight, their skin, their hair, their choice of clothing. STRANGERS judging a preteen’s appearance tells a preteen that not only do they not look good, but their personal identity is not valued, appreciated or respected. Those of you who say judging the outfit is not judging the girl need to stop making excuses for your insensitive behavior. What is more shameful than People’s article? Adults who took the bait and publically ridiculed this child because they can hide behind anonymity.

Siana on

Sorry but I hate it

Eve on

She looks her age…let her style be her own! If Lady Gaga’s grown tail can walk around looking crazy why cant a little girl rock what she feels is stylish FOR HER!

Cindy on

You should feel AWFUL for even asking the question. She is 10 years old! We should be happy that she is trying to be an individual and encouraging that, not judging her and finding her lacking. Did I mention she’s 10!
You should all be ashamed for judging a child.

Sam on

@ Sheri – you came back! Kind of knew you would. This article is about FASHION, not the child herself. She wore it for the exact reason, so people would talk about her clothes. And she is NOT a PRE TEEN. A pre teen is 12 years old, this child just turned 10. She is a little girl, a child and a cute one – – with some attention seeking issues.


A on

Aweful! Please why do clebs have to do this to us she’s a kid how pathetic!

Amanda on

Take off that yellow “thing” and it would have been okay.

Sam on

@ Beautee – thanks, I’ll try and find them just to see. 🙂

@ Kelsey – too funny, never even thought of that!!

Dee on

LOL…ok the outfit is not my cup of tea but considering she is a daredevil when it comes to fashion, then hey it suits her. She is a beautiful girl and I am happy she is getting to express herself the way she wants to.

Haters, haters, haters step off!!!!!

BTW, I highly doubt her parents are pushing the kids in the business, they seem genuinely interested and frankly Jaiden is a wonderful actor for his age!!!

GO SMITHS!!!!! DOMINATE!!!!! LOL poor haters!!!

hayley w on

She is 10….how on earth would you feel if some came up to you and told you they didn’t like the outfit your child was in or said you needed your head looked at for letting them wear it….

i doubt you would take it very well, she is a kid so what if you don’t like her outfit but for a magazine to put her picture up and almost gleefull way say ok come one tell us how bad you think it is.

she is just a child just because she wanted some attention , we are the adults here, i feels wrong to me really wrong xxxx thats just how i feel i stand by my first post. i can’t help it i just think how willow would feel if she ever saw these comments. i wonder if you knew it made her cry how you would feel.

Sheri on

@Sam: You are right. A preteen we shouldn’t scrutinize…but a 10-year-old, that’s okay? There’s a warped sense of logic going on there.

Shannon on

I guess I don’t really want to judge a 10 year old, only because that is such an impressionable age for a girl. But I will say that she should just be 10! There’s no need to dress like a mini-Rihanna or whomever. Its just too much and too much pressure. You can’t get your childhood back, enjoy it now.

Tee on

Miss. Really big miss.

Sherri on

Call me old fashioned, but when I was 10 my mother would have never let me out of the house in an outfit like that. Pop star or not, I think a kid should be a kid. Letting a child express themselves is nice, but there should also be boundaries. The first thing my mother would have said is that the fabric is too clingy in inappropriate places and that I’m attracting way too much of the wrong kind of attention to myself. I wish there was more attention put on Willow as a singer and as a person. Her wacky outfits are distracting from her growing talent as a singer. She’s not an adult, she shouldn’t be allowed to make choices like one.

what of it? on

Rock it Willow!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

A big miss!, looks totally ridiculous IMO. Celebrity child that looks like a 10 year old going on 20. Wouldn’t let my daughter near that outfit at Willow’s age, LOL…

Anonymous on

Her mother who happens to be a showoff is leading her in that same direction!

Jennifer on

Beautiful, talented girl….terrible outfit!

Sam on

@Sheri – You really need to READ what is written before you comment. I didn’t say it was ok to scrutinize anyone, anytime ever. Neither did CBB. I said Willow is not a pre teen, a pre teen is a 12 year old and little Willow has just turned 10. Please read and then comment on what is written, not what you imagine it to say. Thankyou in advance. 🙂

Molly on

@Sam – Actually, a preteen is ages 10-12. Willow *is* a preteen.

Sheri on

@Sam: Look up the definition of preteen: “A preadolescent boy or girl (usually between the ages of 9 and 12 years).” Perhaps you could do some reading as well. 🙂

Lenny on

Willow’s outfit it def not a miss. If that what she choices to wear than that’s her cup of tea. There are many of you on here that probably wear some ugly outfits but no one judges you and jumps to conclusions that you have attention issues or that your family has issues trying to put you in the spot light. Stop hating on the Smiths because you guys don’t have kids who are talented. Fashion is all about being different and I think this outfit is a hit for Willow.

Alice on

It’s awful. It has nothing to do with Willow or her age or her personality, it’s just an awful outfit. Even on Lady GaGa or Helena Bonham-Carter it would STILL be awful.

cynsational on

I think it’s a burning hot mess! Her parents have her looking to old for her age. They need to rein her in before she becomes another Lindsey Lohan.

Kaylie on

Why are her parents letting her and her brother into this business so young? It’s hard being famous so young and you think two people who are in the business wouldn’t want their children judged like that. You’d think they would want their children to live normal lives. It’s just sad in my opinion. No 10-year-old really needs to be famous. This outfit just goes to show how “trendy” and “cutting edge” her parents want her to be. She’s 10 – let her be 10! I’m not hating on her, I just can’t see how all this attention on these young kids is a good thing.

Rachel on

I am with Sherri… I personally think the outfit — the way it fits and especially the way it bunches up and becomes incredibly tight right in the crotch area… it’s incredibly inappropriate. This is a TEN year old, there is absolutely no reason at all to be dressing like this.

G on

She looks like an idiot!
Her parents who let her out of the house looking like this should be required to take parenting classes!

Jenn on

“To each their own” I guess??? Well on a positive note..at least she’s covered…lol.

SH on

Sorry, but a TEN YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL should never have attention drawn to their CROTCH. Asinine.

Janey on

The outfit is wierd but that is how it was intended. The only concern I have is that it is too tight around the crotch, and I wonder if her parents realised that.

Sam on

@Sheri – “Websters” says it is “a boy or girl not yet 13 years old”, so going with that a 5 year old is a pre teen too?

“Pre – earlier than, prior to, before”
“Teen – a teenage person”

To me that is a 12 year old, however, I concede, Willow IS a pre teen! But her outfit is still awful! 🙂



Trish on

A huge miss!!!!!!!!!!

Brooklyn on

Wow. Just wow.

(and not in a good way)

Kitty on

I think it’s a ridiculous ensemble.

Ari on

a trash bag that threw up a banana. awful!!!!

Vanessa on

I’m sorry but that it just awful! A 10 year old should not be dressing that way…she’s almost got a camel toe for crying out loud.

Saw the video of her song the other day. My God how much make up she has on.

Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. How can they approve of something like this?

TNT on

Yuck. But, hey, whatever makes her happy! If she thinks she looks good in it that’s all that matters.

Lola on

this little girl is as annoying as her parents.

Kim Chrisman on


steph on

Her hair looks good…

JP on

It looks like there is a monkey on her shoulder

Mirjana on

huge miss!

Elena on

It’s just plain wrong…..self expression???? ummmmmm ok then…..to me it just looks stupid, sorry…

Jill on

Niko…..BEST comment EVER!!!!

Kay on

Whether I think it’s a hit or miss is irrelevant if Willow likes it. But I do think it’s inappropriate for a 10 year old child. I think it’s great to give children choices and allow them to make their own decisions but it is up to the parents to control those choices at such a young age. “Do you want to wear this dress or that dress?” or “Do you want hotdogs or hamburgers?”. There needs to be boundaries. Would it be okay for her to have a tattoo just because she chose it herself? Just because she chose such an interesting and daring outfit and just because the music industry is edgy, doesn’t make it okay for a child. I think if she had something more age appropriate on instead of that romper (jeans and a cute top) and had the yellow sleeve thing as a jacket, I would support that choice. But the combination seems inappropriate for a teenager, nevermind a 10 year old.

Lotus on

Before I can decide whether I like the style of the outfit or not…how about the fact it doesn’t even fit her frame right?

adelle on

poor girl she has nothing to with this who dress her up she looks like a clown u should be asham of your self

kiki on

I am sure! This outfit does not work!!! AT ALL!!!

rrjbrown on

She tries way to hard!!

Tine on

I think it`s funny! She makes me laugh, but I also think it`s really cool, because whether she has a message through her clothes or not, it could have been a message saying: Hey, why can`t I wear this clothes? Have you ever been to a fashion show? Well, this is what adult calls fashion!:D Love it! I`ve seen many clothes on the catwalk, they`re not any better than this. You go Willow!

Tee on

In my opinion, the way the outfit lays, especially at the crotch, isn’t appropriate for anybody to wear, no matter their age.

Nina on

I laughed really hard when I saw this outfit.It was just plain pathetic…and the boots on those skinny legs, LOL.Anyone who is anyone in the entertainment industry know.Will and Jada Pinkett Smith don’t play by the same rules as most married folks.The way they are bringing up their children,is simply a reflection of their values.

Lilianne on

To Sam, I don’t want to get into the whole argument over Willow and what she is wearing or how she acts but I have a comment to you about something you keep saying. I have read in other posts that you claim(as if you are an expert) that Willow is NOT a preteen. You stated in this thread that one is not a preteen until age 12.

It bothers me that you keep saying this. There are no hard and fast rules regarding this terminology. Adolescence is widely thought of as starting upon the onset of puberty and this occurs at different ages for different kids. Some girls start this process as young as 10 and I think that is very common among African Americans. And the dictionary definition of preadolescence or “preteen” is generally designated as the ages between 10 and 13, although there is no exact agreement.

It is clear that you have absolutely no positive thoughts about the Smith family and/or anything they do. That’s fine. But perhaps you should stop stating things like you are an expert because there are people here just gullible enough to believe you and false information is never ok.

Lilianne on

Sam, I just now read through the whole thread and saw your comments about the issue of Willow being a pre-teen. So, please ignore my previous post. 🙂

J on

Does this girl actually go out thinking this outfit looks good? And who are the people who tell her this looks just fabulous. Good God.

zappo on

What a fun, space aged costume! I like it for her; it shows she’s not afraid to be bold, make a statement, and be herself. As a very artsy teen in the 80’s, this is the kind of outfit I would have loved to wear! I often made unusual concoctions by ripping apart clothes, and putting them back together. I cannot explain it to the criticizers, but color and clothing is very important to some people as an artful expression. At least she is dressed in a sci fi way, not in a sexy way like so many other pre-teens, right? Anyhoo, I like it; I applaud creativity, and it’s great.

Hatti on

I think the outfit is awful….just like her and her brother’s ego’s. I have never in my life experienced 2 kids who simply adore THEMSELVES as much as those 2 do. Being self confident and self assured is one thing, but those 2 kids are so full of themselves, it’s sad really.

Ashley on

this has to be the dumbest outfit I’ve ever seen. She needs to hang out with Lady Gaga and scream for more attention.

misterkrista on

More important than what a miss the outfit was is how it was a complete rip-off of someone else’s design. The Huffington Post wrote an article about it.

peopletalk on

She’s cool! she’s bold enough to, she dares! she’s free, and she doesnt care what haters say!

Tracy on

I am sorry, but that has got to be one of the UGLIEST outfits I have ever seen in my life. That weird, poofy 1980’s meets Bondage Queen is NOT appropriate for a girl her age. The bunching of the fabric giving her a camel toe is hideous too. The boots are beyond ridiculous in the fact that they look about 5 sizes too big. And, what is up with the gloves? Was it cold out? This outfit would look WRONG on anyone. Sorry, it’s a miss…..big time.

anonymous on

her mom said she has the freedom to wear whatever she wants. if i was her mom, after she put this on, that would not happen anymore. no offense willow.