Kourtney Kardashian Isn’t Rushing Mason’s Milestones

11/19/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Matthew Hranek

He may only be 11-months-old, but Mason Dash is already growing up too fast for mom Kourtney Kardashian.

“I remember how quickly those first few days went by. I cried every day that it was one less day I would have with Mason [as an infant],” the first-time mama tells the December/January issue of Babytalk.

“We had lots of visitors, but I remember basically living in my pajamas. We never left the house. That month was all about Mason.”

And while outings weren’t a common occurrence during those first few weeks, according to Kardashian, neither was sleep for her and boyfriend Scott Disick!

“I nursed Mason every two hours. He loved to sleep all day and party all night,” she recalls. “It was actually a fun time, though! Scott and I would stay up watching movies and taking turns trying to rock Mason to sleep.”

Having moved past the newborn stage with her son, Kardashian is focused on the present and not on the future. “I really want to enjoy the stage he’s at now. I don’t look forward and say, ‘I can’t wait until he’s walking.’ I want to enjoy right now,” she explains.

That said, when Mason does hit any major milestones, the star of Kourtney and Kim Take New York will be ready — phone in hand!

“I forgot to write down some of Mason’s milestones. Luckily, a lot of them were caught on camera,” Kardashian says. “Now I immediately enter everything into my cell phone so I always have them, and then into the baby book.”

One memory she won’t be forgetting? “I will never forget the first time Mason smiled at me,” she recalls. “The innocence of a baby is magical.”

Matthew Hranek


— Anya Leon

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angie on

Mason is sooo adorable! I love Kourtney! She seems like such a good mother!

hayley w on

Think i just melted a little lovely x

Jessica on

Aww Mason is soo adorable! He definitely looks like a little Kardashian! 🙂

Ally on

People can diss the Kardashians all they want but it’s obvious Kourtney is a great mom and so in love with her lil guy!! Wish them nothing but the best!

baby lover! on

He’s starting to look a little bit like Scott as he’s getting older! but he is still very very very cute!!! x)

Alex on

Mason is absolutely adorable!

Kourtney seems like a great mom.

cris on

When I read her blogs I always get the feeling that she is just saying what she thinks people want to hear…seems somewhat superficial to me.

Jess on

Cris – shut up. Obviously Kourtney is an amazing mom. Do you not watch the show!? Mason is a precious baby!!

Jodi on

I feel like Kourtney just says what people want to hear so they think she is a “normal” mom. However her and her sisters became famous because of an x-rated tape. Quite disgusting!

gdfg on

Jess, if you disagree with Cris, you can do so respectfully! There’s no need to say shut up. I’m assuming you’re an adult.

Jodi, Kourtney wasn’t a part of that x-rated tape, so I’m not sure why you’re bashing her for it.

Kourtney and her sisters became famous because their dad and step-dad are famous.

JES on

He is so cute, I miss her blog.

hayley w on

jess – some times people just have to be negative for the sake of being negative and its best to just to let them be because you will end up feeding their need to push their “opinions” to prove their points.

Its quite sad though it feels like every post there is always one …..like a playground x

chevjuls on

Mason look a lot like is uncle than is dad, he so adoreable,

Jennifer on

That second picture is adorable!

Manon on

Jess: the irony in your post is just classic: she is a great mum, just look at the TV SHOW where she is showing us what a great mum she is!

Still, she seems a pleasant person and one can’t question her love for her child.

Tee on

Jess- What could you stand to gain by telling somebody to shut up? Seriously, why can’t people disagree with someone else in a respectful manner?

Julianna on

Mason is adorable and is total Armenian – he looks a lot like Kourtney.

ilovegwen on

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Cris and Jess. When I read it I just thought “what a load of bull****”. I have 2 boys, aged 4 and 2 and let me tell you, that first month of each of their lives was a living nightmare, even having done it before with my first born it was still a complete nightmare with the second one. I strongly think she has sugarcoated it to the max.

That aside though, I think Kourtney is a wonderful mummy too and she seems very in love with her little man.

Sus on

The love of a mother is undeniable and Kourtney’s words speak volumes about her parenting. The Kardashian’s are a loving and beautiful family.

izzy on

not everyone has the same experience as everyone else in the world. @ilovegwen, i’m sorry your experience with your kids was less than amazing, but that does not mean kourtney’s lying. you and kourtney are different women, therefore your experiences are not bound to be identical. let her gush about her son, she has every right to.

Britsher on

WOW. Sometimes women are so catty and negative. But on a positive note Mason is too adorable, one of the cutest babies I have seen.

anonymous on

It seems like EVERY post on Celebrity Babies is received with some kind of criticism, and then the discussion becomes a huge argument between everyone who comments. It’s fine to disagree with someone and voice your opinion, but it seems like there’s always going to be people who read way too deep, and turn a positive article into something extremely negative and insulting. It’s fun going onto this blog and finding inspiration at times, but after awhile it’s so exhausting to read the back and forth squabbling between everyone.

Now BACK to Kourtney Kardashian…she seems amazingly happy, more so than she’s ever been, and I’m sure she’ll continue loving every day with her baby boy. This article isn’t about Kourtney’s parenting skills…it’s more about her experience as a mom, which hopefully resonates with others. I wish her all the best, and hope she and Scott will continue making healthy strides in their relationship, for the sake of Mason.

Amanda on

ilovegwen- I find that sad that you had a horrible first month. I have had 3 children, ages 6, 4 and 11 months and I relished that first month. It was absolutely amazing.

I don’t think the sleep deprivation caught up to me until around 2 months post partum, prior to that despite nursing every 2 hours I’d want to just stay up and marvel at the tiny, perfect little person who I knew would grow far too fast, and they all have and I am so glad I have those vivid memories sitting in a rocking chair examining every tiny bit of their bodies from their toes to their perfect, baby fine hair. The little traits that were amazingly so much my own or my husbands.

Those first weeks of parenthood make me want to do it again and again. But they grow up, I find my 6 year old much harder to raise than my babies and I think parenting becomes more difficult the older they get. Life gets more complicated for them and you have to guide them through the unpleasantries in life, which is never fun for a parent. A new baby is so perfectly innocent and unaware of all the messed up things in this world.

Brooke on

Jess – YOU shut up…I couldn’t agree more with Cris’ comment.

And you obviously don’t know reality tv….Yeah NOTHING gets edited to make people look a certain way, right??? Oh wait…..

Kay on

Mason is such a cutie. He looks just like a little man. It’s difficult to imagine what some babies will look like when they grow up, but it is easy to see Mason as a young man. He’s the spitting image of Kourtney’s brother, Rob.

Katie on

What is wrong with what she said? She seems to be a very good mom to that little boy. I think she has matured a lot as well since his arrival.

cassie on

aww he’s so cute and she is a cute mom

ecl on

If they gush, they get attacked for sugar coating. If they talk about the difficulties, they get attacked for not really knowing difficulties since they have money or because they should be grateful they have a child since some people are infertile. Lose-lose.

Jill on

He is one of the cutest babies! She just adores him. I love both of her shows and I can’t wait for the third one.

Blaming editing is biggest excuse in the book. They can’t make you say something or do soemthing. They can put clips together, but at the end of the day, you need to own it. And she has never blamed editing for anything.

Taylor on

ECL, I couldn’t agree more. It’s pathetic.

CelebBabyLover on

ecl- Exactly what I was going to say!

Jenn on

ilovegwen, I, too, am sorry that your first month with both your sons was tough, but yeah, it doesn’t mean she’s lying.

The first month with my daughter was probably the easiest we’ve had so far. She was a good eater, good sleeper, and content. Just because you’re experience was not great (or even good) doesn’t mean anyone who says otherwise is lying.

MelissaB on

Ilovewen: I guess its just your experience bc my first month as a mom for both of my babies was just pure magic and I felt like I was literally on cloud 9. The sleep thing isnt so bad bc you get to sleep when they sleep and face it, they do sleep A LOT during that time. Ppl make such a big deal about not getting the sleep but they get up every couple of hours for what, a half hour? yeah getting up every 2-3 hours isnt a joy ride, but man I’d love to go back to that time, it was amazing. But, its different for every woman.

MelissaB on

And I’m glad she’s saying this about not being in a rush. I agree. You never get those moments back from before they couldn’t walk, or couldn’t do this or that so just stop pushing it and enjoy them as they are right now. You will miss it. Yes, even the first month.

heather on

ilovegwen…I totally agree! I LOVE my precious little 2 yr. old son but yes, Im sorry, our first month was a nightmare. Now, obviously I was totally in love with him but that doesnt mean it was roses and sunshine that first few weeks. Nursing every 2 hours after a c section and with another toddler running around was HARD. The total lack of sleep was horrible and I felt not so great for a month or so until I finally started to get in the groove of things. Amanda, telling the truth about our experiences doesnt mean we are not in awe of our precious babies, it just means we are telling the reality part of it. Yes, I sat in my rocking chair looking in awe at my baby too but I also woke up on the floor in front of my sons crib without ever remembering lying down beside it because I was soooo TIRED…just saying

Amanda on

And who says she’s not telling the reality of it? It’s her first baby and she could sleep when the baby slept. Even with my third I did not feel all that tired until after the first few weeks, that’s my honest experience.

Like I said, I find it sad that some people don’t get that because it was amazing. I was very fortunate with my kids that I had help from my husband and both sets of our parents.

I’m sure Kourtney didn’t have to worry about cleaning and laundry during those first few weeks either. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Beautee on

I agree. IMO yes some people may have known who their dad was but their name was definitely not the household name it is today. I doubt anyone could even name their names before the release of that sex tape and then their own show, which introduced the rest of the sisters and the rest is history. That aside, they are all hard workers and have made mistakes in judgment like the rest of us humans. I love this family and I think Kourt is a seemingly great mom who is in love with her beautiful son.

Lizzy on

Every body and babies are different. I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children. And I would say that I’ve had pretty easy first months with them all. I think what it comes down to is how much patience one has with a baby. And did I mention I did all the midnight feedings and diaper changes on my own. I’m a military wife. I wouldn’t be attacking someone just because a baby’s firstmonth was hard for you and not them. Not everbody is the same. Some people need to realize we’re not stepford wives, we’re not all programmed to be exactly the same. Kourt seems to be completley genuine in her blog. I’m sure you ladies with negative responses went through hell with your babies but don’t insinuate that every body does.

momof3 on

It takes a very mature mother to appreciate that each moment is a gift! Some moms rush each milestone because they want their freedom back. Others enjoy each stage. I feel sorry for woman who feel like the newborn stage was a nightmare! For me, it was HEAVEN!

molly on

He is so adorable! He definitely looks like his Uncle Rob! I think Kourtney seems like a wonderful mother and adds some much needed groundedness to that K-Dash Klan!
I just hope that father of his keeps his head on straight and everything could be beautiful for them as a family unit!

Megan on

Completely agree with Kourtney. Live life NOW because you’ll never get that back again with your child. I don’t think she sugarcoated anything. I feel the same way about my 3 year old son. After having lost 2 children, I feel blessed with my son and he’s so very special to me, even when he’s throwing a fit. 🙂

Sharell on

I understand where she is coming from….I miss the cuddling of a newborn to about 6 months….sometimes I wish that I can have one day back in time when they were that age or at least a dream of how they were…now they are 3 & 4 respectively and I love the conversations they have with each other and with me, but I still miss the baby days! They both said that they don’t want a brother/sister! I have two sons…oh well. Memories

jessicad on

I really like her posts and think she sounds like an amazing Mom. I keep expecting to see another pregnancy announcement from them soon!

I’ll never forget the few first weeks my daughter was home either, so crazy and absolutely amazing. I look back now and wonder how the hell I made it through the sleepless nights! Glad she’s not rushing the milestones, that’s great advice because they grow up so fast.

Lola Marie on

She could care less what anyone wants to hear….I think Kourtney is a great mommy…it shows…Mason is such a doll!!!

Lola Marie on

& Jess…get some CLASS……..

Anna on

Love, love, love Kourtney! And I love, love, love the first months of a newborn. It’s unfortunate not everyone can have a good experience as some have stated they haven’t. Just cause you didn’t doesn’t mean others are lying about it.

Sara on

ecl- EXACTLY. Thank you!!

Jess- You are extremely immature.

Tammy on

What I want to know is where Kourtney got that sweater! Loves!

Alicia on



Look at that sweet face! Mason is such a cutie and Kourtney seems like a great mom. The love and affection in the Kardashian family is fantastic. Since this is Mason’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m sure the family will have an extra special holiday season! God bless! 🙂

Anonymous on

@Amanda- how dare you bash ilovegwen for her experience (which I assure you, is more common than you obviously think). I too, had a total nightmare that first month. Clearly you had one of those “perfect” babies that ate perfectly and slept around the clock. Try having one that has trouble latching, NEVER sleeps and has colic. I love my daughter more than anything on this earth, but dealing with a newborn who literally would stay up for 12, 13, 14 hours fussing, crying, and not sleeping for more than MAYBE an hour at a time is NOT magical. I wouldn’t berate you for the great (and lucky) experience you had, nor should you denigrate any other mother for the most trying time in their life.

Jenn on

At least she’s nursing and talking about nursing. Good for any mom who nurses! Keep it up!

mariana on

Mason is so adorable in those pics
Kourtney is such a good mum
you make everyone proud

jackie on

He is so adorable. He looks just like Kourtney’s dad.

Sarah on

Mason looks SO much like his uncle and grandpa (Kourtney’s dad and brother). He’s precious. 🙂

alice jane on

I have to admit, the Kardashians and all their shows are my guilty pleasures…. And I think Kourtney seems like a fantastic mom! Nothing that she says in her interviews comes across to me as pretentious or fake; she really just seems to be enjoying Mason and Mason looks like a happy baby!

kate on

cute baby…wonder if he’ll grow up to disrespect his aunts the way they disrespect their mother. Cursing at her and calling her by her first name. LOL

Sweet on

Kourtney’s expressions about her life with her son are endearing! Mason looks like Scott alot because I think Kourtney and Scott are dark. i would love to see Scotts family with Mason to see how it all compares!

Jennifer on

My first experience with a newborn was with my daughter 5 years ago..and it was very blissful. She was a really easy baby and we spent alot of time cuddling, feeding and enjoying quiet times. Well, 3 1/3 years later, I gave birth to my son who was a totally different baby…colicky, reflux and add some milk intolerance in there…and it was just not so blissful! lol! But, we got through it and he is easier now at 20 mo, than as a newborn. SO, each baby and each time is different, for sure! Who knows, if Kourtney does have another, what type of baby she will have…or how she will react to it. It is also quite different when you are a Mommy to more than one child, because you have #1 to take care of as well as your baby the second time around. I am happy that she has had such a wonderful experience and I wish her the best. Mason is adorable!

teyha on

You shut up! NO…You shut up! No You shut up! No you…or I’m going to…I’m going to…Tell you the real truth…the real truth about Kourtney & about everyone else. The REAL shocking low down. Did you know that some people are just MEAN? Some people are just plain FOS? Some reality shows exaggerate & fabricate the truth. NO…say it aint so? Oh but yes & Some people just waste your time commenting on these sites with continual back & forth crap like we’ve seen here. Are we in 1st grade? REALLY? ENOUGH ALREADY!

Truth be known, some of us have loved & embraced motherhood, as I so fortunately have, from day 1 & still 22 years later. Maybe Kourtney is just sharing her passion with everyone. Our experiences are ours. Everyone’s free to say ” Woo Hoo for you” or “Sorry for you”. But perhaps the kindergarten level banter could best be saved for a web site where the subject is “Let’s show the world just how immature you can behave on website commentary?”

Lindielou on

Mason is an absolutely Beautiful baby boy!I just Love to see pics of him and see him in the show. He is a precious doll!

andrea on

It disgust me to see some of the comments from other women/mothers on here. Whatever happened to supporting each other? As mother’s and as women, we should respect one anothers opinions, while having the option to disagree. Whatever happened to class?? Whatever happened to standing by each other? It’s sad to see how catty women have become of each other these days. We may not all agree with one another…but, showing respect should be a must!

I personally love the Kardashians! Kourtney is my absolute fav! She seems to be a wonderful Mom! Mason is adorable! My youngest is 3 months older than him. The first 3 months after my boys were born, were def the most challenging for me as a mother. I wouldn’t say it was a nightmare. I would never use that word to define being in the presence of my child, no matter what the circumstances, as long as I am with them. Challenging yet, the most blissful moments that i will always treasure and remember! Being with them as babies, has been the most special time of my life! I look forward to the future with them everyday!

My husband and I did the same thing during the first 2 months actually, when they were babies! Took turns, and watched many movies!! I’m lucky to be blessed with MANY wonderful boys/men in my life!! Kourtney seems to be doing a Great job!! Wish her, Mason, and her family nothing but the best!!! 🙂

Yzarci on

I agree wholeheartedly with ECL and Teyha.

Karen on

First of all, how cute is this baby! 🙂 Very wise not to rush him. Mine are now 14 and 11. They grow up FAST. Savor it!!

Linda Kelly on

Kourtney – just want you to know that you should “cherish” every single moment and milestone with your little man Mason. I recently watched my son marry and I have to tell you – you are NEVER prepared for this. He is the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE and he is pledging his life to another woman. I know this sounds WEIRD, but trust me – this has me so devastated. NO ONE will ever be GOOD enough for HIM.

Oh, how I wish someone would have told me how difficult this would be – he is devoted to another – no longer does he even consider calling his MOM – he now has a wife – I am now SECOND FIDDLE to the little man that made my life complete. Just wanted you to be prepared (if you ever could be!) for the reality that ONE DAY (sooner than you think) your little man that you so adore will find a love of his own (as it should be) and then you’ll wonder WHY no one ever told you how much your heart would ache. I am telling you now – be prepared for the future, yet enjoy the present to the fullest.

If I had it to do over – as much as I enjoyed my son, and I cherish the memories, somehow, I WISH I would have know just how much this hurts and maybe, just maybe, I would have taken more time to enjoy it and not worked so much at making a living. Just thought you may find my thoughts, regrets, and experiences helpful. Love, Linda

zaida on

Mason is adorable and I think she’s a wonderful mom.

sue on

I was the exact same way…completely obsessed with all of my babies!
So glad she is appreciating each moment.
Goes so fast my oldest baby is almost 28.

Amber on

Mason is sooooooooooo adorable! I don’t blame her for not wanting to see him grow up fast. And I don’t even have any kids!

Brooklyn on

He is one cute baby! And Kourtney is beautiful!

shad on

mason is a lil sugar bear

Sara on

Kourtney cmes from a huge family, altogether, she has 10 siblings. She knows how to handle chaos, I dodnt think she was sugarcoating at all. It was one quote of her saying something. You guys are so negative.

mp on

I agree that she’s turned out to be a great mom. When I saw the episode where she gave birth, her reaching down to help Mason emerge and embracing him immediately touched my soul. I don’t think Scott is good enough for her, though. He doesn’t seem to understand just what a special gift he has.

Amber on

What a gorgeous baby! And Kourtney is an AWESOME mother!! Kourtney ur the best!! Theres nothing better than a good mama. Im sure she learned a great deal from her mother. Mason is the reason i watch their show. Hes so cute!!

lina on

Kourtney is a wonderful mom, obviously she’s enjoying motherhood very much, i dont think she’s lying about it. I agree some women just can’t wait to have their freedom back, a friend of mine cant stop complaining about her baby. it’s like their life has come to an end, i admit it was tough in the first few months but definitely not a nightmare…

None Ya on

Exactly teyha! GROW UP!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! I luv Kourtney she is sooo beautiful so natural looking.Mason is Rob in a time machine going back.

Back to ya’ll, i aint saying yall dont have freedom of speech or what ever, but seriously have some class, what happened to the saying yall always say to ur children… “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?” Hmmmm… I’m waiting. … Rediculous absolutly rediculous.

Anonymous on

he looks like his grandfather

Lisa on

The only thing that bugs me about the Kardashian clan is their constant use of the word ‘retard’. Sure would be nice if people with that much publicity use it for good instead of encouraging ignorance.

Ally on

Mason is getting cuter the older he gets. And Kourtney is looking gorgeous. She’s my fav Kardashian sister. So calm and down-to-earth. Go Kourt!

sally on

Who cares? What’s worse than anything about the Kardashians or anyone else is the pathetic spelling, punctuation, and grammar that shows up in comments on every subject online. Is this a nation of morons? I am a teacher and am shocked to see the lack of intelligence that is so widespread in the U.S. Doesn’t anyone who writes this stuff have more than a second-grade education?

Laura on

I know people say all babies are cute…but…I’m sorry to say that isn’t always the case.

HOWEVER in this case it certainly is true. That is one cute baby!

Kellie on

Anonymous- Amanda didn’t say anything wrong to ilovegwen. She was just commenting that some mom’s do have a nice first month with their babies. Since ilovegwen didn’t believe kourtney was telling the truth that she had a wonderful first month with Mason.

So bashing Amanda, to make us mom’s who did have a great first month of motherhood isn’t nice on your part.

gdfg on

Sally, a typo here or there isn’t a big deal, but I too get frustrated on this site because sometimes the grammar is so bad I can’t even understand what the commenters are trying to say! It only takes a few seconds to proofread what you’ve written!

gdfg on

Sara, Kourtney has 5 siblings, not ten: Khloe, Kim, Robert, Kendall, and Kylie.

CelebBabyLover on

sally- It’s not just people from here in the U.S. who comment on this site. People comment on here from all over the world! Therefore, not everyone who comments on here speaks English as their first language. So naturally they aren’t always going to get their spelling and grammar correct.

Jennifer on

Kourtney, I totally agree!

I’m a mother of a 12 week old and everyone keeps saying,”in a few months he’ll be eating food,” “in a few weeks he’ll be doing this or that.”

I get upset because I don’t want to rush anything he’s experiencing now. I’m enjoying everything about his infancy and I’m feeling rushed with everyone’s unnecessary comments.

I too am a breastfeeding mommy and at this current time, I’m up every 3 hours.

Being a mommy isn’t easy, but I love everything that comes along with it.

I’ve been following your blogs for a while and you’re such a great mommy. Keep up the good work. You have a great little guy on your hands.

min on

As the mum of a 6 week old I am so over hearing everyone say how fast time goes. I am just enjoying every day with my little girl, as Kourtney says, I try and focus on enjoying today and not wishing it away to get to another stage. I have loved every minute of my daughter’s life, even when I felt so exhausted that I had to have a cry. I still wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I have loved having a newborn, even when she won’t sleep..It’s been the best, wonderful, and challenging time of my life. I love it more than I expected too…Kourtney sounds just as wrapt with her bub too…

martina on

Mason is an adorable little boy. But I am sorry – to me Kourtney’s comments come off as very sugary and fake. I am also not sure who she is. What does she do? I know she’s on a reality show, but what’s her profession?

Shannon on

Does Mason have a nanny?

tanyaj on

I have two boys ages 2 and 4. Honestly i loved the first few months where it was just breastfeeding and laying around all day with my baby. What Kourtney DOESNT have to go through to make motherhood miserable is the cooking, cleaning, and WORK. I’m a RN so i only got about 3 months off for maternity leave. Im sure kourtney got everything taken care of for her while she laid in bed and nursed every 2 hrs for the first few months. Wake up poeple, of course shes nothing but happy, why in the world wouldnt she be. she and her sisters have everything money can buy.

Terri on

Mason is an adorable baby and Kourtney seems to be a great mom, though I admit to not watching their television show.

amsjll on

For those of you who had “magical babies”, I could cry! The older my kids get the easier every aspect of life gets. They are 5 & 2, girls, and both were awful for the first 6 months. Really, I could fill a page but wont. Both would be dead if not for modern medicine. It was a rough ride. Now though they are healthy and happy, and life is good. So much fun, everything is new and amazing to them.

Everybody is different, every baby is different. So happy for Kourtney, and every mother, who has had an easier baby.

By the way for the poster who said “sleep when the baby sleeps”, that only works for kid #1 and if you are the type that can nap. I cant nap even if I’m sick, even if I only got 3 hours sleep. Again(!), everybody is different and every situation is. I have learned to never assume my experience with anything is anybody else’s and therefor to rarely, if ever, judge others.

amsjll on

@Linda: I have watched my mother lose her son to his wife. Its been 10 years and its still hard for her. He remembers to call once a week, almost like an alarm was set on his cell phone or something. Its a reason I have consoled myself at not having a son. If you raise a boy right, he turns into a man and the apron strings get cut because he now is a successful and independent adult. On the other hand I call home sometimes 3 times a day, plus emails. I drive them nuts I think!! My MIL had 4 sons and 2 daughters and said you lose sons, daughters come back to you once they are adults.

I’m so sorry its been hard for you. As a daughter in law myself, and as I’ve watched my own mother suffer for not being good enough (for 35 years) for my grandmother’s son, I hope you can get past your grief at losing him and come to accept his wife’s presence and power in his life. Its the best way to keep him close, I think, to keep his wife as close as she’ll let you (even if you arent nuts about her).

Robert on

Kardashian blood = cute!

denise on

I don’t get it? Why do some Moms say Kourtney must bei “sugarcoating” the truth, when she speaks about those first weeks and months? Is that jealousy??? My son is easygoing, too, always was, he slept well, seldom cried and we were always relaxed and enjoying parenthood, my husband went back to work full-time after a week and still I wasn’t exhausted. I’ve heard from most Moms in my toddler ground that their first months were sleep-deprived and terrible, so that seems to be what the first months are for MOST people, but not for all. I can’t wait to have a second kid and spend those wonderful first weeks getting to know my child. From the moment he was born he woke up ONCE a night for his feeding and fell asleep immediately afterwords.

I don’t know Kourtney, I don’t know her show, we all don’t know her personally. So leave her alone. When I read her interviews and see the pics her, she seems to be a normal hands-on Mom and that’s great!!

Why do so many people think that when you tell positive things about being a (new) Mom that it must be lies? The same happened to me several times, when I say that my son slept through the whole night since he was 2 months old? Should I lie and say our nights are a nightmare so others feel better? If I’m asked I tell the truth.

Brookie on

He is adorable! I am a total E! addict (I admit it). I love all Kardashian shows, I love Kendra- you name it. Mason and Baby Hank were born within days of each other- how cute would a play date be? Anyway, I compare them because I think each of these beautiful baby boys were blessings to their Mommies. Look how it changed Kendra….And I see major changes in Kourtney’s maturity level too. I don’t always agree with everything I see on either show (Don’t even get me started on Scott-UGH), but I think deep down, they are good people with good hearts who love their children just as we all do. Let’s not come on here and bash…..It’s no wonder celebrities don’t want to share with the public when the public are a-holes most of the time. JMO…..

angelbaby33 on

gdfg- she also has 3 step siblings from Bruce’s previous relationship so technically she has 8 siblings.

gdfg on

I understand she has step-siblings. So technically she still only has five siblings.

MiB on

@gdfg, I have step siblings, but you would never catch me saying that, because I consider them to be my siblings. But off course, that is just a matter of attitude, I have no doubt that your step siblings, if you were ever to have any, would never manage to get past that epithet and become your true siblings, which is sad, because they too will play a role in your life whatever you think of them.

On a side note, I have noticed that the term seems to be more important to bystanders than to the ones actually involved, provided those involved get along reasonably well. The same goes for the term step mother/step father. If she considers them to be step siblings, then they are, what you or I consider them to be is totally irrelevant. It may be important in legal matters, for instance when Bruce Jenner dies, but it is really none of your or my business.

Karen on

Kourtney and Scott, enjoy your beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, they grow up so fast, you begin to wonder where the time went. Just cherish every little thing he does and keep your phone or camcorder handy. My kids were so close together (19 months apart) and trying to keep up with 2 babies and their milestones was difficult. There were no phones or camcorders back then and when it came time to fill out their baby books, I had to really sit down and think real hard about who did what and when. So, since you are lucky enough to be able to stay home with Mason, just cherish every moment and have fun!

crw on

I know I will be berated for this, but the Kardashians are so over. I am so tired of seeing Kim all over every ad, etc. Kourtney seems somewhat normal. Is she a good mom? Maybe. Is her judgment impaired, yes. She needs to grow some balls and leave her drunken loser of a boyfriend who has daddy issues. She has enough money and business sense to support herself, Mason and half of us on this website. I think her mom is ridiculous and mean and needs to grow up. She treats Bruce like crap. Great role model for the two younger daughters. Wait one of them will be pregnant in a year or two. Everyone will be like, “oh their babies are so cute and look like their uncle.” give me a f—ing break!

Susan on

I am glad that you are a teacher teaching our children or young adults. I totally respect our teachers as it is not an easy job.

In regard to your post, I personally know many immigrants who are desperately trying to learn our language.

My own mother came from Italy not knowing a word of English. While she quickly learned to speak and read English, she always had trouble writing it. She hated to write because she was embarrassed by not knowing how to spell, let alone any form of grammar.

I think it might be best if you would NOT assume that all people who post have had formal ENGLISH education here in the US and be a bit more tolerant of those who are trying to learn our language.