Christina Aguilera Invites Pregnant Pink on Future Play Dates

11/19/2010 at 02:10 PM ET
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Now that Pink has announced her pregnancy, she and Christina Aguilera have a lot more in common than just being a couple of world-famous singers.

The two ladies “bumped into” each other on the air Friday when they were scheduled to do back-to-back interviews with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show.

With Aguilera about to sign off, Seacrest asked her to say hello to Pink on the other line, who noted Aguilera – mom to a 2½-year-old boy, Max Liron – could probably offer her some “mommy advice.”

“Congratulations! I just heard the amazing news,” Aguilera said. “I’m so happy for you. Join the club.”

“I feel like I really am joining a club,” Pink replied.

Aguilera, 29, then proceeded to interview her fellow “Lady Marmalade” singer – whose doctors believe is expecting a girl – about her pregnancy. “How are you feeling? Do you have morning sickness? How’s it feeling for you?”

“No, unfortunately,” Pink said as Seacrest stayed mum in the background. “I feel like if I had morning sickness I would have lost some weight. But I’ve kept everything down.”

“It’s good,” Aguilera insisted. “You’re eating for two now – use it while you can, right?”

Aguilera later suggested that they get their kids together down the line, saying “We have to have play dates.” Pink chuckled at the suggestion, and Aguilera picked up on her hesitation – but Pink, 31, explained it wasn’t personal.

“The reason I laughed is I was with these two girls last night who used to be best friends until their kids started fighting,” Pink said. “It’s pretty funny what that does to people.”

Aguilera agreed friends can cross boundaries, saying, “Don’t discipline my kid, thanks.”

Added Pink, “What if your kid punches my kid? Then what happens?”

“Yeah, really messed up. And the moms start battling it out!” Aguilera said.

When Seacrest took over, Pink absolved Jillian Barberie Reynolds, who leaked news of her pregnancy on Twitter, telling Seacrest that actually, “It was my drummer’s big mouth … [He] beat her to it.”

Seacrest also asked her to elaborate on why she’s “terrified” of having a girl.

“I feel like I ‘get’ boys,” Pink explained. “I’ve always been a boy’s girl. Boys are easy, they just break stuff.”

As for the father of her unborn child, motocross racer Carey Hart, Pink says it was a given she’d have kids with him. “Two weeks after I met him I knew it,” she said, and so did he.

“We were at Macaroni Grill — we were going super romantic — and he was like, ‘So, you wanna have kids?’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m 22,’” she says.

But after nine years together, now they’re both ready.

— Sara Hammel

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tink1217 on

I absolutely LOVE that Pink and Carey found their way back to each other and now look…a baby!!!!! I think she will be a kick ass mamma!!

smiley on

I think Pink and Carey will be great parents. I always thought he was very good looking!

Nikki on

Congrats Pink!

However, I don’t think those “playdates” will happen, since Pink has made it well-known that she isn’t a fan of Christina.

izzy on

kudos to pink for already knowing to steer clear of christina aguilera LOL

Ashleigh-Faye on

I love pink. So happy for them. I find this funny b/c Pink has gone on record to say how much she hates C.A.

absolutely on

Nikki, that was what I was going to say! CA has a bitch reputation and when they were organising the Lady Marmalade collaboration it was supposed to be split fourways equally but CA and her manager Irving Azoff fought for CA to have the best parts (hence her annoying warbling throughout the whole damn song). So sick of vocal riffing (i’m looking at you Christina Aguilera, Jessucka Simpleton, Mariah Carey, etc)

CelebBabyLover on

That’s the first time I’ve heard someone basically say they wish they had morning sickness (although I realize Pink was probably joking!)! LOL!

jessicad on

I was terrified of having a girl for the very same reasons! I was a tomboy and raised by my Dad so I always felt a tad uncomfortable around other women and like I’d be better with a son, but my little girl has completely changed me. When she was first born I had a lot of neutral clothing and didn’t even put bows in her hair, 3 years later I get excited over anything pink or purple and my house is overflowing with baby dolls, she also loves to get dirty outside and is completely fearless so I get the best of both worlds:)

I love that I’m able to create the mother-daughter relationship I never had with my own mother, and now I’d love to have a house full of girls!

I think Pink will make an amazing Mom, she already sets such a great example for young girls and her music is so honest, that’s hard to find these days. She’s another celebrity I would love to take out for a beer!!

Keis on

That’s so hilarious what she said about Carey asking if she wanted children. I like her personality. I hope they have a great time with the pregnancy, birth and raising their bundle of joy! They seem like down-to-earth folks.

kai on

ooh, I have never heard about this. Was it just the Lady Marmelade thing or what did Pink say? (Agree about the singing, by the way)

mrscabrera on

On Pink’s Behind the Music, she mentioned she wasn’t happy when the producer she worked with, I believe Linda Perry, started working with artists she didn’t like, and the person they showed was Christina Aguilera. I really liked Christina Aguilera for a while, but she does over sing alot. I love Pink as a singer and performer, she was the first concert I went to. Happy Pregnancy!!

Terri on

Well it’s nice to see that Pink and Christina have moved on and buried the hatchet even if their fans can’t. That was really cute.