Spotted: Nicole Kidman and Sunday – Breezy In the Big Apple

11/18/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Who needs shoes?

After spending some time in the Big Apple to promote his new album, Keith Urban (not pictured), Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose, 2, brave strong winds as they depart New York City on Wednesday.

“I haven’t written literally about Sunday,” Urban, 43, said recently.

“But there’s a deeper purpose that’s come from my marriage and now from fatherhood. So, I’m drawing inspiration from that sense of purpose and a feeling of love that I’ve never had in my life before, and that has come from both my girls.”

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holli on

that sweet baby looks SO much like her daddy!

KikiOttawa on

Sunday is gettin big! I haven’t seen a photo of her in awhile. She does look very much like her daddy.

A. on

Oh my gosh, she looks just like Keith! Wow!

cris on

No, she doesn’t look like her dad at all!

Trish on

Beautiful Sunday, a good mix of both parents!!

Silly Mama on

I agree with Cris. She looks like 1980’s Nicole in every way, right down the the enviable, perfect cupid’s bow on her top lip. There was a movie Nicole was in in the early 80’s called BMX Bandits. Sunday looks just like her in that.

Mel Hope on

Sunday Rose looks like her mother, from her nose to her posture. She is so regal and looks so classy. Her complexion is also like Nicole’s porcelain skin. Gosh, she lost her baby fat already. She is not just cute, she is beautiful and gorgeous. So queenly.

Sus on

Sunday Rose is beautiful. I love her name. And I agree with the posters who say she looks more like Keith.

Sandra on

Also think she looks so much like her daddy…

soph on

Sunday is very cute, but is Nicole ever photographed with her older children? I’m honestly just curious. Wonder if they spend more time with Tom.

M on

So weird you never ever see Nicole with her once adopted children anymore! She used to have another life before this one and you never see even a glimps of that now, how’s that? No paparazzi around when that happens (if so, that would be a good thing), or she just never see each other anymore?

CelebBabyLover on

Sunday is beautiful….and looking more and more like Nicole every day! 🙂

Kate on

WOW…what a beautiful little girl. Not surprising with such good looking parents. She looks so serene.

Paige on

Sunday is so cute. A good mix of Keith and Nicole. 🙂

Amy on

I think she is Keith’s spitting image!! She looks like 99% Keith, 1% Nicole. I do think it’s sad that Nicole is never seen with her other kids,ever.

shirabee on

sunday is beautiful! for those of you who don’t see pictures of nicole with her older kids, she mentioned in an interview that they don’t want to be photographed and she respects that. Now i get they get photographed a lot with tom, but since he married/started a relationship with katie, the photos just never end!

Amy on

shirabee-if they don’t want to be photographed why is it that I regularly see pictures of Bella and Connor with Tom and Katie?? Nicole once admitted that her kids call her by her first name, not mom. Let’s be honest here, she is not a mother figure to them anymore and possibly never was. But I can see why she wanted to escape Tom’s madness and start a normal life with Keith Urban. Just sad for her older kids.

Alexis on

I used to think Sunday was all Keith, but my goodness, she looks just like Nicole when she was 19 or so. Crazy. She’ll be a heartbreaker for sure in twenty years herself.

Tarat3232 on

We don’t see many pictures of Nicole and Keith at home in Nashville–so if the older kids visit there then we wouldn’t see pictures of them. I think we all have bigger things to worry about than stranger’s children.

sgv on

agree with Amy.

Beautiful little girl! she’s getting so big, I think she looks like both parents.

Brooklyn on

She’s getting so big! I think she looks more like her dad than her mom!

soph on

Lol Tarat3232. What are your bigger things? Because you’re obviously, you know, posting here.

Sasha on

@Tarat3232 – I don’t thinks it is a “worry,” more so an observation.

Olivia on

Has anyone thought that Nicole’s older children might not want to be photographed?!

gdfg on

Amy, Nicole said her kids call her by her first name every once in awhile to tease her! Watch the interview. They refer to her as Mom just as Sunday does.

gdfg on

Nicole’s kids primarily live with their father which is why you see them photographed with him much more. Plus he lives in LA where there are more paparazzi. You also see more pictures of Suri than of Sunday.

Funny, when the mother is the custodial parent no one ever complains the kids aren’t photographed with the father. But when the father is the custodial parent, oh no the mother must not be a parent to her kids anymore!

The fact is, unless you know Nicole, Tom, or their kids personally, you have absolutely no business stating facts about their personal relationships with each other!

Mina on

I think Sunday looks like Keith and Maggie Gyllenhal (sp?).

Everytime I hear Sunday I think of ice cream, so that can be a sweet thing, or a strange thing for her growing up lol.

Tee on

Sunday is so precious and I think she’s a beautiful mix of Nicole and Keith. Nicole has made it quite clear that her older children have requested not to be photographed. She has also said that they spend most of their time with their father. The name thing was clearly a joke. I don’t think there is anything unusual about the fact that she is photographed with Sunday more often than she is photographed with her older children. Tom is photographed with Suri a whole lot more often than he is with the older kids and they live with him!

Amy on

gdfg-sorry, my mistake, I didn’t see the interview. I don’t know much about any of them except, Tom and Katie are bizarre and Nicole seems more normal with Keith. Sunday is very cute, would be nice to see her smiling sometime.

molly on

Oh come on Amy, Smiling – She is two years old and if my two year old had cameras in her face i dont think she would smile much – SHE WOULD BE FRIGHTENED, besides i have seeen photos of her smiling and she is soooo cute, I think she is a blend of both her gorgeous parents

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- Actually, we don’t even know that Tom and Katie are bizarre. It’s fine to have the OPINION that they are….but unless we know them personally, we can’t say what they’re really like. 🙂

Tee and gdfg- I agree! Yes, we see Bella and Connor photographed more with Tom, even though Nicole has said that they have requested not to be photographed. However, like Tee and gdfg said, Tom lives in LA where there are a lot more paparazzi. Tom and Katie (especially Tom) are also more famous than Nicole and Keith, so naturally the paps follow them more than they do Nicole and Keith.

I think Bella and Connor have just accepted the fact that, when they’re out with their dad, they really can’t avoid being photographed.

Another thing I want to point out is that Nicole has always been a more private person that Tom. Even when she and Tom were still married, we rarely saw her out with Bella and Connor. All of that said, I’m pretty sure Bella and Connor still spend time with Nicole. Last year she mentioned in an article in PEOPLE magazine (it was one of the ones where PEOPLE readers get a chance to ask a celeb questions) that Bella and Connor were going to spend that Thanksgiving with her, Keith, and Sunday.

She also talked about one of her favorite photos being one of Bella and Sunday a few months after Sunday’s birth, about Bella helping Keith take care of Sunday while she attended an event (I think it was Women/Moms of Hollywood or something), and of wanting to be in the “bubble” of her, Keith, Bella, Connor and Sunday right after Sunday’s birth.

And finally, Tee has a very good point that we see Suri more than we do Sunday. We often go MONTHS between Sunday-sightings, but it’s rare for more than a few weeks to go by between Suri-sightings. Bottomline: Tom and Katie get photographed more, and Nicole is simply more private.

CelebBabyLover on

One other thing I want to point out: Bella will be turning 18 next month (if I’m remembering correctly), and Connor is 16. At their ages, they’re not going to want to hang around with their parents that much (yes, we see them with Tom and Katie, but as Tee pointed out, we see a lot less of them than we do Suri!)!

Beautee on

She looks just like Keith to me.

JustMe on

“Keithette” 🙂

MiB on

Beautiful Sunday!

We see pictures of Sunday, what, once every 5-6 months, usually when they are travelling. We hardly ever see pictures of them in Nashville, and if Bella and Connor usually spend time with them when they are there, we wouldn’t get pictures of them there either. Also, remember, Nicole has always been keen on keeping the children out of the lime light. We hardly saw any pictures of them when Tom and Nicole still were together (admittedly, times where different then with regards to paparazzi) and even then it was more with Tom than with Nicole or both of them (and logically, she spent more time with them as she was working less). Even now we hardly ever see Bella and Connor, even with Tom whom they supposedly live with most of the time.

Bella is also quite often walking a couple of steps behind, so that she is not in the pictures, or at least not in focus (I have noticed that there seems to be many pictures with the caption, big sister Bella was also there, but was not pictured). I think she at least doesn’t want to be photographed. Connor on the other hand seems not to be that bothered, but he is an aspiring actor, so he would probably be a bit happier in the lime light.