Celeb Kids Love ZARA’s Chic Children’s Collection

11/18/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy ZARA

ZARA‘s fashion-forward, yet budget-friendly designs have long been popular among Hollywood’s “adult” trendsetters. But now, the Spanish retailer has gained some mini celeb fans since launching their kids line in 2008.

Nahla Aubry rocked the Frilled Ankle Boots ($39.90) during a trip to the pumpkin patch with mom Halle Berry and David Ritchie recently donned the skull-print Jacquard Sweater ($39.90) while traveling with mom Madonna.

And we can see why. The brand’s itty bitty fashions reflect all the latest trends, while still looking age appropriate. Think structured hoodie cape paired with a sophisticated print tee and ruffled denim skirt. For a more rugged look, go for a faux suede coat, henley top, lined slim-cut jeans and a plaid earflap hat.

Love the line as much as we do? Take a peek at the fall lookbook at Zara.com, or find the nearest store that sells the pint-sized collections here!

Hana Choi

Courtesy ZARA
Courtesy ZARA


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Ellea on

Ugh, i hate dressing children like mini adults. Those clothes are cute, for someone 21. They aren’t inappropriate but the girls outfit especially…i wouldnt want to dress my daughter how i dress myself. When i grew up we had childrens clothing. It was cute, not hip.

Tami on

I traveled to spain over the summer and fell in love with this store, they also have amazing styles and deals for adults. I am annoyed with this post though because you can not order online and there are no stores in the US so why post about this line when none of us can get it without traveling over seas?

jen on

I know there are at least a few Zara stores here in the states! I think we have two here in Chicago and I have visited one in Las Vegas a few years ago….

Milania on

Tami, there are stores in the states! There’s actually a ZARA in my mall (Long Island, NY) And I adore these looks, too cute!

Tess on

There’s too much clothing there. Whatever happened to jeans and a sweatshirt?

Dani on

I agree with Ellea. These clothing styles are WAY too “grown”. My daughter is 2, not 22! These are outfits that her 13 year old sister might rock, BUT not the baby….

Lilianne on

I think these clothes are very cute and see nothing wrong with dressing kids in outfits like them. I don’t think you have to wear a shirt with an airplane or pony on it with little leggings that match to be age appropriate. That is just my opinion though. I do think the prices might be a little high for the average family, though. I don’t know very many non-celebrity parents that could or even would spend over hundred dollars per outfit for their young children. They outgrow too fast, put holes in, and get stains on their clothes quite frequently.

Jordan on

Bad advertising when the little girl looks like she’s so unhappy she’s going to break into tears soon.


I love this! I just made a huge purchase oopsee.

Mariel on

Actually they have beautiful clothes for 2 year old babies!!! I love Zara’s clothes. I personally dont like dress 3 year old boy with classic clothes full of prints or things like that. I prefer dressing him with this kind of clothes, beauty, sober, theres a lot of funny clothes at Zara’s store. It’s a question of tastes.

Anna on

Tami, you do realize that there are people living outside of the US and that those people also visit the WORLD WIDE web? Plenty of us can go to ZARA every day.

I think the clothes are cute and not adult at all.

Kelley on

Their clothes are super, duper cute.

Also, there are several stores in my area (Philadelphia) and a couple of them are located within shopping malls so…

Tanya on

Well, to each his own. I’ve never been a fan of Dora or Mickey on my kid’s clothes. But my 5 year old is styling in her Zara clothes. Here’s proof, right on my blog: http://photocreationstz.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-girl.html

Mariel on

I love your blog Tanya, beautiful pictures, thanks for share!

Hugo on

that little girl looks like a mini Dakota Fanning

Alyssa on

The little girl’s outfit….I’m sorry but what kid wears all that?

JM on

anna, good point, well made.
i have always liked Zara, i buy a lot of my own clothes there. and they’re usually not too expensive.

nuria on

Hi, I’m Spanish and here there’s Zara everywhere.

Everybody wears Zara because of it’s price. Two months ago, more or less, they opened an online shop. I bet they will sell online worldwide in few months.

Yianna on

love Zara for kids. when i go to Greece in the summertime, i buy my kids a ton of stuff. it’s inexpensive and it’s not all grown up like posters are saying. some stuff maybe, but lots of cute stuff too.

Erika on

There are stores in the US…there are a couple in New York city and one in the Roosevelt field mall near me. And those are just near me. I don’t love all of the clothes for kids, but I do like some of the woman’s clothes. Some of the kids stuff is cute though. Much of it is expensive though.

Erika on

Tanya, your daughter is adorable! And I love her fashionable outfit 🙂

fuzibuni on


Showbizmom on

There are tons of Zara’s in the states. I was just at the one at the Grove in LA. Maybe they aren’t in smaller towns but they are here.

Lauren on

There are plenty of Zara stores throughout the US-there’s one in my hometown’s mall in a Boston suburb, one on Newbury St. in Boston, plenty in NYC and Washington, DC, and I have visited several on the West coast, including San Francisco. I do think that the selection is better in Europe, having lived in England for some time, but there are US stores for sure-stating the contrary is completely inaccurate.

As for their clothes on kids, call me a clothing snob, but I have never liked Pooh Bear and Dora on kids’ clothes and never will. Not saying they need to dress like prostitots at all, but I think it’s funny when people protest clothes like this solely because they’re more stylish than the average clothing choices out there for kids. Just because clothes are made with a more precise cut and mimic adult clothes in that way does not make them inappropriate at all.

Mrs.B on

I’m not a fan of giant cartoon characters or trucks/cars on boy clothing. As my friends and I joke how many pink outfits a girl can have before she looks like a Pepto-Bismol or how many boy clothes in brown+ blue, brown +green or brown+yellow combination someone can handle. So Zara kids is a breath of fresh air. I don’t think their kids clothes are for adults they are just current in trendy colors. I love their jeans and pants for boys.

I think the online store will be open sometimes next year but there are stores in NY, NJ, TX, CA and many other states.

Also Zara Home have pretty things but not available in US yet.

P.S English is not my first language, I apologized for any grammar mistakes.

Jennifer on

When we lived in Europe my daughter wore Zara almost exclusively, the baby/toddler clothes are absolutely exquisite (don’t go by what you see above) and amazingly quality for the price. In Chicago you can get 2 years and up in Old Orchard (Skokie) and the true baby sizes at the Michigan Avenue store.

And I agree that we need Zara Home here in the US. So beautiful.

Ellea on

Everyones entitled to their opinion but i feel like i should elaborate further. Theres a pretty big gap between, sailor suit/mickey mouse adorned shirts and what the little girl above is wearing. Theres nothing inappropriate at all, she’s not exposed or wearing anything provocative. I just found it a little bizarre how ‘hip-ly” made up this girl is. I mean look at her pose! Her unsmiling expression. It doesn’t appeal to me at all. On my laptop she appears to be practically scowling. I’m in my 20s so i grew up in a different time when kids wore corduroy overalls and brightly colored windbreakers but, i digress.

Crystal on

I’m with you Ellea, all the way. Kids should LOOK like kids, why are we in such a hurry to age them? The little girl looks downright ridiculous, are we sure it’s not Kate Hudson??

lil on

The cloths do not bother me at all. However I do feel some people try to hard with dressing their kids. Chances are when you take them to the store to buy clothes, it is the cartoon characters they want.

I was never one to like cartoon characters either, but my daughter’s do, so I let them have them. It makes them happy, and they are just clothes. A child’s personalily makes them cute, not the clothes.

I agree that this little girl looks like dakota fanning too!

simi on

The cloths that the little girl is wearing would be great on my 13 year old but not so much on her sister who is only 3. I am sorry but it’s just looks way to grown up, I know parents want their kids to look their best and always be in style, but they are kids at the end of the day not a fashion accessory to be dress up and shown off to the rest of the world. I just believe in letting kids be kids, they grow up to fast as it is, why make it any faster then it has to be.

For holidays sure buy something nice and fancy but for every day, no. Unless you keep your kid on a leash 24/7 and not let them be kids, no playing in the grass, sand boxes, catching frogs, jumping into puddles then dress them like that.But for me there is yet to be a day that my beautiful 3 year old baby girl doesn’t come home covered in something (paint, mud, sand, grass stains, play dough….) I would be out of money if I dressed her in Zara cloths, they would be destroyed with in a week with her. But that’s just me.

anilem on

They have some cute stuff for baby girls. But why does all baby clothing have a tag with bold red letters that says Keep Away From Fire…it wierded me out.

Tanya on

@anilem: They put that on their tags because they are an international company and some of the countries they distribute in require that warning on children’s clothes made from certain fibers. Those same fibers make up much of the clothes sold right here in North America, but we don’t have to tag our clothes as such.

Zara is a huge company. HUGE. It makes billions of dollars in sales every year. And it never spends a penny on advertising. SO love it or hate it, it’s not going away anytime soon.

brannon on

Absolutely love their kids clothes (and lots of kids to answer someone’s question). IMO, way better than “character” clothes which my kid would never be caught dead in. To each their own …

Ann on

There has been Zara Kids in Europe for over a decade, and it’s actually a cheap brand, like Gap…funny.

Alicia on

OMG love Zara!!
And yes there are some in the US! NYC, NJ, Mass, Cali, CT, to name a few!

But I agree, too many of these adult clothing stores have come out with childrens lines that are a little too sophisticated. Doesn’t H&M have one now too?

MiB on

Alicia, H&M has had a children s clothing line for at least 30 years, so nothing new there, and I wouldn’t call them “a little too sophisticated” they are just what I would regards as normal children s clothes. (But then again, I grew up wearing H&M clothes.) As for the clothes from Zara, I don’t think they are too sophisticated or anything like that, but on the other hand, I couldn’t imagine buying much from Gymboree or places as such. But did I complain when they had the post on mix’n match clothes? No, because I know that people have different tastes, and that is one of those things that makes the world colourful and interesting.

I grew up in different places in Europe, from places where simple unisex clothing was basically the norm, to places where everyone was dressed in clothing from Zara, or Jacadi or Bon Point (at least style wise), to places where you still dressed yourself and your children in tie dye’s and corduroy, to places where the children where dressed in very child specific clothing (that no adult would ever want to be caught dead in), to places with big Indian and Bangladeshi communities, where the little girls where dressed in colourful dresses with silver stitching and sparkly stones and so forth. Why complain as long as the child is happy and dressed according to the weather?

As for the “Keep Away From Fire” tags, Tanya is absolutely right in what she said. But I just wanted to add; you should really keep most clothes containing synthetic materials away from fires, so the tags are actually a disclaimer like the “May be hot” imprint on your coffee mug, except for the fact that it is legally required in some countries.

jenna on

Id rather shop at Next for that look for the fraction of the price and not pay that money so it makes “me” look good, kids could care less what they wear 8 )

Nina on

I Love Zara Kids.The photos are for advertisement purposes only.The clothes are super cool and fun.I simply choose age appropriate pieces for my 8 and 9 year old girls.The prices are pretty much on par with the Dora and Barbie merchandise.Which I find super cheesy.

A on

Ok, I don’t have kids, but that looks like a lot of outfit to try to get a on a kid! Can you imagine trying to dress a 2-5yr-old like this? And then what? They go out and splash in the mudd and your big ol’ belted scarf is a mess! hahaha…

A on

Oh, I would like to add that the outfits are SUPER cute (and, for all I know, very affordable)-it’s just that they look so impractical in my opinion. 🙂

ryam on

I love Zara and dress my daughters in their clothing often! Some of the items are a little bit “sophisticated” but there are also MANY items that are not. The truth of the matter is, every mommmy has the right to dress her child/children in the way that she sees fit. Some of us like the trendy look and others are into the more classic…one is not better than the other!

As a co-designer of a children’s clothing label, I deal with these issues on a daily basis. My opinion (not that it really matters)is, you should have fun dressing your children and you should dress them in ALL of it…trendy, classic, colorful, monochramatic, and yes EVEN that darn princess/character shirt your child is dying to wear 🙂

BTW-I have been blogging about Zara Kids since I discovered it…I’m glad CBB has finally posted on it!!! You can see one of my many posts here—> http://ilovecupcakesandcouture.blogspot.com/2010/06/zara-kids-makes-me-happy-i-have-girls.html

Raven on

When growing up I hated the clothes my mother stuck me in. It was all the CUTESY WOOTSIE crap from the 70’s. When I got to my girlfriends house (and this was elementary school) out came the denim bell bottoms and rock band shirts I could get from her sister, (who was short and thing in 79, my 5th grade year) and would rock them out.

So, I would not say all kids like cutesy wootsie style kids clothes, besides if you even go to Wal-mart, kids clothes looks like mini teenager clothes.

I like these outfits, makes the kids feel confident at a young age. Go for it!

Julie on

I love Sarah’s!!! I started usind their clothes in Dominican Republic and I was thrilled to find one store here in Houston!!!

Julie on

I love Zara, I used to shop their clothes in DR and I was more than thrill to find a Zara’s Store here in Houston!!!

may on

That little girl looks miserable to me, and that outfit would be perfect for panhandling on the steps of a church. Why are we dressing ourselves, and now our kids, to look like beggars?

georgie on

I think they are adorable!

stone island on

Maravillo post. Gracias por publicarlo…Espero màs…