Rachel Zoe Confirms: I’m Pregnant

11/17/2010 at 02:30 PM ET
Donato Sardella/WireImage

Rachel Zoe literally has a new project: her baby on the way!

The stylist, 39, and husband Rodger Berman are expecting their first child next year, she announced via Twitter Wednesday.

“Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant!” Zoe writes.

“I feel great, Rodger and I are beyond excited and so thankful for all of your love and support.”

The couple chronicled their struggle to decide if they should become parents this past season on their Bravo reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project.

— Sarah Michaud

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Annie on

I’m SO EXCITED FOR THEM. This was such a big issue on the last season of the show and, frankly, with how skinny she is I wondered. I find her and the show amusing as heck and am psyched for her. Holy chic baby! I love Pink too – so 2 in one day. I have to say I’m so happy for both!

Posie on

die! that is going to be one stylish baby…and oh my if it is a girl! so excited & happy for them.

Crystal on

I’m very excited for them! I really hope that Rachel is healthy and continues to be healthy during her pregnancy. I know that the pressures to be thin in Hollywood are astronomical but the baby’s health is most important. I wish them all the best! 🙂

Mrs. R. on

I only hope it’s a boy.

I know it’s not kind to wish a person’s child to be one gender or another, but this is clearly a woman who has incredible issues with her body and unless she does the incredibly hard work to resolve them with a professional, I can only imagine what pressure a daughter might feel.

I know from experience what it’s like to BE that daughter.

Luna on

I had thought this was already confirmed. Guess i was wrong. Oops! Anyway, Rodger…Rachel…maybe the baby will be an R name too. Just a thought. Congrats to them both!

Erica on

Mrs. R, I agree with you completely. I’m genuinely happy for Rachel and her husband but I think even she would admit that her ongoing issues with weight and body image would probably have a negative impact on a (future) daughter. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy/baby.

emma on

I definitely agree with you Mrs. R. My mom was/is bulimic and has projected her negative body image and negative relationship with food on me my whole life, unintentionally. I always ate whatever I wanted and had a healthy body image, until she would make little remarks about how I probably shouldn’t have a second helping, etc. Thanks to that, I know am struggling with my own eating disorder.

I sincerely hope that she has a boy, and that she stays healthy throughout her pregnancy. I know she would love her little girl to death if she has one, but she will most likely project her attitudes toward food on her daughter, no matter how hard she tries not to.

Mira on

“The couple chronicled their struggle to decide if they should become parents”

Hmm, what’s up with that?

Annie on

Mira – Rodger was ready to start trying for a baby and, although they always thought they would have children, because of Rachel’s age the time had come to make the decision to start trying or move on. Rachel had concerns about being a devoted mom as she is just so crazy-intense into her work and worried about balancing motherhood and career.

ginamac on

Good point, Mrs. R., but boy or girl, I hope she is able to overcome her issues with food and body image and do whatever it takes to have a healthy, successful pregnancy. In light of her apparent eating disorder and her age (40+), this is a higher risk pregnancy and I hope she takes the necessary steps to have a healthy child.

jessicad on

I think she’ll be a great Mama, and maybe she’s so thin because she works so hard! They seem so in love for a couple who have been together that long, I hope they have a girl just to see the fashion:)

Lisa on

“Working hard” isn’t a valid excuse for being that thin. There are people that work a lot harder than her…. like Doctors, Nurses, etc that are physically active all day and work 20+ hour shifts. She clearly has an eating disorder. The only thing she works hard at is looking in a mirror and yapping on the phone, neither of which burns many calories.

abbyc on

Wow never thought her body could support a pregnancy. Infertile women around the world must be rolling their eyes at the irony. Let’s hope she does a Nicole Richie and turn her life around.

Nina on

Congratulations to Rachel and her husband.I think she will make a fantastic mother.I wish her the safe delivery of her child.I bet her childs fashion will be secretly copied by the same moms criticizing her.

BTW…how many seemingly healthy women struggle to concieve.Yet Mrs.Rachel Zoe did it with no problems.I guess skinny doesn’t always mean un-healthy.

Jenn on

I’m sure there will be a ton of discussion on here about her weight and how she can support a pregnancy. I have no opinion per say, but do wonder how someone that thin can get pregnant? Or have a healthy sustainable pregnancy? I hope she is taking care of herself to gain some weight and be healthy while pregnant.

jessicad on

I don’t understand such negative comments on a pregnancy announcement.

I said that because I’m a lot thinner than before I had my daughter and I forget to eat because I’m so busy, people constantly comment and ask if I eat and it hurts my feelings, it’s pretty rude to assume someone has an eating disorder.

If you watch the show she’s constantly working and stressed, and seems very down to earth and nice and I’m sure it hurts her feelings as well.

gdfg on

Jessicad, when you are so skinny your ribs are sticking out, your hip bones are protruding, and even your chest is bony, it’s pretty clear you aren’t “forgetting” to eat. I do agree with you that the comments probably hurt her feelings, however. People with eating disorders can’t help themselves, and they are self-conscious about comments others make about their body.

I don’t think any of the comments on here are mean so far; I think they have been made more so out of concern.

Tess on

I heard this weeks ago.

Kristin on

Yes it’s been rumored for weeks now but there is a big difference between speculation and someone actually confirming it themselves.

I’m very happy for them. I adore Rachel and I know it was extremely important to Rodger that they start their family. What a blessing.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! And as for her weight…obviously she was healthy enough to get pregnant! 🙂

KC on


It’s more like judgment masked as concern. These people have already declared that if she had s baby girl it would be screwed up for life and implied that it was because she would be incompetent as a parent. That doesn’t seem like concern to me.

gdfg on

KC, it’s concern for a future daughter, not judgement. If a woman has an ED, she really can’t help but pass on her food issues to her daughter. It’s natural.

JChicago on

I found it refreshing to see the struggles that she and Rodger have had over this because too often people make the decision to have children seem so easy and carefree. Rachel went through the same agonies many successful working women go through. It wasn’t about her “body issues”. It was about how this was going to affect her career and if she was willing to take that risk. She’s in an industry where with one blink – you’re forgotten! People who you thought were your friends won’t return your calls as they move on to the next trend that has been building steam while you’ve had to slow down.

Also, when you’ve had so much professional success and waited until her age to get pregnant, there is the fear of failure/miscarriage. I think Rachel will rise above it all, but I completely understand her worries. I’m going through them myself and believe me I have absolutely no issues with my body. Rachel and Rodger will be devoted parents.

Jill on

Cbl, exactly!!

Jacq on

I loved your use of “literally” – that was cute.

Shannon on

Maybe the baby will force her to get help and focus on what’s important in life. She seems extremely self centered and not solely because of her body/food issues.

Shannon on

Oh and let’s not forget that boys can have eating disorders too.

B on

What makes you people think boys can’t have body issues and eating disorders?

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon and B- Exactly!

gdfg- I see and understand your point, but I’d like to point out that women with EDs don’t always pass their food issues on to their daughters. I have a cousin who’s struggled with an ED for years (she’s in recovery, but she does have slight relapeses now and then). She also has two daughters, and while I think the older one does have a mild ED (I don’t know for sure) the younger one does not.

TJ on

I heard it was a boy!!!

Renee on

R&R, so excited for you both!!! You will be great parents. Like the rest of us, you will do your very best.

Yeah on

I’m very surprised Rachel got pregnant os quickly. She was super super skinny, worn-out, and sorry, she’s over 40. I’m really happy for them. I hope they show it on the next season of Rachel Zoe. Too bad she isn’t having a girl though- so she can share her Chanel with her!

lucy on

Congratulations Rachael. I’m so excited. I hope the next nine months

fan of R&R on

All the best. This will be one cute kid!!!

rachel on

wow….about time

i was beginning to think that they were a sexless couple.
i find it strange that she almost shows no emotion or
sensual/sexual energy with her fine assed hubby….

i know that some folks are private, but NO TYPE OF
spark is really weird

Becky Godfrey on

Congratulations to Rachel and Rodger. That baby will come out wearing Chanel whether it’s a boy or girl!!!

ally on


lorraine on

So happy for both of them!
Just googled, that’s why I’m sooo late!

Lotta on

Just want to remind that weight isn’t the only way of determining a person’s healthiness. There are people who look pretty healthy weight wise, or maybe even a bit over weight, who are very unhealthy and eat very little (living off sugary drinks and such). Sure, Rachel Zoe has been very thin, but there may be many reasons for that. I have been as thin as she was at a point in my life, but I have never had an eating disorder. I simply had lots of joint problems (arthritis) at the time and did not feel good, lost my appetite – all while I worked a lot. When things got better, so did my weight.

A bit late, but congrats Rachel and Rodger on your son! How fun to look back after quite some time and find out that the two of you have become parents! Love your show! 🙂