Family Photo: Joey Lawrence’s Lovely Ladies

11/17/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
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What a lucky guy!

Joey Lawrence poses with his three girls — wife Chandi and daughters Charleston, 4, and Liberty Grace, 8 months — at the Fifth Annual Celebration of Babies, held Saturday by the March of Dimes.

“Charli’s getting used to being a big sister. She’ll go get diapers, and she’ll make faces, smile and sing to Libby,” the Melissa & Joey star, 34, tells PEOPLE.

“Libby wakes up in the morning and Charli runs in and wakes us up.”

The Lawrences decided to get involved with the March of Dimes following Chandi’s difficult pregnancy and Liberty’s subsequent birth earlier this year.

“[Libby] was born 6½ weeks early with Rh disease. It happens when the mother is Rh-negative and the baby’s Rh-positive. It’s a very serious thing, and we were in and out of specialists’ offices every other day,” Lawrence explains. “Libby came out needing a partial [blood] transfusion and was in an incubator for 2½ weeks — we couldn’t touch her, nothing. That first month was brutal.”

Since the couple opened up about their experience, March of Dimes “came to me and asked me to get involved,” Lawrence says. “Melissa Joan Hart and I are actually going to be co-chairs coming up here in 2011.”

— Reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Lorus on

Anyone know where Charli’s dress is from?

Laura on

awww…I always wanted to name a little girl Liberty and call her Libby!! too cute!

Shawna on

I wonder if she got the Rhogam shots? I thought that prevented complications due to RH incompatibility.

Lex on

I think its great he is getting involved with such a great foundation. I myself delivered premature and my daughter was in the nicu for 3 weeks and can relate to how brutal it is.

Rosalie on

He is still as hot as ever lol Good on him, for getting involved.

ELO on

What a beautiful family. I love their choice of nicknames.

CelebBabyLover on

Shawna- I don’t know if this is what happened with Chandi, but, in very rare cases, the shots don’t work (or stop working after having worked for previous pregnancies). I actually know a woman that happened to. She had the shots during her first two pregnancies and everything went fine….but then she got pregnant a third time and got the shot again….only this time, for some unknown reason, it didn’t work.

RachelJane on

Shawna I was thinking the same thing. My mum is rhesus negative, but the four of us are all positive. I was under the impression that the first birth would be fine, but subsequent positive foetuses would be attacked by the mother’s system. My mum had the injection after each of us, and we were born in the 80s and early 90s, so it seems odd that Chandi hadn’t been given it.

mmh on

I have a four-year-old and an eight-month-old too — but both boys. A handful but a really sweet age span. My oldest is sooooo sweet with his little brother and the little guy wants to do everything his big brother does!!! So fun!

Kat on

I’m RH negative, and didn’t know about issues with the shot. I’m days from having my first, but will certainly be watching more closely with future children. I’ve already had the shot twice, and it hurt like anything, so it better end up working!

April on

There are varying levels from what I understand. We found out with my second pregnancy and I had the shots, delivered at 39 weeks and was fine. But I had people in my support group online who had their babies early because the Rh disease was causing their body to attack, one woman’s son had collapsed lungs, another needed a full blood tranfusion. Sounds like Chandi and Libby landed somewhere in the middle there. It can be very scary.

sadie on

@Rosalie – I sooo agree! He is so fine! I wish he would grow his hair out some. I’m not digging it so short. 😦

Jessica on

What a weird coincidence, I’m 24 weeks pregnant with a girl and we are going to called her Liberty or Libby for short.(Her big sister is called Madison though not Charli lol) I also have anti-bodies (anti FYA) that can cause anaemia in the baby luckily though its only a 10% chance of a problem.

Shannon on

Beautiful family! Charli’s dress is adorable.

Val on

This guy looks too “pretty” for me….even prettier than his wife if thats possible 😦 and thats in all the pictures I’ve seen him in! I give him a year before he finally “comes out” ..

Liberty on

How sweet!! It’s always great to find that someone shares the name! I go by “Libbie.” I hope she gets all the great questions that people ask regarding the name! It’s a strong name and she is a little survivor, it will suit her well. God bless!

C Yawn Pruitt on

I was looking to see if Chandi has FB & found this! Beautiful family. I know Tony & Connie are proud….I am too! May God bless you all. Cynthia

Lawanda on

The body language in the picture is awkward. He is standing off to the side as if he is not part of the family .His wife looks like a single mom with the kids standing next to him,