Meet Joe Don Rooney’s Little Rascal, Raquel Blue

11/16/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

At least one thing was easier for Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney‘s wife Tiffany Fallon during her second pregnancy: The birth.

“I had a tough delivery with Jag,” Fallon recalls of the arrival of son Jagger Donovan, now 2. “So that anxiety sets in — I was crazy nervous again.”

Jeremy Cowart


However, giving birth to now 10-week-old daughter Raquel Blue — who was born Sept. 7 — was surprisingly smooth.

“It was tremendously easier this time,” she tells PEOPLE in the December country issue. “I was anxious right outside the hospital, like, ‘Oh no, this is going to be hard again.’ But it was actually a joy to be there, I didn’t want to leave!”


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More difficult for the couple was actually naming their baby girl.

“We had so many names picked out,” Rooney, 35, explains. “It’s harder to choose a girl’s name because there are so many that are beautiful — it’s hard to narrow it down. ”

Perhaps fittingly, Fallon eventually found a celebrity-inspired name.

“I have always liked Raquel Welch,” she explains. “I always liked her and her name. It’s unusual — you don’t hear about many Raquels. I wanted an ‘R’ to go with Rooney. So I threw it out there one day and Joe Don was crazy about it.”

Rooney explains the baby’s less traditional middle name, saying, “Her birthstone is sapphire, blue represents serenity, and we just liked the way it sounded.”

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Even with all that effort, there are still the inevitable nicknames — and everyone in the family is getting in on the act.

“With her brother being Jagger, I felt like we needed to rock it up a little bit,” Fallon, 36, says. “We call her Rocky! Everyone has their nicknames for her though. My mom calls her Baby Blue. Some people go with Raquel, some use both names.”

“And Jag calls her Sissy,” Rooney adds. “But Raquel feels right; when Tiffany said it, it felt right in my gut and my heart. Just like when she said Jagger, that felt exactly right.”

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Jeremy Cowart


— Sara Hammel with reporting by Kay West

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Demetria on


Anonymous on

aw, what a beautiful baby! she is gorgeous.

dad’s hair weirds me out though… I know he probably spent a lot of time getting it that way, but it looks like he just came out of a wind tunnel. When I look at the pictures I just want to brush it out of his face.

Once upon a time, I briefly dated a guy who got his hair professionally highlighted, and he spent more time styling it than I did mine. It always gave me pause to seem him weild a flat iron and hairspray before we went out. To each their own :/

Mallory on

Now that I know how they came up with the name, I love it! What a beautiful family!

Kimber Christian on

Beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilianne on

That is one pretty baby! And her parents are pretty gorgeous too. 🙂

Lilianne on

Aww..when I hit my back button I realized there is a picture of the little boy too! He is super cute too! Love his hair.

Mina on

Jagger looks like Tori Spelling’s son Liam

jenny on

LOVE their nursery!

Brookie on

Adorable…..and I absolutely love her name..You do not see Raquel very often and it goes perfectly with Blue.

M on

I love her name! Raquel is one we’ve always liked if we have a daughter, and Blue is our son’s middle name (it’s a family name).

Talia on

Well, you don’t hear too many Raquels among English speaking people, but it’s really the Spanish variation of Rachel, so it’s not too “out there” 🙂 Pretty family.

tink1217 on

what a beautiful family!

Tee on

I’m so glad that Joe Don and Tiffany allowed us to see a picture of their newly grown family! We don’t see many pictures of Jagger and he’s so precious! Their daughter is beautiful!

CelebBabyLover on

She’s adorable! And I LOVE the fact that there’s no bumper pads or pillows in the crib, no curtains on the canopy, no toys or stuffed animals in the crib, no quilts or blankets in the crib, etc. It’s nice to see a celeb showing off a baby-safe crib! 🙂

soph on

The baby looks like she is clutching her pearls in the first pic.

kai on

LOL Anonymous, I totally agree. Same thing with Keith Urban. I much prefer their son’s hair’style’. No clue who they are, but gorgeous family.

Kewl on

Gorgeous parents, brother, nursery…….. That cute little goober lucked out! And (even I’m surprised) I love her name too!

P.S. Does anyone know where I could get a headband similar to the one in the first picture? Could CBB add it in somewhere?

Kewl on

Off topic: CBB did my post show up?

Anonymous on

Pretty baby!

I wouldn’t have chosen the middle name Blue though. Only because when I said it all together.. I just pictured kids saying Raquel Blew Rooney!

Raquel on

Great name! They are right it is not that often you hear Raquel. Growing up I knew no one with my name its almost weird to hear other people with it.

Raquel on

I am a Raquel Helene. 43 years ago it was almost unheard of except for Raquel Welch. I have always gotten compliments on it. And yes, there are a few others of us out there!

Robin on

SOOO Beautiful…I would expect nothing less from Tiffany & Joe Don. Love all the pictures….I could look at pictures of Joe Don all day :).

Beautiful baby, beautiful family.

Kai…Joe Don is in the country group Rascal Flatts.

Breezy on

Is it just me or does anyone else think Tiffany put on a lot more than the Hollywood standard of 20 pregnancy pounds? No complaints – I’m just glad to see that we – in the real world – aren’t the only ones who need to lose some extra weight after birth instead of all these stars who look skinnier coming out of the hospital than they did before they even got pregnant. Congrats! She’s got my vote for the most realistic body in the industry.

Breezy on

Finally someone who looks normal after giving birth! She, like the rest of us REAL women gained a lot more than the recommended 20-25lbs. Whether she, Tiffany, knows it or not – I think she’s a wonderful change from the other women we see in the industry who come out of the hospital looking skinnier than they were before getting pregnant. Lovely woman, lovely family.

Laura on

I agree Breezy! That’s nice to see for a change! What a beautiful family!

Love the nursery (and clutter-free crib) too. It’s pretty for a baby girl but not way overdone like some of the celebs nurseries.

Becky on

Really like the name..Cute family, wish them all the best..

Kristin on

Gorgeous family. Love the name as well. I also had a tough delivery with my first but had kind of forgotten about it until a few weeks before I was due with my second. I managed to really scare myself but when it came time my second labor was a breeze compared to the first.

Sue Sigle on

Thanks for sharing your pictures! You have a wonderful family.
Your son is certainly a Rooney. But where is the curly hair??????
We are so proud of you and your accomplishments and hope to see you in Springfield, Mo. in March. Enjoy your success and your family. Lots of wonderful memories!Love

Georgina on

Whats going on with that curtain thing over the sofa? Its connected to the ceiling and then its not? Odd. In fact apart from the crib and the tiny bit of changing table you can see, it doesn’t really look like a nursery at all. It looks like a spare room that has had a cot stuffed in it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just dont see much “designing” going on there.

And does no one else thing Del boy and Only fools and horses when they hear Raquel. No, just me then!

raquel on

I love that you never hear my name (RAQUEL) So many people confuse it with RACHEL, not too sure how when there is a “qu” not a “ch”. I am called “KEL” and “ROCKY” it just goes!!! Congrats to the Rooney’s on their newest edition RAQUEL “ROCKY” BLUE =)

Staci on

All what a cute little family. Tiffany looks great, I can’t believe she’s 36!!

selene on

I absolutely adore The Rascal Flatts, its great to see a picture of Joe Don and his beautiful wife and kids.

Raquel, I think of Only Fools and Horses when I hear Raquel too. I think its a Brittish thing. Same goes for Rodney, luckily there arent that many Rodneys about. A few Daves though (sorry, a quick Only Fools reference)

Jennifer on

She is adorable, and Raquel is such a pretty name! 🙂

Casey on

What a great choice. And after a real Lady, something Hollywood lacks of.

Meghan on

I love the daybed in the nursery. It will be a great place to snuggle up with the baby for a story or a lullaby.

FC on

Jagger’s gotten so big, and Raquel is adorable! Love finally seeing the new addition to their family. 🙂

VH on

A lady i work with her name is Raquel. Everyone calls her “Roc”.

Beautiful family congrats to them!

Kelcie on

Am I the only one who found that name (Raquel) to be a little…ghetto at first? Now that I know the intent behind it, I like it better though. I would never name my kid that though…

D Fisher on

Naming a baby is so difficult. My daughter was born 3 months early and not officially named until she was 6 weeks old (brought her home at 10 weeks). We would pick out a name, go visit her in the hospital and call her by that name, but they just didn’t “fit”. Found my baby name book recently and the name we selected was NOT one we had marked in the book! 9 times out of 10 parents choose a name and then take one look at the baby and decide it doesn’t work. Love the names they chose for their children. Not “weird”, just a little out of the ordinary.

Lizzie on

I love Joe Don hes from Rascal Flatts and they are hands down the #1 band!! Tiffany is gorgous and unlike most of the clebes that have kids she does look like she had Raquel 3 months ago- instead of coming out of the hospital 2days after giving birth and looking like a skinny movie star— glad to know that they are realistic lol 😀

I absolutly love that they showed us both Jagger and Raquel. I have been waiting so long to see Jagger- havent had a picture up of him since he was 16 months old n the last years edition of People Country Special then we all got to see his 1st b-day in People a year ago also but he is just down rite adorable- u can deff tell hes Joe Don’s son– same hair and face– but both down rite gorgous lol 😀

I think that they choose beautiful names for their kids—- im not officially old enough yet to have a kid but i want (if its a boy) to be Ashton Bently,- i like both of those names, and if i ever had a 2nd boy- his name would be Jagger Jason- i also like those two names— idk are those Ok names to name 2boys?

But love love love the pictures glad to see their wonderful family and hope there are more to come- like maybe some of Raquels 1st christmas? lets hope 😀

BB on

AWW!! What an adorable family!!! I wonder if the grandma calls her Baby Blue because of Bob Dylan’s song. And I also thought the little one was named for Donovan Leitch too. Haha 😀 THE BABY’S ADORABLEEEE

Cheryl on

Beautiful family. You can tell they are real people and not the fake, ditsy celebrities everyone normally sees. The children are gorgeous~thanks for giving them names that are wonderful and with meaning and not some weird, far out crap that a lot of the celebs do with their kids.

Love Rascal Flatts…will forever be a fan. Praying God continues to bless this marriage and this family!!!!

JMS on

What a nice family 🙂 Nice to see all the positive comments from people — there are usually a few who post something nasty just to see their name in print. My brother-in-law’s name is Joe Don LOONEY … how close is that??? LOL

Chey on

they all look adorable together!!!!!!!!!!!

Chey on

Jagger Donovan and Raquel Blue are so cute