Miranda Kerr Excited to Experience ‘Profound Feeling of Love’

11/15/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Vogue Australia

Miranda Kerr‘s unborn child is getting used to the cameras.

The Victoria’s Secret model, 27, poses for the January cover of Australian Vogue — but this time she’s wearing some clothes, unlike the nude shot from December’s W.

“I’m definitely taking more time out to relax and be present to the whole experience of being pregnant,” Kerr tells the magazine.

“Every mother I’ve spoken to has said you cannot explain the profound feeling of love that comes over you as soon as the baby is born. I’m really looking forward to that moment.”

Kerr, a native of Sydney, is expecting her first child with English actor Orlando Bloom early next year.

The couple, who began dating in 2007, quietly got married this past July.

— Tim Nudd

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Frea on

she look amazing! Pregnancy suits her!

jessicad on

She has the cutest little belly, gorgeous!

The feeling that comes over you is absolutely amazing and addicting, wish I could have 10 kids:)

Jackie on

I’d give birth once a week to feel the kind of love I felt when giving birth to my daughter two years ago…despite the difficult 30 hour labor with much of it happening at home sans meds.

Miranda is just gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to look that good pregnant…who wouldn’t want to look that good not pregnant?!

Miranda, enjoy every minute of the pregnancy and birth because with child #2 there really isn’t much time to even remember you are pregnant…unless you have lots of help.

Jennifer on

She’s so utterly gorgeous anyway, but throw in that pregnancy glow and she’s over-the-top beautiful. That child is going to be the most genetically blessed since the Jolie-Pitt twins!!!

elise on

She’s not a native of Sydney, she’s from a small country town that it quite inland.

She is absolutely radiant, pregnancy suits her.

rewardinglove on

So happy for her. She will love her new baby!

April on

Elise – she was raised in a small town, but born in Sydney.

Miranda looks amazing.

Maria on

I think it can often take a while for some people to really bond with their new baby- sometimes it can be so overwhelming in the beginning and then that love feeling grows over time.

JT on

This is such bs….easy for those who have tons of money and have trainers and makeup artists, etc at her disposal as well as nannies and whatever after the birth. And, ‘being open to the experience of being pregnant’ lol – does she have to get up at 5 in the morning and get to school to teach a full day of high school??? While you are so sick that you can barely get through a class? Such a load of crap…their lives have NO relevance to real life…

Sara on

I love how moms like to rag on each other! Get a life!

Karen on


Charity on

Maria – One of my friends had that happen..she didn’t feel the love/connection towards her baby until he was 6 weeks old. I hope she isn’t setting herself up for disappointment.

cheryl on

JT….nice way to ruin a completely awesome story.Take your issues elsewhere

lauren on

I had a profound feeling of love when I first saw her hubby in Lord of the Rings (sorry, I had too) She’s beautiful, he’s hot, I guess I’m happy for them, 🙂

Demetria on

Very well said Cheryl!
JT- Do you know Miranda Kerr? Then shut up!

JM on

JT, you do realise this is a celebrity site. they all have a lot more money and completely different lifestyle to the average person. surely that can’t be a shock to you. what do you expect them to talk about? lives they AREN’T leading?

Jenn on

JT, bitter, party of one, your table is ready….

Meghan on

JT, if you don’t like to hear celebrities talk about their lives, what the hell are you doing on this site!?!?!

Pat on

She looks great. I wish her and the baby well. I agree with the love feeling toward the baby. It’s just way beyond words. 🙂

molly on

I agree, enjoy being pregnant. It is such an awesome time where your body is doing miraculous things to get prepared for such a blessed event! I was sicker than a dog the first 14weeks (IV’s twice so dehydrated!) but once that was over I just tried to be active, take care of myself and marvel at how my body was changing…and I hope Miranda does, too! Once that little bundle arrives the love overflows!

Mellissa on

JT you mucst be an incredibly miserable person. I feel sorry for the infant that caused you so much pain those nine months you had to rise at 5 AM for work….the poor thing will have to hear about it whenever you’re angry for the rest of his life. You know next to absolutely nothing about Miss Kerr’s life or circumstances, keep your horror story to yourself. I don’t recall reading anything about a trainer, make up artists, or nannies, why don’t you comment on the content that is ACTUALLY THERE.

katrina on

JT- ignore all these people attacking your comments. I agree with what you’re saying. It may not be relavant to the article or anything, but I get it/ She lives a pampered life and doesn’t have real day to day issues that can get in the way of enjoying her pregancy. Let the lemmings live in fantasy world admiring these out of touch celebs, you and I can live in the real world and laugh…

Kelly on

I think her posing nude while pregnant is absolutely disgusting. I’ve lost all respect for her. Good luck to the child to have that kind of role model.

Demetria on

Wow Katrina and JT must be incredibly miserable people.

Niki on

That’s going to be one gorgeous baby 🙂

Anonymous on

i agree with jt! seems like everyone else has their heads up their arses. babies and pregnancy aren’t all 100% unicorns and cotton candy.

annie on

I agree with Kelly I don’t get what the deal is with celebrities posing naked whilst being pregnant. Don’t complain of having no privacy or whatever when you constantly pose naked & I am not utterly miserable but I see miranda kerr how I see Gisele they create very high expectations for new moms. It’s hard enough being a new mom let alone having people telling you, they feel nothing but happiness and that you should breastfeed for the first 6 months.

Anna on

I agree with Katrina and JT, and i’m not a sick person.

Celebrities do not have normal lives; they are afforded more luxuries that normal people aren’t; such as not having to work during pregnancy.

Acknowledging this doesn’t make me a twisty angry person, it makes me a realist who doesn’t glorify every word that comes out of a celebrity’s mouth.

Lisa on

Yep, JT and Katrina do sound incredibly miserable, although I hope their misery isn’t extended to their children. And Kelly, what is wrong with the pregnant female body? The photo was beautiful, artistic, and in no way sexual whatsoever. Try to appreciate the difference before being so judgmental.

Lorus on

I definitely didn’t bond with my first born right away. I had a c/s and was having a lot of trouble breathing during the surgery. Then once she was born they gave me morphine which I didn’t know I was allergic to at the time. I spent the next 6 hours so beyond sick that I didn’t care in the slightest that I just had a baby.

My second birth was completely different. Still a c/s (both girls were breech) but my midwives were able to stay with me in recovery where I was able to keep my newborn daughter on my chest.

I hope she gets the birth that she wants so she can experience bonding right away.

janna on

I agree with the posters who said that miranda has the luxury of relaxing during her pregnancy. everyday ordinary working moms work until late in their pregnancy and often have to return to work within three months of giving birth to earn a living. The rich life must be nice, but it is not the way it is for most.

Mary on

There are a lot of jealous people out there today! She’s a celebrity, if she couldn’t afford to have nannies, etc, then what would be the point of being a celebrity? It’s money..she has it, you don’t. But why judge someone for it? She is just hoping to experience a beautiful pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with that. BTW, a woman being pregnant and taking nude pics, there is nothing wrong with that either! A pregnant woman is in her PRIME! It’s when she is the MOST beautiful! She is carrying a life, nurturing it, and loving it. It’s absolutely beautiful. If you didn’t have the body for it when you were pregnant, I’m sorry, but guess what??!?!?! Neither did I! I am not judging her. Just sayin….

Showbizmom on

all of you that agree with JT are just as delusional as you say celebrities are! Not to sound like a broken record, but I work in Hollywood in the entertainment business and hmmm… How do I say this, you are wrong about a lot of them! Yes some are pampered and so out of touch it’s not even funny. the ones I know and work with are just like you and me. Just because they can afford to buy the expensive baby clothes and not have to work doesn’t mean they don’t have the other issues all mom’s have. If you ask me those that hate and judge are projecting their own issues with themselves as moms and wives on this site. Nothing but pure JEALOUSLY and as my grandma says “God don’t like ugly” She’s beautiful and I wish her and any expected mom and dad nothing but the best.

steph on

Seriously some people just beggar belief. This is a CELEBRITY website. That means that there are stories on here about people who are richer, better looking, and differently talented to you. JT you mentioned something about relevance to real life, in case you are unaware Miranda is a real person thus is living a real life, hers, not yours. Just because its different doesn’t mean its not real. And if you’re going to complain about nannies, money, etc do it elsewhere, we are all aware that celebrities have all that stuff and none of us care!

The woman was sharing a positive outlook on pregnancy and having a child, she did not talk about you so get over yourself and stop acting like she’s commenting on your experience, she has every right to respond to questions in any way she wants. Imagine if she had said “Being pregnant is crap and having kids is the worst thing in the world”…heaps fun way to start the day :/

adri on

From my experience and from what others have said that instant love you feel when you see your baby for the first time is not true for many moms. Unfortunately I had PPD with both my kids and I just didn’t bond with them until much later. It’s taboo to admit but many moms don’t feel that love and they are ashamed to admit it. Love grows overtime for most moms.

CelebBabyLover on

JT et. al- If you’re expecting to read about people with “normal” lives, why are you on a site about celebrity babies?

Lisa- I agree 100 percent!

l's mom on

I definately expected to fill that overwhelming love for my daughter when she was born and they placed her on my chest. Imagine my surprise when I was so tired from her birth, I asked them to take her away. The bonding came and I definately feel it now but there was never “that moment” that everyone talks about. Actually, I found it comes stronger and stronger every day – even now, 3 years later.

Emmy on

She is so gorgeous! Her husband is hot!

Also JT should be allowed to say what she likes without getting bashed for it, her opinion, you do not have to agree wit her.

Angelique on

Wow, she looks better than ever! My belly is sticking out the same as hers, round and low. Maybe she’s having a girl too!

anonymous on

Just because someone seems to have a more convenient life than you (which might not necessarily be the case), it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the same universal joys we all should experience. Motherhood is extremely special, and there are no barriers as to who can have this privilege. So does that mean a stay-at-home mom (wealthy or not) shouldn’t feel the same joys as as new mom who’s working full time? They may be more fortunate, but that doesn’t mean their lives are any easier, or that they didn’t work hard to get to where they are today. Miranda Kerr is a TOP SUPERMODEL, who is paid top dollar. She’s obviously worked extremely hard throughout her career, and deserves to rest and relish her pregnancy at this time. And if she chooses to be a stay-at-home mom in the next several years, more power to her!!! Undoubtedly, if you had the opportunity to stay at home, you would too.

Georgina on

Since she is still working, how do you know she isn’t up at 5am? How do you know it wasn’t a struggle for her to drag herself into the photo shoot and be photographed? Im not saying its the case, but they can put make-up and airbrush to make her look radient etc if she was sick as a dog that morning. It does say shes taking more time out but what does that mean exactly? This is her second mag in so many weeks so its not like she isn’t doing anything. She is continuing with her job as any other mother does.

The fact of the matter is, like the anon poster said, regardless of wealth or status, the one of the things that women can share is being pregnant. The highs and the lows. Miranda is speaking about the highs and the parts she is looking forward to, much like most women do when they’re expecting. I don’t see the problem.

erilynne on

she just POPPED! I Remember the last picture you couldn’t really tell she wasn’t even as far along as she was.

Shalay on

It’s funny to me that when bashing celebrities, people always claim “she has trainers, stylists, nannies, etc.” to make themselves feel better. Believe it or not, some people are naturally beautiful. I know several women who are drop dead gorgeous, even when they’re heavily pregnant or 4 weeks past delivery.

Also JT, I’m sorry you seemed to have such a miserable experience with pregnancy. It’s too bad you’re unable to be happy for another person due to your own unfortunate circumstances. Maybe next time you can try to channel all of this energy into positivity for yourself and those around you. Pregnancy may not be all smiles and rainbows, but simply having a good attitude about things can do wonders.

kazumi on

ahhh yes, overwhelming love for your child. i know the feeling. i am a mommy to a 2 1/2 year old toddler and will become a mommy again in a few months. congratulations to miranda kerr and orlando bloom!

melissa c on

I am sooo happy for miranda. As a mother of two I absolutely loved being pregnant! Every hiccup, every kick. My first i was in labor for 24 hours, 3 hours of pushing and ended up having to have him vacuumed out cause his dang head was sooo big lol. But once he was here my heart melted. I can’t go a day with out tearing up looking at my two boys. My second son I was a stay at home mom so i didn’t get to fully enjoy being pregnant cause i was taking care of the 1st but it was still as amazing. I had gestational diabetes with that one so I missed out on all the awesome food cravings.

That incredible feeling of love u have for your children is fierce, for me it was right off the bat with both my boys. I hope Miranda feels that intense bond too.

To the negative comments: If I had a beautiful toned/pregnant body i would have taken a naked photo too. All my belly shots for the scrap book is of my tiny 5 foot frame tipping over to the larger than life beach ball of a tummy. She took a pretty pic that she is proud of. And when she is old and gray she can look back on that photo and say “damn i looked good”

And lastly to those who don’t live pampered lives…. yes in reality some people have to work right after their babies. I give u kudos for having the strength to go to work, for those that don’t have the opportunity to be a SAHM and have to work, i’m sorry. Yes these people are pampered. But they worked to be that way. YEs they have trainers and nutritionists but they worked for that too. Who are we to judge them? Let them enjoy their pregnancies and their children just like every other mother.

I’m sorry to JT and those others that are mad that this celebrity is excited about being pregnant. I don’t know how your comments will effect the outcome of other pregnant celebrities and non-celebrities that get to stay home and enjoy their pregnancies and children.

Jill on


Elle on

I’m a mommy to a 4 month old boy who I love more than anything. I look forward to enjoying another pregnancy and natural birth. BUT, I must say that it is tiring to work full time, go to school part time, take care of a house and husband and be pregnant. She is very lucky to have a level of wealth that allows her to have such a laid back pregnancy.

However, it is not relatable to 99% of women. And while she is lovely and rich, and I think she is so lucky for that, many women have to deal with the pressures of the real world. And it is a little bizarre to worship celebrities for having a child when so many women do it everyday without all the bells and whistles that these ladies enjoy.

That said, I enjoyed being pregnant immensely. Despite mine and my husband’s busy days. I may not have had foot massages and caviar, but I did enjoy my little miracle, and I do still miss it sometimes! Good luck to them. I’m sure they will be wonderful parents! 🙂