Family Photo: The Stefani-Rossdales’ Sweet Escape

11/15/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Wright/WENN

Looks like she got her simple kind of life!

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale step out for a casual family brunch, taking sons Kingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock to Bouchon Bakery Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif. before stopping off at the playground.

The boys, now 4 and 2, are getting along significantly better, their proud dad reports.

“I see a difference every day in their interactions, and this is a good thing,” Rossdale says. “The boys are getting along great now.”

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Lou x on

In those glasses Kingston looks a little like David Beckham! (or Romeo),
Its uncanny!

Beautiful family xxx

missy on

Zuma is starting to resemble Kingston and his dad more. Super cute! Love this family!

Gabby on

@missy: Hm, I still think Zuma mostly resembles Gwen and Kingston, Gavin.

Mina on

Does Kingston really wear glasses? Or is that just another fashion statement? WHEN are these freaks going to realize that their kids are kids and not little fashionistas! I could have puked when she dyed Kingstons hair when he was a toddler! Baby hair is the most natural, softest thing and she fried it for a fashion statement. What, her son wasnt beautiful the way he was? She had to change him? Thats right Gwen, play with your dolls some more!

B! on

Wow Mina, i’m sure u felt better after posting that comment. Good Job.

steph on

Mina, Gwen and Gavin are not freaks in any way shape or form. You are allowed to not agree with their choices in clothing for their children but it’s pretty clear that you find it unfair if other posters call you names so why be hypocritical?? Its really unacceptable that just because you can hide behind your computer screen you think its ok to spew vitriol and unfair criticism…its just clothing, get over it. Nobody has issue when mum’s dress up their daughters, why the issue with a mum dressing up her son?!?

And out of curiosity, has Gwen ever said that she did in fact bleach her son’s hair? I don’t recall any such statement but somebody else might 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I tend to agree with Mina. Kingston’s glasses look OTT, Hollywood kids for you I guess?! Trying too hard IMO to be ‘trendy’. Fair enough if they’re needed but looks like they’re just trying to make some fashion statement, yet again, and I don’t like them personally. Let him be a 4 year old boy, I say…! Nevertheless, cute kids/family.

CelebBabyLover on

Mina- All I’m going to say is that I think you’re really jumping the gun. It could very well be that those ARE real glasses. And as long as the kids are happy, who cares how they’re dressed (as long as it’s weather approprite, of course!)?

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to say that if the glasses aren’t real, I’d bet anything it was Kingston’s choice to wear them. He maybe was pretending to be some sort of superhero or something. 🙂

MiB on

Mina, it might also be that he wears glasses because he thinks it looks stylish, or because someone like his best friend wears glasses and he wants to do that too. I doubt you could make a 4 year old wear glasses unless they wanted to, my cousin went through a stage where he didn’t want to wear his glasses because his brother didn’t, he changed his mind a couple of bumps and bruises later., but for a day or so, they just couldn’t force him to wear them, and this was a boy with very bad eye sight!

JM on

mina, generally i don’t care how people dress their kids. but this, i agree, happens to be a pet peeve of mine at the moment. this hipster trend of wearing glasses when you don’t need to. they’ve always dressed kingston like a bit of a hipster and i personally find it quite obnoxious. but hey, not my kid… they can do what they want.

simi on

Mira there you go being rude again. Why do you look at this site if it makes you mad, or makes you not have anything good to say about anybody on the site. Are you capable of a nice thought or even a compliment? Just asking.

I think they are a cute family. I made my brothers hair blue when he was a toddler, now that he is 16 it back to being blue and I love it. He like the colour and when I changed his hair he thought it was the greatest thing in the world. We kept it up for a few years, then went to green and so on and so on. He love it, it didn’t hurt him in any way, there are children friendly formulas out there, so why not, natural is sometimes just too borning. And her kids are always well dressed for the weather, always comfortably dressed, you can really tell she cares about their well being, and they always look really cute. Plus Mira if you ever read or see anything where she talks about her boys you can see and hear the love she has for them. She does let them be kids and play in mud and sand and what ever else they manage to get into. She is just more non traditional mom, and she has fun with her kids in her own way. She is a good mom, he is a good dad shouldn’t that be all that matters

J on

Seriously Mina. Let me guess, Kingston wanted to dress himself again? Funny how these celeb kids all magically know the ridiculous trendy styles at such young ages, especially the smaller toddlers who have know idea.

Manal on

when i have kids i would really love to dress them as little fashionistas! i think its cute and harmless!! beautiful family!!

Jill on

Mina wants a reaction…….why do you guys continue to give it to her?

Sarah on

Because she’s right @ Jill.

I wouldn’t say it like Mina did, but I can understand the feeling… you see this family and you think ‘Oh my god, WHY?’

But opinions are different… so be glad you’re free people who can decide what people your kids are going to be, and what not.

Sorry for my bad school english.

Jill on

Sarah, I am referring to the people who get all up in arms at her on this post and every post….obviously, I am not referring to the people who agree with her.

Bancie1031 on

Mina – I agree with you about Kingston’s hair. I did think that was a bit much.

steph – “Nobody has issue when mum’s dress up their daughters, why the issue with a mum dressing up her son?!?” – LMAO! Guess you have never read a tread about Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise or Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt now have you!!!! ALWAYS ARGUMENTS OVER WHAT THESE 2 (TWO) LITTLE GIRLS WEAR! Or in Suri’s case what she isn’t wearing. Trust me it isn’t just because Kingston’s a boy!

This family looks cute ….. Kingston and Zuma look great (I am honestly curious if Kingstons glasses are real or not). Kingston looks just like Gavin and Zuma looks just like Gwen 😀

MiB on

Didn’t Gavin state in a recent interview that Kingston and possibly Zuma dress themselves?

Kate on

Wow, I better call my sister and tell her what a horrible mom she is for letting her daughter wear glasses even though she doesn’t need them. I mean really, the nerve of my sister and her husband for going out and getting her a pair or “fake” glasses so she could be the coolest kid in preschool. I mean seriously, they should have told her no, who cares if she’s 5 and wanted a pair so bad to fit in with her big sister and mom.

hayley w on

mina mina, have you not got a nice word to say about anybody??? is there any body apart from you that is THE perfect parent lol lol

Happy healthy looking children, who cares if they put glasses on, or mess about with thier hair….not me i have better things to do.

now im off to let my daughter put on my glasses and spike up my sons hair…..hahaha

Mina on

hayley w….I happen to have a son who REALLY needs glasses and his eye doctor told me that MANY children have eye problems and the ones who dont should be thankful. Also, wearing “fake” glasses (or yours) can do damage to developing eyes. Eyes that are still growing need to adjust and having wire frames in the peripheral vision cant be good for the poor boy. And I believe that a child is beautiful no matter what their hair looks like or clothes they are wearing. I am saying NICE things. These “parents” are being morons. They arent little models!

gdfg on

I don’t have a problem with the clothes they dress their kids in or the way they style their hair, but dying a young child’s hair is not healthy.

hayley w on

wonders in what world calling someone a moron is nice………

Mina on

I’m saying nice things about the kids….not the moron parents. Kingston and all kids are NATURALLY cute. About as pathetic as those pageant moms. UGH!

hayley w on

i know youre not trying to be funny but youre like an angry elf ‘don’t like this don’t like that grrrrrrr grrrrr’

have a drink, might chill you out a bit.

Mina on

I dont need a drink…I need a world full of parents who are not morons. I’d bet my house the world would be a better place if that happened. =)

hayley w on

if the whole world was like you …..then what on earth could you complain about lol what on earth would you fill your day with with?

although i am amused by the though of an angry elf world sniping at each other and stomping about the place, HIGHlariousis , well mina maybe one day when hell gets chilly and we all loose our sense of humour and perspective about what really matter in life.

You know when cancer, aids don’t matter any more and its all about the hair.