BumpWatch: Is This Pink’s Baby Belly?

11/15/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Baby bump or not? You be the judge.

Either way, Pink certainly isn’t hiding herself from the cameras in the wake of renewed speculation about whether she’s pregnant.

The singer, 31, showed off her curvy figure in a bikini on a Los Angeles beach this weekend.

But curvier than usual? Hard to say. If it is a baby bump, it seems she’s not too far along.

Or is it much ado about nothing? Pink and husband Carey Hart have been down that road before.

They dealt with pregnancy rumors last spring, with Pink joking on Twitter at one point about the “600-lb baby” that she’d been “growing for 8 years.”

However, Pink did have something to say about the trip to the shore: “Nothing makes you feel quite like a kid again like peeing in the ocean,” she Tweeted Sunday.



— Tim Nudd

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klutzy_girl on

I think she may be pregnant. She’s supposedly not that far along, so she wouldn’t be showing too much.

Anonymous on

I’d say … yes 😉

John on

She might very well be. She’s known for being extremely fit with very flat abs, and while she certainly still looks a knockout, she’s definitely a lot curvier.

Pamela on

I’d be SO happy for her if she is-I think she’s a great role model and I love all her songs!

kai on

oh man, imagine that. somebody posts your bikini pictures on the internet and asks readers to judge… nice.

she doesn’t look pregnant to me, but she looks very happy and it’s great that she and her husband were able to work it out.

Amber on

Oh, I would definitely say that’s a baby bump. I saw her up close three months ago and those abs were as flat as a pancake! Yay!

M on

I thought it was already made public?

h on

lol, it’s mid november already, here am i sitting at home, drinking hot chocolate while it’s pouring with rain outside, and pink is in bikini on the beach….

she looks pregnant, she has 1/ a little belly, 2/ big boobs ( well at least bigger than usual), and 3/ a giant smile

selene on

I remember when Ashlee Simpson got engaged and rumors she was pregnant started, there was pictures of her on her honeymoon in a bikini with the flattest stomach and it turns out she was pregnant.

mommyof2 on

i think that she looks great either way!!! But if she is not pregnant how horrible it is that everyone is saying that she looks pregnant!! Either way she looks very happy and that is all that matters!!!

Lou x on

I was also under the impression it had been confirmed that she is pregnant?!

April on

I think that she probably is. It hasn’t been confirmed. Us Weekly had a story last week quoting a source, but then again they also said Beyonce was pregnant recently and she isn’t. The story still spreads like wildfire anyway though of course. I’ll wait until Pink and Carey say so.

ELO on

I thought it was confirmed as well. I remember reading it on MSN last week.

Shannon on


JMO on

Pink herself has not confirmed it.

And Pink is not a toothpick that to me is her normal body. Even if she’s far along it’s hardly a bump!

I love P!NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri on

I remember when CBB used to handle celeb parents and children with care. They screened every comment and wouldn’t post hurtful things. Now the stories are written so they get more comments…hurtful comments. If it’s not enough that they post a bikini shot and ask us to judge, they throw in the comment about peeing in the ocean. Shameful.

Sydney on

I agree – asking people to judge someone on their bikini photos is not just not cool.

Jill on

Kai and Sheri…… I totally agree with you, I can’t believe the CBB would post this article. Cbb, you should be ashamed of yourself…to ask people to look at someone’s body and determine if they are pregnant. Even if she is pregnant, this is VERY VERY wrong.

Devon on

CBB isn’t what it was. They sold the site to People/Time Warner & now it’s just like the rest. I miss the old days when Danielle & Sarah ran the site.

Paige on

I kind of hope she is. I think she would rock as mom. If not, I hope she and Carey eventually have one.

L.A. on

Kai, Sherri- I totally agree CBB use to not post celebrities until they or their rep. confirmed the pregnancy. Since PEOPLE took over it’s become what the word…trashy?

tomfool on

i say not- giving her the benefit of the doubt. But then whenever I say that, i’m wrong. but I would love for her to have a baby!

Mary on

I also agree that this story is inappropriate. People and I guess this blog seems more intersted in gossip and tabloid type stories these days to compete in the nasty blog world. I hoped this would not happen as People used to be the only magazine that could be trusted.

Mira on

Hope she’s pregnant. I can’t tell from the picture.

But, what’s wrong with CBB posting the peeing comment? After all, Pink posted it herself on a public Twitter account. I totally don’t get what’s shameful about reposting that comment. Some people are way uptight.

AA on

Definite preggers!!!! 🙂

Sheri on

I agree..I have a suspicion the larger chest and not flat tummy are a clue…CONGRATS to her! She is my FAVE singer, and the world needs more awesome people like her in it. 🙂

Dana on

I adore P!nk and Carey! I believe when they want the world to know they are having a baby, they will tell. P!nk does not hold her thoughts in well, and that is what I love about her!

I do not think that this picture should even be out there for people to judge. Would you want your picture of you on the internet in a bikini for the whole world to judge, comment or reuse for own pleasure?

Leave Alecia and Carey alone! That is kinda the way she wants, you don’t hear her using this as a ploy to sell the new cd which comes out it the U.S. tomorrow do u?

Maria on

To everyone that mentioned the CBB, if you dont like People then why are you on the site. Doesnt make sense does it.

Sydney on

Mira – it’s not the twitter comment that most people have a problem with, it’s that we are invited to judge Pink on her bikini photos and speculate as to whether she’s pregnant or not.

KJC on

While I think Pink looks great whether she is or isn’t, compared to her normally super flat/toned stomach, she definitely looks like she could be carrying a little peanut.

Jessica on

I think it’s safe to say YES. Ever since Pink has been an artist she has never had a belly. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t. I saw the pic pop up on the original people page and thought “ohyea, she’s preggers”!

Hea on

I bet she is. She has that linea negra.

AJ on

Saw some other pictures from the side. I’d say she is pregnant, about 3-4 months along. She doesn’t look fat, it looks like a bump and is even easier to tell because she doesn’t have any clothes on.

nikk on

OMG if she wasnt really preggers, how embarassing would it be for her LOL. But anyways I do think she is deffo pregs.

AEF on

Im pregnant with my 2nd and my stomach was flat until 19 weeks! So, you never know. I didnt even know that her and Carey were back together?

sara on

i agree with AJ, i just saw more pics of her in the same bikini and they are taken from the side and its definitely a little baby belly!

Amanda on

I think she is just because of the shape of her belly & you can tell she still has her abs on top of whatever is making it poke out. If she had simply put on weight, her abs wouldn’t be on top of the bump, know what I mean? Either way, she looks great!

April on

I hope she is..Pink is the best ‘real’ role model. I absolutely love her and Carey. I think they would make terrific parents. Becoming a parent is a wonderful blessing and is by far the happiest time in a womans life! Good Luck to both of them. No matter what she paink and shes gorgeous!

Emily on

Either way, I guess we’ll all know in about 7 or 8 months!

JM on

oh no, now people are actually ENCOURAGING these discussions. if women confirm they are pregnant, then, ok post “baby bump” pictures. until then leave them the hell alone. it’s ridiculous and cruel. because if she’s not pregnant then she probably wouldn’t feel too great about people saying that she looks pregnant. i’m sorry this is just something that really annoys me.

Rose on

Time will tell.

CB on

Either way she looks great!!

Jenn on

If she is that is one very lucky baby!! I know she would be a GREAT mom and Carey would be the BEST dad!!! Looks to me like she is but it’s up to Pink to tell us her news. If she is, I wish her a healthy and stress free pregnancy. If she not, I hope people leave her alone. Either way…she will ALWAYS be one of my HEROS’!

Sheri on

So…if we hate what CBB is doing, we need to slam this site (every time) with our hateful comments directed at CBB and not to the celebrity, regardless of how you feel about that celebrity.

tink1217 on

she is normally much fitter looking. she has always had a bit of a protruding belly kind of like jen garner does…but this looks different to me..I hope she is..I love her and Carey!

Dees on

Dear God!

This is so not a baby belly..! When she is pregnant she will tell us herself;) I think she would be a great mother.

AnneSommer on


It could be a baby bump , but don`t have to. Maybe she has just a few more pounds than usually. It always said, that the celebrity (woman)/models should not be so/to skinny.That we want “normal” womans there. But often so soon a model / celebrity has a little stomach . Then is the question comes out : Is she pregnant ?


Monica on

I wish I looked that “pregnant” in a bikini!!!

daniela on

I don’t think she is….doesn’t look like a baby bump to me. Looks like a little “happy weight” which looks great on her of course! Altho, I DO hope that I’m wrong and she is! 🙂

J on

So…Sheri I think people are questioning what used to be CBB as it is now Moms and Babies (and there aren’t any hateful comments toward them) because there used to be a rule of sorts on the old CBB site about how they would never threads speculation posts like this.

Tee on

Wow, this bothers me a little bit too! I don’t know anything about this woman, I’ve never heard her music but I don’t think it’s right for a group of strangers to be invited to discuss if she looks pregnant or not. If it was truly obvious, I might think differently. However, it’s not obvious, not yet, and if I were here, this kind of conversation would bother me. Hopefully she has thicker skin than I do!

fuzibuni on


Penny on

Shame on you PEOPLE and CBB! This is tacky!

Sheri on

J: You are are right. I had not noticed the name change. Looks like we should be placing blame on People (rather than CBB) for their lack of class in their column “Moms and Babies.” I can’t imagine CBB would agree with their tabloid journalism. My apologies to the owner and staff of the previous site, Celebrity Baby Blog.

Meghan on

I have to agree that it is completely ridiculous to post a picture like this when it is not even known if Pink is pregnant. For something like Isla Fisher when she had a sizeable bump, that was different. However, I think that in this picture Pink looks like a normal person her age and it is unfair to speculate.

claudia on

beautifulll! enjoy it,girl……

Amber on

I agree 110%, CBB should be ashamed of this story. It is so wrong of them to ask people to judge someone on how they look & determine if it means they’re pregnant. Obviously it works because some fools are going along with it, & doing so. Stop feeding them! How would YOU feel if someone did this to you & you weren’t pregnant? I bet you wouldn’t like it at all. Shame on CBB & all of you going along with it!

Best of luck to them either way

Daisy! on

A girl who lives in my building isn’t looking as slim as usual, shall I put some pictures of her up on the net for people to judge? Disgusting.

stacey Mc on

If she is preggers, congratulations to her and Carey! A child is a blessing and should be left to the parents to make the big announcement instead of speculation which probably makes anyone in the spotlight feel invaded!

Hea on

Am I the only one seeing the Linea Nigra?

mich on

I love her, be nice to her. She always looks great.

Seanaci on

It has NOT been confirmed that she is pregnant. It is all speculation at this point in my eyes until she and Cary announce it. Just like Mariah and Nick…the happy parents to be should be the ones to announce the pregnancy.

Whatever the case, she looks amazing (and if I remember correctly, when she’s NOT touring, she tends to let herself go a bit…as far as eating right and working out…so that may be the case with these pictures). 🙂

Catca on

I don’t actually see a belly – I see a fit and happy woman who looks fab!

Luna on

When I gained six pounds after skipping the gym did I want people speculating whether I was pregnant? Geez if she is than great, that’s not the point. It’s sick people are being allowed to guess if she is or isn’t. Let her tell us.

mommytoane on

Honestly, she looks as tho she’s added a little weight lately, from the pictures…..but its hard to say. She’s never been perfectly thin. Never had a perfectly flat tummy like the so called super models. Speculation is just that. Speculation. Without proof its nothing but gossip.

Leslee on

When someone is dropping a LOT of hints and has some physical changes, you can take a little liberty, but this is getting ridiculous.

Mariah Carey and hubs spent a good deal of time hint dropping, in addition to a very noticeable change in figure. Fine, speculate, put her here. Isla Fisher has no statement and no confirmed birth, don’t put her here as newly postpartum. Every time Nicole Kidman so much as had a Lean Cuisine for lunch, suddenly she had a “baby bump.”

Pink? No confirmation and nothing other looking like a pretty normal, healthy woman, we are asked to speculate? We won’t mention that publicity seeking ditz that tweeted the big “secret” but says she can keep a secret whilst revealing secret simultaneously.

Even if it doesn’t bother Pink, apparently many of your readers find it annoying, People. At least just let us gawk and speculate in a semi-civilized manner by seeing her pictures in another category. We can put two and two together, or not, without being spoon fed.

Lorus on

Once Danielle sold CBB to People everything changed. Comments are no longer screened and they post MANY articles that normally wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

Posting bikini shots and asking the public to have an opinion if a woman is pregnant or just has a belly is down right rude.

Shelly on

I agree with most others. Pink looks great, pregnant or not. And it is rude to have people guessing. Wait a few weeks and it will be clear with out confirmation if it’s true. I too miss the old CBB.

Amber on

The thing is, if she WASN’T pregnant, I think she would have said so by now. She’s pretty brutally honest. Yes, this post is EXTREMELY tacky, but I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s expecting. My wife got the impression from her gushing over her niece that a baby wouldn’t be far off for the Harts. I think she was right!

She doesn’t ALWAYS have hardcore ripped abs, though. She’s made fun of her own little belly donut (her words, not mine) before.

CelebBabyLover on

Leslee- What was wrong with putting Isla here as newly post-partum? That’s what she is, after all! She never confirmed a pregnancy or a birth, but it’s fairly obvious to anyone with eyes that she was pregnant and clearly isn’t now. AND and Sacha were seen pushing a pram. Why is she undeserving of being referred to and featured here as a new mom?

As for pink….I kind of think she is, considering the twitter post by Jillian Reynolds seemingly confirming it (which she quickly took down!). She looks like she’s still fairly early in the pregnancy if she is pregnant, which would explain why she hasn’t confirmed. She’s probably waiting until 3 or 4 months in to confirm.

At any rate….Why don’t we just let her and Carey announce the pregnancy if and when they’re ready? If they aren’t ready to confirm, we need to respect that!

melissa on

I personally always thought she looked like that.

rayane on

you are beautiful

Terri on

I thought it had been confirmed as well, but her abs are usually so flat that I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant.

K on

Who knows. My stomach looks like that after chinese food- and I’m not pregnant. 🙂 Give the girl a break. She’ll let it be known when she’s good and ready.

Hea on

Melissa – http://images.2dayfm.com.au/2010/11/16/493386/pink-pregnant-beach-dirt-395.jpg

That’s more like the Pink I’m used to seeing. 🙂

Tammy on

Congratulations Pink and Carey!

m on

i am so happy for u pink!!! 🙂



Me on

Her baby was born!
Congratzz with your baby girl, Pink!
I’m soo happy for you!