Mini Must-Have: Willow Smith’s Bright Boots and Military Jacket

11/14/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
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Like mother, like daughter!

When budding singer/actress Willow Smith isn’t busy whipping her hair, the fearless fashionista loves to flaunt her edgy personal style.

While heading to Los Angeles International Airport on Nov. 7, the 10-year-old went toe-to-toe — literally — with mom Jada Pinkett-Smith in a red pair of Steve Madden‘s Kallee boots ($79).

To round out her outfit, the little jetsetter also rocked a striped scarf, a GUESS Kidsmilitary jacket ($46.50), black jeans — accented with a tied pink bandana — and a heart-print travel bag!

Hana Choi


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Maya on

I can’t believe she’s only 10! She doesn’t look like a pre-teen girl at all, she looks like a teenager – at least 15…

Nina on

My goodness,this is child abuse.Allowing this child to live an adult lifestyle.Nothing funny or cute about it.At 10 Willow can barely read.(See the interview she did on 106 park and on Ellen)watching her TRYING to read was pitiful.

cris on

No matter how her family or people will try to justify it, I think this is a sad exploitation of a 10-yr old child.

Marilyn on

Jada and Will seem only interested in fame and fortune, even with their kids.

Siana on

This girl’s being robbed of her childhood…And when her parents realise it’ll be too late

Erika on

I don’t think that the outfit is inappropriate in any way, but I do think it is odd. This is an outfit that maybe a trendy 16-19 year old around here would wear, not a 10 year old. Willow is a talented girl and her brother is talented as well, but I think there is time for fame later. My best memories are from when I was innocent in childhood and I really hope this experience isn’t robbing her of that.

Danielle on

You people are a mess…CHILD ABUSE?????? Seriously? Robbed of her childhood?

Amanda on

Wow what a diva! I’m sure she is well taken care for and happy, not all kids play with barbies…I’m sure she’s fine 🙂

Pam on

Where I live (and in many places in the US) wearing a bandana like that tied around any body part other than the head or neck, is a sign of gang membership.

michele on

Come on Will and Jada!!! Just because you are in the industry does not mean you have the right to inject your 10 year old child into the limelight. Couldn’t you give her just a couple more years??? Bad parenting at it’s worst!! Shame, shame, shame.

MiB on

I guess I am the only one who thinks she looks like a pre-teen? Pre-teens are a dispersed lot, some are into fashion and music already (like my brother was) while others still play with dolls (just like I did) and let their parents dress them in whatever they want, and there is nothing wrong with that. As for her barely being able to read, I haven’t seen the interview, but a lot of ten year olds have problems reading aloud (I sometimes find it hard to read aloud, especially it I’m not reading in my native tongue, which is not English by the way), or it could be that she is dyslexic, and in that case there is no way for us to know what is being done to help her.

Denise on

I can’t believe some of the comments I am reading! The Smith children are some of the most well-rounded and mannerable kids in Hollywood. Will and Jada are allowing their daughter to express herself creatively-which will help to build her self-confidence and self-esteem. At least she is not parading around in some adult version of a camisole top or minidress like I see a lot of young women her age wearing now. Plus, they are learning what it’s like to earn their own money and not depend on their parents for every single dime. They won’t grow up to be lazy and spoiled like most kids are today. They’re not sitting at home playing on the computer and playing video games and getting overweight like some children. Get a grip, people!

Dee on

OOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG…seriously…child abuse???? Seriously???? If this is child abuse then what is molestation, starvation, beatings etc? Just “normal” child rearing???

This is not your child people!!! She is covered up!!! Her parents can afford the lifestyle where she can pick whatever she wants to wear!!!

You want to talk about kids out there living the “adult” life….check out the Mumford chick from Gossip girl, Miley Cyrus etc. Those are the teens we should be concerned about and hope they dont end up like the tragedy that is Lindsay Lohan. Leave Willow alone, she has both parents in her life and so far she seems grounded.

At the end of the day….SHE IS A CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian on

Wowwww….you people are certified NUTS. Letting a child be creative and actually do something they love is child abuse?? Stop. When I was 10 I Loooved being creative and acting in school plays, performing for my family, ect. I really don’t think this is any different (just on a way larger scale). It seems that everyone on this site always want to put kids in some kind of restrictive box…ALL 10 year old girls don’t wanna wear pig tails and play with barbies…and any way, how do you know she doesn’t?? Haven’t you ever seen interviews with Beyonce and Kelly from Destiny’s Child where they talk about how when they were kids they didn’t want to go outside and play…they wanted to sing and dance! Are they on drugs?? Are they messed up in the head?? NOT AT ALL, and they’ve both had successful careers. Sorry, I feel REALLY passionate about this because I don’t see how a normal, functioning adult can criticize a child for wanting to dress funky and follow their dreams. LIGHTEN UP.

Jillian on

…and another thing. I love how people like to say Will and Jada “force” their kids into the spotlight. Have you ever tried to make a kid do something they don’t wanna do?? Especially in front of others?? It usually doesn’t work out too well. *siiiiigh* :/

Now, in a more positive light, I think Willow is doing awesome things! Her song is great, the video was great, and her live performance on Ellen was on par with other entertainers out today. Hope she has fun with this! 😀

loren on

@Jillian ” I love how people like to say Will and Jada “force” their kids into the spotlight. Have you ever tried to make a kid do something they don’t wanna do?? Especially in front of others?? It usually doesn’t work out too well. *siiiiigh* :/
I agree 🙂 it can’t be done. They (Will and Jada) just have industrious children, what else can they do? Willow looks like a preteen, she is a cutie. I think Willow cares and is not forced.
I have seen her on Award shows, she loves it, I see her watching, paying attention just plain ole interested, I don’t see that often so it is noticeable. People in all professions sometimes get children that want to do/be like them, the rest of us get the others 🙂
It takes all kinds! 🙂 good for Will and Jada. I hope they continue to enjoy their children and their lives.

TM on

I love the way Willow dresses! She’s covered up and I think kids should be able to show their creativity through dress (as long as it’s weather appropriate, doesn’t show too much skin, etc).

If she is struggling with reading, as Nina suggests, I am sure that Will and Jada will provide extra support for her in that area.

lizzielui on

I saw the clip from 106 and Park and she isn’t illiterate. She got tongue tied and tripped over the word “Congratulates” as she was reading a plaque that the hosts of the show gave her. Right after reading the plaque, Willow teared up and said she felt honored because this was the first award she had ever received publicly for her talents. She was nothing more than overwhelmed by the moment. Furthermore, how is Willow any different from any other child actor or entertainer? My niece was in the traveling production for the Lion King from ages 8-10. She is an actress and a dancer and performing is what SHE wants to do. It doesn’t mean that she has any less of a “childhood” than anyone else. Not ever child has the same path or destiny in life. Not all kids are content with what everyone else would consider “normal.” Willow and Jaden seem to be thriving, doing what they love to do.

Niche on

I love little Willow’s style and I truly appreciate her parents efforts in allowing her the ability to express herself.

The comments here from other posters about Willow and her parents are seriously sad and quite honestly inappropriate. Its a shame that other pre teen and teeny boppers are labled as adorable and cute when they’re out dressed like adults in tight, ill fitting, short skimpy clothing but this child looks terrible when all covered up and being fashionable.
People come on!! Double standard much!?

And to the above poster that had the nerve to compare her scarf to those involved to gang activity, Shame On You!! The misfortune we speak about other people’s children may very well fall on our own kids.


Sam on

Smile little girl, please smile. I promise it won’t hurt. Always so serious and ‘look at me’ looks on young Willow, rarely a smile. And she is not a pre-teen. A pre-teen is someone that is 12 and this little girl just turned 10. She has years to go before she is a pre-teen.

We don’t know if her parents ‘force’ her to do this but, they certainly encourage it. It just seems funny that because her acting career didn’t go anywhere, and Jaden’s did (ok sort of did) they discovered she can sing and BAM got her a record deal. One of the children I babysit has a beautiful voice and should be heard. I would love the same ‘connections’ the Smiths had to get their daughter her deal.

Also there are many kinds of child abuse, it doesn’t have to be physical. Mental and psychological are also factors of child abuse. I don’t personally feel Willow is being abused, but I do feel she has too much freedom to express herself and a little more calming down would be better in the long run. Time will tell.

Natasha on

She looks so trashy for a 10 year old. Discusting

anonymous on

Sam… she smiles quite often. She had braces for quite some time and seems to have developed the “im trying to hide my braces” smile, because even after having them taken off she still tries to cover her teeth… I know a lot of people who had braces that have had that issue, it takes time to become comfortable with out them…

The comments on here would be funny if they werent about a child… who like many others have said is clearly artistic, loves and admires her family, sings songs that are empowering for both children and adults and remains quite humble (please see 106 and park interview). With all the discussion centered around child bullying you commentators should perhaps think about the potential impact of your words on this young girl may be, if she were to read this… further, her song spoke to confidence everyone should have which hopefully would help other kids that are being bullied…

missy on

I do agree that WIllow is a bit too young to be thrown into the spotlight. Personally, I think her parents should wait until she’s at least in her teens before allowing her to become a popstar. Having said that, some of the comments on about her outfit are ridiculous and overblown. I mean, we’ve seen toddlers on this site wearing outfits that are just as trendy and stylish. Look at Gwen Stefani’s kids or Jessica Alba’s daughter. And yet people are complaining about a 10 year wearing an outfit like this? It definitely seams like some people will find any excuse to criticize this family.

Lilianne on

People who call a CHILD trashy and disgusting should seriously be ashamed of themselves. This girl didn’t ask to have her picture posted here for others to comment on it and on her. There is nothing wrong with the way she looks either. She is completely covered from neck to toe. She is certainly more appropriately dressed than a lot of young stars are today.

Sokolata on

WOW.. you folks are outrageous with your criticism.

How are Jada and Will forcing their kids? Clearly, the children love what they do. Jaden is an excellent actor, her is witty and really funny for his age. Willow is also very smart and seems to love singing.

I truly believe that people are jealous and there is some levels of racisism involved here. So every child star’s parent is forcing them? Then why are y’all out whining about that?

The parents are in the business and their kids want to be actors, then why should they not help them acheive their dreams? Jeff Bridges, Tim & Tyne Daly, Sean Penn, Emilio Estevez, Jaime Lee Curtis, Isabella Rossellinin, Liza Minelli, etc were all child stars. They seemed to all enjoyed their craft and did pretty well for themselves.

loren on

“The point at which a child becomes an adolescent is usually defined by the onset of puberty. However, in some individuals (particularly females), puberty begins in the preadolescence years, and adolescence may extend a few years beyond the teenage years in others (typically males)

In terms of age in years, dictionary definitions generally designate preadolescence as the years from 10 to 13, although there is ‘no exact agreement’

A preteen or a preteenager is a person under the age of thirteen. Generally, the term is restricted to those close to reaching age 13, especially age 12

Niche on

And we wonder how and why children are bullied… seems to me they get it from their parents. Look at all the bullies that come to vent on

I thought there were rules and regulations concerning comments. Name calling, derogatory statements, racism… all of these are clearly promoted here when they are supposedly against the rules. The posters here are clearly lifeless individuals with nothing better to do than to berate black children and praise white children. I feel sad for saying that but its the absolute truth.

Trashy and disgusting? Are you serious? You can’t be!

I also think there is a certain level of jealousy and bigotry by indirectly voicing your opinions on what black families can and can’t do and how successful black children can be.

Why put limits on children? Disliking their parents isn’t grounds for bashing the children and what they can do in their lifetime. And to call this child illiterate because she was emotional over an award, absolutely ridiculous.

Let’s get a post on the two Gosselin children that were kicked out of school for what is clearly bad parenting on the part of their mother who shows them no attention unless its in front of a camera for money. They were subjected to bullying the moment their mother began attacking their father for fame.

You should all be feeling sorry for them, NOT Willow Smith and her parents.

Sam on

“anonymous” I know what you mean about braces but in this case it’s not the braces keeping Willow from smiling. She has been taught/shown/encouraged to look ‘cool’ or whatever one calls it these days and that is her look. To me it always says ‘look it’s me Willow Smith and I am IT”. Same with Jaden. They pose their bodies and have such depressing looks on their faces almost every single picture I have seen. I feel badly that when their ’15 minutes’ is up, and come on peeps you know it will be, they will suffer a lot, and that’s a sad thing.

“Loren”, YUP, a pre-teen is 12, not 10. Willow has yearS to go yet.

Tess on

There are far worse forms of child abuse than this.

That being said, I’m tired of hearing about this kid and her family. I wish People would just stop already with the attention it gives them.

Laydacris on

i think there is ALOT of racism on here and it needs to STOP.
i hope all those wishing that Willow fails, fails in life themselves. watch your own children and not others. Question the Cyrus’s or the Lohans.
Get a damn grip!!!!!!

Pam on

@ Niche – my son was in a gang, that’s how I know about the bandana. I was not implying that she is in a gang. But, I live in a very small rural town, and the kids here that want to be in this gang copy the older ones style. I think its pretty well known about the bandana thing in more than just my little town. I have no problem with the way she is dressed – but since I know what the bandana means here (and alot more other cities and states as well), I mentioned that part of her outfit. She’s trying to be cool – most kids are, but, yes, knowing what I know, the bandana did rub me the wrong way. It was my observation – nothing more.

anonymous on

Sam, apparently you don’t follow many interviews with her… you merely see paparazzi shots… in all the interviews i’ve seen of her shes very bubbly and constantly smiling… i even saw a video tapped radio interview w/ her and Ryan Seacrest where she was constantly giggling and “braces” smiling… but I guess you see what you want to see…

Sam on

‘anonymous’ (that’s brave!). I never said I saw Willow in any interviews, so you got me on that one! I said ‘almost every single picture I have seen’, she is frowning or pouting etc.. My comments today are on the PICTURE I see of her here. 🙂

Sam on

‘Laydacris’ – don’t do that. Sooo not cool and so not true. Sheesh!

MiB on

@ Sam, people usually say I’m a smiley person, but let me tell you, that if you saw a picture of me walking down an airport, possibly coming of a red eye flight or looking for the gate early in the morning (it looks as if it’s not entirely light outside), trying to keep track of my luggage, or trying to find my checked in luggage it would probably not depict me smiling. Likewise if you snapped a picture of me in the grocery store or reading the menu outside a restaurant or plainly walking down the street, quite possibly lost in thoughts. These are situations where I wouldn’t expect anyone to smile (especially if they were surprised by the photographer). If she had been on the red carpet or at an event, it would have been nice to see her smile (though some don’t do it even there), but not at an airport unless it’s in the greeting area and she’s meeting someone.

Anonymous on

I agree with Ladycris…..

First: Willow Smith…….Dressed from head to toe……Total BS
Second: Neyo…..A baby’s name SPELLING) Total BS….

Such a shame!

Sam on

‘MiB’, many many of the pictures of Willow (and Jaden) I have seen here are them posing for a picture. They have stopped walking, are asked to pose for a photo (no I don’t KNOW that, but you can see them all hugging together and I’m pretty sure they don’t walk hugging each other in a group of four!). Still no smiles, except from daddy Will and his are huge. Willow always looks serious or cool or whatever, but it’s not smiling. And relax, I didn’t say the child never smiled, I said in pictures I’ve seen. And I’m right. 🙂

Peca on

It’s a candid pic of the child walking down the street, minding het business and trying to get from one place to the other. Why would she be randomly smiling? Also, there is a pic of Willow above right next to this article in which she is all smiles.

Lilianne on

I think Willow is adorable and almost a carbon copy of her Dad. I have seen many, many pictures of her here, on JustJared, etc. where she is smiling. Does she smile all the time though? Of course not…who does? If you were out walking and living your life…going to the airport, or walking out of your hotel or whatever would YOU smile constantly? I doubt it. And if you did, that would be kind of weird. Not to mention being totally and completely fake. I, for one, don’t blame ANY celebrity for looking serious or frowning when they are photographed by paparazzi when they are out and about. It would seriously frustrate me to not be able to go anywhere without having cameras in my face.

Sam on

“Peca”, thankyou. Willow looks so much younger when she smiles. VERY nice to see that little face smiling! 🙂

Laydacris on

@ Sam, Yes that was to you. You seem like a hater that likes picking on little children.

Sam on

‘Laydacris’, what are you talking about? Do you even know? Did you read MY posts? You’re the one screaming racism, which is always an easy card to pull when you don’t like what others are saying, so shame on you! I wasn’t the one that said the child was abused, trashy or disgusting, just to name a few. I said she rarely smiles in pictures I have seen of her. It’s true, she doesn’t. That’s all, nothing more and nothing less. Relax, it will be ok if YOU let it.