Ne-Yo Welcomes Daughter Madilyn Grace

11/13/2010 at 05:30 PM ET
Gregory Pace / BEImages

R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is a father — a bit early! — as girlfriend Monyetta Shaw went into premature labor and delivered daughter Madilyn Grace Smith on Friday evening, Nov. 12, a rep for the singer confirms to PEOPLE.

“I’ve been in love before but this feels like nothing I’ve ever felt,” said Ne-Yo, 28, born Shaffer Chimere Smith. “Like I’m in love for the first time.”

The birth took place in an Atlanta hospital. Madilyn hadn’t been due until January.

Ne-Yo was at a charity event for his foundation when word reached him that Shaw had gone into an early labor. Even so, the new dad made it to the hospital to witness the birth.

Also due this month: Ne-Yo’s brand new album, Libra Scale, which hits stores Nov. 22.

— Stephen M. Silverman

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esmeralda on

Same name as my daughter, just spelled differently! Needless to say, I love that name!!!

Shay on

Love, love, love that name!

Mallory on

Love the name! Congrats to the couple. Hope Madilyn is doing okay despite her early arrival.

Marilyn on

I like the spelling (it’s close to my name). Unique way to spell Madeline/Madelyn.

Nella on

Pretty name, I wish all the best to Ne-Yo and his new family.

Mira on

Hope the baby’s doing well. 6-8 weeks early isn’t too early, but could sometimes be a problem.

The name is nice for sure, but Grace is becoming a bit overused as a middle name and the misspelled version of Madeline is a bit silly, IMHO.

KEM on

Maybe they are planning to use Madi for short. Can we say, thinking outside the box, being unique? Not everyone has to conform. As for her being born in November when due in January, she is exactly like me. I was due in January as well, but born on November 14th. And, I have been doing just fine for 37 years. I have a feeling Madi will be too.

J on

What a beautiful name for their little girl!

Erika on

Mira- I don’t know how you pronounce it, but where I’m from, Madilyn (Madelyn) and Madeline are too different names. Madelyn is pronounced Mad-Uh-Lynn and Madeline is pronounced Mad-Uh-Line. Different people might pronounce it different ways.

I personally like both names, and I think Madilyn is a pretty spelling. I wish them all the best with their new little girl and hopefully she is okay and not *too* early! There is nothing sweeter than a little girl, or a father daughter relationship.

simi on

Mira I am with Erica on this one two little girls in my baby’s class are named Madilyn and Madeline and they are two different names. Also I know the name Grace is being used more and more, but is that truly a bad thing. It’s a beautiful name with a deep meaning, could be worse as far as names go.

Erica from my understanding the way your pronounced both names Madilyn and Madeline is how most people do, I know the families at my baby’s school do.

I wish the new family all the best. Hopefully baby Madilyn Grace Smith didn’t give her mama too much trouble at birth and is happy, health. And is able to go home soon to keep charming both of her parents and keep her daddy falling in love with her more and more everyday.

meghan on

@Mira, Grace hasn’t suddenly becoming popular or trendy. On the contrary, it is a classic middle name. Grace, Rose, Marie, Leigh and Anne are all commonly used middle names. Grace is a nice name, middle or first. Just because Madilyn is spelled differently doesn’t make it “Misspelled”. Growing up, having an H in my name was an anomaly. My parents felt it looked better with an H. Doesn’t mean they were incapable of spelling. And now both spellings are common (along with half a dozen variations. Doesn’t make them misspelled either.).

Congratulations to Ne-Yo and his sweetheart! Hope all is well with little Madilyn Grace!

Anonymous on

madilyn looks like a typo. i wish it was a typo. SIGH. what happened to real/correctly spelled names?

Mallory on

KEM, no offense, but just because you were born this early and are fine doesn’t automatically mean Madilyn will be, too. Monyetta was somewhere between 29 and 33 weeks pregnant, and no matter who you are, being 7 to 11 weeks premature can have lots of complications. I’m not saying that that’s the case here, since obviously no one knows, but your generalized statement sounds really ignorant. Oh, but happy birthday! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Meghan- Exactly!

Anyway, I hope Madilyn is fine, too. I’m worried that she’s not, because usually when a celeb has a baby, they say something like “mother and baby are happy and healthy”, and Ne-Yo didn’t say that in his statement.

Also, I wonder if they tried to stop the labor at all, or if they just gave her those shots they have that mature the baby’s lungs and just let nature take its course. Not that there’s anything wrong with either method. Just curious is all. πŸ™‚

Anna on

I also think Madilyn looks like a typo. Madeline is a nice name but to misspell is on purpose takes the beauty out of it.

mommyof2 on

love the name!! wish them all the best!! and wish the new baby all the health and happiness!!!

Maddie on

Congrats to the couple. Hope mommy and baby are doing well.

I like the name Madilyn, and I like the spelling. It’s cute.

Mira on

Ok, Madeline and Madelyn maybe two different variants of the same name, but Madilyn is just a misspelled version of the latter. Would you say that Bengiamyn is just a different name from Benjamin or simply a misspelled version of the real name?

Grace is, of course, classic. No doubt. I’m just saying that it’s becoming overused these days.

Amanda on

I hope the baby and mom are doing okay!

I never thought of Madilyn as an unusual spelling. The only two girls I know personally with the name are spelled Madilyn (in my 4 year old daughter’s class) and Madelyn (a cousin’s daughter). And my daughter’s middle names are Marie and Grace, Marie because it’s a family name and Grace because I love the meaning and it’s a beautiful, classic name. I actually wanted it as a first name but since it was becoming more popular decided to use it for her middle name.

kaylee on

Madilyn Grace is a pretty name. She should do fine, despite her premature birth. All studies show that African American baby girls do the best, despite being born a premature. I am AA was born at 28 weeks with my twin and we were both over 4 1/2 lbs, lungs delveloped- we went home that same week! I just had my baby girl at 37 weeks because of high risk, but an amnio showed her lungs were ready @ 32 weeks…so the baby will be fine. Congrats Neyo and MOM!

Heather on

I LOVE that name, but then again we named our daughter Madeleine. I don’t care for the spelling but there’s SO many different ways to spell that name. And oddly enough they all sound the same πŸ™‚ We batted around the name Grace for her middle name but settled on Rose. Either way it’s a gorgeous name!

Sydney on

I am glad mother and baby are both healthy and doing well.

It makes me a little sad though that Lily Allen’s baby was due in January too, and didn’t make it.

Erika on

Heather, I love the spelling of your daughters name! It’s gorgeous and I’ve always thought that spelling looked so beautiful and sophisticated. I have said since I was like 13 that if I ever have a daughter, I want to name her Madeleine and I still love it πŸ™‚

Meghan on

I think it’s insulting to say that someone’s name is misspelled. There are variations in spelling in countless names. Some may not appeal to you, but none of them are “typos”.

KEM on

@Mallorie I added my two cents because you can’t always assume the worst. And as for calling my statement ignorant, your statement calling my input ignorant is ignorant of itself. If you can’t be intelligent with your rebuttal just keep it to yourself. With the fact that there have been advances in medical technologies since I was born she has a much better chance of doing quite well. As for wishing me a happy birthday, I rather not accept that from you since it wasn’t sincere. Next time please think before you speak.

Kellie on

Mira- There are many different ways to spell a name. You may not like the spelling, but doesn’t take away the beauty from the name when it is said.

simi on

If a language does not have clear rules on spelling when it comes to names, which by the way English does not, you have general spelling rules when it comes to letters but nothing when it comes to names. So it is impossible to misspell a name. It becomes a simple choice on how you as a parent, or a person, choose to spell your/your child’s name. It is plain rude to sit there and say it’s wrong, it’s a mistake. So that would be like Meghan and I saying that Mira, Anna and what ever your really name is Anonymous that you are wrong that your names are misspelled and WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU PARENTS THINKING NAMING YOU THAT THE SPELLING IS WRONG OR A TYPO, AND THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY UNIQUENESS IN THE WORLD WE SHOULD ALL HAVE TRADITIONAL BIBLICAL NAME AND NEVER SPELL THEM DIFFERENTLY OR GOD FORBID HAVE A DIFFERENT NAME NOT IN THE BIBLE.

The three of you need to get off you high horse and have a really good look around you and at the world. It looks much differently without your blinders on.

Kaylee I hope you are right and she ends up being just like you and your little girl. Home, safe, doing well in her mommy’s and daddy’s arms with in a week.

Anonymous on


Mira on

Geez, simi, you may have a point, but calm down. It’s true that English doesn’t have a lot of spelling rules, but when you take a common name and spell it differently for no reason, just to be different and original, it does look like a typo and, IMHO, it’s a silly choice. Parents, of course, are entitled to make those silly choices.


Y’all tripping me out with all this. The only reason you all are taking an interest in this is because her name is Madilyn.(Ma-da-lyn) If her name was Shaniqua or Jamika, no one would even care. It is very popular in the BLACK community to change the spelling of a name. This name is not an urban name so they tried to make it different. Get over it!!
Is it silly when people change Ashley to Ashlee, Ashlie, Ashleigh?

Or Jaden to Jayden, Jaydon, Jaydan? Y’all wouldn’t even know anything about that name anyway. But I think her name was urbanized pretty well. But excuse my people for trying to be different.

simi on

Mira I am calm, but some times Caps Lock is the only way to get the point across. Also instead of commenting on her name which I think is beautiful and with a different spelling, it allows the child to choose as an adult if she wants it pronounced the traditional way or differently. Choice I wish my parents gave me, cause truly who in the world names their child Simi. We should be congratulating the family and sending thoughts of hope, for people of religion prayers, that this little girl is doing well, and will be just fine, cause with premature babies you never know. But that is just my take on this. I just hope that mama and baby are well and get to go home soon.

Amanda on

Well Simi, I have a son named Josiah, spelled the same way it is in the bible and people still misspell it πŸ˜‰

And yeah, you can’t compare Madilyn with Bengiamyn, when you look at Madilyn you know how to pronounce it, with the other you aren’t sure. I am not a fan of names that are completely made up just to be ‘unique’ bu I don’t think Madilyn/Madelyn/Madeline are in that category, just variations of a name like Sophia and Sofia, would you say someone with one of those names is spelled wrong?

Nanny_Emma on

Gorgeous name. Congratulations.

Mallory on

Actually, KEM, I was being sincere, but think what you want. And I’m quite aware of all the advances in medicine, but I also know that not all babies are fine despite modern medicine. If modern medicine could fix everyone, I wouldn’t have such poor health as I do. So it’s not “assuming the worst”, it’s being realistic. And last time I checked, this is a comment board, meant for people to say their thoughts. My thought was your comment made no sense. Thought number two? Get over yourself.

Luna on

I like the name and by the way the letters are pronounced, Madilyn isn’t too crazy. It’s not like they spelled it Madduhlin. It’s just a slight variation. I happen to love the name and have a cousin named Madelyn Rose. I do know people named Madeline who say it Mad-uh-line, but I know others who say it Mad-uh-lynn. It’s a choice. Anyway, it’s beautiful as I’m sure she is. Best of luck Ne-Yo and Monyetta.

simi on

Amanda I love the name Josiah, but I can see people misspelling it, I used to work with a very lovely gentlemen named Josiah and it drove him mad how many different ways people had managed to spell well misspell his name.

Mallory I think KEM was just trying to think positive which can not hurt ever. I am all for being realistic but this is a baby we are talking about and one that we may never know anything else about or how she fairs for the rest of her life, or how long that will be. So not to put you and your problems down but I am with KEM on this one. Lets just hope that at this moment mama and baby are doing well and it will keep going this way and they will be home soon, where the exciting part of life begins.

Mallory you are right modern medicine can not fix everyone. But look at it this way. I at the very moment am laying in bed without a heart. Mine stopped working so they had to take it out, and there are machines doing the job of my heart for me. While three floors down a mother of a 17 year old is trying to say good bye to her baby. He fell off his bike, they were down hill biking with their dad, and even with a helmet he hit his head hard enough that his is brain dead. So they are trying to say good bye to their baby, and mine is thanking them cause I get his heart so she gets to keep her mommy for many years to come. Ten years ago this would not have been possible I would have been dead, but now I am given more time with my baby, cause another mother is giving up hers. No modern medicine can not fix us all but it can do amazing things and if one of those things can help baby Madilyn Grace and her parents and stop them from experiencing what the family three floors down from me is then lets take it, and be thankful for it. Again I don’t know what your problems are, and if anything can be done to fix them or help you live better with them but don’t give up, have a life you always wanted. I was told not to travel due to my heart, not swim and eat different foods, not to have children. And I did all of it and even if this heart didn’t come at this moment I would be alright with that cause even a day with my daughter is worth everything, one morning with waking up in my husbands arm with our baby in mine was more than enough for me, cause I was told I was never going to have that. I just hope that Ne-Yo and Monyetta get that with their sweet Madilyn Grace and soon.

KEM Happy birthday and to many many more happy joy and love filled ones.

daniela on

Wow! A normal name!! I’m surprised! LOL! And I LOVE it!! Congrats!

Mallory on

Simi, first – thank you for actually being respectful to me. I totally agree about thinking positive – one of the first things I said was that I hope all is well with little Madilyn. My problem with KEM’s comment is that (s)he sounded like (s)he just assumed she was going to be fine. Of course I *hope* she is fine! A close family friend lost their baby and I’ve seen how hard that is, not to mention I’ve nearly died about six different times in my life, and I know how scared my mom has been. So of course, I *want* her to be okay. The assumption about it was my problem. And lastly, I will say a prayer for the family who lost their son, and a prayer that your transplant goes well so you can get home to your kids soon (I hope I didn’t misinterpret what you said, I think you said you have kids).

Heather on

Erika – Thanks! We were going to spell it Madeline, but thought the extra E made it look much more elegant. That, and it’s spelled the way the French do so it honours both our French heritage.

Hea on

Mallory – KEM didn’t say anything about assuming. She said she had a feeling. Haven’t you ever had a feeling?

I hope mother and baby are doing great. Congrats to them.

CelebBabyLover on

Sydney- Where did you hear that Madilyn and her mother are healthy and doing well? Not meaning to criticize at all, just curious if you did indeed see something about that on another site, since I’ve been a bit worried they may not be healthy and doing well! πŸ™‚

simi on

Mallory thank you, and yes I have a child, a beautiful, too smart for her own good, pain in the rear end, 8 year old baby girl, AJ. What can I say she takes after her, pain in the rear end, too smart for her own good mother πŸ™‚ and got her daddies looks, a dangerous combination now, can not wait to see what she will do in the future, now that I get a chance to.

I just hope that Ne-Yo gets the same chance modern medicine has given me. And I truly hope Mallory gives you some day. Also there is no need to thank me for being respectful to you, I do respect you as a person and your opinions not only when it comes to this but in general. If everyone would learn to be respectful to each other all the time, and actually listen to each other, not just hear but listen, this world would be a better place for us all. Thank you for your prayer for the kind family that has chosen to give me a new life, nothing can replace a loss of a child, but every little bit of good thought and healing thought being send to the family in pain helps. Also thank you for wishing me the best it means a lot coming from some one I have never met.

As for your disagreement with KEM, I thing that as long as everyone can agree that we don’t know what is going on with this beautiful baby and mom, that we shouldn’t make any assumption and just wish the family the best and keep them in our thoughts and prays till we hear other wise might be best, cause your disagreement could go on for ever and it would not get us anywhere.

KEM she was kind enough to wish you a happy birthday, rather than throwing it back in her face say thank you, it is the polite, nice thing to do.

Hea we all have feeling, unless you have some major mental problems, and all of us at one time or another have had a feeling on how some thing is going to work out in the end . All Mallory did was disagree with it, and stated her thoughts on a comment like that.

Hea on

simi – My point exactly. I just didn’t understand why Mallory chose to interpret KEM the way that she did. I too found the happy birthday-comment not very sincere after she’d just called her ignorant. Oh well, who cares really…

stacey Mc on

Wow, all of these rude comments about her name not being spelled correctly; they chose to spell it that way, it’s NOT incorrect. Congratulations to the new family of three! All of you haters, keep your rude opinions to yourself!

Daisy! on

To me, sounding it out, Madilyn makes more sense than Madelyn and Madeline is a different name altogether in my experience. Difference being than one is more “Maddie-Lynn” and the other “Mad(e?)-a-Line”. Either is lovely and Madilyn Grace is so sweet. Also, I love seeing a daddy gush about his little girl.

Jillian on

1. I don’t like the name…too common/cutesy.
2. I’m glad you guys have time/energy to argue about how someone else’s name is spelled. *eye roll*

April on

Congratulations! I hope all is well with baby coming so early. I like the name but prefer it spelled Madelyn.

Sydney on

CBL – NeYo just seems to be over the moon from his tweets and press interviews e.g. “Brand new baby, brand new album. Life is GOOD!!!!” If the wife and baby were in trouble health-wise, I wouldn’t think he’s be quite so ecstatic.

Kim on

I saw on another baby site that they had the baby shower Sunday. NeYo attended but not the mother. Why not postpone the shower? Seems odd to me

Kim on

Also Ne-yo has stated he and the mother are no longer “a couple” in Jet magazine.

Mallory on

Simi, all I can think to say right now is that you seem like someone I could be friends with in real life. πŸ™‚ I agree with you, I’m totally over it. I might have been a little snappier than usual due to a migraine and stress, so I hope KEM will forget it and move on, and Hea, too. People misinterpret stuff all the time, which is even easier to do in text, and I’ll admit I very easily could’ve misinterpreted KEM’s point. Life is too precious to worry about an online argument with people you don’t know! Haha. πŸ™‚

Like I said, the first reason I commented on this post is that I hope Ne-Yo, Monyetta, and especially little Madilyn are all doing well!

And I have yet to find a spelling of Madeline that I don’t like. And I think it just depends on where you live/your accent, etc. on whether you pronounce Madeline as Mad-a-lyn or Mad-a-line. Because I’ve always pronounced Madeline as Mad-a-lyn.

CelebBabyLover on

Kim- Obviously that’s incorrect. That was apparently several months ago….but CBB has been constintly referring to them as boyfriend/girlfriend. Knowing how good they seem to be at fact-checking, I think they’d have figured it out by now if they really were seperated. Perhaps they seperated for a short time and then reconciled. πŸ™‚

Kacee on

@mira & Anonymous – when it comes to names- there are no ‘mispellings.’ It’s totally up to the parents, and what they say goes. You both must think my parents are insane with the spelling of my name… Kacee – I guess they didnt want the everyday ‘Casey.’

I love people who choose to be unique and stand out from the ‘norm’… :o)

Madison on

You’re all pathetic for arguing over a child’s name that probably isn’t going to care how her name is spelled. Madilyn Grace is a nice name. Just leave it at that? It’s been funny reading these comments and seeing people get their knickers in a twist over a baby that their probably never going to meet. Just my opinion.

simi on

Mallory I agree you sound like a down to earth person I could have a lot of fun conversations with:) I hope you are feeling better. And don’t worry about what others think about it after all this is a site about our opinions πŸ™‚ You were never rude, or called anyone a pathetic or other names, you have shown other more respect that they have shown you. So at the end that makes you the better person in the end. I hope the rest of your life works really well, and you find all the happiness and joy you always wanted and should get:) My surgery is tomorrow night, and I have such mixed feelings about it. On one side I get a new heart, in a few weeks go home and have a life I never thought possible with my family. But on the other hand there is a Mother, Father and a Brother that about to lose one of the great loves of their life. No parent should ever have to lose a child.

Madison and Jillian keep in mind you are also wasting your time since you did post your comments as well and are call the rest of us pathetic which s rude and pathetic in itself. Congratulations then and thank you both for joining the pathetic wasters of time on Peoples Baby Blog. Hope you enjoy your time here. See for some of us this is a great way to talk to new people, share thought feeling opinions and have some down time. For me since I am in a clean room (no one but one nurse a day comes it to change my meds) since at the moment I do not have a heart in my chest literally speaking, a computer is all I get. Glass surrounds me, I get to see people go about their lives, see my baby girl growing before my eyes, my husband looking more exhausted all the time and there is nothing I can do about. So you two may want to think before judge people on this site, since you know nothing about us, or what we are going through in our lives. Just a thought, stop being rude and learn some respect and show it to others you may get some in return.

soph on

Lame name. How many more little “Madis” does the world need? And Grace as the middle, of course. Yawn yawn yawn.

simi on

soph uncalled for, could you have just said “i don’t like the name. it’s to commonly used regardless of the spelling just like the name grace is”

truly would it harm you in any shape or form to be nice when you express your opinion. people are more likely to listen to you and choose your side when you do, rather then when you are being so rude and disrespectful for no reason.

Lilianne on

Simi..I wish you a successful surgery and recovery. I have enjoyed reading your comments and want to thank you for helping to remind me that it is very important to be happy with where you are and what you have and to focus on that. You seem to have a great attitude about the hand life has dealt you and I, for one, am inspired to complain a little less. πŸ™‚

On the issue of this name and its spelling. I don’t think anyone gets to say that a name is misspelled or that it is “wrong”. Things like this are subjective and a name may be spelled differently but that doesn’t make it wrong. My youngest daughter has a differently spelled middle name. I took a fairly common middle name and spelled it the way it sounds because I thought it looked better with her first name. Both names end in “y”. I did it because I wanted to and that is what I think most parents do.

naomi on

Now I have seen plenty of odd names and odd spelling to names no one can pronouce but that is being individuals. I am not the same as my neighbor and that is fine. My name is just about always spelt wrong..noami, naomie,niomie etc..

Also when I was pregnant I wanted my daughter to have a beautiful name that was not so common..(like having 5 mary’s in one class…no disrespect to anyone named mary) and in going through the baby name book I came across kylie but that was also a bit common in that day and then I saw the name kayleigh so I sat down and did some spellings for the name and found I loved how the spelling of kayli flowed and I have a beautiful 10 year old with a name that is becoming more frequently heard with a special spelling for my special girl.

I never read anywhere that people must spell names a certian way and that we must bestow or child with it in that spelling..really if it was like that then maybe we would all just have the same eve for all women and adam for all men..just saying

soph on

lol simi, I don’t want anyone to “choose my side,” and, are you my teacher? Save your “uncalled fors” for your own children.

Jillian on

@Simi Who are you, the comment police? I obviously like to come here to discuss the posts as well or I wouldn’t have commented…and I never called anyone rude OR pathetic, but thanks for chunking that at me. My point was that I didn’t think this was a productive discussion…there is LITERALLY no right or wrong, so why try to arrive at that conclusion?? You like talking in circles? I don’t.

I also find it hard to sympathize with you…Simply because 1. You have a holier than thou attitude that is REALLY hard to get past o_o Do you HAVE to write nasty comments to everyone that doesn’t agree with you?? 2. You seem kinda mean, which is kinda understandable for the situation but come onnn….not excusable.

All that aside: Hope you recovery/feel better.

Jillian on

@Naomi Nice to see you were creative, I like the spelling “Kayli”! I have a niece whose name is spelled “Kaylee” because my mom’s name is Kay and my bro’s name is Lee πŸ˜›

And the part about us all being named Adam and Eve made me chuckle…could you imagine? Eve8798798729837498 lol

simi on

Jillian thank you for your well wishes, regardless of what you may think of me I am not a rude person at truly do not think that much of myself. I am a woman, someones mother, wife, sister, and a friend. Nothing more nothing less. I was simple trying to make a point and I am sorry that it didn’t come across the way I wanted it to.I guess it’s really heard to interpret other peoples word when you are not hearing their tone of voice or seeing their face. Your point “I’m glad you guys have time/energy to argue about how someone else’s name is spelled. *eye roll*” make you sound like you are calling the rest who comment on this site a lower form of a human being from yourself, for taking some time out of our day to write a comment.

If you were to read my first post I said the same thing English as a language is one of the few in the world that doesn’t have spelling when it comes to names. So I fully agree with you, my thought was very simple. There are better ways to make your point, better words, that do not make you sound rude, clearly something I need to work on as well, and make the rest of feel pathetic. Madison’s comment “You’re all pathetic for arguing over a child’s name that probably isn’t going to care how her name is spelled”. Madison how ever did call me and others on this site, you included, pathetic, which does not sit well with me, I am many things but pathetic is not one of them. I just simple do not believe in disrespecting people regardless of who they are and if I have ever met them, and calling someone pathetic does just that. I guess it was the way you and Madison worded you comments that made me respond in the manner that I did. But please keep in mind that all I was trying to do is point out, that by you tell us that we are pathetic (Madison) and that being on this site is a waste of time, that you are actually not only putting us into those categories but yourself as well by simply being on this site and making those comment.

As for me being comment police, no I am not that, just a person with WAY too much free time on my hands, and no TV. Thank you for your sympathy but truly it is not needed, my life is what it is and I do not wish it upon anyone else. It is my struggle, my journey to make the best way I can, but I do thank you again for your kindness. I do believe in telling people the truth in the most respectful manner that I can, but at the end of the day I am just a human that sometimes fails just like everyone else. I wish you all the happiness in your future

Soph I am not your teacher, or anyone to you at all. Your comments are your own. All I did was try and point out that there is truly no reason in this world what so ever for you to be that rude to a baby no less.

Hea you have a very good point at the end of it all non of this matters. But who we are in our every day lives and how we treat people there does. I do have a question for you, is Hea your full name cause if it is, to me it’s one of the most unique and beautiful names I have see in a very long time.

Lilianne thank you for your wishes it means a lot to me. The surgery went well, the lovely young man is no longer with us, but I do believe that part of his spirit will always live with in me in his heart that is now my own. I finally got to talk to his parents and learn what an amazing young man he was, which meant a lot to me. What shocked me the most was my daughter who had gone out got a journal and wrote down all the stories that his family had told us about their son/brother, and made a copy for both of our families. I am happy that I have a new heart and cause he was so young I get to live longer with this heart cause of it, but part of me still wishes it had gone differently, a mother should never have to lose a child.

I am still in the clean room with nothing more then a computer for next three weeks to make sure everything went well. But I should home free for the holidays that will be one of the saddest and happiest days of our lives. Also thank you for sharing the story of your daughter’s name. See my babies name is A.J we actually put just two letters for her first name. Her middle names are Aki (means bright, sparkle in Japanese) and Jane. I wanted to give her a choice in life when it came to her name. God know I never lived down Simi in school, job applications, so this way she has more options that I ever did. I wish you and your family all the best in the future, may your journey through life be a happy, joyful one with out to many mountains to climb over.

Rell on

I’m not to hyped about the name sound like 1540’s name, but congrats on your blessing. BTW pass the Monyetta sauce. πŸ™‚

ris on

really? we have kids out here named Apple, Bronx Mowgli, and Sparrow, but MADILYN and its spelling is what everyone is going off about?….wow

MominMacomb on

Beautiful name! Congratulations and God bless their beautiful family!

Definite on

@Simi, congrats on the surgery hun! I’m truly sorry for the family that lost their son, but at least he did not die in vain. God sure does work in mysterious ways. Also, you seem to be a positive person with a good spirit; I wish you a propsperous and blessed life!

As for the spelling of Madilyn, I think it is adorable. One of the enjoyments of naming your child is choosing a name that YOU like. Others don’t have to agree with it, but I find it rather hilarious that individuals are saying the spelling is wrong. A name can be anything-within reason-a parent wants it to be. My name is a unique spelling of the common name “Tricia” and I love it. I can’t tell you how often people ask me to pronounce my name, then marvel at its’ spelling. It’s a pleasure to be unique and think outside the “norm” instead of feeling the need to be ordinary… please who? Anywho, I would tell you how my name is spelt, but the “correct name spelling police” might want to come after me and my mom for committing such a crime πŸ˜‰

JP on

why does everyone care how a person spells their name?
Nicholas….Nikolas or Alex and Alek?
Shouldnt we just focus on to make sure the baby is doing well, not because its spelled differenly?
I personally did not have trouble mispronouncing the name. After all, having a name spelt differenly, makes it stand out and unique compared to the other commmon ways of spelling it.

JP on

Thank you, Ris!!!!!
I am glad someone is on the same page as me
Have a great day everyone

Tiff on

Congrats to both parents. I love the name! As for some of you,I work in a NICU and each and every baby born is unique, and how well the baby does depends on the BABY. Some 23 weekers go home and you wouldn’t know they were preemies, and some full term infants don’t make it. I hope Madilyn is doing well. And as far as names go, each and every baby is unique as well. I see classic names, “common” names, and just about every spelling you can think of. I have never thought someone “misspelled” a name, although some of them are a bit out there. My moms name is Tena because my grandparents wanted it that way, and I work with a Tyna, and my daughters name is Alyviah. NOT misspelled, just a preference. I know every one is entitled to their opinion, but slamming someone else is just petty.

Wendy on

That is my daughter’s name. Except it is spelled Madalyn. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Madilyn on

Screw all of you who say Madilyn is spelled wrong. It’s just a varied spelling. My name is Madilyn and to be honest, I think it makes more sense than “Madeline”. So. Yeah.