So Cute! Mason Disick Is a Mini Sock Mixmaster

11/12/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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No shoes? No problem!

For the always-stylish Mason Disick, cute and colorful socks are the way to go.

While out and about with mom Kourtney Kardashian in the Big Apple on Oct. 26, we spotted the 11-month-old sporting Me-In-Mind‘s adorable Boys Sneaker Socks ($26 for six pairs). Recently, he also rocked fun mix-and-match styles by Blindmice Socks ($9.50 for 3) for a mommy-and-me dinner date and a family airplane ride (far right).

We can’t help but wonder: If Mason’s socks are this chic, what does his mom have in store for his shoes?

TELL US: Do you prefer socks or shoes for your babe?

— Anya Leon

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Tess on

You can get cute socks for $1 a pair at Target.

mommyof2 on

im a shoe person for my kids personally. but his socks are cute…its just that she said he is walking now so that cant be sanitary!!!!

nadya on

Im sure if hes walking now he would be wearing shoes. My kids didnt wear shoes until they started walking.

Anonymous on

wouldn’t KOURTNEY be the mixmaster or whatever? she’s the one who dresses him lol.

and mommyof2, i love how you implied that he never wears shoes. hah. when you see a picture of him WALKING in socks, then come bxxxh on here.

mommyof2 on

well you should try to know what you are taklking about before typing….she is the one who recently stated that he is walking now…so that would not be me b****ing!!!!

Jill on


I think the point is he doesn’t need shoes on all the time bc he isn’t walking everywhere they go!!

joan on

$26 for 6 pairs of socks?? Where i shop, I can actually buy several outfits with that kind of money

SB on

Actually I feel like even if he was just now starting to walk that him only being in socks is fine. Presuming that if he is new at it he only walks a few steps and it is all indoors, where mom is right there watching for hazards, socks are fine.

Experts say that the longer a child is allowed to walk without shoes, the better as this will allow their feet to develop naturally. Certainly when your toddler starts learning to walk indoors, let him walk barefoot as long as the floor is clean and safe, as this allows the feet to develop and strengthen without restriction.

Once your baby can take a few steps confidently and may be walking outdoors on rough surfaces, protect her feet with early first shoes made of flexible, lightweight and natural materials, such as soft leather, with flexible soles and non-skid bottoms.

I see too many little babies in shoes too soon.

alice jane on

I’ll never understand why people make such a fuss over the money a celebrity spends on their child’s clothes. To these people making thousands and thousands a month, $26 is not that much. I don’t agree with spending money you don’t have or being selfish, but if Kourtney wants to spend $26 on 6 pairs of socks, I don’t know why that’s such a bad thing.

Now that I’ve vented, I love the way Mason is always dressed! Very casual but still cute. And it’s good for babies and toddlers to get as much time as they can barefoot or in socks or soft-soled shoes.

Anonymous on

Dear Mommyof2:

If you’d so kindly relax, you’d see that nobody challenged the fact that Mason has started walking. I read that too.

You’re crazy and make no sense.

moi ❤

Elby on

It’s much better for their feet to keep your kids out of shoes for as long as possible. My kids all wore socks, slippers or those soft-soled leather shoes until they were walking everywhere and even now I insist on no shoes on in the house (though that’s more to do with treading in mud, dog poo, wet grass, etc!).

mommyof2 on

I am perfectly calm…its just that my daughter started walking at 10 months and from that point on i had to have her in soft sole shoes because everwhere we would go she would want to walk. and i dont think that it is good for a baby to walk in public with just socks….but hey maybe she has shoes in her bag and he just doesnt like them!

mochababe73 on

I was a total sock person. Even now, my kids (12 and 6) take off of their shoes as soon as they walk through the door of our home of their own volition. Just like me.

My kids both had the same pediatrician who said that they only needed shoes after they learned to walk. And, they only needed them when we went out. She stated that walking bare foot helps to strengthen the ankles.

Noelle on

I wish the day would come that I could read the comments on a post and not see something negative. That will never happen though.

Who cares what she spends on her sons socks. Who cares if she doesnt put shoes on him?

noam on

noelle: i agree about wanting to see all positive comments! we should pick a “ban negativity day.” if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all! that would be refreshing…for everyone, probably…

h on

Mason has such a funy face. It’s like seing a 30 year old man with a baby’s body.

Maya on

Anonymous – what is wrong with you calling someone “crazy” and “bxxxh” for an opinion expressed on a baby blog! You should be ashamed of yourself. Grow up!

sky on

it’s pretty wild to see the styles that celebs put their boys in. it really runs the gamut from natural rough and tumble (naomi watts boys)to a fashion maven like mason. i guess he takes after his father who is so style conscious.

Maya on

Sky – obviously Mason doesn’t dress himself, and therefore can’t take after anyone’s style. ‎I think Kourtney likes this style (perhaps that’s what attracted her to Scott in the first ‎place), and thus dresses Mason accordingly‏.‏

MiB on

At that age shoes are so small that they fit in the diaper bag without any problem, so if they want to get down and walk, you can just slip them on. No shoes is better for the foot and ankle development (contrary to what was previously believed), and shoes should be kept as soft and light (or non existant) as possible until the children are steady walkers.

sky on

maya, why so defensive about a silly comment about style? duh, you think mason dresses himself and picks out his socks? please, i think he will try to when he gets a glimpse on how his mother has been dressing him – so metrosexual!

Amanda on

I agree with no shoes until walking. That is what all the experts say to do.

What I want to know is why everyone is being so nice to Kourtney about it, when last year everyone tore apart Pete and Ashlee for not having shoes on Bronx? He wasn’t walking yet and the comments about being shoesless were brutal.

Maya on

Sky – the reason you think I’m being defensive is because you are being so – I’m actually not. You’re projecting. Psychology 101.

I think Mason is dressed adorably. On the other hand, Scott’s style of dressing is not my cup of tea.

sky on

whatever makes you happy maya. go pick on someone else’s comments on another blog.

NoAdditives on

We do socks until our kids start walking or until the weather is cold enough that they need something warmer outside. My 6 month old son is starting to wear 18 month clothes and is only about 5 inches shorter than my 2 year old daughter who is tall for her age. His feet are almost as big as hers, she’s wearing size 8 shoes, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to find him soft soled shoes that are big enough! 😦

anonymous 2 on

I don’t know about you all, I but I wouldn’t let my child walk on a busy New York street, shoes or no shoes, and I doubt Kourtney would do so either. His feet are covered, that is the main thing. If she had the baby out in NY balmy weather barefoot, then the negative comments would be warranted, but at this time of year, socks are perfectly fine. As winter comes though, I’d expect to see her putting him in little boots, both for the cold, and the versatility they provide when they get to a place, most likely indoors, that she would allow Mason to walk around in (He will be older and surely more comfotable walking). The baby just started walking, it’s not like she is going to make him walk arount NY especially with the paparazzi so close.