BumpWatch: Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders Hit the Hiking Trail

11/12/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Christopher R Clark Photography

With two months of pregnancy left, Ann Lueders, the wife of former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak, is still trucking along.

Although Csincsak says his wife — who appeared on Jason Mesnick‘s season of The Bachelor — “has been getting a sore back a lot,” she “is a trooper,” with just enough strength to participate in her favorite hobby — walking the couple’s two Siberian huskies two miles a day.

Along with Lueders’ ability to stay active while pregnant, she also maintains a healthy diet.

Csincsak says she craves edamame for evening snacks. But, he adds, “Ann loves her Fruit Loops in the morning.”

The couple, both 28, expect son Noah in January.

— Dahvi Shira

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Lacey on

Being that Jesse is a former pro snowboarder and living in Colorado, I wonder if he’s going to get back involved, not necessarily on the board, but working on the Xgames, Dew Tours or Opens? Like the coach or broadcast side of things. Hmm? Just a thought.

CelebBabyLover on

At the risk of sounding weird, I LOVE how “normal” they look! I mean, if you didn’t know who they were, you’d probably never guess that they’re celebrites. They look like any other couple out walking their dogs. 🙂

Anna on

I think they are normal people. I have never heard of them and judging from the lack of comments many others haven’t either. They’ve been in a reality show, but that doesn’t make them celebs.

Ellea on

i like the backdrop of that photo!

poppykai on

I know they were on a “reality” show, but this news is about as relevant as hearing of my next door neighbor in the same story.

Cait13 on

poppykai aren’t all these stories as relevant as your neighbors? i mean, yea there are some celebrities that are more famous but how relevant is hearing about them walking their dogs, taking their kids to the park or school?

Mike on

to all who ask “why are they published”…
PEOPLE are in PEOPLE because they are photogenic and popular –
PEOPLE who are jealous of PEOPLE published in people are probably jealous because they are neither extremely photogenic nor extremely popular…!
So sad to come across the “why not me” comments all the time…
Be happy for other people’s happiness – isn’t it great to see new love, new marriage, new puppies and a new baby? People who have negative things to say about such a lovely couple enjoying life’s best moments are probably missing all of the above keys to happiness form their lives!?

Jill on

Poppykai, I agree. I have watched The Bachelor and didn’t even know she was on and regardless, I see this story as a slow celebrity day. Snoozefest.

Cait13, I think her point or mine at least is the people in the story don’t make the story exciting.

simi on

don’t know who they are or what they did to be on this site but it’s a beautiful picture, puppies are really cute i wish them luck with two Siberian huskies when the baby comes. I have one and it was hard huskies need a lot of attention, play and walk/run time, hard to do with a new baby. I wish them all the best in the future and a happy, healthy baby and a fast easy deliver for mom to be.

molly on

what a gorgeous back drop for a walk, If i had view like that my dogs would be walked every day. Do not know who this couple is but best of luck with the birth of your little one.

CelebBabyLover on

Cat13- I agree! And techinally, celebrity means some one who is “a famous or well-known person”. Jesse and Anne fit that definition, IMO. They’re famous for having been on a reality show, so, techinally, that makes them celebrities.

That being said, obviously there are different “types” of celebrities. Matt Damon and the President of the United States (I’m using president as a general term here, so this post doesn’t turn into a political debate!), for example, both fit the defination of celebrity, but obviously they are famous for very different reasons, and in different ways.

Also, if Jesse and Anne weren’t celebrities, I doubt they’d be on a blog devoted to celebrity babies. 🙂

Laura on

Well I am happy for Jesse. I lived a town away from him in CO and knew some of his friends. One day about 2 years ago there was a two page spread of him and his “Bachelorette” planning for their wedding in the local county newspaper, two days later they broke up. Glad Jesse found someone to spend the cold Colorado winters with him.

Kim on

Wow, what a beautiful location for a walk. I walk my dog three miles a day, but it sure isn’t that pretty!

molly on

That’s an awkward way to hold hands. Anyways, i dont know who they are, but if i understand correctly she was fighting for a differnet guy then the one she ended up with ? Does he mind?

Marie on

Jesse maybe be known my some because he was the winner on Deanna’s season, I watched Jason’s season who the heck is this Ann?? no one remembers her. She is only know being mentioned because she’s married to Jesse, no one knows her! She’s no celebrity

J on

Ann was on Jason Mesnick’s season, she left the first night. And clearly Jesse didn’t mind that she was “fighting” for another guy on the show since the guy she was “fighting” for was in the wedding.

jules on

OMG! Do any of you know he was the one who found a “soul mate” in Pappas?? He said he “loved her to death” blah blah blah! Now he is having a baby with some other chick who was on the other show?? yeah, can we all say “MONEY” its disgusting! Its gonna be one more broken home…. so saaad

CelebBabyLover on

jules- He and DeAnna obviously just weren’t right for each other. It happens! Just because his relationship with DeAnna failed doesn’t mean this one’s going to fail, too!

Steve on

Pathetic staged photo of a nobody couple that NO one gives a crap about. Your 2 minutes of fame are over. Get a job.