Vera Farmiga Welcomes Daughter Gytta Lubov

11/11/2010 at 04:35 PM ET
Fred Thornhill/Reuters/Landov

The sex of the baby is no longer Up In the Air — it’s a girl for Vera Farmiga.

The Academy Award-nominated actress and husband Renn Hawkey welcomed their second child on Thursday, Nov. 4, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Gytta Lubov Hawkey joins big brother Fynn, 22 months, and is “happy and healthy” along with her mother.

The couple had opted for a delivery surprise.

“We don’t know what we’re having yet. I just want to have a healthy baby,” Farmiga, 37, explained earlier this year.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Crystal on

Yay! Congrats. That’s an unusual name. I wonder how you pronounce it??? Any ideas??? πŸ™‚

babycelebs411 on

congrats to the proud parents. πŸ™‚ really unusual name; any meaning?

Tess on

I looked it up, and it looks like it’s a Danish name, but there’s no meaning listed, and I don’t know how to pronounce it.

simi on

they truly are one of the sweetest couples i have ever seen. and the above picture of them just shows us how in love they are with each other and their babies. congratulations to the happy couple and a cute little guy on becoming a big brother i am sure he will love his sister to no end. oh i almost forgot i love the name, it’s different but lovely.

Natasha on

Congrats.. Not a fan of the name.. at all… but than again, it’s not my baby

simi on

to pronounce it is not that hard in my language it would be gita sounds like guitar just with out the r and the end. but i am just assuming this they could say in differently, you never know.

Dawn on

I think it looks like an danish name . Jytta is a normal danish girls name , Gytta is a unusual spelling of the same name .

Brooke on

Is it Gee-ta? or Jee-Ta???

Demetria on

um…the name is okay. It just looks a little weird…..but still CONGRATS!

Demetria on

Brooke- My friend wanted to name her child this and it is pronounced ” gee-ta”

kai on

I had to google her – she’s of Ukranian descent and her mother’s name is Luba, maybe it’s derived from that? Any Ukranians here? πŸ™‚ Lovely name in any case, congrats!

Anna on

I like the name Gytta. I think you’d pronounce it like the gi in give. But I’m not sure.

Girl on

Lubov is a Russian name, pretty common, and it actually means “love.” It looks like it, or the shorter version of it, is Vera’s mother’s name. Don’t know about Gytta.

Leni on

It’s pretty common name in my country, Czech Republic. Although we spell it Gita (pronounced Gi-ta, like the gi in give).

Abbe on

It’s gee-TAH. My husband is Jewish and his maternal grandmother’s Hebrew name was this, spelled Gita.

Sonya on

Gitta is a common German name (short for Brigitta) and Gita is also common in other countries (short for Margita or on it’s own). It’s pronounced GEE-tah (g like in give). Lobov is also a common Russian and Ukrainian name (Vera’a Ukrainian and her mother’ name is Luba) and it means ‘love’.

I like it! And it’s great that they honored her heritage (wonder what Fynn’s middle name is?).

Daisy! on

Bit random but I like how both children have a y follwed by a double letter. Don’t even know why I noticed that. Gytta is a lovely name, I know one who is in her 90’s, though she is Getta.

SAR on

How nice, now they have one of each! Congratulations!

I’m pretty sure the name is pronounced GEE-ta, with a hard g. Vera and Renn must like y’s and double consonants, because their son is named Fynn and now they have a daughter named Gytta.

chrissy on

Lubov means “Love” in several Eastern European languages πŸ™‚ How wonderful!

Erika on

Aww I’m SO happy they got a girl! Congrats to them!

KikiOttawa on

Congratulations. Unusual name, but not the craziest one a celebrity has chosen.

Elena on

Yeah Luba (her mom’s name) is a short for Lubov, means love in Russian. Gytta is def not Russian or Ukranian.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them!

MiB on

They funny thing is, that the first thing I thought, was that they must like scandinavian names and the letter “y”, since both children have old scandinavian names with the twist of an “y” instead of an “i”. It’s most probably pronounced with a hard G, as in “give”.

I also love the meaning of the name Lubov!

Congratulations to Vera, Renn and Fynn!

JenJen on

A very, very old fashioned name. But better then some celebrity-baby names!

Jaedyn on

in germany, that would be the shortened form og ‘brigitte’, and it would be pronounced ‘git-tah’ (g like in ‘good’).

Beautee on

I never heard of the name Gytta but I actually like it.

Mira on

Lubov is love in many Slavic languages, not just Russian.

Gytta is actually short for Margarita in several Slavic languages too.

I love both names.

Dana on

I love the name Gytta. It has something very cute and elegant.

Emma on

I love a name that appreciates your heritage. And Gytta is very pretty.

Olivia on

Sweet that Mum and daughter are VerA and GyttA and Daddy and his little man are Renn and Fynn! Love it!

Mira on

@Olivia– that’s very cute indeed!

Anna on

You are ppl are funny:))
There are Slavic Saints Vera, Nadegda, Lubov and their mother Sophia.
They are very honored in my culture and those names have a great meaning.
October 30 is a day of this Saint family and is a big holiday.
Meaning: Vera is Hope, Nadegda – Faith, Lubov – Love, Sophia – Wisdom.
There is tradition: if someone in family have a name of those Saints, a child will have a name of the Saints as well. So, if mother’s name is Vera its common that daughter would be named Lubov.
Gytta is not Slavic name and it’s no way short for Margarita in several Slavic languages! Short for Margarita is Rita or Margo.

Google says:
Gitta is a variant form (German and Scandinavian) of the English, Irish, and Scottish Bridget.
Gitta is also a pet form (German) of the French, German, Dutch, and English Brigitte.
Gitta is also a variant form of the Czech, Indian, Polish, Slavic, and Yiddish Gita.
Gitta is also a variant form (Hungarian) of the English Margaret.

Mira on

@Anna, you’re the “funny” one. In *my* Slavic culture a woman named Vera, Nadezhda (the g spelling you used is ridiculous) or Lyubov is not expected to give her daughter one of the other three names. And, indeed, in at least two Slavic languages Gytta is commonly derived from Margarita. Though, Rita is an option also, of course.

Not only are you generalizing out of your limited personal experience, but you’re condescending. Worst combination– being stuck up and wrong at the same time.

simi on

@Mina I would watch what you say cause right now you sound stuck up, rude and wrong at the same time. Cause I know of three Slavic countries where I have lived and languages I speak where Anna is correct and you would be wrong. What I find funny the most, your name Mira means peace and yet you are everything but.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Hope that mommy and baby are doing well, and that daddy and big brother are already in love with their new addition. Wishing you all the best.

simi on

@Mira look who is being rude, stuck up, condescending again, YOU, oh and before you get on Anna’s case again I suggest you do some research as well. Cause Anna is correct in her spelling, and tradition in three of the Slavic countries that I have lived in and whose languages I speak. And Gytta is in no way a nick name for Margarita in any Slavic language that I speak or the research that I have done on the others. How ever it is in Spanish, Greek and if spelled with an I rather then Y its very common in Hungary.

@Anna thank you for doing your research on this lovely name and sharing it with everyone. Mira may perceive your opening line as rude and condescending but something tells me it was meant to be funny, which is what I find it to be.

See Mira in most Slavic language is a female form of peace (MIR) and it’s often used as a girls name, in hopes that the baby will be peaceful, relaxed, and easy going. But from what I have been reading our Mira is everything but that.

Mira before being rude to someone else who mind you didn’t say a single bad word about you or your comments do your research and make sure you are right before correcting them. Cause at the moment you are the one that look really bad to everyone else. But that’s not news now is it.

soph on

Olivia – I had noticed the Ys in both kids’ names, but didn’t notice that about Mom and Dad! That is cute. I really like Vera, she’s so pretty and talented.

camille on

Congratulations to one of the most lovely, genuine, sweet woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Tanya on

@simi , come on she isn’t rude, about nadegda, she’s absoluetely right because spelled this way it would be pronounced with a hard G and there’s no name with this pronunciation. I’m absolutely sure that in most of the slavic languages it’s nadejda and in those which use the cyrillic alphabet some people spell it nadezhda. For the custom you may be right, I don’t know in which countries have you been, but in mine it doesn’t exist.(and in all the countries around too).

And about the name, I think it’s beautiful and it has obviously a great meaning even though I’m not sure how to pronounce it.

Jeana on

I’m so Happy for the both of them..She is one of my Fav actress..Just love her..

Steph on

Gytta’s a creative spelling of the Danish Jytte. Jytte is the Danish form of Judith.

Lola on

Lubov is a Russian/Ukranian name, and means “Love”. Luba is short for Lubov. It is a very popular name in Russia and Ukraine and sounds very pretty when spoken in its natural tongue. Congratulations to the sweet couple!

Anya on

Lubov is a Russian name. It means Love.

Lyuba on

Lubov is NOT a russian name. It’s SLAVIC to begin with. And it seems to me Vera is pretty clear about her origing – as UKRAINIAN. But yes, Lubov means love and luba – means beloved ( is a shorten version of the name)

Dani on

Yett-a would be prett-y;) Congrats though, (a little late:)

Ukrainian on

Lubov is ukrainian female name that translates as “Love”

Anonymous on

Luba is the weirdest darn name. Ten and Fynn are lovely names. Vera and gytta sound oldfashioned. Much like Ukrainians who are anti human rights ah?

Anonymous on

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