Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian’s Little Maestro

11/11/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

His musical career is off to an early start!

Stylish mom Kourtney Kardashian totes bundled up 11-month-old son Mason Dash to music class Wednesday in N.Y.C.

Mason is the only child for Kardashian, 31, and boyfriend Scott Disick, who are currently in the Big Apple filming their reality show.

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Tina on


Crystal on

Kourtney looks like Mason’s grandma here. Def not a fan of that coat. Look at little Massey!!! He is too cute!!!

Romy on

lol, Crystal, the glasses too. Mason looks SUPER cute in that hat though.

Crystal on

@Romy-Especially the glasses! Lololol! 🙂

JoAnn on

I love Mason’s little sockoes

Catca on

Mason is adorable and I personally think Kourtney looks great and by all public appearances seems to be a good mom.

However, I am really getting sick of the Kardashian sisters. I realize they make a living off branding their lives, but can they please have a little discretion on what they put their names on. Their latest venture is to market debit cards to teens using their celebrity to get the teens to pay a $100 annual fee!!!! I think it’s the highest annual fee on debit cards out there. They claim the card is to teach financial management to teens yet the card offers no features that aren’t already available on free or substantially less expensive cards. It basically just says overpay for something because it has a celebrities name on it. And the Kardashian’s aren’t exactly known for financial management. Their very brand is all about inconspicuous consumption.

For them to agree to put their names on this product is within their rights but it doesn’t make it any less disgusting. They know teens are impressionable and a large chunk of their audience. They’re taking advantage for a fast buck.

Bancie1031 on

Mason is one of the most adorable babies 😀 He is just so CUTE!

Lola Marie on

He is so so soooo adorable, I personally love Kourtneys style all the time…love the tweed coat!!

Catca, was that REALLY necessary…?! SMH

Romy on

I agree Catca!

Shannon on

Is she pregnant again? She looks a bit puffy.

hayley w on


Remember when people said nice things. I like the coat and the glasses and little guy is so big now and such a cutie xx

Beautee on

Mason is tooooo cute.

Kinsey on

@hayley, I know! This site was way better when Danielle and her team were the ones in charge and they gave us Anya updates and such. Old school CBB was fun to visit; now people just come to hate and nitpick everything. Anyhoo, I think Mason is adorable and they’re both very stylish in this pic 🙂

missy on

mason is cute! kourtney seems like a great mom! But where are his shoes?

erilynne on

shouldn’t he have shoes on?? Those looks like socks and NYC is chilly!

CelebBabyLover on

missy and erilynne- Those socks look like they are pretty thick and warm. 🙂 Also, it could be that Mason had shoes on put pulled them off!