John Travolta: ‘I Can’t Wait’ to Meet My Son

11/11/2010 at 02:30 PM ET
Michael Doven

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have begun the final countdown to the birth of their new baby, a boy they’ve already named Benjamin.

“I can’t wait to meet Benjamin,” Travolta told Extra in an interview airing Thursday.

But he says that might happen sooner than he planned.

Confirming Preston’s due date is Nov. 26, Travolta revealed his wife, 48, has had some dicey moments lately — but even though he’s in Australia to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Qantas Airways, he’s ready to rush home.

“When I left, she was having what they call Braxton Hicks, the fake labor, and we were both a little worried,” Travolta, 56, says. “But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that.”

“I think she just had a little talk with Ben and said, ‘Look, let’s wait till Dad comes home and deliver then,'” Travolta adds. “But I’m ready to go at any minute. If she started having labor now we would leave and take 22 hours to get home, but I’ll get there.”

The actor also revealed the family, including daughter Ella Bleu, 10, will spend the holidays on the east coast, and plan to head “up to Maine for Christmas.”

— Sara Hammel

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Allison J on

I’m so excited for the Travolta family! This is going to be one blessed baby. I love the name Benjamin – so classic. I have a nephew named Benjamin, and everyone calls him “Ben.” Love that nickname, too. Best wishes to this wonderful family!

Romy on

well it’s Nov 11, and she is due on the 26. It would make sense to be in labor now, so it wouldn’t be very dicey. I would want him home, not in Australia.

Jessica on

YAY!! I’m excited for them. And even more excited they are naming their new baby Benjamin!! I have a Benjamin and I love that it’s classic and nice, but not too over used. πŸ™‚

Mallory on

Love the name Benjamin! That’s going to be one loved, adored, and cherished baby; that is for sure.

tink1217 on

so very happy for them…can’t wait til they introduce little Benjamin to the world!!! After all their heartache…they deserve this!

Erika on

I’m so excited for them- love the name they picked!. And I really hope little Benjamin decides to wait for his daddy to get back from Australia before being born!

Brooke on

I just am so happy for this family…I really hope that Ben makes their family happy and healthy for years to come….

simi on

I love this family, they have been through so much in the past while, but they keep living, hoping, dreaming, and most of all loving. Not just each other and Ella, but the world. It’s as if the thought of giving up and just throwing in the white towel has never crossed their minds. They find time, and smiles to thank us for sending them good wishes, thoughts and prayers, in their hard time of need. I admire them. Their love, compassion, determination, and most of all their strength.

I wish them all the best things in the world. May Benjamin be happy, healthy baby, that sleeps through the night πŸ™‚ May he admire his big brother, love his big sister, and most of all be the beginning of their path to healing, and becoming whole again. They truly are an inspiration to us all. A picture that love can heal some of the biggest wounds of ones heart.

Sky on

I am beyond happy for them. I hope we get to meet baby Benjamin too!

Lorus on

Very happy for them but I agree with others on how he should be closer to home. Many women go into labour at 38 weeks and Australia is a loooooong flight away. Third labour would be quick and he’d most likely miss it.

Tee on

They must be so excited! I hope that little Benjamin decides to stay put until Daddy gets home. I’m sure Ella is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Marilyn on

He might not make it for the delivery if she goes into labor and has the baby quickly. If I were him, I’d be home with her, not in Australia. Some babies come early.

JMO on

yeah he’s cutting it close. Luckily having ur own plane helps you get there faster then having to wait at an aiport!

Cynthia on

I am just so excited for them.

Tess on

I read the name on the National Enquirer’s website a few weeks ago, and I’m still floored by the utter normalcy of it. Good for them.

Bancie1031 on

Wow if I were Kelly I would want John close to home, but then again I say that because I was in labor with my daughter for 2 1/2 hrs before she was born. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to Kelly and John, I honestly hope he makes it home before she goes into labor, or at least makes it there for the birth – 22 hr flight is a LONG way away!
I can’t wait to be introduced to little Benjamin – I definitely wasn’t expecting that name after Jett and Ella Bleu ……..

I’m sure that Ella is just as excited as mommy and daddy and will be a wonderful not to mention loving big sister πŸ˜€

I also have to admit that I’m surprised that John is being so honest with everything ….. not only telling us the sex of their baby: boy, the name they chose: Benjamin, but also the actual due date: November 26 …… Celebrities definitely aren’t usually that honest!!!!

Bancie1031 on

JMO – yes I agree …. having their own plane does help πŸ˜‰

I forgot to mention that I’ve always been a huge fan of John Travolta and a fan of Kelly Prestons ….. I’m just so happy for them πŸ˜€

Eve on

A surrogate is having the baby, she is faking the pregnancy.

Anna on

I don’t understand why a man would want to be on the other side of the world when there is a real possibility of his wife going into labour.

Sky on

*GASP* Oh my God, Eve. If only I knew that. My life has changed completely, it’s a 180 switch! I’m IN SHOCK. I don’t even know what to do with myself now knowing this.

Hannah on

Seriously Eve!?!?! What kind of person makes such a statement? Spreading untrue, hurtful information is never a nice thing to do. And who cares if it is true anyway…I am very happy for the Travoltas πŸ™‚

Allison J on

Eve, that is terrible to spread unfounded rumors like that! Why in the world would you make such a statement?

CelebBabyLover on

Allison J- I agree! And really, if they WERE using a surrogate, why wouldn’t they just admit it?! I mean, really, why would you go as far as wearing a prosthetic bump (Kelly definitely DOES look pregnant) to hide the fact that you’re using a surrogate? Wouldn’t that be getting a little carried away.

And as honest as John has been with gender, name, due date, etc., I can’t see him lying about Kelly being the one that’s pregnant!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I wonder if Kelly will have a homebirth again, like she did with Ella?

CelebBabyLover on

Sorry for the triple-post, but I also wanted to ask this: Why is it so hard to believe that a 48-year-old woman can be pregnant, especially when she can more than afford fertility treatments like Kelly (not saying Kelly used fertility treatments. Just that she could obviously easily afford them if they were having trouble getting pregnant the old-fashioned way)?

It’s not super-common, no, but it’s not impossible or unheard of either. For example, I think Nancy Grace was 48 when she had her twins. And Geena Davis was in her late 40s when she had HER twins. That’s just two examples of celebs who have been pregnant in their late 40s.

Lola Marie on

So excited for this family, what a blessing!! Sending them love and light, & best wishes!!

RO on

I’m sooo happy for the travoltas espescially after all the pain and heart ache they have been through. Ben will be their angel and bring much happiness in this family which they deserve:) CONGRATS TO THEM!!!! i wish them alll the love and joy lil Ben will bring.

Romy on

Eve, I wondered the same thing after reading it a few places actually. I mean it wouldn’t really matter if he’s far away then. Otherwise would he really be gone for this Qantas thing when his baby is due?

Susan on

Would you believe I actually woke up one night with the thought, “Did Kelly Preston have her baby?”

Glad to know things are on the right track.

Kim on

Wouldn’t it be nice if the baby were born on Nov. 25th..Thanksgiving Day. What a wonderful gift of thanks for this family….

Jill on

I read about the name Benjamin quite some time ago as well and that it was confirmed. I really like the name and think it fits with their family. Was wondering when this would be posted here……

Hoping John heads home….I would want him near me. Not sure why he would go 22 hrs away!!

Sherry B on

I am thrilled for them!!! It is so disturbing how the tabloids try to ruin this wonderful moment for this most deserving couple! I wish them all the best!

Julie on


TB on

Eve just wanted to get some attention on herself. Shame on you Eve. May God bless this wonderful family.

KikiOttawa on

I am happy for them. The seem to be loving and hands-on parents and this child will be loved and cherished just as his older siblings are.

I wonder too if they were using a surrogate and ‘faking’ the pregnancy. I don’t know much about Scientology but I do know there are some medical practices and issues the Scientologist categorically deny exist or are acceptable alternatives. Autism and conventional treatments for depression and anxiety are some well publicised examples (thanks to Tom Cruise and the Travolta’s); so it wouldn’t surprise me they might go to such lengths to conceal surrogacy.

Again I don’t know what Scientology’s stance on surrogacy is, nor do I care. I am just really happy for them and I like the classic simplicity of the name Benjamin.

CelebBabyLover on

Sherry B- Exactly! I don’t know why the tabs can’t just leave them alone. As for John’s being in Australia….perhaps he was reluctant to go, but Kelly insisted that he did, knowing that he really wanted to go (I know he really likes airplanes and flying, so something like the 90th anniversary of Quantas Airways sounds like it would be right up his alley!).

Also, we have no idea how long John is going to be in Australia. He may only be there for a few days, for all we know. If he was planning to be there for a week or more, then I could understand wondering why he’d want to be there instead of with Kelly. But if it’s for just a few days, then I don’t see the issue. There’s a chance the baby could be born in the next few days, but there’s also a good chance that he won’t be, since it’s more than two weeks before the due date. πŸ™‚

Marilyn on

To The Travolta Family,

I am so happy for John,Kelly and Blue and I am sure John
will be there to great Benjamin when he arrives God Bless
all four of them


Stacie on

No offense, but who in their right mind flies to Australia when their wife is at fullterm with a high-risk pregnancy?!? (And yes — the pregnancy of a 48-year-old woman is automatically classified as high-risk.)

Shay on

I love the Travolta’s. Eve shame on you that’s a horrible thing to say!!
Happy they picked such a simple and beloved name as Benjamin. Can’t wait to see pictures.

Anonymous on

Celebs, sometimes, must book their lives one to two years in advance..I’m sure that is why he is so far away when she is so close. And they do own a Jet that lands in their front door. As a major fan from John’s TV days, I am so happy they are finding joy with this arrival of Ben. I just pray he is healthy…they don’t need another loss of a son. Of course we worry when the mother is past an average delevery age.

lucia on

i am a little stunned that he has picked this particular month to be all the way in australia when his wife might give birth early. with a third child the chances of his getting home in time to help her get through labour are not great. could he just have said “no” to the committment he had there? after all…………he has a perfectly good reason for staying near his wife. even john travola himself cannot fly home any faster than anyone else all the way from australia. let’s hope that it all works out and the whole family will be together for this event. i give them a lot of credit for going this route. they deserve all the happiness in the world.

Vicki on

Poor little ole low self esteem, and fame hungry EVE!!! Someone was not paying attention to her that day, and she read about Kelly Preston and John Travolta having some happiness in their lives, and decided to TRY to ruin it and start some rumors and gossip.

As usual these pitiful attempts backfire, and make the posters look foolish..

Congratulations to the Travolta’s and many happy years with your new little son. I know all will go well for you.

Teresa on

Wishing the Travolta family all the happiness in the world!! πŸ™‚

blahblahblah on

to eve and her believers – if kelly preston is faking she’s doing a great makeup job too – her face got a littler fuller since being pregnant, she also has a slight double chin she didn’t have before, her upper arms have gotten just slightly larger, her breasts are pregnancy big – very natural and normal, and she doesn’t have the kind of baby bump that is very round and basketball looking – it looks very natural and normal for an older pregnant woman. I think you all are not very observant. Good Luck & happiness to the family.

Lola on

Some of you are acting like the Travolta spokespersons. Can you kiss the Travolta butt anymore? It is obvious that Kelly is not pregnant and it is well known in their family that they have a surrogate mother ready to give birth. Do you people believe everything you read?

Jeppie on

Yes, fertility treatments can get a 48-year-old (or even older) women pregnant but not with her own eggs. The celebrity women who get pregnant over 40 are almost definitely using donated eggs. Personally, I wish the Travoltas much luck happiness with their family but I think the whole issue of middle-age people having babies is a little creepy.

leslie on

I’m confused…is she pregnant or does she have a surrogate? 48 seems old to be pregnant. I am 34 and am just watching my clock as we speak! I hope they have a beautiful healthy baby especially with the heartbreak of losing Jett.

blahblahblah on

you people who think she isn’t pregnant are pretty ludicrous -no I don’t believe everything I read but all one has to do is look at her – see my post above. Besides, why wouldn’t they just say that – Sarah jessica Harper did, Joan Lunden did, Dennis Quaid’s wife did, Angela Bassett did, Marissa Jaret Winokur did, Laurie Metcalf did, Cheryl Tiegs did, Christopher Meloni’s wife did, Camille Grammer, etc etc etc. There is no reason to lie.

Grayson on

Does it really matter how their son is brought into the world? The important thing is that he will be loved and wanted. The Travolta family has suffered a tragic loss, and Benjamin will bring so much joy back into their lives.

blahblahblah on

And Jeppie – you don’t know what you are talking about. Apparently, you’ve never heard of a “change of life baby?”

Kelly on

I am so extremley happy for the Travolta Family!!! Baby Benjamin is just the blessing this family needed to raise their spirits. I know they had been trying for another child for a long time, and I am so so happy for them now! Reading this interview made me tear up, hearing the joy in John Travolta’s voice after months and months of hearing heartbreak in his voice is a joy! Cannot wait for them to introduce Baby Benjamin to the World! And to all you nasty people out there, shame on you, the Travolta Family deserves nothing but Happiness and Joy after what they have been through!

Erika on

She isn’t using a surrogate. If you have seen pictures within the last few months, she clearly looks pregnant.

And Jeppie it is entirely possible that the baby was conceived using her own eggs. First of all, there HAVE been women who have gotten pregnant in their upper fourties without fertility treatment (rare, but not unheard of) so it is possible that she was able to do in vitro using her own eggs. Second of all, even if she is too old, its also possible that one of her other children was conceived with in vitro or they have tried in vitro in the past and had embryos left over.

However, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t her biological child, and is really none of our business. They have no obligation to tell anyone anything about the conception/genetic make up of their child. It’s their personal business and nobody elses. I’m more concerned with the baby than his genetic makeup and I know that this child is very much wanted and loved. It really makes *NO* difference whether it is her biological child or not.

Michelle Noland on

I pray for their unborn son to be healthy. I am so happy for them! May God Bless Them!

Millie on

Wow, I don’t think he could be any further away! Even if he hops on his plane the second she goes into labor, odds are that kid will be out long before he gets home!

Hope on

I am thrilled for John and Kelly, and I know that Benjamin will bring a lot of joy into their lives. I absolutely love the name Benjamin! I am praying for a good delivery and a healthy baby for both of them. I can’t wait for the news!!! Congratulations to the Travoltas!!!!

Karen on

I’m thrilled for them!!

Romy on

Nope, it doesn’t matter if they used a surrogate or if the baby wasn’t their bio child. Any baby would be a joy, and that is great for them. The fake pregnancy thing is just interesting and strange, if true.

Patsy on

Words alone cannot express how happy I am for the entire Travolta family! I believe they are truly blessed to have a new life to share. They are experiencing such sweet sorrow in the most elegant, grand achievement known to mankind. They are such a solid, sweet, kind couple. God bless them with their new life. I wish them nothing but the best.

etsy on

Well said, Erika! Benjamin is a great name!

mom of 2 GIRLS on


Lynne on

I am so happy for this family. I wish them much love and happiness.

shannon on

one of the meanings in Hebrew the name benjamin means ‘son of my old age’- he will be a true blessing as they grow together

Sarah S. on

Maybe Kelly will deliver Benjamin on Nov. 25th–Thanksgiving Day?! Now wouldn’t that be so awesome?

aword on

Tabloids this week out her as faking it and using a surrogate to actual give birth. And with Travota in Australia when his wife is less than 2 weeks away from giving birth at 48 years old???? Now he talking that she is in labor..Tabloid outings will do that for you.

This marriage has been rumored to be a farce for years and after seeing JT lipped locked with his male nanny it looking more and more like Kelly is a deco to John gay lifestyle.

Sad he can’t just be who he is and live such a pretense.

What 48 year old woman who already had one child with birth defects get pregnant. I think the surrogate is more likely the truth.

Tracey on

So excited for the Travoltas! Benjamin is a wonderful gift to them and will help them in their healing process over losing Jett, they will never get over losing him but this new little life will give them something other than their grief to focus on. Congrats to John, Kelly and Ella. May your blessings be many!

Ashlee on

I’m sure the people saying Kelly’s pregnancy is an elaborate hoax were also the ones who thought Suri Cruise was beamed down by aliens from Mars when her face wasn’t seen immediately after Katie gave birth.

The lengths some people will go to for attention.

summer on

wow, I just realized the name Benjamin, and their late son was named Jett. Bennie and hte Jet.

Lauren on

I am so surprised that he went all the way to Australia with her due in two weeks, with her age and everything that happened with their first child. You’d think they’d be five minutes from the hospital, being super careful, the whole thing.

They have seemed so nonchalant about the whole pregnancy, that’s the only part that seems weird about it to me.

Michelle on

Happy for them.! Really am. Now,JOHN – get your a** back home!

Kathy on

I am very happy for them, they deserve every happiness after the loss of there beloved son, and I do love the nam Benjamin, I have a son named Benjamin and we call him Ben, it is old fashioned and classy, so I wish them all the blessings they deserve.My son was born on 11/17 maybe they will hit that date!

Maureen on

Well that baby will certainly have bright blue eyes. Mom and Dad look so happy in that picture, it’s hard not to feel happy for them. I wish them all the best, primarily a healthy baby.

Anonymous on

God Bless them…….period

Rosalie on

There is no way she is faking this pregnancy, look at where she has gained weight? You can’t fake a fuller face!

Mary on

It has become easier and more hip to be an older parent. You don’t have to be a teen to become pregnant, but not wishing to repeat, one child with birth defect and then again the fact she is over 35 does increase the odds of Benjamin not being 100 percent healthy.

It is Veteran’s Day. There are lots of fathers who due to work miss and do not have the luxury of coming home for the birth of a baby.

Public example the Palin child, she had no previous birth defect and was a little younger than Kelly when she had Trig.

I hope and pray the child is born healthy and is not raised to be a replacement for Jett. It is difficult to walk in the shadow of a ghost as a child.

John unlike Mr. Cruz has never crammed his religion down people’s throats. Hopefully, Kelly will get proper medical treatment.

CelebBabyLover on

Ashlee- Exactly! Also, incidentally, a lot people accused Katie of faking her pregnancy, too! That being said, after my earlier comments I realized something. The best thing we can do when people make comments about them using a surrogate is to simply ignore them. Clearly, as other posters have said, they just want the attention (or at least most of them. There have been one or two that simply said they have wondered about the surrogate thing themselves, and haven’t taken it any further than that. I’m giving those people the benefit of the doubt. :)). πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Erika- Exactly! That was the case with a cousin of mine. Her youngest daughter was concieved using a frozen embryo left over from when she had IVF to concieve her middle children (twins).

Some women freeze their eggs for use later on, too….and I think I even read somewhere that Kelly did just that. πŸ™‚

Dee on

I am so happy for them. My heart broke for them when they lost their son. They seem like exceptionally nice people. My grandson’s name is Benjamin and I love that name. God bless them all.

Maddie on

@ Millie – John could be in New Zealand, that’s further away than Australia πŸ˜›
I was just thinking about Kelly Preston the other day wondering if she’d had her baby, I was watching re-runs of Medium and she had an episode arc. She is still so stunningly beautiful. This baby will be as loved as her other two, I hope things go well with delivery etc, and John is there for the birth πŸ™‚

Ratty on

I find it odd that he says its a 22 hour flight. Qantas headquarters is in Sydney (though his commitment may be in Brisbane (the capital of Queensland where Qantas was established) or even Longreach where Qantas was first established) and its only a 15 hour flight from Sydney to LA (I’m just assuming they live in LA – correct me if I’m wrong).
Unless he plans to stop in Hawaii on the way back.

Either way I wouldn’t have thought it would take that long unless he was flying from Perth (on the other side of the country) to LA or somewhere else further inland in the US. Maybe its due to the plane he flies.

Josie on

If they used a surrogate, they would say so…why not? There’s absolutely no stigma attached, especially in their situation.

That’s the part that doesn’t make sense, why the secrecy, it’s hardly a taboo topic.

I think the pregnancy is real, but if it isn’t, who cares…the child will be surrounded with so much love, so it’s all good!

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them. God has been good to them. This is truly a blessed child.

gdfg on

aword, Kelly has not given birth to any children with birth defects! Their son had epilepsy and was (allegedly) autistic, neither of which are birth defects!

Laurie on

What A Beautiful Family!!

Lori on

He might want to head home….asap.

MiB on

Being friends with several “change of life babies” myself, and most of them being born pre-IVF, I can tell you that natural pregnancy between 44-48 is certainly not unheard of (in the 40’s the average age for women to have their last baby was 42).

As for her not being pregnant, well, using a fake belly would have been one thing, but faking water retention? Granted, I haven’t seen many pictures of her lately, but she definitely looks pregnant in the ones I have seen, and I’m not saying them because of the belly, but becuase of the fuller bust, the fuller face and lips and the way she seems to be moving.

As for him being in Australia, well, as someone said, it might have been planned ages ago, and difficult to get out of.

I wish them all the best, an easy birth and a healthy son.

Huan Alonso on

I am very glad for this lovely family!! But I realy thought that Travolta is gay!? Maybe his wife accepts his alternative life style. Anyway, it is great after so much they went through! Kiss the baby for me.

!h@ on

well, if the baby doesn’t look like the papa & mama at all, then i will believe that kelly’s pregnancy is a fake.

Anita Theodoropoulos on

I think it is truly remarkable anyone who has lost a child to try again. It doesn’t matter if it is a surrogate or not. What matters is that the Travolta’s have enough love in their hearts to go through it again and give the gift of life. Good Luck and all the best to the birth of Benjamin. Lovely name by the way nice and strong name.

Annette on

I am happy for the Travolta’s, but I think that going to Australia when a 48 yr old is due is a couple of weeks is a very bad idea …

Durelle on

FYI the 3rd baby comes fast. So John, better get your butt on the plane b/c it will be over in 22 hours.
Congrats to the two of you. What a blessing.

Kathy on

Some of you people are just plain nutty.

I wish happiness for this family.

Lucy on

I’ve always admired John and Kelly – they seem to be one of the few genuinely honnorable families in the business. I wish them all the very best!

Alejandro on

So much for the other son who past away, just replace him and spread the news…

SaltedNut on

Forty-eight years old? Dicey moments? If I were her husband I’d be my wife’s side every day this month until the baby arrives. There’s something wrong with this picture here.

Bill on

What a bonehead! 22 hours to fly home. This isn’t their first child. The labor could be very short. Also thanks John (!) for letting the world know that you’ll be staying in Maine for X-mas. Who cares!!!!

Gabor47 on

At age 48 she will have a C-section as soon as she goes into labor. No sane ob-gyn physician (that’s what I am) will wait 22-24 hours until daddy will arrive. Of course she has the legal right to refuse an operation, but I doubt that in that age she would be stupid enough to do so, once it is advised. Natural/vaginal birth at age 48? Well, not impossible, but unlikely.

Sandra on

So spiritually amazing. I believe Benjamin is Jett reincarnated. It happens!

Robert on

Thats just great, We are wishing them all the best of luck, Should make for a very special Christmas for the Travolta Family πŸ™‚

Beautee on

Congratulations to the Travoltas, I’m sure little Benjamin will be greatly loved. I think she is pregnant but surrogate or not, faking it or not; in the end they are going to be parents to a beautiful little boy and that is all that matters.

Wow giving well wishes and believing they aren’t lying about a pregnancy over tabloid rumors is kissing a$$? Why can’t people just be happy for others? There seems to be so many miserable people on this board, I can only imagine the kind of venom your child(ren) experiences and probably spews because of you. Sad, sad, sad!!!

Shelly on

its VERY unlikely their her eggs more likely a donors and definitely invitro, ive done the fertility clinic for years and know the odds which are less than 1% at this age to even have a viable egg period

sun on

Okay, it is sweet that these two are so close to having a new little one but was there no concern that she will be going on 67 and he will be going on 76, when this baby graduates from high school?

richard on

She is NOT pregnant. Someone else is having the baby. This is widely known and has been substantiated.

richard on

I like John, feel sorry for their previous loss, but this is too much~!! The lies these people are surreal. Preston IS NOT pregnant and IS NOT having a baby. These stories about false labor are dishonest. Yes, great for them that they are adopting, but why do they feel the need to lie to people and why do you people lap it up like a cat eating cream?

richard on

What a joke. It has already been substantiated that she is faking this pregnancy. Now, Travolta is lying as well. This type of miscreant nehavior is not what makes for good and caring parents. I feel bad for Travolta having lost his son and being unable to live his life openly and instead having to hide behind a viel of fake heterosexuality complete with fake babies.

Katie on

For all you doubters about people in their 40’s having babies: I have a three month old at home and I am 48! Wasn’t planned – no fertility treatments. It can and does happen! We thought we were done 9 years ago and in January got the shocking news. Talk about rocking your world. All our friends have doubled up on their birth control!!

Patti on

Much happiness to a beautiful family, who certainly deserve a break. May Ben help them heal, and, if possible, bring them more love.


Kim on

I think she is somewhat old to be having a baby…48??? geesh..she may not live to see him grow up…

Mom of 4 on

Oh and the tabloids are so notorious for telling the truth! Personally I take great offense to all of you naysayers of older women having babies. I am 46 and have 4 kids, the youngest 3 and the next about to be born. No one is given a “time stamp” on when they’re going to pass away, so us older moms feel just as entitled as younger ones. And yes, sweeties, older women can NATURALLY get pregnant AND take care of our babies quite fine.

Personally, I have greater patience with my younger ones than I did with my oldest and have the blessing of being a stay at home mom now. So being an older mom can definitely have its perks the baby(ies). Congrats to the Prestons and I, for one, don’t buy into that surrogate garbage.

Ann Brintle on

I coulding be more happier if she was giving birth to my own grandchild. Love to this family.

Joey T on

OK folks, reality check. John Travolta is GAY! He has been reported to have been caught several times having sex or trying to have sex with men in gyms/bathhouses. FACT! Kelly Preston may or may not be pregnant. I think she’s using a serrogate. I also believe that John and Kelly have NEVER had sex. They are both Scientologist FREAKS! Wake up people! Their marriage is a sham!

ponymom on

I’m happy for them and hope everything works out o.k.

I would suggest that he head home now since he indicated it takes 22 hrs for him to fly home- if he gets word that Kelly is in labor for real then he may not make it home until after she’s delivered.

linda on

I love John and Kelly—-they are real human beings—nothing fake or pretentious –just plain old honest folks—-. much happiness and good health to the Travolta family!

Spontaneous on

GOD is GOOD! I am so happy for you! I pray that your new son will be heathly. Your son that passed is smiling in heaven I am sure. They are not nonchalant about the pregnacy. I am sure they are scared and hope all will go ok.

terry on

Blessed baby? I don’t think so, not with him being a “scientologist.” However, I do love the Travolta’s and I certainly pray and hope that this baby is healthy as much as I’m sure he will be lovely. Congrats to you both of you and good health.

Kathy on

Love them both by why on earth would you leave your wife this close to labor 22 hours away, especially after all they’ve been through. Do they think they’re invincible? This was a stupid move, especially if there were “signs” before he left. It’s not like they need the money so why do this? I would hope the airlines he’s helping celebrate with would have understood. Dumb.

Jim on

I know them and she is Pregnant, End of conversation!

Joy on

Not all deliveries take 22 hours so why in the world did he go to Australia now? He didn’t have to agree to the trip.

Cranberry on

Mr. Travolta should know by now that the 3rd baby is going to come WAY sooner than 22 hours! He needs to be at home!

Jess on

there is no surrogate people….older women can have babies….i don’t think john and kelly would lie about this. get over yourself eve and everyone else who believes her. most celebrities that use a surrogate say they are using a surrogate. they don’t hide it. my dad is a doctor and he said it is possible to be in their late forties and still be able to have a baby. not everyone hits menopause in their late forties…some don’t get it until after 50….and even if u hit menopause doesn’t mean u can’t get pregnant….so check ur facts before you say something like that

paige on

romy.. r u a dr?! so u dont know what type of difficulties she could be having! so happy for the Travolta family. They’ve been through enough! hope for a safe delivery for mommy & son!

Tom on

How does everyone know so much about this family and hold them in such esteem? It is like you all know them on a personal level; really odd.

Susanne on

Mr. and Mrs. Travolta, I am so happy for you guys. My daughter also has a seizure disorder similar to your son Jet. Your story hit so close to home, I cried for days. Benjamin is truly a gift from God and you guys so deserve this gift. Benjamin is one lucky baby to be given parents so loving. I know all to well the patience it takes to care for a person with seizures. God Bless and can’t wait to see pictures of your precious angel.

Anna on

“The celebrity women who get pregnant over 40 are almost definitely using donated eggs.”

Jeppie, you’re crazy. Try doing some actual research on the subject. There have always been several cases of women having babies well into their 40’s. It’s not even some new thing brought about by technology. There are even women in their 40’s who’ve gotten pregnant by accident, and had healthy children. I know two of them myself, and what about the recent “People” stories about the female news caster and also the comedy actress, both in their 40’s, both unexpected pregnancies?

felicity on

My God what is all this about anyway???? So what, she is having a baby with 48 and has lost a child under tragic circumstances. Do you people think she is the only one?? There are Millions of people and children dying and being born every day, so don’t put so much importance to the Travoltas!! They are scientology freaks that nobody should even write or care about! And the poor baby will be another member of that freakish church. Hallelujah!!

Honestly on

I have worked for John and Kelly for years and know them well. They are very honest and loving people. Kelly IS pregnant and she, John and Ella are VERY excited about baby Benjamin! What’s up with you people???????? Be happy for this family.

renee on

i am so happy for them…they deserve happiness after all they have been through!!! hoping the birth of their baby goes smoothly!!!

Thoth2012 on

Did he fly his own plane to Australia? May be cheaper just to take Delta. He lives in Florida so it probably is 22hrs and there is no direct flight from here. I think he has a boeing 707 which wont make it direct from australia, although he can just land in his backyard.

I think they should have called him Barbarino or Vinni, that would be so funny. If he’s born premature they may have to put him in a plastic bubble.

Maria on

Jett is looking down from heaven and watching over his Mom and little brother…everything will be fine…just as it should be. Congrats!

toptop on

My GP told me that she has had to tell a 52 year old patient that she was pregnant (obviously not planned). So yes, women can have children well into their 40s. Why would they keep a surrogate a secret? It’s not like it’s something to be ashamed about.

shawna on

This is their third… chances are excellent that baby boy will be out yelling at the world before dad even gets into the air. I hope and pray that their baby is healthy and that he also does not have any of the issues that Jett did. Nothing against Jett, I just know what it’s like to have a son who is also autistic.

Mahnish on

The pregnancy is a sham. She is faking it and it’s a surrogate having the baby for them. Their entire lives are fake, as he’s gay.

Anonymous on


Robert on

Stop with all the silliness.

May he be healthy and bring all the happiness to the family.

bonitapier on

Congratulations to the Travolta Family. There will be lots of love and laughter in their home this month replacing the tears, pain, and sadness. God saw their pain in losing their son and send them another son to love and cherish. Children are a blessing from the Lord! And, Benjamin will be their blessing and just in time for Christmas! A gift from the Lord. When the tree is set up in their home, they should place their sleeping baby under the tree with a gift card that says “To, John, Kelly and Ella – with much love, God! I can’t wait to see them holding their precious baby, Benjamin and Ella too – with wide smiles and joy beaming from their eyes! I will buy all the magazines that the Travolatas will be featured in showing their baby! I Hope People Magazine will be the first to show them!! Go, People!

Blessed on

I rarely looked at these posts because of the silly, negativity some people feel compelled to write about others; however I must say to these NAY-SAYERS … I too was blessed with an unexpected pregnancy at 46 years old and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. No fertility treatments were ever even considered!! God blesses the good and the faithful. Nay-sayers should keep their negativity to themselves. Blessings to precious Benjamin and the Travolta Family!

Patti on

Get Home John!

Roona on

wow… A lovely, NORMAL name from a celebrity couple…. i like that.

jt on

What a blessing this baby is. All my prayers and love to this loving family. God bless you through this birth and a wonderful holiday season!

Trish on

I have been praying for the Travolta’s. Hoping the name Benjamin was selected because of the Biblical significance – child of promise and a sign of hope from God. I pray the Lord is drawing this family to Himself and the Truth and knowledge of who the True Living God is – Jesus Christ!.


Jon on

If she goes into labor and delivers before he can get there, he’ll be sorry he tried to add to his millions of dollars by getting just a few more.
And if the baby turns out to have Down Syndrome, a real possibility due to the mother’s age, I hope they start touting adoption so people will think of it more.

scientology sceptic on

The first 100 comments look like they were ‘planted’ by the Scientology community to make one of their ‘stars’ look like a normal guy. I do wish them the best, but the whole Scientology community is creepy.

George on

Kelly looks INCREDIBLE! What a *wonderful* family.

Anna on

A baby is always happy news! I just hope they will take better care of this child then they did of Jett. Their “religion” kept them from admitting what condition he had and prevented appropriate care of the boy. Instead of being ashamed of your child, be open and honest with what he is dealing with and the world will back you up. I hope this baby is healthy and happy so he doesn’t have to deal with the ignorance of Scientology.

Kristysgodmother on

I just read Susan Boyle’s book. She was born when her mother was 45 and not really happy about having another child but it does happen naturally sometimes. So don’t be judging.

Cynthia on

The world awaits this baby, I can’t wait. Wishing the Travolta’s much joy.

Donna on

There is no choice, he should be there now for her no matter what.

Shannon on

What a wonderful thing for the Travolta family. He finally looks happy again. We all want everything to go smoothly!!! This will be one lucky baby.

Squiggs on

I think having a baby at their age is a selfish act with the increase in potential prenatal issuse due to her age. I also think that its selfish to try to replace one child with another. Everybody is so gushy happy for them with out loking at the reasons they’re having it and the fact that he’ll be 70 before the kid enters high school. For those who say what business is it of your/ You’re right, its none of my business but since they put it out there I’m voicing my opinion just like all the kool aid drinkers who think that whaterver anyone does its allright.

Alyssa on

She can pop any second (not all babies make it to 40 weeks) and he’s 14 hours away for an airline party??? Wow, he sure has his priorities straight.

Lisa on

I’m thrilled for the Travolta family! I wish them all nothing but good blessings, a healthy delivery and much happiness with their newest addition. β™₯

jp on

I think it would be neat if they had him on Thanksgiving!

jp on

The whole question of age when you have a baby – I was 41 when I had my daughter and she is just fine 10 years later!

Monica on

Seriously now… Can’t we all just get along? Good luck John and Kelly, you are both amazing parents and people!

Mona on

Eve, you know this how? Go back & sit down in your lil tiny world, and shut the hell up!

For the Travolta family….wishing you every happiness & good health with your lil bundle of joy Benjamin!

Dee Smith on

I am happy for them. I am sure they discussed his trip before he took off.

Dee Smith on

I am happy for them. Quit trashing Travolta.

Beautee on

If John is gay (rolls eyes) and their marriage is a sham; what’s it to you? If they are both sleeping with lions, bears and tigers and not each other, and want to pretend they have a solid marriage; again it doesn’t involve you, so what’s it to you?
Nobody is saying that everybody has to be happy with them having a baby at this age, to each their own. If everybody in this comment section commented how they did not approve of them having a baby at this age, and listed all the risk factors what would that do? The baby is already on it’s way now, so harping and hollering over someone else’s personal decision to conceive THEIR child at any age does what? I suppose the same way people see nothing wrong with saying negative things, there is nothing wrong with people congratulating and wishing them well on a child that is due in a couple of weeks. If you think it’s selfish for THEM to have a baby at their age, that’s real easy to solve, don’t have one when YOU get their age.

Kate on

My grandmother got pregnant on her own accord when she was 47 with my Aunt. She actually thought she had cancer. She thought she was going through menopause and her belly got distended. She was scared it was ovarian cancer and she got it checked out.

My grandfather who was 53 was nearly floored when they told them they were pregnant. This was back in early 1960s before fertility treaments. My father and his sisters were born in the late 30s/early 40s.

It can happen even with your own eggs. My other grandmother had her last child at 43. She had 7 children total. It was her eggs too.

Dee Smith on


PK on

EVE, I guess you’re the one who’s in every crowd. The nay sayer; the believer in all that the tabloids say; Ms negativity! But you’re way outnumbered. This family deserves all that is good.

Get on that plane John!!!!

I SEE on


TerriP_TN on

All I can say is WOW, she looks amazing for 48! Best of luck to the entire family.

EVE on

If this baby is normal will they show it more in public, they kept Jett out of the public eye because they were ashamed of him, Ella was perfert and un-flawed, so I hope this kid is too.

Timi on

I bet the birth is going to be very emotional for them, especially if the baby looks like baby Jett. Wish them all the happiness, they deserve it. God bless you Travoltas!!!

Penny on

November 26th would be such a great date to welcome Benjamin into the world…it’s my birthday!! Ha! Sending good thoughts to the Travolta family that all goes well and Benjamin arrives safe and sound, and mommy does well, too!!!

wittywife on

Nothing like being overly dramatic:

“Travolta revealed his wife, 48, has had some dicey moments lately…”

Braxton-Hicks contractions are dicey? They’re a normal part of pregnancy that many women go through.. they’re false contractions that help the body prepare for real labor.

If it was that dicey, he wouldn’t be halfway across the world.

With that said, I think People could tone down the fake drama a bit.

Congrats to John and Kelly.

mindstorms on

Another customer for the luny tune Christian Scientists.

Traci on

I’ve always loved the Travolta family. They’re just a classy down-to-earth family.

I love the name Benjamin as well.

I wonder if they’ll name him Benjamin Jett Travolta in honor of the son they lost January 2, 2009.

God bless John, Kelly, Ella Bleu and Baby Benjamin.

Love you all!

Brian on

Lets see. late stage labor when your wife is older, or celebrating Qantas 90th anniversary? (not 50, or 100, or some round number, but 90) Jeesh, no brainer, especially since you had a not to distant memory of the death of one of your children. Happy Birthday Qantas, i forgot to get you a card. Take it out of my luggage fees. Priorites in order Vincent?

sauna on

Congrats to John on keeping the spa visits mum and adornments in place! Cheers!

annie on

No on is saying late in life pregnancies don’t happen but the Travoltas have spoken repeatedly about their difficulties in conceiving, which is one reason that they consider this pregnancy such a blessing. They have indicated on several occassions that this pregnacy is the result of medical intervention.

People can refer to all the people they know who got pregnancy later in life naturally, but that isn’t the case for the Travoltas.

Vera on

Who cares if she’s faking a pregnancy or whatever lifestyle they have, just be happy they’re going to give a baby the love and attention he needs.

Kellie on

LOLA….Your a idiot. Keep your mouth shut! Unless you have something TRUE and GOOD to say…Shut it. That goes for a bunch of people. What happened to just being happy for a family that has had some sad times and this is going to give them a happy outlook on life. Try walking in others shoes…

tlm on

You uneducated morons who say she isn’t pregnant, John is gay, they are using a surrogate…. aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? You certainly should be. Those of you who KNOW the truth … you don’t know anything. You have nothing to do but sit around thinking you are soooo smart and sooooo in the know and sooooo obnoxious. Actually you are so ignorant and just plain old STUPID and think you know everything … what a bunch of negative, hard hearted, obnoxious, arrogant know it alls. You are the kind of people that most people can’t stand. Now all of you, crawl back under your rocks and stay there!!!!!!!!!!! Eve, Lola, Richard … the bunch of you old worms . . . get under that rock NOW!

janks on

I think everyone just wants something to talk about. I think it is great Kelly and John is having another child. People say they are replacing Jett, you never replace a child you lost. I believe God has blessed them with a little boy to help with the pain they are dealing with. Yes you can have a baby in your 40’s. I just went to a wedding of my friends daughter, her daughter is 42, and her 20 yr. old daughter was also in the wedding, she delivered her natural and no problems at the age of 49. There are a lot of testing to make sure you have a healthy baby, not for autism, but for everything else. I have a grand son who has autism, who is a blessing in my life, yes i wish he didn’t didn’t have it. But he is still a blessing.

Janeth on

Wishing John & Kelly and big Sister all the best with baby Ben he sure will put back some sparkle in you family. God is good, life is good. Enjoy your family..

Romy on

I do believe John is gay, I do belive it is widely and well known. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a fake pregnancy. I don’t care, I just find it all interesting. They don’t call it ‘Hollyweird’ for nothing! So many of the Hollywood marriages and relationships are not conventional to us but work for them. So if rumors are true, but it all works for them, then great I guess. It really doesn’t affect me. I do not belive everything celebrities say, nor do I believe everything that is written in tabloids. I know People caters to them and wouldn’t say bad words. They are the nicey nicey magazine. Doesn’t mean everything they report is true.

Jenny on

Please help! I thought when they first announced they were pregnant they said they were having twins?? What couple am I thinking of?

Tn on

Hi Travolta’s family,
Congratulations..i’m so happy for u guys that Jett is coming back in ur life again..there is a saying that the kid soul will come back to the same parents if they get pregnent right after the kid passes away…

Hadley on

Yes John is gay…that’s been known a while to industry insiders but he pays off lots of people to keep it quiet of course… and actually the surrogate thing kind of makes sense. They are wierd enough and rich enough to pull that off. Either way, a baby is great. Too bad it’s being brought up in a completely disfunctional environment like their friends baby Tom Cruise’s kid who isn’t allowed to play with other kids or go to school – so sad.

Kathy on

John is gay. Kelly isn’t pregnant. Where do you people get this stuff? Are you so unhappy in your own lives that you have to spit poison about others to make yourselves feel better? Shame on you.

Sharon on

I saw John Travolta on Oprah a year or so ago. They had a clip of Kelly at a Hollywood awards show, she had a leopard or animal print dress on that John had given her that Christmas..and he said something to Oprah like..”Yes! Look at her ..I gave her that dress for the sexy cat that she is!” he was so proud of her and that is how he sees her -I saw him looking at her with love as only a man in love can..he sees her as the true beauty of his life,,she is beautiful..she is a health advocate, tries to eat most all organic, keeps chemicals out of their home,( John smokes and she hates that) takes very good care of herself, and can and will have a natural great prenancy. I have friends who have had “surprise” pregnacies in their late 40’s.. Why is it that so many people have to always trash Hollywood/celebrity couples. Maybe these cruel vicious people have so little in their own sad lives. Hurrah to John and Kelly!! Bless Ella and God Bless little Benjamin!

Sandy on

Once again John sheds a little negativity on this situation.

If my husband knew I was having- contractions-whether they are false ones or the real deal- he wouldn’t GO anywhere- not even a couple hours away, let alone all the way to Australia!!

You can’t redo the birth of a child- how awful if he misses the moment.

I say put your wife first- who the heck cares about some event 22 hours away down under??!

I used to really like John T. but with all I’ve heard lately- I’m having my doubts of the kids of choices he’s making.

But good luck to them any way.

By the way- a friend of mine’s mom got pregnant at age 50!! SO it’s not impossible to have babies all the way thru your 40’s. As long as you ovulate- you can get pregnant.

Joyce Petrovich on

I am so happy for John and Kelly. They deserve much needed happiness. John Travolta is my favorite actor/person since I saw him in Saturday Night Fever back in 1977; which I saw 35 times. I fell in love with the character but I also fell in movieland love with John. My husband passed away in 1977 and John Travolta became my passion and he still is today. He is truly the best in my book.

GrammaDingbat on

To tlm, bless you for your post. I couldn’t have said it better myself! You rock.

Bancie1031 on

WOW!!!! I CAN NOT believe there is such hatred for the Travolta’s! I mean really! And people wonder why most celebrities stay to themselves and out of the limelight! If people that didn’t even know me were bashing me like this I wouldn’t want them knowing even the littlest thing about my life period end of story! I’m honestly HOPING that MOST of these comments are from high schoolers because that is what you all sound like; if not …… THERE ARE A BUNCH OF ADULTS OUT THERE THAT REALLY NEED TO GROW UP AND START ACTING THEIR AGE!

Once again Congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella (R.I.P. JETT) Can’t wait to “meet” little Benjamin πŸ˜€ I wish Kelly the easiest and safest delivery. God Bless this well deserving family πŸ˜€

gdfg on

I don’t know if the reported flings John has supposedly had with other men really happened or not, but even if they did and continue to occur, why do you all think he’s gay? Just because a guy likes to sleep with other men doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to sleep with women! Gay men do not enjoy sexual contact with women.

Sooo Rich on

Such a beautiful, loving family. Love it! πŸ˜€

Ellen Smith on

I’m sure the baby doesn’t have Down Syndrome – they would have aborted it, because the Church of Scientology labels such individuals as “degraded.” This is either a fake pregnancy or a donor egg, and I am sure it was screened for every possible genetic defect possible. Their entire personas revolve around how they appear to the public and their church — they will stop at nothing to keep this appearance as pristine as possible.

suzy on

I love the Trovolta’s and was so sad when they lost thier son. I am just suprised that John would go somewhere 22hours away when his wife Kelly could go into labor any moment. She might not go 22 hours and even if she did woulddn’t he want to be there to support her in labor? I just scratching my head here. It just doesn’t make sence to me. I am really happy for them though just can’t believe he would do that!

Kelly K on

I am proof positive that you can get pregnant at a more ‘mature’ age without fertility treatments. I found out I was pregnant 1 month before my 49th birthday!! Total surprise. I actually thought it was impossible to get pregnant at my age so I wasn’t careful. Gift from God! I am absolutely thrilled for Kelly & John. I wish them all the love in the world. They deserve it.

margaret on

I have had 4 babies. The delivery time got longer with each one so it’s not a medical fact that 3rd babies come fast.

At my 20 year HS reunion, one of my classmates was pregnant (at 48) with her first child. It was a big surprise to her (no IV involved) so it’s obviously possible without external help.

Al on

Thrilled for the Travoltas…seem like such a wonderful family.

simi on

WOW so according to all of you above who know it all and have a connection not only to the Travoltas but to God since some of you know the exact time Kelly will give birth. The Travoltas are the following

1. John is Gay
2. Kelly is not pregnant
3. Surrogate is carrying their child
4. Ben is not their child cause she is way to old to have eggs so she is not his mother some other women is
5. Kelly/surrogate will have Ben quickly and while John is away
6. No one cares for Ella or about her so she is the most neglected child in the world
7. They are adopting
8. They are only having Ben to replace Jet
9. John and Kelly are not really married in all show
10. And they are doing all this cause the church told them to

I don’t think I misses anything, if I did please feel free to add.
my question to all of you that believe and have said all these things

Sorry got a little mad there for a second or twenty. This is a family that has been through a lot, and people wonder why they hide and keep Ella away from the press when stuff like this gets said about them.

So here are my thoughts not that anyone cares but it’s making me feel better so here it goes
Sexual preference, religion, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, age of parents, amount of children, are all things that no one gets to comment on or has an opinion that matters. You can express you opinion all you want but if you are not John or Kelly or one of their doctors your opinion does not matter ever. As long as they are all reasonable adults and no one is being abused what happens in ones home, bedroom, or doctors office does not concern the general public.

If they are adopting something tells me that they would be honest about that. Look at Tom Cruse and his first two kids they are adopted and part of their church. Makes me think if they were to adopt they would tell the world, and not fake a pregnancy just to bring another baby into their family. Also the idea that Ben is here to replace Jet is just wrong and sick. How many interview does this family have to do for people to get it. Their loss and emotions are really. No one, and I mean no one can replace the ones we lost especially a child. Has it ever crossed any ones mind that Ben is here for Ella. That maybe she always wanted another brother or a sister. How many of us have begged our parents to give us more siblings, I know my daughter has been asking since she was two, and it’s now 6 years later and I am still not giving in. But maybe they did, maybe they decided that having another child around the house would be great fun and healing for all of them, a way for all of them to unite again, fall in love again and not just with each other but with a new soul. Some times you just have to wait for the right time to bring a baby into this world, and this is theirs.

In the end Ben will be here when he is good and ready. If he is a bio child of Kelly and John it doesn’t matter, they are his parents and if they are happy what we think again doesn’t matter. As for church telling them to do this, please do not get me started on that one, some of the most stupid ideas, wars, losses of life have been due to one church or the other, don’t agree with me, look up the history of the world, and the creation of Catholic and Christian church, that should give you an idea or two. As for them hiding Ella any normal protective parent would, just read what some of you wrote about her parents and dead brother. And if John doesn’t make it for the birth no big deal, truly, women give birth without a man there all the time. Military fathers for the most part miss births of their kids, others like mine choose not to be there, and that was more then fine with me. So how do we know that Kelly will give birth while John is away, and know for sure that he wants to be there, that Kelly wants him to be there? Well unless you have a direct line to mother nature or God (which ever one you like/believe more) we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for all this being fake their marriage included, I personally do not see it. There is to much emotion in their eyes when they look at each other and their children. But if I am wrong, the are official the best actors in the world, I would want to see Ella’s pay check, and this is the longest film in worlds history. And we are all idiots for believing a word any of them have said.

So before all of you get on my case or start writing more negative things about this family stop and think HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF PEOPLE WERE SAYING ALL THESE NASTY NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR DEAD SON, YOUR UNBORN SON, AND WHAT IF YOUR DAUGHTER READ IT ALL.


felicia on

I am so so happy for them, I can not even imagine losing my son after so many years with him, miscarriages are bad enough, but to actually have been with him for years and to lose him would be devastating. God Bless on the delivery, and I hope this heals some of the pain in their hearts, knowing Jett is looking down and being happy for his family. Gorgeous couple of people.

Rosalie on

How the hell would anyone know that they are replacing Jett, obviously you don’t know anyone that has lost a child!

Why don’t you ask them if having another child would replace the one they lost?

ColleenMF on

I am so happy for John and Kelly. I wish them all the luck and many blessings in the future with their new baby.

Kariann1 on

Thank you SIMI for a very thought out post. Yes, you covered just about everything! More than likely Kelly will have a C-Section due to her age. John and Kelly have stated that they tried to have more children while Jett was alive. God has blessed them with baby Benjamin. May he be a healthy child. BTW, didn’t Kelly and Ella just appear in a movie together? They aren’t hiding her. Also, they don’t want her to be an only child. May they heal and enjoy the blessings in their life.

Anonymous on

I think Eve’s comments are rude, but I kinda agree with her that a 48 year old woman cannot be pregnant without using a frozen egg of her own or a donated egg from another woman. I started trying to have my second child at 38 and had to resort to $20k dollars worth of fertility treatment for years… and still no baby. They tell me over and over that 38, 39, 40 is just too old and has low success even with injections. They tell me that 42 is pretty much it for using your own egg. I wish the Travoltas would share how they accomplished it so that other older women wanting a baby could learn from it. Personally, with her age and the speed with which she became pregnant, I say egg donor. I am about to make the same choice myself.

Congratulations to the Travoltas. A baby is such a blessing!

Carrie on

I can’t believe he would be that far away from her at a time like this. She could have the baby in less than 22 hours, it would be a real shame for him to miss the birth of his son after all they have been through. I could understand if he was on a trip for a charity or something like that, but the 90th anniversary of an airlines?

Nancy on

I am very happy and excited for the Travolta family!! Benjamin is going to be a much loved baby!! congrads to the Travolta family!!!

Kim on

I am so very happy for the Travolta Family! Can’t wait to see the new addition to such a wonderful family. God bless them all! And as far as John being in Australia…he has his own airplane. He can fly home anytime he needs to. Quit being so judgemental! Can’t you just be happy for these people…they have been through hell and back~!

erilynne on

She looks like Samantha from Bewitched in that picture!!!

Hillary on

Just a note to add:

John stated a few years ago that he and Kelly were going to try for number three — and, yes, this was while Jett was still alive. So, to say this baby is a replacement is absolutely ridiculous.

Fallowt on

In keeping with Scientology rules, No one, including Kelly, can speak or make any noise during the birth, and the baby cannot be spoken to for 7 days. So, despite the incredible pain of childbirth, Kelly has to stay quiet. This borders on insanity, but considering the misogynistic (women are inferior) philosophy of Scientology, it’s not surprising. The Father of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, wrote the following passages in his 1965 book Scientology: A New Slant on Life:

“A society in which women are taught anything but the management of a family, the care of men, and the creation of the future generation is a society which is on its way out.”
“The historian can peg the point where a society begins its sharpest decline at the instant when women begin to take part, on an equal footing with men, in political and business affairs, since this means that the men are decadent and the women are no longer women. This is not a sermon on the role or position of women; it is a statement of bald and basic fact.”

Personally, I can’t feel the slightest bit of respect for any member of that ridiculous cult.

iris on

everything that L. Ron Hubbard says is right , if you had a little sense fallwout whatever your name is then you would see what is going on in the world today ,there is no respect for women nor for the positions of anyone everyone feels somehow in some way degraded.and that is too bad . so look around you my friend and check out what is really going on , and maybe take another serious look at the book a new slant on life , it might help you underesstand what you are talking about.

Shelly on

I am so happy for them. Babies are such wonderful blessings. We were blessed with our own little Benjamin this year and couldn’t be happier. My husband and I are both in our forties and are so thankful to have a wonderful and healthy baby. I wish John, Kelly and Ella all the best.

Anne on

We love you John and Kelly! Best wishes on the impending birth of your baby.

Sara on

WOW!!!! I am so very excited for all of you. I can hardly wait for this new baby son for your family to be blessed with. You are all a shining example for the world. Sara.

Sara on

Is the baby here now? Tell us, tell us do. Love you all. One of your biggest fans of you both, Sara.

FireflyIsland on

I gave birth to my first child when I was 45 and my second child at 48. This is the life schedule that God granted me. Both pregnancies were helped by fertility drugs, but not in vitro. These were my eggs, my husband’s sperm, through natural insemination. As we live longer, healthier lives with extended life expectencies we can expect to see later life natural pregnancies. I am a pediatrician, my husband is a surgeon, and we were well aware of the risks that any pregnancy endures, let alone a “later in life” pregnancy. Six of the ten couples in our birth classes were in their forties. All delivered healthy, full term babies. Give the surrogate argument a rest. Pregnancy today is not what is was even 10 years ago.

Mary Anne on

I am very happy for the Travolta family. Benjamin is a wonderful name.