Jenna Jameson Hopes Sons Won’t Question Her Past

11/10/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Patrick Demarchelier

For Jenna Jameson, actions speak much louder than words.

When the former porn star welcomed now 20-month-old fraternal twin sons Jesse Jameson (left) and Journey Jette (right) with Ultimate Fighting Championship star Tito Ortiz, the new mom put her past behind her — and hasn’t looked back since.

“I really don’t think I need to say, ‘Mommy was a porn star,'” Jameson, 36, reveals in December’s W magazine.

“I feel like they’re going to know me and think, ‘Mommy loved us so much that she quit everything and made us her job.'”

And according to Jameson, that’s exactly what she did — including removing her breast implants.

“I thought, ‘I’m getting rid of these things. I don’t need them anymore,'” she says, adding that she was surprised to find herself a natural at breastfeeding. “The moment I decided to have children I quit. I won’t even do a Maxim cover.”

Now happily settled in Huntington Beach, Calif., Jameson is thrilled that her “really beautiful family community” has embraced her for who she is: a mom.

“Here I’m not ‘Jenna Jameson’; I’m just one of the moms who walk a double stroller every day,” she explains. “I’m a normal girl with all the same worries and insecurities. I just happen to have done porn.”

— Anya Leon

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Catherine on

I’m glad she seems to have left her former life behind her, but um, yeah… they are gonna ask about it!

hgks on

What beautiful babies!

A. on

Hmmmmmm… β€˜Mommy loved us so much that she quit everything and made us her jobs.’”

That may be so, but it will be inevitable that her sons will eventually know what she did before she had them. They will hear things, then look her up on the Internet, and see for themselves. I’m definitely not bashing Jenna, but she needs to know her past will catch up with her eventually; it always does. I just hope she’s ready for the questions that will arise!

Julia on

Jenna looks great, those boys are adorable :).

Lis on

Yeah, she’s in denial.

And that picture of her looks “sultry” if you ask me… Maybe she should have done a sweet picture smiling pushing her double stroller if she really wanted to sell her “I’m a mommy” image… I’m not buying it.

Sorry, but this is how I feel. I do not agree with selling your body in any way, shape, or form. There are consequences. But I will admit that she does seem to love her boys very, very much. She just should have thought about that BEFORE she did porn.

Shelby on

I think she’s kidding herself.

Mallory on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of those boys before. They’re absolutely adorable!

SDMom on

She is dillusional at best. They will find out & it would be better if she told them.

Jena on

Seriously ladies… don’t be such haters. I’m sure you have all done things in your past that you don’t want your kids to know about… the only difference is you’re not famous and she is!

By the time the boys even think to start asking questions their generation WILL NOT even know who Jenna Jameson is! She will be an icon yes… but by that time her boys will be old enough to realize that yes… she did quit that lifestyle to fulfill her dream of having a family and those little guys!

ps… those boys are gorgeous!

mikki on

Adorable babies. Jenna deserves all the happiness. I wish her well. Sure are alot of judgemental people around here. I guess you all never made any mistakes in your lives? Always perfect decisions? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

SWilliams on

Wow…what a bunch of Judgey McJudgers! So because she has a past that some people might find disagreeable she doesn’t deserve to have children? Lets stop throwing stones and take a good look in the mirror.

Annie on

Hate to say it but if she really wants to put it behind her she might seriously consider changing her name. It’s one of the most famous porn names out there.

Lisa on

I’m just going to comment on Jenna, she looks fantastic and is really loving the whole mommy thing!! She loves those boys and that is most important thing!!!

carole on

People’s lives change. I think she’s doing a wonderful thing for her sons, and I wish her the best of luck. As for telling them what she did prior to becoming a mom … when they’re ready, she’ll know what to say.

tink1217 on

I have to agree with Jena…by the time those boys are old enough to know…the name Jenna Jameson won’t really be much as far as the porn industry goes. Yes she will always be known for that amongst a certain age group. But I really doubt her kids or their friends will realize who she was. And if they do…well everyone has a past.

I don’t agree with porn but I don’t condemn others and how they choose to live their lives when it doesn’t affect my own. She has two beautiful boys!!!

Hea on

Aww, I haven’t seen them since she first took them home from the hospital. They are gorgeous! Jenna looks great and I think she’s right. Her kids will know her for who she truly is as a person and first and foremost as a mother. What the heck do we know?

Terri on

I really like her, I’m not sure exactly why, but I do. Her boys are cute – they have great hair!

fuzibuni on

gorgeous babies and beautiful mama! What a nice photo πŸ™‚

Those little guys are going to grow up to be real bruisers!

unlike many of you, I don’t hate jenna, nor do I judge her. she hasn’t hurt me personally, and I believe everyone has a right to live life the way they see fit as long as it does not directly harm another.

The porn industry has taken more of a toll on Jenna than it has any of you.

and to those who say they “don’t agree with selling your body in any way shape or form”… what about people who do manual labor, or athletes, or models? I think what you meant to say was that you are morally against the sex industry.

It’s your right to feel offended, but it’s not going to stop it. Pornography is as old as the ages and has been around since the begining of time. Women are usually much more opposed to it than men, mainly because it makes them insecure about their own sexuality and challenges their ideas of womanhood.

As long as Jenna is honest with her sons about her profession they will love and respect her. But if she is conflicted about it, then they probably will be too. The main problem they will face is not going to be grappling with their mother’s past, but with the cruel judgement of society.

Based on what some people say about Jenna, I imagine that once her sons get older they will feel the need to defend their mother from hateful comments and may end up getting in a fight or two.

With that said, I’m happy for her to be in this phase of her life. I think her babies are incredibly beautiful and wish them all the best.

toptop on

I’m pretty sure all of their friends will watch her movies at one point. She’ll definitley be the most popular mom at school!

Also, if I am not mistaken does she not still have a website named after her that is one of the most popular in the porn industry?

dianne on

Kinda hard to hide that past! Her boys are beautiful.

Ashley on

Its a nice thought that she doesn’t want her boys to question her past but its not her boys that are going to have to dig it up. It will be every other adolescent boy that knows who she is even 15 years from now. Her sons will be looking at porn and happen upon their mother so it better be discussed with them so they do not happen upon it. This should have been something she thought about before she did porn, like possibly one day I want children and what will they think. Its something thankfully I will never have to deal with so good luck to her!

Ashley on

wow Jena talk about denial. She will be known for years I mean its been about 10 years maybe more since she started and she is still pretty well known for what she has done. It has nothing to do with being a hater. As a self respecting woman and women we wouldn’t have done what she did. She did it for money and now shes rich as hell! Let me feel sorry for her, her biggest issue will be when her boys find out she had sex with every porn star in the country!

Amy on

Um, yes, I’ve made mistakes in my past for sure but porn is in a different category, doncha think? As if neighbors and people won’t be gossiping about her. Believe me, her boys will find out about her past sooner than she thinks. It’s sad but the truth. She should have thought about that when doing all her porn.

Since she did choose to be a porn actress I think she should have skipped having kids. Really.

JK on

Am glad she has left her old life behind her and we are no one to judge her because we are not perfect. She looks great and those babies are beautiful and she is a mom just like any other and we all have our past which its not perfect. So Jenna keep going forward and don’t look back and you are a wonderful mom!!!!

nelly on

first of all …gorgeous babies so jealous of there hair lol ..and about her past in the porn industry ALL of us have things we dont want our kids to know about us (i dont have any) but as she has stated its her PAST …and hopefully she has left it there …no judgement from me she’s their mom and thats all they would ever know…

Kristen on

Everyone has a past, she can’t deny it and I hope that she tells them about parts of it before they find out on their own. But luckily many of the women who post here won’t have that problem because they have lived perfect lives on any scale.

hayley w on

cast the first stone and all that.

doesn’t matter what she did then, it matters what she does now, every one has it in them to change for the better for godness sake it just porn its not like killed people , or abused any one. do i agree with her old life style? no i don’t but i do not judge her because i can’t i have no rights to neither do any of you. It will be mums like you giving her a hard time at the school gate when she drops her kids off.

give her a break.

selene on

She can’t change the fact she was a porn star, she’s not in denial. There would be outrage if she said ‘when they’re 5 I will sit them down and tell them all about Jenna Jameson and how I changed the porn industry’

Being a porn star isn’t the worst thing to be, not saying it is something I would chose or would want my daughter to do. But she never hurt anyone, she was never anything terrible. I would much rather have Jenna Jameson as my mother than a drug dealer, addict, prostitute.

She is also not the first porn star to have children. Tyger Drew-Honey, Jake from Outnumbered, is the son of 2 porn stars. He seems perfectly well adjusted and happy. I’m sure he is well aware of his parents careers and its not done him any harm.

Anyway, back to Jenna. Her boys are beautiful (almost wrote twins but I thought that would look like I was complimenting something else), they look so like Tito.

leanne on

Her boys are gorgeous!

pfreeworld on

@Jena and @Mikki

I totally understand the “not judging part” but what is wrong with you guys? What is with “you all never made mistakes?” you are calling what she did a mistake? How do you know that it is a mistake? Did Jenna say that? And why do you assume that “all of us” made mistakes? Who gave you the right to assume that? what are you sure about “all of us”? And how can you equalize average mistakes made by people to doing porn? I don’t care about Jenna’s past but you don’t have to bring people down just to put her on a pedestal. No, none of us made mistakes that are as bad as doing porn, so there!!!!

meghan on

Of course her sons will eventually know what she used to do. I think the point is that by the time they do, they will have known her as their loving and devoted mom for so long, that it ultimitely won’t matter, once the surprise wears off. I’ve never seen a Jenna film, but I’ve always liked her in interviews. I’m sure she’s a great Mom.

Lillianna on

I’m not the same person I was before I had kids, and I’m sure this is the same for Jenna. Who cares what she did before, the fact is that now she’s being the best mother she can be.

It’s not the same, but my mother was a topless dancer when I was growing up…I have never, not one day looked down on her for that because I know she did what she had to do to make sure I always had what I needed. She wasn’t perfect, neither am I, nobody is!

Yes, I agree, one can never escape their past, but Jenna is doing everything she can to give those boys a good life. I’m sure they’ll know about it all when they’re older, she may not be doing movies anymore, but come on, neither is Ron Jeremy and we all know who he is! But I have faith they’ll see that she gave up everything that made her who she was to become the new improved “mommy version”, and they’ll realize just how important they are to her.

I applaud her, and I applaud her community for accepting her for the person she is now!

soph on

Jena…you’re “sure” we’ve all done things in our past we want to keep from our kids? Give me a friggin’ break.

Katie on

Um… they will find out about your past!! How embarassing!!

Lilianne on

I don’t think it’s being judgemental or a hater to say that you think these boys WILL ask their Mom questions about her past.

I can understand her hope that they won’t because I imagine that would be a hard thing for her to face. We all want our kids to be proud of us..our choices…and she has a worry that hers won’t? But I think she is holding a false hope that they won’t wonder and ask because kids do that and if they even feel that she is holding something back they will likely sniff it out til they find the truth. Lol.

I think her best bet would be to tell them about her past choices when they are old enough to understand. Honesty is the best policy and will perhaps generate a better outcome than secrecy and a cover up. Of course, she would have to be careful how much information she gives at certain ages..but there is nothing wrong with telling your kids…”when I was younger, I made some choices I maybe wish I hadn’t..but everyone has a story to tell about their life..and I love YOU more than anything.”

Alice on

So porn stars shouldn’t have kids. It’s okay that essentially everybody’s teen sons watches their films but they can’t have some of their own? Riiight. Hypocritical much?

JMO on

cute kids.

Jenn on

She never says she hopes the boys don’t find out about her past, that’s the headline that CBB put up, it’s an attention grabber but a complete fabrication of what’s in the very short article (same photos/articles as the Miranda Kerr pic).

Nor does she say that she will try to hide anything, she just says that she doesn’t believe that in the long run, it will be what matters. What will matter is that she quit and left everything else behind to JUST be their mom. End of story.

I’m sure they will find out…who knows maybe when they are teenagers Americans won’t be so uptight and puritanical about sex.

Bren on

If you found out your Mom was a porn star would you really look it up? Doubtful. You may want to know about it but not see it.

Jenn on

Wow, Amy, because she chose to do something that you morally oppose, she shouldn’t be having children?

That’s what’s called self-righteous.

Rose on

@Alice: I don’t agree with the people who said that Jenna shouldn’t have had kids because of her porn star past. But I have no idea what your point is supposed to be.

Cinders on

I always believe in redemption. Yes, she was a porn star. That’s a fact. But she is a mom, now and you have to give her the credit for leaving that life behind so she could be a better mom to her children. People can change if they really want to, and she wants to.

Daniella on

The boys will find out, there’s no doubt about that. And they will likely find out fairly early from other kids, so she will definitely have to explain her past to them as early as possible, in an age-appropriate way, of course.

Kids hear things & kids say things, that’s just the way it is. And they do not use politically correct terms either, so it can be rather hurtful.

And I say this from experience, since my own father was very well known in my home area for his rather….loose ways both towards the end & after his marriage to my mother. Both my brothers & myself found out from other people what he was doing, not that we didn’t already suspect it.

Then again, it will also depend largely on the boys themselves. My brothers & I each reacted differently to what our dad had done.

And for those talking about making mistakes, stuff like porn, stripping, prostitution & sleeping with countless people is very different than the “average” mistake.

My mother has stated that she has absolutely nothing in her past that she needs to hide from us, so not everyone does. Our dad is a completely different story. My brothers & I have looked at our dad differently since finding out everything he did, there’s just no avoiding it. I couldn’t even imagine having videos of what our dad did posted all over the internet though.

And my statements aren’t judgment, they’re the truth from a person who had to go through a similar situation. Truth & reality hurt sometimes.

cris on

I think it would be worse if she didn’t tell her kids and as teenagers they happened to stumble upon their mom ‘performing.’

If I were in her position, and I really wanted to put the past behind me, I would change my name…obviously by continuing to ‘promote’ herself (her website and tv and print interviews) she is consciously keeping her name and herself in the spotlight…

Alice on

Rose, I just thought it was hypocritical that some people think porn stars shouldn’t have kids like what they’re doing with their life is the worst thing and they’re bad role models, when their own kids and maybe themselves at some point are/were watching these films. To me it’s like slamming people for farming battery chickens in horrible conditions when you’re the one buying it at the supermarket. It makes no sense. Hope that clears it up.

Every kid thinks their parent is embarrassing at some point anyway. If she’s a good mom they won’t care so much, at least not when they become adults.

Momof3girls on

Adorable boys!! Love the curly hair!!

I’m sure one day Momma will tell them about her porn past and the fact that she’s one of the smartest, most successful women who was ever in the porn business!!

Have any of you ever read anything about her?? She is quite a successful businesswoman!! She has nothing to be ashamed of…

Maria on

Wow, some of you people are seriously living in the dark ages.

Hello, pornography has been around for thousands of years–literally! Its not something that is going to go away any time soon, and there is NOTHING wrong with it. In fact, your teenage sons are probably watching porn right now while you are busy hating on complete strangers!! Better yet, your husband is probably watching porn right now because you guys are such cold, bitter prudes.

There’s nothing wrong with pornography. Porn stars are not hurting anybody, they are having consensual sex, and they are getting paid for it. What is the problem?

kazumi on

kudos to her for turning her life around for her boys (and that includes her husband), and to the negative people out there, just shut up! it’s you who make change difficult for them because you are judgemental and you never believe in them. why can’t we all just be happy that there is one person in this world who is trying to do good, not only for him/herself but for the people that they love??

i think jenna jameson is taking one step at a time, i’m sure she will tell her kids about her past, but it is not an easy thing to explain something like that, especially in a world full of people who like to throw stones at other peoople.

to jenna, let your little guys know who you are and at the same time, instill a positive attitude in them, let them know that having an ugly past does not mean that they could never be proud of you, in fact, it is what should make them hold their heads up high because their mama is a strong and beautiful woman who made everything possible for them!

so cheers to you!

KikiOttawa on

Wow 20 months old already? Seems like they were just born. I believe this is the first picture I have seen of them and I must say the curly hair is luscious! What little cuties.

On the other issue: who of us hasn’t made a choice when we were younger that will be difficult to explain to our kids when the time comes?

ecl on

Wait a sec, fuzibuni…women are more opposed to porn than men because it challenges their idea of womanhood and makes them insecure about their own sexuality? Since when does the porn industry show a realistic and healthy sexuality?

It DOES show a great deal of violence toward women, it objectifies them, it paints a false picture of what arouses most women. I personally don’t think that there is something so grand about a guy coming on my face and I don’t think it makes me puritanical to think so.

As for Jenna, I feel sorry for her. She was beaten and gang raped as a teenager and addicted to drugs starting in her late teens. She says she can’t watch her own sex scenes. So I really don’t think she has some “healthy” sexuality worth emulating.

Think how she must have come to this profession. So I am glad for her that she got out of it and is making a life without it.

B.J. on

Seriously cute kids, love those curls. I live near Huntington Beach and I don’t think I’d recognize Jenna on the street.

That said, her boys will definitely hear about her past, probably when they’re very young. The parents of the boys’ peers WILL know exactly who Jenna is. Upfront honesty is the best policy.

Jenn on

I, personally, wouldn’t choose a job in the sex industry, but why all the assumption that she considers it a mistake or something to be ashamed of?

Like a previous poster said, she has been very successful in her life, and not just by performing in porn movies, but by being a savvy businesswoman who built an empire around her name and it still making money off of it.

Kellie on

She is their mom. She loves her kids. Her kids love her. If they found out, yeah they can be upset, or not care at all. They can also deal with it and forgive their mom. Because they will remember they have a mom that loves them from here to the moon.

Jen on

Good for Jenna!! She chose to get into her career and now has chosen where she wants to be in her life now. She gets to devote all of her time and attention to her children, and with time she will know how to talk to them about her past.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to say that she should not have had children because of her profession. A good percentage of celebrities that are featured on this website have acted in some serious sex scenes and appeared nude in front of the camera. Or what about other celebrities who have used drugs extensively throughout their youth? All of their children are bound to come across these facts sometime down the road.

Obviously it is different from porn, but if you suggest that porn stars (both active and former) should not have kids, then I’m sorry, but to me it would seem that any man or woman should avoid having children because of some past behavior that is not accepted by the majority of society.

Best of luck to Jenna, she has two beautiful boys that will give her the most fulfilling job ever!

jenny on

Right on, ecl. Well said.

No doubt these boys are going to have to develop a thick skin and stand up for their mom throughout their lives.

Rose on

@Alice: Okay, got it. Thanks. Your original comment was just kind of hard to understand.

I do agree that it’s hypocritical to watch porn and then judge a porn star. But I think you’re jumping to conclusions that everyone who is judging Jenna has watching porn. Some people don’t.

sky on

the boys generation will not know her, but their parents will. unfortunately people are always judging and sizing one another up.

ash on

Saying that porn makes women “insecure about their own sexuality and challenges their ideas of womanhood” as fuzibuni put it does not equal your translation that “the porn industry shows a realistic and healthy sexuality”.

I seriously can’t see the correlation you could have seen between those two ideas, but it’s a little problematic since you based your entire post on putting your words in someone else’s mouth.

You’ve clearly completely misinterpreted and therefore missed the point of fuzibuni’s post, so why don’t you tone down the drama and get your facts straight before hitting the post button next time.

Mia on

Cute boys-look just like their father. Hope things are better between them + good for Jenna Jameson. She deserves happiness-regardless of her past/career choices. Also-I doubt she uses “Jameson” as her legal name-probably stage name only. In the neighborhood she’s probably just Jenna (last name here).

Cabos on

So we have to go all puppy talk on this otherwise we’re haters, judgemental, self-claimed perfect people, etc etc. Some of you really need to get a grip.

Of course the kids will ask about what she did, especially after they see her movies, unless she burns them all, but i doubt she’ll be able to do that as technology seems to keep things now forever. There are movies from porn stars from the 70s so you bet her own will be around easily for the next 20 years. She was a mega porn star. And she was supposedly proud of what she was doing, defending her profession from head to toe. I still remember that E!Channel show on her.

Of course now it’s different because she has kids. Now she understands that porn is simply not the kind of lifestyle you wanna go by. Her kids will have to be mature enough to deal with bullying in school if that’s the case. She’d have to be really open with them about her past. We all deserve to redeem ourselves, and get a second chance. Sooner or later we all have to answer questions about certain things we did in the past and aren’t really proud of.

And i hope im not labelled “hater” or “perfect-gem” or any other silly term just for stating my opinion.

Sarah on

I don’t like Jenna but this is a cute little interview and she looks great! The boys are ADORABLE!

I also think a less “sexy” photo would have worked better here since the boys are so casual looking but it’s cute all the same πŸ˜‰

momof3 on

I’m not making fun of the kids, but why does this picture look so odd? the coloring of everything looks odd.

Kat on

Well, her boys are probably going to know about it, but that doesn’t mean much. I know about a lot of things my parents did before they had me and my younger brothers. So much of the porn industry is so fake and staged anyway, it’s not very realistic to begin with.

So long as her boys grow up with healthy and respectful attitudes toward women, and she is a good role model for them NOW, when it matters most, then what she did in her life before they came along doesn’t matter.

People just need to relax and focus on their own families, instead of tearing down other women. Maybe if we stopped hating ourselves so much, we would stop hating each other too. Why do we do this to each other? I wish women would learn to stop fighting each other and support each other. Why not just applaud her for turning her life around and being the best mom she can be for her adorable boys? Hatred, spiteful, bitter and jealous comments don’t solve the problem.

If you hate the way women are treated in life and in porn, then do something about it. Respect yourself and respect other women. The more we do that, and live that out in front of our kids, by EXAMPLE, the more respectful they will be toward women in the next generations. It starts with one woman refusing to make a snarky comment about another, and learning to love yourself, your body and who you are as a woman.

Kris on

Children will rarely question the integrity of their parents when they have a consistent healthy relationship. What’s more is that those children will know their mother as a caregiver, not as a porn star.

Shannon on

Of course they will question her past. Especially since she gave them porn star names. 😦

ecl on

To Ash:
I simply meant that the porn industry does not make me insecure about my sexuality since what is shown is so destructive and fake in many ways. I see how my wording was confusing, though. I just never like the implication made in many of the posts that if women were more secure with themselves, they wouldn’t be upset with porn. But I don’t think I was being dramatic in any way. I was just pointing out the problems with porn. I am not opposed to all porn, but I do think most of it portrays women in a harmful way. I stick by my original statement.

Bancie1031 on

Great photo! Jenna looks great …. and WOW does she have gorgeous little boys! This is the first time we’ve seen them …. or at least this is the first time that I remember seeing them πŸ™‚

Katie on

Wow good for her! I am so impressed she breastfed twins. Well done Jenna.

P.S why so quick to judge her people? We are all mums trying to do our best.

melissa on

I read her autobiography and she’s a GREAT person! I respect her 1,000% more after reading it.

Kay on

I found it kind of ironic that Selene said:
“I would much rather have Jenna Jameson as my mother than a drug dealer, addict, prostitute.”
What is the difference between a prostitute and a porn star? They both have sex for money. It’s odd that one is legal and the other is not. I guess making more money for it makes it legit.

Robert on

Well it is what it is but mmmm wow that’s going to be weird when it all hits the fan!

Gigi on

the babies are beautiful, love their hair! I think this picture is awful of Jenna though.

MiB on

What surprises me the most is the number of people who think the boys are going to want to see anything with her in it, after all, who wants to see their parents have sex? Undoubtedly they will know about it sooner or later, but they will also know her as a mother, and that is what she should strive for, them knowing her as a mother.

Sarah K. on

Alice, I agree. I have to wonder how many of the judgers here have husbands, sons, brothers, etc. who watch porn or who maybe even watch porn themselves. The reason why Jenna is so famous and wealthy is because a lot of people (mostly American) were paying to watch her.

Amy, she shouldn’t have had kids? Give me a break. That is such a self-righteous comment. Should people who watch porn also not have kids? That would definitely solve over-population. With all of the horrible abuses children face, if the worst thing that happens to her boys is that their mother was a porn star before they were born, something tells me they’ll be ok.

Anna on

They will find out, but I don’t think it is any differnt than finding out that your parents use to drop acid in the 70s or that your parents got married after you were born. . . it’s in the past!

Plus, how many kids are going to know who Jenna Jameson is when her kids are old enough to understand what their mom did! It’s almost like saying that my kids will know who the Kardashian sisters are. . . kinda fades with time! She was. . . now she isn’t. . . we all have a past!

Hell, got her fame and the money she needs to take care of them. . . and those boys are a product of a marriage. . . that’s more than a lot of people will be able to say about their parents by the time these kids are teenagers :/

Hello Selene on

Selene – Thora Birch is also the daughter of former porn stars.

Man you people are so judgmental. She was savvy enough to know she wanted kids and to be financially independent so she made sure that she had her business in order so that she could quit and not have to work again and pay for all of it inc her kids’ university education. How do you all like them apples?

Anna on

@Jena, LOL if you want your kids to know about EVERYTHING you did before you had them, you must have had them super young, grew up really really sheltered, or been the best kid in the ENTIRE world! LOL I’m pretty sure that no one wants to let their kids know everything about them. . . LOL. . . it’s just better some things get left in the past where they belong! LOL Hell with all the “sexting” and teen pregnancy going on, I’m sure that your mom being a porn star will be the least of a teens worries in this next generation! It will be more like my mom slept with my friend cuz she’s only 13 years older than me :/ I’d take Jenna Jameson over a teen mom anyday. . . Just saying πŸ™‚

Jen on

Very well said, ecl.

tanja on

I really don’t care about her porn star past. But I think it’s hypocritical to say that she wanted to get rid of everything from the past but named one of her sons Jameson. I wonder how she’ll explain the choice to her son.

Tina on

Ok I’ll be the one to say it. I LOVE porn and LOVE watching Jenna perform! She is amazing!!!

lil on

cute boys. Am I the only one that finds the tinting/colouring in this picture makes the boys look dirty. Almost as if they have been playing in the dirt? In my opinion it would be a nicer picture if it was brighter.

Bethan on

Awww, those boys are both gorgeous with awesome heads of hair πŸ™‚

I don’t really know who this Jenna Jameson is so I won’t comment on her life, but she has two beautiful sons.

Ellen Smith on

She was a damn good porn star! Her boys are beautiful. I’m sure she’ll find a way to talk to them about her past when the time is right. She need not be ashamed of having a highly successful career with significant earnings.

Dee on

I don’t think women who do or did porn dwell much on the future, normalcy or their reputations. Then they chose to insert themselves back into a “normal” world but their kids will suffer the consequences in the social realm. This does not mean that an adult film star cannot be a good parent; it just means that there will be extra weapons to use against her boys when they are teased.

However, I am more concerned with her sons watching their father beat their mother and their mother remaining in the relationship. Their issues will buy a therapist a Lamborghini one day.

momoftwo on

They will find out & I think she’d better tell them before their friends do. Kids can be really cruel.

Shea on

As long as she is always honest with her kids, so they are never surprised with the information, I don’t think there will ever be an issue.

I have a dark and shady past. I have always been upfront and honest with my kids about it. They know I had a very hard and rough life as a kid, it influenced me to make a lot of stupid and bad choices as a teenager. I got pregnant, I was 17 with a baby to support and I was a stripper….I ended up with a drug problem, I made a lot of stupid choices with wrong men, I dabbled in porn.

BUT….my kids were *ALWAYS* well taken care of, cherished, loved and provided for. It’s been a long road, my younger kids didn’t experience what my oldest did with me, but they all know the truth, because not only do I never want anything to ever come out of my past to blindside them and totally rock their worlds to the core, but I also want them to learn from my mistakes the best that they can so they never have to experience the horrible things that I have.

My life is totally different now. I am happily married, I am a Christian, I am active in my church, my kid’s schools, sports programs, my community…..I am honest and upfront with people close to me about my past because I don’t believe in hiding things, that’s how you get into trouble, by trying to be phony and something you are not.

I am who I am now, because of who I was then. I am and always will be a work in progress. As will Jenna.

Shea on

@ Dee….most have spent the majority of their lives, since early childhood….being used and abused by men in someway. I don’t know Jenna’s background , but I know that most women in the adult industry…porn, exotic dancing, escort services, etc…have had some kind of abuse and have very low self-esteem. Don’t be so judgmental unless you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes.

Shawna on

I don’t have anything to comment about Jenna but to a previous poster – Maria – if you think all porn stars are having consensual sex then you don’t know a lot about the porn industry. When you (general you) watching a porn film there will be many times you are watching a woman being raped. Some women, like Jenna, choose to do, many more are forced into it.

KikiOttawa on

Wow it is really interesting to read all the various opinions posted on this forum. While I do not agree with every post, it is fasciating to see all the different views.

@Shea: What an interesting life you’ve led. Thanks for sharing!

simi on

i think that when they reach the age of reason (different for everyone) that moment when they understand, past, present, future, and the impact your actions have on it she should sit them down and tell them the truth about her past job. i think as long as she approaches it with pride, her kids wont think much of it. because what she did in the past brought her to her present and her two beautiful baby boys.

i know when i found out my brother did porn it didn’t bother me cause he said it all with pride in his eye. he did it. should he have? no. even he will tell you that. but you can not change your past regardless of how badly you want to. so accept you past, love yourself, and know that everything in your past led you to this moment here in time. and as long as you are happy with where you are now that your past doesn’t matter.

everyone can have their opinion of porn industry, prostitution, motherhood, marriage, and so many other things. but that doesn’t allow us to tell others how to live their lives. as long as the kids are taken care of, loved than everything else doesn’t matter. if her and tito are good to each other and he know about her past than our opinion does not matter, since he is the only one who should have the right to be upset about her being a porn star.

Zinzi on

Whether anyone is judging her for her choice of career or “mistakes” as some have put it is really inconsequential. The FACT is that her kids will suffer the humiliation and taunting because of it…porn will still be taboo even 10 yrs from now when one of their classmates brings it up.

Rosalie on

I doubt they would ever find out, firstly she most likely goes under another name in her personal life (like many celebrities do).

Secondly by the time these boys are teens, she will look alot different then she did when she was in porn.

She will just look like any other regular mum. If by some chance they do find out she will deal with it, and tell them the truth.

Dee on

OMG my eyes hurt from all the self righteousness on this board. Get over yourselves people, Jenna is not in denial…she was a porn actress, so what!!! Because she enjoyed sex and decided that she should get paid for doing something she loved, it makes her a bad person????

Your husbands, boyfriends etc. kept her in business all these years so lets not jump on the bandwagon to crucify the woman. I think she is awesome, I remember seeing her on Oprah and she has carved out a life for herself and her family. When the time comes, if her sons want to know about her past she will have found the words then.

I bet you they wont be judging her because all the know is that she was a good mother who loved and took care of them!!!

Do your thing girl and leave all the haters in the dust!!!!

sylvia on

QUIT JUDGING HER!!!! NO ONE IS PERFECT! What a judgemental world we live in!!!! Her boys are simply adorable, and that is what matters most. To the ladies that are throwing stones how miserable and unhappy are you.

Shannon on

Well at least she’s not still doing porn. This is my own personal opinion, so don’t bash me for it. I just think maybe she had issues in the past and was looking for love and acceptance in the wrong places? Now that she’s in a relationship and a mom she’s found the love and acceptance she was looking for. In no way do I condone porn, but good for her being the best mom she can be to those beautiful babies!

Beautee on

The boys are definitely some cuties and she seems to have her priorities in order. Everyone has a past some good, others not so good.

Taunting and teasing really is getting out of hand and at the rate it’s going *praying for a stop* kids aren’t looking for a parents past in order to taunt and tease. I can only imagine what parents are raising these taunters and teasers hmmmm……..

Mira on

I have no problem whatsoever with judging people, but in this case I don’t see what to judge her for.

I’d never do porn and I feel sorry for the women that do it, because they are very often coerced (directly or indirectly into it), but I also think there are plenty of professions that are much more distasteful and immoral. In fact, I’d be more ashamed if my parents were sleazy car dealers (or subprime mortgage pushing bankers) who cheat people out of their hard-earned money than if my mother did porn, which provided entertainment for millions of people.

Simone on

OMG who cares if she did porn and if she would decide she still wants to do it that would be her business!!!!!

Her boys are handsome and she is beautiful!!!!

Mary on

Because of her former job those boys are never going to have to want for anything in their lives. She’s not the first porn star to have children and she wont be the last. I doubt the boys are going to be teased too much in school about it. All the male classmates will want sleepovers. Her kids will be rich and gorgeous so all the girls will want some sleepovers too.

When they’re old enough to search for porn on the internet some other mega porn star will be around and they can look at that and avoid the links that say “Vintage Jenna Jameson”

Mary on

Also I might add that I doubt they’ll be the only children in their school whose mom did porn. It’s not like they’re going to grow up in Hendersonville Kentucky. Huntington Beach California. Think about it.

loren on

@Mary, refreshing way to look at it, things may just turn out OK for Jenna and her sons πŸ™‚ Not much she can do about her past choices, except what she has done which is change. They are gorgeous boys, I wish her all the best with them.

noam on

i think cbb needs to re-evaluate their headlines. this is the third story in the past few days in which the headline relays something entirely different than what the article conveys…jenna jameson never says she hopes her sons don’t question her past, just that she hopes when they do, all the love and stability she’s provided for their entire lives overshadows any/everything else.

and yes, i know she “changed the face of porn”, but in a decade or two, will she really be that recognizable? i certainly couldn’t tell you who the biggest porn stars were 20 years ago. perhaps they/their friends will stumble on it (if they’re looking up her name, probably), but i really don’t think when they’re in high school, they’ll be watching vintage porn, especially with the every changing technologies. they’ll probably watch something circa 2000 and laugh hysterically at how outdated/tame everything seems….

Bea on

So who cares what she did before. She at least put it out there and admits what to what she did and how she has changed now. She was an entertainer. Yes it may be on a different level..but many big name actors and actress’ have also bared skin and simulated sex scenes in a room full of cameras/crew..and that’s call acting. She was actress too..just a different kind..but an actress no less in a room full of cameras and crew.

At least she does not deny what she did..Which is more then I can say for some politicians being shady in so many ways, lying the public, and trying to put on this facade of perfection!

Lets not judge people! Everyone has a past.

She is mother now doing the best for her children! Go Jenna!

Ria on

Why is it we don’t ever vilify the men who created the porn industry, men who run the porn industry, men who help the porn industry to continue? Come on ladies, let’s stick together. So she did something you wouldn’t do? So what!

I don’t want to get into a huge feminist issue here, but I will say that lots of these women are forced in the industry, whilst others do it because of poverty.

In any case, I think those who leave their children while they go off to do drugs, or come home drunk every night are far worse exemplaries for parents.

And to the person who said her sons would look up her work on the internet….seriously? I highly doubt that.

Rosalie on

Totally agree Ria, as i said she probably goes by a different name. So there would be no reason for them to be searching Jenna Jameson!

torgster on

Noam I agree. At the rate the world is changing, her porn past will be a joke to her kids down the road. They’ll be busy having virtual sex with their virtual partners on their computers. Hell they’ll probably envy her for having had REAL sex lol.

Lucy on

Have none of you ever googled your mom? Stuff like this comes up, if it’s posted on the internet you can find it. And boys can be very cruel. If another boy from their class finds photos or videos of her they’ll tease her sons.

I think as a mother she should strive to prepare them for anything people might use to hurt them. What’s in the past is in the past and I don’t judge her all I’m just saying she needs to at least talk to those boys and give her side of the story first before they hear it from someone else.

Alyssa on

I don’t know…wait until they hit the high school age and all their buddies are making comments.

Alyssa on

Cute picture of the babies, but maybe Jenna could smile and look a little less like a zombie in that picture?

Cyndi Rodabaugh on

TOO ALL OF YOU HATERS – stop judging her !! Thats not our job to do ! All that matters is that she has made raising her kids the top priority in her life !! THATS AWESOME – With being given those 2 Beautiful Gifts from Above she is now doing her best work :))) God Bless you Jenna and Family

Jena on

@Anna— Get off your high horse there missy… like everyone else on this page you all are judging people you know nothing about. Whether I had my kids super young… grew up really really really sheltered or was the best kid in the entire world who cares? We have all done things that might not be acceptable in “America’s Standards” but really who are you to say anything??? I do not shelter my kids from the mistakes that I made I try to help them learn from them. The shows that are on TV these days are soft porn at best and it gives kids a message that “Hey Sex is Okay!”

In closing… everyone is entitled to their opinion and to everyone who thinks my original post is wrong.. well I don’t know you nor do I care what you think… Just like all these comments won’t mean diddly sqaut to Jenna Jameson… she changed her life around for her boys… why are you all so hell bent on beating her down for it??

meghan on

They’re not even two yet. Talking about this topic with the boys is waaaaaaaaay in the future.

Blanka on

those boys are going to turn into gorgeous men one day as for what their mom did for living…they will love her no matter what. I do agree that her facial expression is a lill to seductive but hey maybe she doesn’t know how to pose otherwise lol

love you Jenna, any mother that breasfeeds AND she took her implants out for her boys!!! BRAVO Jenna !!!!

Becky on

Cute kids..If I were the kids, I’d be more embarassed about my names then I would be about what my Mother did in the past…

Anonymous on

I never write on the Celeb Baby Blog but I just felt inclined to say the baby boy on the left is GORGEOUS!! She is very lucky to have such beautiful healthy baby boys regardless of her past!

Kris on

My step son was horrified when he found out his mom was a stripper so I am sure one or both of her sons will have that horror. Her past will bite her and what if one of her sons watched one of her movies? Did she ever think of that? Disgusting!

amyelizabethsmith on

Good for her for breastfeeding her babies!!! I’m so excited to hear that she can after her implants and removal. What a blessing. I hope she sticks to her words here. People can change!!!

Jenn on

Just so you know, Jenna Jameson built a porn empire on her name. While I do agree that the porn industry is predominantly controlled by men and that some women are forced into it and therefore victimized, sometimes people make a choice that that is what they want to do. And if you’re gonna work in porn, I’d much rather be a women and pulling in plenty of cash, unlike their male counterparts.

Jenna is a millionaire, she never has to work again, because she took her career as a porn actress into being a porn entrepreneur and a very successful one at that.

Jenn on

Also, for the record, I don’t think she is in anyway ashamed of her choices (since she’s still making money off of her production company and her past films).

I don’t think she’s “changed” as so many people have stated, I think she retired from the industry as an actress. Two totally different things.

amber on

@Lilliana you said it perfectly! I couldn’t agree more. I too applaud Jenna and the community for accepting her.
I do not agree with her lifestyle prior, but I certainly congratulate her for moving past that and making her children her #1 and making the changes she has made. It takes courage and her children will see that.

Been There on

I can see the school yard fights now. What an awful burden for the kids. And yes, actions speak louder than words. The picture of Jenna holding the babies is too sexual. If you want to be respected as a mother, start looking less like a ho.

Sue on

She looks beautiful and her sons do too. Who cares about what she did for a living prior to becoming a mom, what’s important is that she loves her kids. For the people who stand in judgement…check your husbands and boyfriends drawers, they’re probably hiding her movies from you!

Jenna your beautiful…past, present and future…congratulations on a gorgeous family!

molly on

You know what? Good for her for moving on and hoping to make a good example for her family. Hopefully the rest of us can, too. I am sure she will have to explain some things and hopefully create positive lessons for her sons to live by. We all have demons, we just didn’t record them!

BTW…those children are gorgeous little babes!

Tammy on

How would any of you feel if you just learned that your mom is was hugh porn star….

I know how I would feel/thing about it.

Yikes…. glad I don’t have that looming over my head!

Thoses kids are ardorable – what a gift!

Ty on

These babies are so beautiful and Jenna looks great. They will ask about it, and they might get angry, confused, worried, ect.. But I think she will handle it well. She has a shady past, and the worst part about it is that is is forever documented on film, unlike the rest of us who don’t have to deal with that. I hate how judgemental people can be towards stars about what their mistakes, not only porn stars but all stars. They are human too, we shouldn’t forget that. Good luck Jenna!

Corn on

I think Jenna is doing the best she can. Her boys are Adorable! Kudos to her, she obviously gets what she wants when she sets her mind to it. Who doesn’t have a past? You go Jenna, you obviously love your children and that is a great thing.

snot on

her past has made her current life possible. and her sons shouldn’t care about what she did before, she seems to be a doting loving mother to them and that is what matters most. good for her. shame on anyone who is trying to take that away from her.

Erica V on

Jenna is Awesome. I’m not a prude so I have watched and owned some of her movies. She has done well for herself financially and has chosen to do something different with her life now. Awesome for her and her kids. When the time comes to have a talk with them about her past, I hopw that they are understanding and know that their mom loves them and that’s all. No need to go into great detail about her porn career. They will hear about it and make their judgement for their mother themselves. You don’t have to be an ex-porn star for your children to grow up and make a jusdgement about their parents themselves. Luckily for everyone else they don’t have a porn career to explain to their boys. Love Jenna, & the boys are gorgeous.

melissa c on

Thank you Tina and Erica V πŸ™‚ it’s 2010!!!! porn is great lol. Jenna is beautiful and i too have seen some of her movies. Who cares! Yes she had sex for money and it was filmed. I don’t see a difference between that and some girls who have sex for money with “regular” dudes. There are still gold diggers out there same same. Most kids love their parents for bad or worse. If her boys later in life are offended with what she did then it’s between them as a family to deal with it.

Rock on Jenna! Very cute babies and thank you for getting my hubby and I in the mood πŸ˜›

Barb on

I don’t hate Jenna. I like that she is a smart cookie. I don’t care what she did to make a living. She hasn’t hurt anyone. She built an empire, made money and is also quite generous from what I have been told. Her children are beautiful. I do think she should change her name back to Jennifer though. If you don’t want to be remembered for what you did in your past, then go forward and change your name back to your birth name. For those who keep saying porn stars shouldn’t have children, Diane Lane’s mom was one, and Thora Birch’s parents were both porn stars. I think there are a lot worse a child can do than having parents that work in the adult entertainment for a living.

Jim on

Annie, for your information, I do believe Jenna Jameson is not her real name. Most porn stars do not use their real name, so unless someone tells her children that their mom’s real name is Jenna Jameson, they won’t know. But I do agree that at some point in their lives, she should be the one to tell them about her past.

Jim on

I have been a fan of Jenna Jameson for years. Jim is right, her real name is Jennifer Marie Masoli (not sure of the spelling).

dreamimaj on

you know, Jenna made a more honest living than politicians, lawyer, judges, doctors, big money corporations, etc. I think her boys are cute and she is a sexy mom. And no, there is nothing wrong with being a sexy mom.

TJ on

Her son’s may not ask her but her son’s friends sure will (or their dads!)


There are some really hateful and judgemental people commenting here. There are a lot worse people that could be having children. She said she stopped, which is a lot less alarming than if she had said she was going to continue and try to hide it.

Yes, they will ask, and I’m sure the boys will get teased about it at one point should their peers make the link.

Aside from you perfect people, there are some of us who dont want our kids to find out about some of the things we did before we had them. Also, how can anyone say she should have thought about that before she had kids! HELLO! For us that are honest with ourselves, we woukd probably change some decisions and not do some things at all had we known we were going to be responsible for another human being one day.

I pretty much did what I wanted to do as a single person, and didnt think about having children, but when I found out I was pregnant, everything completely changed. I didnt think about motherhood ten years ago when I became an adult- I didnt plan my life like that. Congratulations to those of you who never made mistakes because at some point down the road you knew you wanted to be perfect for your children (YEAH RIGHT)

BTW- pretty mama, gorgeous boys- I think that’s what the original intent of the article was to begin with. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

@ Kat: “People just need to relax and focus on their own families, instead of tearing down other women. Maybe if we stopped hating ourselves so much, we would stop hating each other too. Why do we do this to each other? I wish women would learn to stop fighting each other and support each other. Why not just applaud her for turning her life around and being the best mom she can be for her adorable boys? Hatred, spiteful, bitter and jealous comments don’t solve the problem.

If you hate the way women are treated in life and in porn, then do something about it. Respect yourself and respect other women. The more we do that, and live that out in front of our kids, by EXAMPLE, the more respectful they will be toward women in the next generations. It starts with one woman refusing to make a snarky comment about another, and learning to love yourself, your body and who you are as a woman.”

Thank you so much for posting this. Well said, I say the same thing all the time in a myriad of situations similar to this. Women need to start supporting other women and STOP tearing them down. Period.