Elisabeth Röhm Was the ‘Happiest Pregnant Person’

11/10/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
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It was love at first sight for Elisabeth Röhm and her fiancé Ron Anthony.

“We met because he is a fashion designer … I was borrowing clothes for an event, he measured my thigh and that was it,” laughs the actress, 37, in Playground‘s November/December issue.

Eventually giving birth to the couple’s now 2½-year-old daughter Easton August, Röhm has nothing but sweet memories of her pregnancy days — literally!

“I was a ripe 200 pounds when I gave birth to Easton. I dove into a pint of ice-cream every night, I will admit,” she shares.

“I have to say, I was the happiest pregnant person. I was not moody, was not crazy; I was relaxed and happy.”

And despite her doctor’s initial warnings against too much additional weight, the then mama-to-be remained calm and carefree.

“My doctor was worried that I had gained so much weight; however he said that the body really knows what it needs to create this baby,” Röhm recalls. “I put on 70, 75 pounds.”

Once baby girl arrived, Röhm maintained her laidback approach to shedding the pregnancy pounds and instead focused on her new family.

“I enjoyed being at home with Easton and not worrying about running back to a gym, then started to do a little yoga,” she says. “I approached my weight loss without a race, I took my time. If you’re happy, you have a happy baby!”

According to the former Law & Order star, a happy baby is what she got — especially come sunrise!

“I wake up between 2 and 4 a.m., when Easton comes into my bed to say, ‘Mommy, I love you!’ We wake up around 7 a.m., and the day is really all about Easton,” Röhm reveals. “We eat dinner together at 6 and we cook every meal at home.”

Thankful for the quality time she is able to spend with her daughter, Röhm is quick to note the acting industry has afforded her such a luxury.

“I feel so blessed that I chose the right career, being an actress. I get to be on a job, and then have time when I am done with the job to be home with Easton, where I can be 100 percent with her,” she muses.

“I will say that finding the balance of being a mom, and being multidimensional, is such a profound challenge.”

— Anya Leon

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Tracy on

Her last sentence says it all: “I will say that finding the balance of being a mom, and being multidimensional, is such a profound challenge.”

Whether being multidimensional means working outside the home, spending time with friends, or just engaging in a hobby or interest just for you, it is challenging for parents (mothers and fathers). That has been my biggest struggle since having my son two years ago. I truly think that being a good parent to my child means taking some time for me (and not feeling guilty because I’m not with my son). I think the more multidimensional we are, the less likely we are to be stressed and more likely we are to really enjoy our time with our children.

Just my two cents (maybe more since I kind of rambled) 🙂

mommyof2 on

wow wonderful article!! she seems like an amazing mother!! i love how she starts her days…sounds just like mine!! my daughter comes into bed every morning at about 2am for some snuggling!! its nice to hear her sounding like a “regular” mom!!

Catherine on

How refreshing to hear of a star who did not obsess over weight gain/loss. She should have a sit-down with Samantha Harris and Trista Sutter. Lol.

Nella on

She seems very down to earth and I like that. Easton is a beautiful little girl. Great article!

I think it’s refreshing to read about a celeb mom who didn’t worry about getting back in shape within a few weeks after giving birth, now I understand if your natural body just did that, but some people really put so much focus on that. I agree with healthy eating, but I also think people shouldn’t be insecure if they have a small pooch after they had given birth recently. Lot of celebs I feel take the dieting approach after having a baby a bit too far and in an unhealthy way.

My sis gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and eventually lost the weight, she didn’t lose it in a month, it took some time, but the weight loss stayed and she did it in a healthy way without starving herself, using unhealthy supplements. Plus she wasn’t grumpy when she was losing weight because she did it the healthy way.

Julia A on

Easton is so pretty!

weu on

Easton looks like she walked out of a painting…such a gorgeous girl

gdfg on

It’s nice to hear a celeb who isn’t complaining about how hard it is to be an actress and a mother! In reality, actresses typically get many more vacation days than most people of other professions.

Nella, they lose weight quickly and unhealthily because their jobs depend on their physical appearance. It’s unfortunate but true.

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- Just because someone’s an actress doesn’t mean they don’t find motherhood difficult sometimes. Celebs lives aren’t perfect, they have problems just like the rest of us. They just aren’t always the same problems we have!

That being said, I love this article!

Cleo on

She’s still not married!?? For real? Why did she do that wedding dress cover photo for In Style?

Marcie on

gdfg – Not everyone that loses the weight quickly does so in an unhealthy manner. I lost it within 6 weeks, and then continued to get smaller than I was before pregnancy. This happened with both of my children. I was not intentionally losing weight, and I wasn’t exercising, but I was eating healthy because I was nursing. I am one of those people that burns a lot of calories while nursing. I say all that to say, it’s very unfair to make a blanket statement like that.

Mira on

“Pregnant person” cracked me up. There’s no need to be gender neutral. It’s not like men can be pregnant, the “pregnant man” gal notwithstanding.

Nice interview, though. I like this woman.

Tee on

Easton is so beautiful! I, too, am glad to hear a celebrity talk freely about not being overly concerned about weight gain and keeping their focus where it should be, on the health and happiness of their child!