Baby No. 2 On the Way for Vern Yip

11/10/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Douglas Friedman

It’s time to redecorate: Design Star judge Vern Yip and his partner are expecting their second child, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“It’s really exciting, we’re thrilled,” Yip, 42, says. “We’re due the very first week of March.”

Though Yip and his partner — who are again using a surrogate, as they did with son Gavin Joshua Mannox, 10 months — know the sex of baby-to-be, they’re not sharing just yet.

But Yip does say he’s looking forward to having two children under the age of 2 running around at home.

“I have one sister who’s 10 years older than I am,” he explains.

“I love her to pieces, but we were always in two different places in our lives because when I was a kid, she was going through adolescence, and when she was going off to college, I was in junior high. I missed that experience, and I’m really excited that Gavin and his sibling will be close in age.”

So is the new dad nervous about the time and energy required to handle two babies? Not at all.

“My whole life I’ve just been one of those people who’s really comfortable with having a lot of balls up in the air,” he says. “Maybe I just don’t know any better — it’s not like I’ve done this before! But with kids especially, you do whatever you need to do to make it work, and it just happens.”

Luckily, Gavin has made life fairly easy for Yip thus far. “He’s been on over 50 plane flights already, and he’s great on airplanes,” he boasts. “And ever since he started eating solids, he’s been into eating whatever we’re eating, and I love that.”

But just because little Gavin is adapting to his dads’ grown-up ways doesn’t mean he’s whizzing through all his important milestones. “He’s been crawling and just starting to pull himself up,” the proud papa shares. “He says ‘dada,’ too. And he’s had two bottom teeth for a while now, and the top ones are just about to poke through.”

Gavin is also exploring his nursery, which Yip designed and filled with artifacts from his international travels.

“We’re really teaching him we have a lot of things around the house that he could break, and we’re teaching him what he can and cannot touch,” Yip explains. “I know we’re going to probably lose some things in the process, and it’s going to be fine. At the end of the day, things are things.”

Courtesy UNICEF

He’ll have the chance to pick up more ‘things’ soon, though: Yip was recently selected as a United States UNICEF Ambassador, a job that will send him around the world to improve the lives of children in impoverished nations.

“I’ve got a great, healthy kid and hope to have a second,” he says. “But there are so many children in the world who don’t have the basic fundamentals that they need: water, access to vaccinations, the proper nutrition. Twenty-two thousand children die every day, and that’s so preventable.”

One of Yip’s first tasks in this new role is lighting the iconic UNICEF Snowflake (pictured) on New York’s famed Fifth Avenue (at 57th Street) on Nov. 18.

“I’m super excited about it,” he shares.

“Though we’re heading into the holiday season and focusing on that, I want people to remember that there’s a lot happening in the world. There are a lot of kids out there who need us — and it’s our responsibility to help.”

— Kate Hogan

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Hea on

Yaay for them! I hope all goes well.

ELO on

Congratulations to them! Little Gavin is adorable.

Patrice on

While I think any baby news between a happy loving couple is good news, I can’t help but to admit some sadness here.

As someone who grew up with a lesbian mother AND my father in my life, my entire life, I cannot at all understand how someone can just decide that because they do not have romantic relationships with a men/women that that means that their child is not entitled in every way to know who their mother/father is and have them present as well…I cannot imagine a minute life without my wonderful Dad and I’m so glad that my mother did not go a different direction.

Anonymous on

@Patrice, it sure sounds like you are projecting YOUR issues here. You don’t know this person, his partner, or their full situation. Sorry you have painful memories but I don’t think you need to feel sad for this obviously much loved and much wanted child.

Kristen on

While I respect the love that you have for your parents, I think that your logic is a bit counterfactual.

Children love and cannot imagine life without… the parents who they have come to know. I know that you cannot imagine life without both of your parents, but certainly Gavin and his new sibling will not be able to imagine life any different than the one created by their dads.

It seems like Gavin’s parents have created a beautiful and fulfilling life for him!

h on

i’m more ‘concerned’ about the fact that the kids will be, what, a year apart?

Casandra on

Patrice, Really? You can’t imagine children who don’t have the opportunity to know “both” parents? A child needs a loving, supportive, caring home where he/she can thrive phsyically and emotionally.

Society has indoctrinated people to think that “normal” includes a mother and father, but in many societies around the world, children are raised by by blood-related family and community members. There are children out there who are healthy & happy who are raised by one mother/father, two moms/dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles, adoptive family, etc. Children thrive in loving environments. That’s what leads to a healthy self-image, not whether one has a mom or dad or whatever.

Bree on

@Patricia I grew up with a single mother until I was 13 when she fell in love with another woman, my father has never been a part of my life and although I missed him it was because I did know him and I know his family so I had an actual person to miss.

I also did not have another real parent in my life until I was 13, since then I am happy and at peace with my dad’s absence. I have two parents that love me and really growing up that was all I wanted and clearly these two kids have that, who cares what gender they are??

Sooooooo happy for this family, Gavin is ADORABLE!!!

Seanaci on

Patrice, while I admire you and understand what you are saying, gay couples have the choice to let their child know their father or mother…and if Vern and his partner have chosen to keep the children’s birth mother from the kids, that is their choice.

It’s as it says in the bible, “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

I wish Vern, his partner, and the babies all the best!!

leanne on

I can’t help but smile. I can totally feel Vern’s happiness through his words. I’m so happy for them!!

Gigi on

That baby is so precious I just could eat him alive!!! Congrats on the new baby!!

Shannon on

I really hope these children have a positive female role model in their lives.

moriah on

@h Why be concerned with the children being a year apart?

I am a mother of a 5 year old little boy and 4 year old twin girls. My son turned a year 9 days after the early arrival of his little sisters. Not for once did anyone ever feel concerned on their being born within a year of eachother and none of my children have suffered from it, they are very much loved and get along great with one another. I am thankful everyday for my children and for having them close together.

No concern here Vern. I congratulate you and your partner on the new sibling that Gavin will have.

Vern Fan on

I know you’ll be busy with 2 beautiful children, but I would LOVE to see you on Dancing With the Stars when they open it up to ALL couples. Please….give it some thought (LOL)

Jayna on

Patrice, they will know both parents, the two that raise them. So you’re saying if a woman and man use a surrogate, that that child suffers with their mom and dad because that child doesn’t know the surrogate? Wow. And for all you know, the surrogate is in their life? But whether or not the surrogate is or isn’t, the child has his two parents.

Alice on

Patrice, your dad is your dad. A surrogate is not a parent, that’s the principle of surrogacy. Would you say the same for Sarah Jessica Parker’s girls? Because it is, essentially, the same.

Jill on

Alice, that was the point I was going to make. A surrogate is a surrogate….not a parent. The child’s parents are Vern and his partner. Neil Patrick Harris and his partner just had twins via a surrogate…..they are the parents.

What about the mom’s/dad’s who get sperms/eggs donated? It is the same thing. The donation of the sperm or egg doesn’t make them a parent. I had never heard of Vern until he was posted on this site and have grown to be a fan. I am thrilled that he is again becoming a parent and so is his partner. Children do not need to have parents that are a female and a male…children need to have a parent(s) that LOVE them.

B.J. on

Awesome, can’t wait to see the new addition!

mikki on

Love it. Congrats!!

Janice on

Are you really telling me that having children closer together is really the best thing for them. SO, just because they will be close in age they will have close relationships? Do some research and you will find that the opposite is true.

Having children too close together can damage their relationships will siblings and parents. Children should have the chance to grow and mature with their parents and when they are older they will appreciate having a younger sibling. I find that the children I counsel are very jealous of the attention the younger sibling gets, no matter how much the parents love them. That is not the issue. I feel sorry for children that are pushed into this situation because their parents didn’t have a close relationship with their siblings and they think now things will be different because they are better parents. Give children the love and attention they need as babies and toddlers before having more children.

Di on

Congrats to them!! 2 very lucky fathers and 2 very lucky children

melisa on

I can’t believe in a day and age when you hear a daily story about a dead baby being found, beaten, neglected, tossed in a dumpster like trash that we even CARE that a loving, nurturing gay couple adopts a child. Vern, you are a classy dude, and I wish you and your partner a life full of love and happiness with your growing family. For the rest of you…there are bigger issues to worry about…love is love, whether its your definition of normal or not.

Jeri on

Congrats Vern !!

People needs to change the title of this section from Moms & Babies. Especially when reporting on babies who are not being raised by a so-called traditional Mom .

Maybe Celebs & Babies is more appropriate.

Kat on

That baby is cute as a button. I no longer have cable but I love Vern Yip, he seems so approachable and down to earth unlike other celebrities.

Kinsey on

How wonderful and sweet for them! All the best!!

Macy on

Janice, I am the 2nd child in a family of 5 daughters. We are all 2 years apart, I am the closest to the sister that is the youngest, 6 yrs younger. I don’t get along with the sister that I am closest to in age. So I see your point of being close in age doesn’t necessarily mean you will be close in friendship. But we are all close to both my parents because they gave us individual attention. So I don’t agree with your statement to give children the love and attention they need as babies and toddlers before having more children. Perhaps only you can love one child at a time. What’s your time frame? Have a child every five years? Is that enough time for you to love one child, then open your heart again to another?

Macy on

Melisa, they are not adopting a child, they are using a surrogate. Which means that one of the fathers has given sperm to produce this child.

Baby Gavin is adorable beyond words, and I’m sure their new bundle of joy will be just as adorable. Good luck Vern, you’ve got precious times ahead of you.

April on

You know, just because that woman is the surrogate doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s the biological mother. We don’t know anything about their surrogacy/pregnancy issues, and quite frankly, it’s none of our business!!

These are two parents who clearly love the child that they have, and the one on the way!! That’s more than some children have!!

I’m thrilled for Vern and his partner!! I would love to see Vern with a little girl, if for anything, to see how he decorates the nursery!!

Kim on

Congratulations to Vern and his partner. THEY will be the parents, the surrogate is just that and nothing more. As for them being a year or so apart,

so what? Some bros and sisters get along..some don’t. Age has very little to do with it. My sister and I are 9 yrs. apart and have always been best of friends..even when I was small.

Sassy on

Before anyone slams another for their opinion just remember: Life is not a “One Size Fits All or Most”. Everyone are individuals with different needs and wants out of life.

Some adopted children want or need to know their bio-logical parents while other adopted children do not. Some children of surrogates wonder about the person who gave birth to them while others do not. My brother is younger than me by 13 months and neither of us were jealous or resentful of each other, but I’m sure there are others like us who were or are.

This doesn’t make any of us wrong or right for our feelings or needs. It just means it is what it is and we need to realize what works for one person in any situation doesn’t always work for another and we need to accept one another without slamming each other for being different or having different experiences in life.

KikiOttawa on

Congrats to them!! I would love to hear what Gavin and Baby 2 will call Vern and his partner. I know Melissa Etheridge and her ex were called ‘Momma” and “Mammo” to tell them apart. Maybe Vern will go with ‘Daddy” and ‘Papa’.

Patrice: It is very sweet of you to share a little bit about yourself with us, and I believe in your case it would have been very sad not to have your father as it sounds like you and he had a relationship right from your birth.

I think in this situation the fact a ‘surrogate’ was used is a fundamental difference from what your experience was. There is no relationship beyond a contractual one between the parents and the ‘surrogate’ or any relationship between the child and the “surrogate”.

I do agree with you it is not in the children’s best interest to cut the other parent out of your child’s life just because you found love with someone else (same sex or not).

Glad to hear your parents found a good balance and the fact you care so much about others is a testament to the wonderful job they did.

Don’t let some of the harsher words for you get you down, you came from a place of love and compassion and that’s what matters. Actually so did the ones who had harsh words for you, they spoke out because they care too.

Marky on

Janice, I am an older adult whose only sibling is 11 months younger than I am, therefore, I believe I can speak from personal experience about how close siblings can or cannot be if they are close in age.

My sister and I were always very close and did almost everything together, even though there were some differences in our personalities. I was more sports oriented; she was better at horseback riding. Both loved reading and music, I was more introspective, she was more outgoing, BUT we shared a room until we were grown, and we would have killed for each other (so to speak).

We are older now and still share holidays and are always there for each other. You are wrong. The difference is in how you choose to raise your children.

I had 3 children in 4 years; they are close to this day, call each other regularly, did not even fight in the car, and shared a lot of great times growing up because I didn’t expect them to hate each other, I didn’t foster jealousy, and I treasured all of them. They were more important than money, fame or anything except their dad, and they knew it.

These kids have kids who are all like that, too, so it doesn’t have to be a catfight because your kids are close in age.

Anyone who insists there has to be sibling rivalry is forgetting the purpose of parenting. I don’t say that to be critical; I say it because too many people lose sight of what they are doing as parents.

If Vern and his partner are focused on truly parenting and enjoying their children, they’ll be fine

OMG on

I am sorry having this or that be in or not be in your life or being 1,2,3,4 years apart doesn’t make a SPIT of difference!!!!!!!!! Having a loving parent or parents is really all that matters!

I had a 1/2 sister find us after we were all adults, who I knew nothing about prior to the day I met her, she was raised by her wonderful adoptive family and guess what, she is so much like us has all our traits, mannerisms, likes the things we like, etc. We had no influence in her life for 30+ years, she was raised strict Catholic and we weren’t, but still had some of the same stories to tell that were soo close to ours SCARY!

Good luck to Vern and his partner and their beautiful children!

C-Bear on

Gavin is a beautiful little boy and he’s one lucky little fellow to have 2 parents who love and adore him.

Congratulations on the little one to come and I can’t wait to see his/her debut photo, if you choose to share them of course. All the best!

Sharon on

Congrats to Vern and his partner! I was blessed with my 2 sons at 13 months apart. They are extremely close and look after each other in so many ways. Have fun, Vern, and enjoy each moment! Every day is to be cherished!

gdfg on

Jeri I completely agree!

JJ, just because they are using a surrogate does not mean they are using their own sperm. Some people opt not to and some are not able.

Charlotte on

I only hope Vern lets his precious babies get to know the person or persons that carried them in their womb for 9 months. The most important 9 month of their life. They will want to meet her when they get old and if the past is erased they may not ever get the chance.

Renate on

Congratulations to Vern and his partner. Although my 9 month old is more than enough work for me, kudos to them, two under two sounds absolutely both chaotic and awesome. And as many have said, the bond that close in age siblings share is a special one. However, I’m not sure why they didn’t decide to adopt number 2 considering the twenty-two thousand children that die every day. Perhaps number three…

Jsilly on

Congratulations to Vern and his partner! How wonderful!

As for children being close in age. My sister’s kids, 3 boys and a girl, are all a year apart. They get along great. They are currently ages 21, 20, 19 and 18 and they are close and hang out together all the time. So, sorry, I think it depends on the family, it’s not a blanket situation.

moriah on

Janice just because some of the children you counsel are jealous of the attention their younger sibling gets, no matter how much their parents love them does not mean that all children who are born close in age will have relationships that suffer. Each individual is different and so is each family. Relationships between siblings are not always perfect and there are always differences. It is all about how the parents raise their children.

My sister right above me is 8 years older then me and she hated me til just now while my oldest sister is 10 years older than I and we have been close for as long as I can remember, just shows that not all theories you have on sibling relationships are right. I did not plan my children to be barely a year apart not mention them being 11 months and 51 weeks apart.

We have no idea what all Vern and his partner have been through trying to have their children so maybe we should be happy for them instead of being worried already about the age difference between the children. As long as Vern and his partner love them and can provide for them a stable home with two loving parents it shouldn’t matter whether they are 11 months or 10 years apart.

I again offer my congratulations to Vern and his beautiful family.

Dana on

I love the way people just gloss over the fact that

1. One woman sold her eggs, which more or less, biologically, are her *children*, for money. I hope none of you people oohing and aahing over this mess are anti-abortion, because if an embryo or a fetus is a human being then an egg is too, and shouldn’t you be against human trafficking?

2. Another woman got used as a brood mare. Yes, I know she got paid, yawn. Pregnancy is risky even for a healthy woman and leaves her more vulnerable to an early death. Worth the risk if you get to keep the baby at the end. Stupid thing to risk if you won’t, no matter how much you are being paid–and in the U.S., the surrogate industry prefers women who have already had children, so these women are at greater risk of dying and *leaving their existing children motherless.*

3. That poor baby. First, his actual mother sold him. Then, he grew in utero inside a total stranger. So he has these subconscious abandonment issues over a woman who is not even related to him, and the chances that he will ever know his mother or his mother’s family are slim to none. Adoptees already don’t have the right to their birth records in most U.S. states and I would imagine the children of egg donors have even fewer rights.

And that’s disgusting. People have the right to know their familial heritage, not just their guardians’ heritage but WHERE THEY ACTUALLY CAME FROM. It is NOT right for us as adults to be this abusive to children to deprive them of that chance just so we can say “oh look at me! I’ve spawned! Ain’t I SPESHUL?”

I know, I know, sometimes kids can’t grow up with their parents because the parents are abusive. Usually though, they still know where they come from. And that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about children trafficked like so many… I dunno… *pets.*

When is this going to be outlawed? If anyone in Congress ever suggests it, I want to know so I can move to their state and vote for them.

Teanutter on

Thank you Sassy! Geez, you are all way over sensitive. Patrice’s mother is a lesbian. I think she can speak from her own experience. In addition, every single person I have ever known that is adopted wanted to know about their birth parents. Now I know some of you are going to get all riled up and comment, but whatevs. I can’t even believe I read the comments and commented myself. I could care less!

In addition do you seriously think there is surrogate confusion. I think most of us get that the egg was probably selected from a bank and it was in vitro to a payed surrogate. And of course it was Vern’s or his partners sperm. Hollywood is full of narcissist. I will never read comments again.

erin on

There are 2 children that have a home with people that LOVE them…IDC if they are heterosexol homosexual or bi sexual as long as they are loved cared for and happy……we need to get off our high hose an realize the simple things…love life

Robert on

I dont care for Vern Y. but nonetheless I must state the obvious…this is a “Modern Family.” Face it we just do not live in the “Leave it to Beaver” days anymore. Like it or not there is just so many facetts to peoples lives and family now. So much more than before. All I can say is love is love and LOVE is the most important thing. And for any haters on this scenario. Remember straight people produces gay humane beings. And if you think a child will be screwed up do to this modern arrangement, just think no one having a child gay or straight, married or single holds a monopoly on screwing up or giving a kid the best life they can. THIS is an equal opportunity aspect here.

Really? on

Lots of “experts” in this room. Personal experience doesn’t mean anything. It’s seeing a pattern of events which people who work with this subject see.

Sana on

Sure it is great to have siblings close in age as you can experience traditions of childhood together, However if your personality is different to that sibling it does not make a scrap of difference on how close you become. People think siblings close in age are close which is not true in a lot of cases and a myth.

My sister is 10 months younger than me yet liked computers, hated dolls with a passion and was never into girly type stuff and to this day is disinterested in clothes, makeup, shopping. I loved Barbie, dresses, dolls etc and to my eternal sadness have never had a sister relationship. I think it is all down to genetics and personality characteristics how close you become with siblings.

Lisa on

ah, Congratulations to Mr. Yip and his partner. You have a big change coming your way. Mine are two years apart, and I can tell you, I’m tired! LOL. Seriously though, they are so much fun and will grow up experiencing that sibling relationship that you always wanted. As much as mine argue and fight, they are each other’s biggest cheerleader and best friend.

Felice on

With so much abuse and the killing of children going on, when children are lucky enough to find someone who will live and adore them, it is wonderful. The sexual preference of the parents is not a factor when there is love in the home. Members of “traditional” families are the ones abusing and killing so many of our chidren.

llewopharas on

@Marky: Talk about hitting the nail on the head! There can be complications, like very divergent personalities, but if the emphasis of one’s parenting is co-operation and loving one another, and not on the negative behaviour (which also needs to be wisely addressed), then proximity in age of the siblings is not a big factor.

daniela on

“However if your personality is different to that sibling it does not make a scrap of difference on how close you become.”

Amen Sana!! This is exactly what I was thinking!

My sister and I are 7 yrs (which isn’t a huge gap) apart and are pretty close. However one of my closest friends is 13 yrs older than me, and we just “click”. Even moreso than I do with my sister. So I think it’s more about personalities, how you are raised, what your goals are, etc. that determines if you will be close or not.

gdfg on

“Members of “traditional” families are the ones abusing and killing so many of our chidren.”

Many children are abused by their families, but not just by traditional families.

gdfg on

Dana, adults have the right to keep their lives and medical histories private, even from their biological children. It’s nice to be able to access your family and medical history, but the only history ANYONE has the right to is their own.

Tee on

Dana- You’ve brought up several interesting points that I had not thought about. I don’t agree with you about most of what you said but I’m glad you said it. It’s always fun to me to look at things from another person’s point of view. I will say that I think everyone should have access to the medical history, if at ALL possible.

I am not familiar with this couple at all but they seem quite happy with their son. I’m glad they are getting to give their son a sibling that is close to him in age!

Ria on

First of all, congratulations to Vern and his partner. I have no idea who he is (being a Brit :P) but congratulations none the less.

I just wanted to reply to the comment made by Janice.
I am 20 years old, my sister is 19 and my other sister is 18. We also have a brother who is 15. We are extremely close and certainly feel loved by our parents.

As others have said, relationships have nothing (or at least very little) to do with age. Judging people on how far apart they have children is, in my opinion, ridiculous, particularly since not every child is planned.

I’m pretty sure people would be getting in the same tiz (or worse) if every parent started aborting their children because they were too close in age (for the record I’m not anti-abortion and I don’t want to open up this can of worms; just trying to make a point, albeit a long-winded one :))

debbs on

Amen Marky!

Janice is full of crap!! I’m one of three born within four years and we have always been close. We’ve never been jealous of one another, either. My mom and her siblings have a similar experience, as do quite a number of my cousins, their children, etc. So no, being close in age does not damage their relationships with their parents or each other. It is definitely in the way children are raised, not the time span of their birth.

brannon on

My goodness. Some scary people on here. Gorgeous family and I wish them all the best for a healthy new addition.

Becky on

I LOVE Vern Yip and wish him and his partner all the best..I think baby Gavin is as cute as can be and I’m sure that he will be loved very much and will have a wonderful life..

Suzy on

This picture is so stinking cute, I can’t stand it. Congrats to the family!

Patrice on

@KikiOttawa: Thank you for your kind words. You are living proof that we all can and should be allowed to state our differing opinions and that it can be done in a polite and kind way.

Now, for all of the people on here who reacted to my words in an unjustifiably angry way: Are you kidding?! If any of you actually took the time to read my whole post you would see that:

#1: I never insinuated that the “surrogate” should be in the child’s life, nor did I imply that I thought that she was the child’s biological mother. In fact I never even mentioned the word at all so I’m not sure why I got so many responses about that, but apparantly people read what they want to.

#2: The irony is not lost on me that the mean spirited responses that I recieved were all made by people with the argument that they are somehow more “open-minded” than myself; one even went so far as to say that I had “issues” that I was “projecting” onto Vern’s children (What exactly from my first post would lead someone to get so angry and jump to such a presumptuous conclusion? Is my “issue” that I disagree with whatever they believe in?)

#3: The whole point of my post was just that I myself grew up in a lesbian household with the full involvement of my Dad as well (thank you @Teanutter), and wouldn’t that be ideal for all children? How could it be possibly a negative thing? I’m sorry, but all of the love in the world (many of you suggested) does not take away the fact that all human beings do have a bio father as well as a bio mother. That is something that isn’t going to go away any time soon and don’t we all as people have the right, at the very least, to know who the two adults responsible for our biologies are?

So, I just wanted to address some of the things on here that were said because over the past few days the rudeness of some of the posts to me (and between other people) have bothered me. Thanks.

CeCe on


The problem is the definition of parenthood that we use in our society. We feel as a society, that biology is what makes a parent. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite coming from a non-traditional home, your stance that all children should know their bio-parents is a derivative of this idea, and it truely is a very closed minded concept.

The reason that so many children who are adopted or a result of sperm or egg donation have emotional issues about not knowing their biological parents is because society narrowly defines what a parent is. No matter how great the people who did parent and love them are, society is always there to tell them they a missing a “parent” or “parents”. Parents are not the people who contributed the chromosonal material that made you, they are the people who loved you unconditionally from the moment they knew you were coming into their lives.

My husband is sterile and our children are a result of sperm donations. We have raised our children from the beginning to define a family as the people who love and care about you versus the people you are biologically related to. My oldest is old enough to understand that her father is not her biological father. We have talked to her about how she feels about not being able to ever meet her biological father and she was confused over why that might be a concern. She looked at us and said,”Why would I want to meet him, he’s not my Dad.” That is the attitude of someone with a truely open mind.

Oh, and the parenting situation you grew up with is often refered to as co-parenting. It more common among lesbian couples in Europe where the sperm bank industry is heavily regulated and it is almost impossible for a lesbian couple to use a sperm bank to concieve. It is not popular here in the United State because our legal system defines a father by biology and regardless of the arrangement agreed apon at conception, the mother can always go back and force financial responsability of children concieved by this arrangement on the biological father using our legal system. Unfortunately, due to the bad economy and some medical professionals refusal to work with them, more lesbian couples are resorting to known donors which could create legal messes down the road.

bea on

Seanaci, it also says in the bible that homosexuality is an abomination to God…so you can’t quote one without the other, the bible isn’t pick and choose…

Lisa on

With all the sadness that is happening in the world today, it is so refreshing to hear some good news.

I am thrilled for Vern and his partner to have so many blessings in their lives. Their children will grow up just like anybody else does, knowing they are loved and special and have wonderful parents. Congratulations!

bellefoy on

Every time I see this photo of Gavin and Vern my heart just melts.