Pregnant Miranda Kerr Bares All

11/09/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Patrick Demarchelier

Pregnancy never looked sexier.

Miranda Kerr has struck many a pose during her career, but the Aussie bombshell debuted a decidedly more maternal look for December’s W magazine.

The model — who’s seven months along — bared her breasts and belly for famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier in the magazine’s family issue.

“For me, family is life,” Kerr, who wed Orlando Bloom in July, explains. “The decision to start one wasn’t complex at all.”

Once the Victoria’s Secret Angel, 27, gives birth to her child — whose sex she and Bloom want to keep “a surprise” — she’ll be in no rush to get back to her job.

“My career has been wonderful, but it’s not my life,” Kerr says. “I don’t feel pressure to get back to work.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Siana on

Beautiful picture! That baby’s gonna be gorgeous for sure

jessicad on

I love this picture! I think pregnancy is beautiful and sexy on every woman, most of my pictures from the last month are nudes and I absolutely love them:) More power to her!

ELO on

This is an incredibly gorgeous photograph of Miranda. I think it’s probably my favorite pregnant, nude, celebrity shot.

April on

Gorgeous. Just a note that if you click the “December W magazine” link it will take you to the unedited image. I realize that they need to blackbar the picture for people in case they are reading at work, but the original is even more beautiful. Just wanted to mention in case people didn’t know.

ForeverMoore on

Wow, she is gorgeous with that bump! I absolutely loved being pregnant and I kinda miss it now, my son is 5 months…it’s such a special time, I love seeing other women experiencing it too.

etsy on

Stunning photo! How I wish I looked even remotely as good as her during pregnancy!

Γ‰milie on

Oh come on, why putting a black bar on her? It’s just boobs, for god’s sake.

The picture is breathtaking and there’s not an ounce of vulgarity in that shot.

We agree that there is no vulgarity in the photo, but we can’t show nipples or genitalia. As mentioned above, the unaltered shot can be seen at the link.

– Moms & Babies Staff

Mia on

I think it’s interesting how pregnancy effects every woman differently-Angelina Jolie got a lot fuller on “top” when she was pregnant, or other woman get curvier in other areas-and some are “all belly”.

mommyof2 on

she looks amazing!!! beautiful and classy all the way around!! so happy for her and orlando!!!

Brooke on

Sorry – count me in the minority….Just gross.

Demetria on

please don’t comment if you are going to say something not so nice Brooke.
Miranda Kerr looks lovely! She is so pretty!

Demetria on

oh…I’m not trying to take your opinion away. I just don’t think it is very nice to write a comment like that. If you find something gross. You should keep it to yourself.

J on

Demetria don’t tell someone not to comment just because you don’t care for what they had to say. You actually are trying to take Brooke’s opinion away. If others can gush about how “stunning” this photo is then others can say what they feel too even if it’s at the other end of the spectrum.

Rose on

I’m not a fan of nude photos, pregnant or otherwise. And I can’t say that I understand the point of nude pregnancy photos. It seems like a sacred thing that a person would want to keep just for themselves and their significant other.

lil on

It is a stunning picture, however, I would think this would be a picture to keep private for themselves. Not to let the entire world see.

Jill on

I agree that the “just gross” comment is inappropriate. It shouldn’t be asking much to expect everyone, regardless of their opinions, to be tactful and considerate when posting. There are many ways that someone can say they don’t like or appreciate the picture without becoming offensive.

sarah on

cant stand this kind of thing, it doesn’t make pregnant women feel better about their bodies. who realistically looks like this? whyy don’t you put up a picture of a real woman

Alison on

^^^ Ouch. I have a body type similar to Miranda (although I am taller) and I’m a real woman. Women come in all shapes and sizes.

Demetria on

Well said Alison!…….. ahem J read my 2nd comment!

Jen on

Sarah- Are you saying that Miranda is not a ‘real woman’ because her body is better than your’s or other pregnant woman you know? That’s a bit unfair. Just because you may not have a healthy body image doesn’t mean other women are ‘unrealistic’ and put on Earth and in magazines to make you feel bady. If she’s happy with her body and this time in her life, good for her. I think it is empowering for women of all shapes and sizes to be proud of their bodies.

steph on

haha, oh poor poor Sarah…Miranda IS a real woman…just a tad better looking than us! And if you’re relying on a picture of someone else to make you feel better (prego or not) you will be waiting a looooong time for that to happen…

Meg on

I think she looks gorgeous and it’s an amazing photo. It’s too bad more women aren’t as secure about their bodies. We’ve all got one, it’s really not that big a deal!

Nella on

Miranda looks absolutely beautiful. It’s artistic and a nice photo. Not all women have the same body types pregnant or not and that’s okay. I think her body looks great, she seems to have more curves. Either way, I think we are all allowed to have our own opinion, but there is definitely a different more mature way to express your opinion even if you disagree with something, instead of using the word such as “gross”. That’s just my opinion on that.

Anna on

The black bar should be removed. They are just nipples, it won’t hurt anyone to see nipples.

I think the photo is beautiful, even more so because, unlike most celeb pregnancy shots, she is not in a some cramped unnatural position trying to cover her nipples.

RubyinEngland on

Anyone who thinks this image is ‘gross’ is either an immature idiot or has serious issues with bodies/sexuality/child-bearing.

Miranda looks utterly amazing. The photo is tasteful and beautiful, simply illustrating the beautiful process of growing a baby.

Allie-Rose on

Maybe because I am a huge fan of black & white portraits, but I think the picture is gorgeous.

Miranda seems to be carrying small, though, isn’t she? She definitely doesn’t look to be 7 months along. To me, anyway.

ZaraB on

Here here, Jen. As a naturally thin woman who has spent my life trying to keep weight on, I always find it deeply offensive to hear the term ‘real woman’, which, let’s face it, is just a PC way of saying ‘fat woman’. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and just because Miranda Kerr happens to be naturally thin, and probably exercises and eats well to maintain her shape, doesn’t mean she’s any less ‘real’ than any other woman, and anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly jealous!

And as for calling this photo ‘gross’ – I just don’t get it… Miranda Kerr looks stunning in this photo, and I can’t see how any photo of a woman carrying a new life could be deemed ‘gross’.

Janna on

Amen, Alison!

hayley w on

i think ‘gross’ is not really an opinion , its just insulting , if some one said i looked gross while i was pregnant i wouldn’t then go, ‘oh well every one has their own opinion’ and i doubt very much you would be ok with it either, so maybe you should think about how you would feel if some one said that about you first.

Being pregnant changes every part of your body and soul and mind even to be proud and take on the challenge if you will is a big deal and who are we to say a women shouldn’t show off their joy at these wonderful changes. If you don’t like it, don’t look, its really that simple. People these days just like complaining about something , they really do, if you try hard enough you will find something bad in every thing but that takes such a lot of effort.

be pregnant and proud, you are growing a tiny person and its amazing , wonderful, hard and beautiful.

sgv on

Sarah are you joking? she is not a real woman because she is thin and beautiful? I think you are just jealous.

Amazing picture!

anonymous on

wow, that is the definition of puffy nipples. like, whoa.

Anon on

Why can’t you show the original photo? I think the way you have it with the black bar looks ridiculous. What a shame.

Amanda on

I agree with lil, it’s a beautiful picture but it’d definitely something that should stay private. But then again I’m of the belief that your husband should be the only one to see you naked and I have to say I was a little shocked that there was JUST a little black bar.

mamafor3 on

I have to agree with Alison and Jen when it comes to Sarah. Miranda is a real woman. A real woman who probably eats right. Women tend to believe that while pregnant they are free to eat whatever they want. Not true! Yes, you are “eating for two”, but that is NUTRITIONALLY. Your baby is not a 300lb trucker who needs three double bacon cheeseburgers a day. Even at the end of your pregnancy, you only need an extra 300 calories a day. That’s just adding a glass of juice to your three daily meals. If you ate the way you were supposed to all the time (pregnant or not) you might look like Miranda. And be real. Imagine that.

I am 8 months along and have gained 18 pounds. My baby is growing very well. He’s bigger than the average baby his gestational age. I look great, but it’s not a walk in the park. I exercise and don’t give in to my junky cravings.

Dee on

Awwwwwwwww she looks awesome!!!!

Kristin on

I don’t mind the black bar, in fact I appreciate it especially when this is the first story on the page. I read this site with my coffee when I get to work and if a totally topless photo was to load like this, without the choice for me to “click to see,” that could potentially be a problem. I’m sure there are plenty of other people reading on break at work like me with the same issue. I prefer the original picture but I can see why they need to give people the option.

Gorgeous woman.

Mandy on

Pregnant women are so beautiful! I love pictures like this! She’s stunningly beautiful and pregnancy really agrees with her! I love people who are comfortable enough to do a picture like this during pregnancy. Gorgeous gorgeous photo!

sunflower on

My body at 7 months was pretty similar to this, nipples and all! And has stayed all bump and nothing elsewhere. Very different looking from the first pregancy and also from so many other people’s. Each time, each body is utterly unique. Thats what makes it all so special and memorable.

Ivey on

Cracks me up that you can show everything but nipples these days, oh those provocative nipples….LOL!

Mira on

Wow, her boobs are gorgeous! Pregnancy really agrees with her. I wish I looked like that, rather than like a blob, when I was pregnant, haha. And, btw, it doesn’t even have a lot to do with being thin or not. I was 125, 5’6′ when I got pregnant and I think I looked pretty great, but pregnancy just didn’t suit me….

Good for her for not feeling pressured to go back to work. That’s going to be great both for her and for her baby.

Ellea on

The picture is nice, i honestly don’t see anything fantastic about her figure here tho. She just looks pregnant! Not good or bad or anything to be jealous of! People should just be happy with themselves.

sarah on

As a man I think this is inappropriate. Being pregnant is something a husband and wife should share during their those wonderful intimate months together. I work for a large published magazine and I think this is tacky, just because you have a great body and you’re pregnant doesn’t mean the public needs to see your naked body, we get it your embracing the fact ur pregnant. There is nothing new or great here

kim on

Kristin, well said! Lots of companies still consider it NSFW (not suitable for work) and also I am sure that CBB has people going this site from all sorts of backgrounds and religions so I do think it is a good choice to have the black bar on the main page as not to offend people but also provide readers with a link to the original photo.

And may I say, it is an absolute gorgeous photo!

JM on

sarah, you’re a man? or are you just agreeing with yourself? πŸ˜‰

i think it’s quite a nice photo. not hugely original, but if it means something to her which it undoubtedly does it’s lovely.

and i agree, she is every bit the “real woman” that women are who look different to her. she takes care of her body, what’s wrong with that?

Hea on

Oh. My. I’m drooling. She is absolutely gorgeous.

I think it’s funny and very silly that CBB can’t show nipples. I suppose you can show the entire boob as long as you can’t show the nip? I guess nips really do make a boob a boob.

meghan on

People are way too prissy about nudity.

e on

Soooo beautiful! But showing something like this for the whole world to see? Absolutely tacky and vulgar.

Crystal on

She looks beautiful! I love when pregnant women embrace their bodies and aren’t afraid or embarrassed to show them off. She looks incredible and I applaud her for doing such an intimate shot for a magazine. It almost looks so personal it’s hard to look at!!! Lol! πŸ™‚

Jenn on

I guess I am confused as to what should be private about this photo. First she’s a model and the world has seen her mostly naked before. Second, there have been plenty of photos of her taken since they announced the pregnancy. Are people shocked by what was actually underneath her clothes? I’m 7 months with my second right now, and I wore a bikini while on vacation last month. Big deal.

Also, as someone who, when not pregnant, is a size 0, I am also a “real woman” and insulting women who fall on the opposite end of the spectrum is like the pot calling the kettle black. It doesn’t make you any better or anymore “real” than thin women who criticize overweight women.

Allie-Rose, I don’t think she’s carrying small at all. It’s her first and she’s a tall women. Her belly is just about what I assume for 7 months pregnant. I am much shorter than her, and my belly isn’t too much bigger than hers.

The picture is beautiful. Is there anything particularly special about it? No, and I think that’s why it is so beautiful. Simple, elegant.

CMS on


Oooh, busted! In your second post, you tried to change your screen name (maybe to “Bob”??) and claim that you’re a man, but your computer remembered your previous name and caught you in your lie. I love when people do this! πŸ™‚ To your credit, at least you didn’t lead with “I agree with Sarah…”

Please post more — this is hilarious.

Mariel on


AND YES SARAH, that WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Maya on

CMS – wow, you’re a real Sherlock Holmes, aren’t you? Did you consider that maybe “Sarah”‘s husband or brother wrote the comment after she asked for their opinion? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to change one’s name here…β€Ž

I don’t like the picture either – it’s far too intimate to share with the world. If she weren’t pregnant, I’d have no problem with it.

lola on

I’m totally over these nude pregnancy pictures. When Demi Moore did it it was original, but now it’s just repetitive. It’s almost as if celebrities use their pregnancies to get more media attention.

Maya on

CMS – this is Maya again. I rest my case.

Gianna on

First of all, ROTFLMAO at the Sarah comment debacle. Hilarious! Chin up, hun πŸ˜‰

Secondly, I am not nor will ever be the same size as Miranda, but I would never stoop to saying she’s not a real woman. How ridiculous! She’s pregnant! How much realer can she get? Stuff like ‘she’s not real’ or ‘she needs to eat a burger’ (I’ve seen people say that about other thin women) are so out of line. ‘Real’ women come in all sizes.

Her body type is in her genes and I expect her to be back to a size 0 within days of giving birth (just like her co-worker Gisele Bundchen whose immediate return to form also caused an uproar with some). She’ll probably be able to leave the hospital in her skinny jeans, lol. I guess that in itself will be an insult to some folks as well.

Congrats to her and Orli! That will be one well-loved and gorgeous baby. I think the picture is very pretty πŸ™‚

Jill on

Maya, what is your point? do you know how many times people come on here and agree with themselves? a LOT…… even if it was a male that she knows (which i don’t believe), she sent them here to defend her…even more hilarious!!

I think it is a beautiful photo and nothing to be ashamed of, but me personally this is something I would keep between me and my partner….if my breasts were showing, but I am a bit modest.

Sarah on

Jill – Why would someone bother to agree with themselves? Their opinion is valid without someone else validating it…

Rose on

I cannot believe how ridiculous some of you are acting about the Sarah comment. Not every person has their own separate computer. Some people living in the same house all share.

I had the same thing happen to me once. I used someone’s computer and even though I typed in my username the other person’s popped up. Big freakin’ deal. Some of you are acting like twelve-year-olds right now.

Maya on

That last Sarah comment was actually mine – Maya…

Jill on

Sarah/Maya: People do it all the time, so they have support and someone to agree with them. Not sure why you are addressing the question to me instead of everyone who said the same thing as me.

Rose, relax. People can state their opinion and what they feel and you do not need to insult people by calling them “12 year olds.” you can state your opinion without an insult….or can you?

Kimberly on

Not really what I wanted to see when I brought up the website.

sarah on

omg so many Sarah’s I can’t keep up lol! I’m a first time poster so maybe next time i’ll use “queen of the car pool” haha. everyone has an opinion sarah #1 just sounds self conscious.

I think this pic is cute! I totally didn’t have that body when pregnant so I would be way too shy to take that pic, I assume she was totally naked for the photographer? That girl is brave but she has the body to pull it off.

I can’t believe no ones guessed what shes having based on how she’s carrying. I think boy! (but then again its a 50/50 guess!)

Ryo on

I think the photo is beautiful.

And FYI, it is never up to a MAN to decide how a woman should act in relation to HER OWN BODY, in my opinion, “sarah”. A woman’s husband doesn’t own her. Besides, how do you know Orlando had a problem with it? You don’t.

And it’s not up to anyone else to decide what’s “too intimate” to share with others. If you don’t want to share pictures of your own pregnant body because you feel it’s sacred, then that’s your right. You don’t have to. Nobody MAKES you share your own pictures or look up pregnant pictures of women on the internet. If you are THAT traumatized and can’t just scroll away if you see a picture (that’s not even a REAL nude, as none of her genitals are showing thanks to the bar).

I think it says more about your own issues with your own body. Miranda is very obviously proud of the changes that her body has undergone as it prepares to bring a child into the world. She’s allowed to take pictures and she’s allowed to release them, especially as she’s a MODEL and does it for a living. In all honesty, I think it’s healthy for a model, who is usually so pressured to stay stick thin, to put a picture out there that says “look, my body is beautiful when it’s pregnant. There’s no shame in getting rounder and heavier.”

How many women are pressured to worry about eating enough when pregnant but not eating too much because they don’t want to get fat? Miranda’s not the average woman, too, but she’s the kind of woman society tells women they are supposed to be, so I think it does some good for a model to remind people that the body is beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

Jill on

Ya know, I really try hard not to take the “black and white” approach to things and refrain from making comments in the absolute but I have no problem saying to sarah (the man) that pregnancy is ALWAYS amazing and new (each one’s different and each one is making a new, unique human being). Period. No grey area here. When you grow and human being, get back to me and let me know how unspectacular such a process is.

jessicad on

I don’t understand coming to a mom and baby website and calling a pregnant woman gross, go to another site and stop insulting the women here.

Jenn on

I posted before but I need to ask a question:

To those who think this picture is “too intimate” and have even said that if she weren’t pregnant it would be no big deal….

…what exactly is so intimate and/or sacred about a pregnant body? Specifically, please.

Jen on

Sammy, you might want to pick up an art history book or take a trip to a museum to educate yourself on the fact that the human body has long been seen as a work of art and something many find incredibly inspiring as well as beautiful–even years back when more full and rounded figures were a sign of wealth and prosperity.

I hardly think the subtle curves of a woman’s body in a very natural state of being (in bloom with new life) is quite in the same arena as a clinical picture of a dilated cervix, but even still, why is either considered offensive or ‘private’? It’s a rather puritanical view if you ask me.

And personally I find it incredibly ridiculous that magazines and network tv can show real life bloodshed on the news and both real and fictional violence with quite graphic detail and not nearly as many people take issue as those who cry out if someone dare shows a body part on tv.

Elisabeth on

@Allie Rose

She’s seven months along now but the picture was taken a month or two ago. She’s only five or six months pregnant in he picture.

Shannon on

She’s just doing her job…modeling. Get over it.

Elby on

I wish I’d looked that good in either of my pregnancies! My belly was like that by the time I was about 4 months and by 9 months I looked like a beach ball.

I’m very health conscious, eat ‘properly’ and have always been a skinny-minnie but when pregnant I just balloon to enormous proportions. Mind you I have 2 sets of twins which accounts for some of the weight. I also lost it all very quickly, I was back in my normal jeans 10 days after my girls and 2 weeks after my boys.

I don’t have a problem with this photo at all, it’s not like she’s showing everything off and if you compare the censored photo to a woman on the beach in a bikini there really isn’t that much more to see. If she wants to show off her lovely baby bump then I applaud her for it.

Sydney on

Miranda is a model. She will have done nude shoots before she was pregnant. All the top models have. The only reason the photo on here is because she’s pregnant now. She hasn’t done this for the People readership, but for the W magazine readership. And I’m sure she doesn’t give a toss what the People readership think of her photos.

Patty on

I, too, think that this picture is just gross. And yes, I am entitled to my opinion. Pregnant woman are not beautiful… they are just fat and sweaty, so let’s not kid ourselves. Why would someone want to have the entire world look at their fat naked body unless they had a sick need for attention ?

Patrice on

Just thought I’d throw this out there..I am not a perfect woman. I have a big ass, big hips very curvy on the bottom, lots of imperfections like cellulite etc, but every time I’m pregnant (currently pregnant with my 4th) there are times I catch myself in the mirror when my belly is full and think, wow, what a beautiful body. I wish I could feel this way all the time, and I can’t describe why I feel this way except to say it’s probably my attitude towards beauty and pregnancy in general.

I think if you are woman who can get past societies definition of perfect, beauty, and what is acceptable, and find beauty on your own level, it will shine through and maybe even motivate you to take healthy steps at changing some things you may be unhappy with. I think the same rings true for pregnancy, yes, we have our own likes and tastes, but so much of what is acceptable in pregnancy is pre-set standard handed down to us that we are ingrained with nonsense.

What is gross about a naked pregnant body that isn’t about a naked super model? What really is it. Is it the added sex element with a baby involved. I mean, when we really asks ourselves why certain things bother us, I think we better explore the true roots to our hangups.

Lacey on

Ok I normally don’t comment but I thought this time I would. One I am a photographer and I do LOTS a pregnancy photo’s and its not something you do to be original or not original, it is something to showcase your pregnancy and the changes your body is going though.

ALSO the comment about the “real women” I agree and don’t agree with, yes she is a real women obviously cause she is pregnant, but what I think is meant by real women is you wouldn’t see a magazine offering a plus size actor/model/singer the chance to bare all like that, I know I would love to see someone like me, cause yes I am plus sized on a cover baring her belly cause that how I look.

Jen on

Wow Patty, you may be entitled to your opinion, but it’s my opinion that you are a really negative and insulting person and you see to have a desperate need for attention yourself to come to a public forum and say such offensive words. Calling a person who is creating life for another human being ‘fat’ is really a horrible habit and I’m glad your view is in the vast minority.

Also, I’m curious as to why a person who thinks pregnant women are just ‘fat’ and ‘sweaty’ would spend their time on a site devoted to pregnant women and children. Oh yes, it’s so that you can say cruel things and voice your gross opinion.

torgster on

I’m just sick of these photos period! Way back when Demi Moore posed, it was kind of cool. But now every other celeb does it, along with the photo ops cradling their “bumps”. Boring, big deal, we get it, been there done that. You’re pregnant, congrats, but you aren’t Gods’ gift anymore than your kid is the second coming.

Refessati on

1) Even the people who want to bleat on and on about how gross pregnant bodies are have a right to their opinion. That doesn’t mean anybody has to agree with them – besides, coming on here and doing so is basically a willing opening to criticism (this IS a site about babies, after all!), and they’re likely aware that they’re stirring the pot when they click the link.

2) I’m morbidly obese, have always been big, and have been pregnant twice. Even I, with a poor self-image and nearly no self-esteem, can agree that this picture is gorgeous. I think she looks amazing. The end. There is nothing, in my opinion, gross, awful, disgusting, or “fat” about her. So what? She’s a model, she does this for a living.

3) All the people who are harping about how this is something that a husband and wife should be sharing “privately” are probably the same group of people who think that a wife ought to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. If she and Orlando had sat down and decided that they, as a couple, were not comfortable doing this, that’s one thing – but you don’t see him all over the media complaining about his obstinate wife who just won’t do as he pleases. A woman’s body is not disgusting, or gross, or awful, and it isn’t something that we should be ashamed of. I’m gonna take a guess and say that these are the same people who believe a nursing mom should go feed her baby in the bathroom because you don’t want to see the top of her boob, even though the teenage girl in the next seat over might as well be falling out of her shirt. *Eyeroll*

LV on

She needs to eat a sandwich. Seriously, gain some weight for your kid Miranda.

meghan on

@torgster, I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about doing something original, it’s about having am image to look at when Miranda is older and looking back on the time when her child was growing inside of her. All the mother’s “showing off” their bellies aren’t trying to break new ground, they’re just excited moms-to-be celebrating a joyous time for them. You may have ‘been there and done that’ and billions of women may have too, that doesn’t make it any less amazing or any less exciting for a first time mother.

Torgster, if you are sick of mothers and their ‘belly photo ops’, perhaps you are on the wrong website.

Joann on

We all have a right to our own opinions and a naked pregnant mother maybe only attractive to oneself. Why not show a naked mother with varicose veins and stretch marks without the filtering? My point is, is nothing private anymore?

kim on

She does look good for being 7 months pregnant but sharing it with the world is just gross, I agree with Brooke.

Jenn on

Refessati, great post.

LV, she’s perfectly healthy looking. Thin women have babies too. Go stick your head in the sand elsewhere.

sharon D on

Sorry….carrying a baby is a beautiful PRIVATE thing…But seeing pg women: ..not ATTRACTIVE

lori on

some pople have the body and the guts to do this so i say congrats and hope she has a healthy baby

Gingy on

If i was a supermodel pregnant with Orlando Blooms baby i’d be showing off too. :-p lol

Anonymous on

I think Miranda looks beautiful. Everyone needs to relax! She is a naturally thin person, and 5’9. I’m sure she’s gained enough weight to support her child, she just doesn’t show it much. I am not a naturally thin person (got the child-bearing hips), and still think that she looks utterly fantastic. For those of you who think that this is a “personal” photo that should be kept private, that’s your opinion. Miranda obviously felt comfortable enough to share it, and good for her! As for the “man” who said that he felt it should be between a man and a woman, do you honestly think that Miranda would share this photo without Orlando’s consent? They wouldn’t have a very good marriage if that were the case! Congratulations to Miranda and Orlando. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy child.