Expectant Doutzen Kroes Ties the Knot

11/09/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Congratulations to Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James! Wearing a gown by Spanish designer Pronovias, the Victoria’s Secret stunner, 25, tied the knot with her fiancé on Sunday in their native Netherlands. The couple expect their first child — a boy — in January.

Duy Quoc Vo/Courtesy Modelinia

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Rosie on

She looks beautiful! and her man is H-O-T!

Mickie on

what a stunning couple, that kid is going to be gorgeous!

sweet joy on

Lovely photo..beautiful couple parents to be…starting a family with celebration of wed bliss joy.

Marta on

She looks beautiful and very happy, I would be to if i married such a nice and good looking man. I wish her and her husband all the best,

and it’s funny to see a picture of her at her wedding day earlier here then on a Dutch site.

Meghan on

What a good looking couple! She is truly glowing. Congratulations!

Anna on

They are a beautiful couple. I think their baby will have a very unique look to him.

Skippy on

Doutzen was very secretive when she got married in Amsterdam – there was the use of umbrellas to hide her from the view. I found it a bit pathetic.

Ellea on

He looks really handsome and she looks younger than 25 to me.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love the dress.

And wow, he is hot. Good going, Doutzen!

J-Lin on

He is sexy!

Kim on

Whoa, she looks a lot like my niece! Funny, she was also about this pregnant when she got married so the resemblance in a wedding dress surprised me! Might add her new hubby is smokin’!!

Erin on

Very little can come close to a handsome man in a perfectly tailored suit!

sar on

oh man, i do not even notice her in this picture! he is gorg!

Elena on

Oh my god, she’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And their kid is going to be super handsome!!! All the gorgeous models are having kids nowadays 🙂 I just did too! LOL

Sharon on

wow she looks beautiful but he is HOT!!!!!!!!! 🙂

joyce on

A beautiful photo. Doutzen love’s to date dj’s. Her former boyfriend was also a DJ.

She’s one of my favorite models and always goodlooking.

ssjl on

Stunning couple…wow!

Amber on

I had no idea who this beautiful couple was but I did one, just one google search for them and tons of articles and blogs popped up with the nastiest comments about them being an interacial couple. Racism is so ugly. Will it ever end?

Deanne on

Ah look at her plump up! That is the cutest wedding photo.

Jeannine on

She looks so pretty!! Isn’t it funny that she looks so much prettier without all that makeup and her hair all teased out?!?!I hardly recognized her.

Congratulations to them! What a beautiful couple!

Jennifer on

I would have thought the umbrellas were because it was in Amsterdam, it rains practically every day!

daniela on

I don’t know who either of them are but she reminds me of ellen pompeo…. And her man is super hot!!!

Lotte on

I had a gown by Pronovias too! They make gorgeous stuff. They look happy and beautiful, best of luck to the three of them!

Alexandra on

Why are you so beautiful!!!!!

Rene van den Abeelen on

There are a lot of very sad men in the Netherlands at the moment…

Skippy on

@ Jennifer: No, the umbrellas were to hide her from the public. It has been dry and fairly nice weather this week. It doesn’t rain practically every day, it’s not *that* wet over here.

Allie-Rose on

Doutzen looks gorgeous … and that’s one hot hubby she has there!

Irma from the Netherlands on

In Dutch:
Doutze en Ties van harte proficat met jullie huwelijk. Dat jullie gelukkig zijn dat stralen jullie uit!!

In English:
Doutze and Ties congratulations with your marriage!! It shows that both of you are very happy!!

Groetjes / Kind Regards

Jane on

She looks like Bridget Jones. What a boring dress for a topmodel, and his tuxido isn’t special aswell. I’m disappointed.

JW on


Suzanne on

I’m laughing about you”re comments about the netherlands!! it doesn’t rain every day LOL and the actual day of there wedding wasn’t rainy!

the umbrellas where for privacy! In holland we don”t Show Off like american do 😉 LOL

Simi on

Amber I know what you mean I did the same thing and some of the comments about them. WOW. And all because he is black and she is white. I also just like you wonder when will the hatred end. They truly are a beautiful couple who are in love with each other and are going to have one great looking kid. I can not wait to see the pictures and the name they choose for their baby. I wish them nothing but the best, many years of happy marriage, happy, healthy baby and pregnancy.

When I was young and we immigrated to Canada from Bosina, one of my little brothers who was three at the time had never seen a person of colour. At Global House (place where all immigrants to that city go until they find their own places to live) had a beautiful little girl from Somalia same age as my brother who had never see a white child before and had only that day met her first white adult.

So what do they do, they walked around each other, then poked gently to make sure the other one is real, and next you know they are both on the ground clothes off looking at each other. Hands, feet, bellies, they loved each others belly buttons, they pulled on the hair, looked inside the mouth, up the nose and so on. They did this for almost an hour touching and looking at each other and laughing the whole time. Finally I asked my brother what are they doing and what is he thinking. His answer at three mind you was ” looking – she is the same as me only prettier” she gave her mom the same answer when asked the same question.

So why am I telling this story since no one has said anything about their races being different yet. Cause I believe that someone at some point will, it always happens, I just wish that people like that could see the world through my brothers and Joys (the little girl) eyes and see the truth. We are all the same regardless of colour, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation. If the rest of the world would see it like the two three year old did more often, then maybe, just maybe, the hatred would end, wars of street gangs and whole countries would stop, endless hurt, murder and rapes would stop. Maybe, just maybe, my child could grow up in a world full of peace, acceptance, and love.

amanda on

She looks great and no it was not raining that day of the wedding. I know because i live in Amsterdam! And he is really HOT!

lisa on

she´looks like the girl next door…nothing in particular, but she´s a beautiful smile.

sabrina on

@jennifer, it does not rain everyday in Amsterdam.. its just people think we all wear wooden shoes…*sigh*

They used the umbrella’s to hide the couple.. a bit sad…

Mars on

For the ones who finds her hubby handsome, google his name. For us Sunnery James is one of our greatest DJ’s in the Netherlands and upcoming!

anita on

We love Doutzen en he’s a great DJ. She also dated a iceskater for a while.
They look very happy and in love and i find it great they found eachother.

Leslee on

What a beautiful picture of a beautiful couple.

A little old fashioned perhaps but it is nice to see couples marry before the baby. I am not sure she could be any lovelier at her perfection pre-baby figure, as she makes a radiant bride.

Georgina on

Sorry Leslee since she quite obviously pregnant at her wedding, it kind of put any so called “old fashioned” values out of the window doesn’t it?

She looks lovely, but like sar said, it took me a while to notice her, he is just too perfect for words!

Marijke on

Not just beautifull people on the outside…
They are really nice people to, doutzen is so friendly

Luis on

Simi you touched me with your comment. You know children are pure and sincere. Let us adults try to be like the children.

ellen on

He’s better looking then she is LOL. It’s a shame though they didn’t marry sooner although both look “mah”velous and making baby legit is SUPER too, I wouldn’t want to be sooo preggers in my wedding pics. That being said God Bless them and their bundle to be health and happiness always.

Mel on

I understand that people get pregnant while married everyday now and it’s practically unheard of to wait but still….I wouldn’t want the day I want to look my most beautiful to be 7 months along and bigger than normal in my wedding photos. I found pregnancy to be miserable and felt fat and gross even though I barely gained weight. Seems like they’d just wait to marry after she had the kid and lost the weight.

meghan on

Why would wanting privacy on your big day be sad?

They both look incredible!

Skippy on

@ Meghan: wanting privacy is in itself not sad, but no one or at least little people knew she was getting married and with those big umbrellas she attracted the attention she was clearly avoiding.

Oh, she has remained oh so common… Using umbrellas is more American showbizz than other well-known Dutch couples have done. You don’t have to sell your wedding to a magazine, that’s the other end of the spectrum, but using these umbrellas doesn’t contain the Dutch spirit others seem to applaud her for.

@ Suzanne: no, we might not show off by having our wedding splashed out on a 16-page editorial but this hiding by umbrellas is the other end of the rope. It says “I am famous already and don’t want people to see my big day.”

When you behave like a regular human being, what those famous people always seem to state themselves in interviews as well, you don’t need umbrellas.

Ma on


misplaced piece of yours. it’s not even an issue here.

Ria on

Wow! Beautiful people. Doutzen is such a sweet young woman. And what a nice man he is.

Gefeliciteerd met jullie huwelijk en veel geluk in de toekomst met z’n drieën.

I’m proud to be dutch.

juzme on

It’s a sad picture to me. No intimacy. Looks a little awkward and stiff. I hope for the sake of the baby there is long lasting love there and not just marriage because of a baby.

Toni-Ann on

I think she looks gorgeous and he is very handsome. I just wish that young couples today would think about the value of having children after they are narried, not before or during the ceremony. No offense to this great duo or anyone else, that is just my moral belief. All the best to the happy couple.

nelleq on

That brother is GQ fineeeeeeeeeeeee! And I am not gonna hate they are gonna have some gorgeous kids!

rewardinglove on

I am happy for them. They look great!

Tina on


Patrice on

Absolutely STUNNING all around (the both of them) is all I can say! I am relieved to see that Doutzen is happy and healthy; as there wasn’t any news about them after she first announced her pregnancy I wondered if something had happened…but thankfully all appears to be well! Congrats to this beautiful couple : )

Terri on

Attractive couple.

Jazz on

@lisa, I was thinking the same!

britchick on

their baby is gonna be gorg

Rachel on

I don’t know who she is but she resembles Denise Richards to me. She looks happy! Congrats! =)

gdfg on

“I just wish that young couples today would think about the value of having children after they are married . . . ”

Maybe they DID think about it and decided it wasn’t important. What has value to you may not to them.

Maddie on

Dang, what a good looking couple!

She looks absolutely gorgeous and he is pretty dang fine himself.

Congrats to the both of them!

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- Exactly! Or maybe they had every intention of getting married before getting pregnant, but the baby had other ideas. Not every pregnancy is planned! 🙂

Treva on

ohh, I wish he were mine. But congrats to the beautiful couple. I wish you love and joy

Macy on

Sunnery is really hot

Toni-Ann on

To those of you that commented on my statement regarding waiting to have children after you are married….first of all, in no way, shape or form was i judging this couple or any other for being pregnant while single. To “gdfg”…as far as the fact that this may not be their values, that is fine…I was just stating MY values….and not being judgmental at all. So don’t accuse someone of pushing their value system on someone else. Last I heard, this was America.

simi on

To Ma, if you google them you will see and read some of the worse, nasty, rude, racist comment I have ever see and it upset me. They are beautiful, happy couple. So I did go over board with my comment, but I am only human and I make mistakes like everyone else. What can I say I am not perfect.

Again I wish the happy couple nothing but the best in life, and may she have a good and fast delivery to a beautiful health baby.

gdfg on

“So don’t accuse someone of pushing their value system on someone else. Last I heard, this was America.”

Toni-Ann, no where on here have I seen anyone accuse you of doing that. I only pointed out that maybe they had different values that you. That’s not accusing anyone of pushing their value system on anyone else. This IS America and you have the right to state your opinion. No one told you that you couldn’t.

carama on

when in AMS she always shows up @ wedding location. spotted her there many times. she’s cute.

Lola on

Lovely! Although I do think she should’ve worn a little makeup for her wedding day.

simi on

Lola really? It’s statements like yours that drive today’s young girl to seek perfection (like 10 plastic surgeries in one day) that does not exist. Instead of looking at the fact that she is not wearing make up on her wedding day as a sign of self respect, comfort in her own skin, pride, and most of all beauty, and complementing her for her confidence, you look at it as something bad. We shouldn’t be teaching our girls that they will not succeed in life if they do not look perfect all the time, or find their soul mate, someone that will love them unconditionally unless they are a size zero, 5’11 minimum, have flawless skin with long lashes and straight hair. Girls/women at any age a vulnerable to comments like your. Which I know to you doesn’t sound bad, but to me it comes across as a major insult. See Diana my best friend stopped eating for a week, while in university doing her second PhD mind you, when she over heard a guy she really like and his sister talk about her and say that they wish she would dress more like a girl, lose a few pond around the middle, and put on some make up this way she would be a perfect knock out a 10. To them they were not being rude, or selfish, in their mind when they said it, it as a compliment since they did just tell her that she is a 9 in sweats and long baggy shirt with her hair up and wearing her glasses, but that is not how Diana felt about. So please before you say something like that to another women/girl please think how she is going to look at it and not how you think it sounds. Please since there are already too many girls/women out there that think they are no worthy of someones unconditional love and affection, but most of all their own respect, love of their bodies and looks. Everything that Doutzen Kroes has.

Lola I am sorry if I hurt your feeling, I really wasn’t trying to, but this is the only way I know how to make my point. Cause it hurts me to see so many smart, amazing, beautiful young women, hate themselves due to what media portrays as beautiful instead of just simple being who they are and loving everything about themselves. If they could do that then they would never have to look to someone else for validation.

Everyone sorry for another rant/novel, since I became very ill and am unable to work I have way too much time on my hands, sorry I promise to control my novels better next time, or better yet not write one at all

Miranda on

Proud to be dutch!

Sjem on

Proud to be Fries 🙂 They only make them like that in Friesland!