Gretchen Mol Expecting Baby No. 2

11/08/2010 at 10:15 AM ET
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She may be on a hiatus from her hit show Boardwalk Empire, but Gretchen Mol is keeping busy: the actress is expecting her second child.

“I’m just enjoying this time. We’re not shooting now so I’m having a baby and then we’ll start shooting again, which is great,” Mol, 38, tells PEOPLE at the Sunday premiere of Morning Glory.

“It’s really lovely to know I have a job coming and there’s this little time and I can really enjoy it instead of feeling [stressed].”

Thrilled to welcome another baby with husband Kip Williams in February — the couple are already parents to son Ptolemy John, 3 — Mol admits her feelings of excitement aren’t shared by all.

“It’s interesting the reaction … when people see you and say, ‘Oh, when are you due? Is it your first?’ And you say, ‘No, it’s my second,’ they’re like, ‘Oh, [disappointed sigh].’ Like, it’s just not as sweet and dramatic,” she notes.

“You don’t get that reaction like you did with the first one,” Mol says, “so you sort of feel like, ‘Oh yeah, just, here I am again.'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Suzanne Zuckerman

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mommyof2 on

Congrats!! wonder what she is having!!?? Does anyone know how you pronounce her sons name????

Claire on

Ptolemy derives from an ancient Greek name and is pronounced with a silent ‘P’ so like tol-ah-MEE. Congrats to Gretchen and family!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to her! I love Boardwalk Empire and her character.

Can’t wait to hear baby number two’s name!

Mary Beth on

Loved her in “Rounders”!

Brookie on

I TOTALLY get what she is saying. We’re expecting number 2, and people really do react like that! It’s crazy! “Oh…..this is your second…..” as if the miracle of a baby is any less just because it’s our second go round.

mp on

I love Ptolemy’s name and look forward to what she and Kip will name their second child.

SarahP on

I often got the same reaction when I was pregnant with my second, but I think it has less to do with the miracle of new life, than the enormous life-changes that happen with a first child that are just less dramatic with a second child. You’ve done the birth thing, the late-night feeing thing, the crazy number of laundry loads thing, the feeling like you could never love another human being as much as you love this little screaming baby and you’d jump off a cliff for it thing. So I guess they figure number 2 is just more of the same. LOL!

miche on

I get that when I’m out and about with my baby!
“Awww, so precious, is he your first?”
“No, I have a 3 yr old too.”
End of coversation. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened!

Congrats to her. Hope she has a great pregnancy!

mary on

I love that show Boardwalk.If you ever saw the movie ‘Holiday Affair’ 1949 when the mother in law says “Carl” in a distinctive voice I could actually hear that voice when I would hear “four”, or “fourth” from people. Funny because I was just as happy with numbers 2, 3 , and 4 as I was with 1.

emily on


chloe on

I LOVE the name Ptolemy! My husband actually suggested that for our next baby. Congrats to her.

Leah on

I am due in February with baby number 3 and I have noticed the same thing with both my second and third pregnancy. Only in the case of a third baby I get the “you must be nuts” comments as well.

Nicole on

Maybe those reactions are from the type of people who like to tell expectant mothers horror stories about childbirth and parenthood. If you’ve had a child before 1) a lot of that stuff isn’t going to be news to you and 2) you’re less likely to provide a satisfactory reaction to their scare-mongering. I’ve never had a child, but if I ever decide to get pregnant, I’m going to pretend that the first baby is actually my third.

Zoe Mays on

I think she is adorable. I especially loved her in the now defunked series “Life on Mars”. I fell in love with that show. Boardwalk is very good and has a great plot.

Leann on

I loved her in the movie “An American Affair”. What an excellent film and her performance was just amazing. Everyone should run and go rent that movie!

Leann on

Is Gretchen Mol on twitter?