Family Photo: David Boreanaz’s Shopgirls

11/08/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
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Picture perfect!

After working through a rough patch in their marriage earlier this year, David Boreanaz, his wife Jaime Bergman, and their 14-month-old daughter Bella Vita Bardot were all smiles as they spent Saturday afternoon shopping at Williams-Sonoma in Calabasas, Calif.

“Her nickname became Bella and we thought it was a better fit for her,” Bergman, 35, Tweeted about their baby girl’s name change.

The Bones actor, 41, and Bergman are also parents to son Jaden Rayne, 8½.

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Tess on

I thought they divorced.

meredith on

why is the girl called bella in this article? isn’t her name bardot?

Sky on

Jaime said on her twitter that her name was changed to Bella Vita Bardot.

Tiffany on

I wonder why they changed her name.

jordan on

she’s a cutie!

Sarah M. on

Tiffany – There seemed to be a very negative reaction to the name Bardot when it was announced on here. Perhaps they got negative reactions with family and friends and decided to make it a middle name and give her a different first one…

She’s awfully cute!

Allison J on

So, now I am confused! Did they legally change her name to “Bella Vita Bardot” or do they just call her Bella? You can call a child whatever you want, but I’m just wondering if they legally changed her name.

She is a cutie!

Glad the couple have worked through their marriage difficulties. I thought they were divorcing, as well.

Anonymous on

She looks like a Bella. lol

But I ‘m surprised to see the parents still together. No comment on that!

Sarah M. on

I think they legally changed it to Bella Vita Bardot, Allison. Jaime tweeted (if you click the link in the article, you should be able to see it), it says that her nickname was Bella but they thought it was a better fit for her first name. So they changed that to her first name and Bardot to her middle name.

The article was completely different originally. It just had Bella as her name and someone commented about the name. CBB responded to it saying that it was legally changed.

Gabby on

Hope the wife’s happy. :-/

Daughter looks adorable. <3.

Brooke on

First thing I said was “Oh, Bardot”…Then I find that her name has changed…..

Brooke on

I read one of her tweets that said her son wrote “I Love My Mom” on her dirty car, and she didn’t want to wash it…..How SWEET!

Romy on

he is one lucky man that she stayed with him! I’m kind of glad they changed her name from Bardot.

CelebBabyLover on

Gabby- I hope BOTH of them are happy! 🙂

Allie-Rose on

I did a bit of research on Bella’s name, because I vividly remember the strong reactions to her name when she was born. From what I found (,,20301743,00.html), her name originally was Bardot Vita.

So not only they changed her first name to Bella, but they inverted the other two as well. I still don’t like the name Bardot (I never was a fan of Brigitte Bardot, and especially of the person she has become) but I think Bella Vita Bardot is much cuter

Ashlee on

She’s adorable!

Glad they changed her name, though. Normally, I could care less about what celebrities name their children but I would not want my child to have any association with that woman.

Jaedyn on

I also think Bella Vita Bardot is a much better choice! She’s a cutie!

JMO on

I noticed on another site they called her Bella and I was confused too. Glad to see they kinda changed it as Bella as a first name is so much nicer then Bardot. It flows quite nicely now. She’s cute.

lila on

I almost didn’t recognize Jamie in that picture, she looks different. Bella looks a lot like Jaden at that age. They both look a lot like David. Beautiful family, hoping David has learned from is mistakes and they can move on.

Annie on

I’m sorry if this sounds rude but is that his wife in the picture? If it is I honestly thought perhaps they had a 13 year old daughter and that was her. Wow.

W.O.M. on

What a cute little girl. Love “Bella!” That name is so much better than Bardot. And Jaime is looking good: natural, and relaxed. Wish her all the best. As for David…well, nevermind.

CelebBabyLover on

Annie- Yes, that’s his wife. 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad he explained about the name changed. I remember reading on article on the main PEOPLE site a few months ago about the marriage problems they were having….and they referred to the baby as Bella. I thought, “WHAT? I thought their daughter’s name was Bardot?” Glad to know I wasn’t going crazy or anything!

Olivia on

David cheated on her. Can’t believe they are still together!

kara on

I wish them BOTH well. Especially David, who went through some tough inner search and recrimination. I hope this crisis made them BOTH wiser cause BOTH of them did wrong in their marriage. She got pregnant first to get him to marry her, second time to keep him. She lived a separate life for some time, refused to talk to him. He cheated on her. Mistakes and hurt all around. Neither one of them is a saint but the kids are their saving grace. Now they have a chance for a new better life.

Georgina on

So Kara David had nothing to do with his wife getting pregnant either time? It was all totally her. Did I miss something regarding reproducing? Thought it took two to tango?

Anyone else find it really weird that they’ve just completely changed her name? Does that mean they basically cancelled her first birth certificate for a new one? Imagine having to phone up all your family and friend to re-announce your babies name! Most peculiar.

MiB on

@Tiffany – Have you never met someone and thought that their name really doesn’t fit them? I have plenty of times. I have also met people who ask to be called something other that the name on their birth certificate because they didn’t like the name or didn’t feel like the name fit them? Have you never met parents who were dead set on a name until the baby was born, and then realized that the name doesn’t fit the baby at all?

I was supposed to be Anna if I was a girl, right up until I was born, but when my parents met me they (thankfully) decided that I wasn’t an Anna and named me something else (it’s not that I don’t like the name, it’s just that I don’t feel like an Anna, if that makes any sense). I guess they felt that Bella just wasn’t a Bardot after all, and decided it would be better if they changed the name.

loren on

@Annie I think she (his wife) would thank you for saying she looks like a 13 year old 🙂 she does look young and fresh in this picture, and that didn’t seem rude, I have seen rude at this site; your question didn’t come close 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Georgina- I think MiB explained it best. 🙂

I do agree with you about the pregnancies, though. It DOES take two to tango, and I’m sure David knows how babies are made! Also, none of us knows the reasons why they had the two kids. Only they know! And, for the record, the kids certainly don’t appear to be unwanted, so I doubt the pregnancies were just to get him to marry her and then to get him to keep her!

CelebBabyLover on

Olivia- It’s called forgiveness, and giving someone a second chance. 🙂

Staci on

I like Bella Vita because it means “Beautiful Life” in Italian.

scorpionglow on

They’ve got gorgeous kids. I’m glad that they seemed to have worked things out. I love them as a couple.