Angie Harmon and Family Put Roots Down in Charlotte

11/07/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

With dreams of giving her three daughters a normal life away from the glitter of Hollywood, Angie Harmon’s move to Charlotte, N.C. three months ago has been a huge success.

“My oldest daughter Finley [Faith, 7] was shy and reserved when we lived in the Los Angeles area,” the Rizzoli & Isles star, 38, tells PEOPLE at the opening of the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami on Thursday.

“Now in a new town with new friends, she has become quite outgoing — a little fireball.”

Harmon and her husband, former NFL star Jason Sehorn, are also parents to Avery Grace, 5, and Emery Hope, 22 months, and it seems everyone is adapting well to the Southern charm of their new city.

“We all love living in Charlotte because it exudes a small town mentality and we feel like we are part of a nice stable community,” Harmon explains. “Everything is close. Our friends live near, shopping and schools are a short drive away. And there is a lot of pride in the neighborhood.”

Harmon and Sehorn, 39, now a football commentator, wanted to leave Los Angeles to give their daughters a slower-paced, more stable and balanced family life. The actress — who plays a salty police detective on Rizzoli & Isles — begins shooting the new season in March, and is thrilled about having the next few months to devote to her girls.

“Charlotte is all about family and we are having a blast getting to know everyone around us. I am in the place I want to be.”

— Linda Marx

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allyson on

I say Angie and her family made an excellent choice! I was born in Charlotte 31 years ago and I still live there today! It is a perfect blend of a modern place yet still has old southern charm. A big city with lots to do, but not too big! I met Angie and her family at a Carolina Panthers game about 3 weeks ago. She was gracious and even more beautiful in real life. This is a FABULOUS place to raise a family!!!

Angi on

I have the same goal. Good for them!

klutzy_girl on

Good for them! I’m glad they live in a place they love now!

And they start shooting Rizzoli and Isles in March? Definitely gives Sasha enough time to have the baby and get back to work!

sarah on

I’ve seen her around town and if you didn’t know she was her you’d never recognize her. The girls are so well behaved. It’s so nice to have her add to the community.

Mira on

Sure, like I’m going to believe that a shy child will become outgoing within 3 months of moving to a new place. Whatever, Angie. Quite an annoying interview in many other ways too, but that’s not surprising given the interviewee.

Heidi on

I live in Lake Norman, so close! lol! I wonder where in Charlotte????

steph on

I believe in different environments, different kids act differently. I am sure the way the life is out in California is different then the south. So I can totally see a shy child coming out of their shell in a different environment. That is why some people change school for their kids and see a totally different child emerge.

Me on

Mira, if you don’t like Angie and her interviews annoy you, then why read them? Just to say something negative? I don’t get it.

Romy on

Mira, that actually happened with my nieces. They move a lot with the military. One was doing great in their place and the other one was not. They made their next move, and the opposite happened. The other one was doing great and making tons of friends, while the previously happy one had a harder time. Kids are not the same as adults.

amandamay on

mira – your comment seems a bit unfair and unfounded. i’m not a huge angie harmon fan myself, but there’s nothing controversial or “annoying” in this interview – sounds like you’re projecting your dislike for her onto the interview. if it were jennifer garner saying she wanted a slower pace of life for her girls and moved to a more out of the way place, would you be saying this? or would you be applauding her for getting away from the paparazzi and hollywood life?

Lorelei on

We moved to Charlotte area 4 years ago (near Lake Norman) and absolutely love it. My daughter (12 now) was shy and became outgoing fairly quickly when we moved here. With as many transplants from other areas that there are not being the only new kid can make a difference. Love this family and am happy they are where they want to be.

Bree on

Mira, when I was around 7 we moved from a big city to a small town and I reacted the same way as her daughter, I was a totally different person within weeks. Didn’t your mother ever teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”??

If you have such a problem with Angie why did you even read an article about her??

Either way, great article, she seems like such a great down to earth person and her kids are absolutely adorable!!

Rose on

@Bree: Here we go again with the “if you don’t have anything nice to say. . . ” lectures. Why is it that every time someone dares to disagree with a celebrity someone has to come out with a self-righteous lecture about how none of us are allowed to express our opinions unless they’re all filled with gushing, glowing compliments. Everyone has a right to express their opinions Bree. Even the people who disagree with things that celebrities say and do.

And I’m curious as to why you and the poster named Me are lecturing Mira about how she should just ignore this article if it bothers her while you’re focusing on how you dislike Mira’s comment. Why don’t you take your own advice and ignore Mira’s comment if it bothers you so much? And that’s a sincere question and not an insult. I really want to know why the people who think others should just ignore the stuff that bothers them don’t practice what they preach.

Sarah K. on

Um Rose, you could also accept that Bree is expressing her opinion about Mira’s post. That goes both ways too, since this is a public blog and Mira knew people would see/comment on her post.

Anyways, I totally believe that Finley came out of her shell after moving. It happens all of the time with kids.

Kay on

I think Mira’s comment is not so much an opinion as an insult. How can you have an ‘opinion’ on what someone says about their own child’s personality unless you know that child personally? She is basically saying that Angie is lying about her child.

I don’t have a problem with people having different opinions on the website, but I do wish CBB would moderate comments about children’s looks. I don’t think there is ever an appropriate venue to say that a child is ugly or looks like they have a disability. (This has happened on other articles on this site.) Being the child of a celebrity should not expose the child to public ridicule or judgment of their appearance. These children will eventually become old enough to get on the internet and see these comments that will never go away.

Jennifer on

@ Rose: They lecture Mira becasue every post she makes is rude, always negative, and sometimes doesn’t even fit the article. Mira will put down working moms and now someone mentioning how their child’s attitude changed. So that is why so many people jump down Mira’s throat about what she says.

martina on

To say that the environment doesn’t play a significant role in development of a 7 year old’s personality is simply ignorant. It’s the basic nature (“shy” personality) & nurture (more outgoing in a friendlier environment) equation. I find the comment so odd.

Charlotte is a wonderful place to raise a family. It’s welcoming and gentle. Excellent decision by Angie and Jason.

Anonymous on

Good for them. Moving can be hard on children sometimes.

martina on

Rose – what in this article could possibly “bother” anyone? It’s a serious question. I re-read it twice. Nothing annoying, offensive nor controversial. The woman is describing her personal experience.

There is a difference between expressing an opinion and spewing venom. That’s why so many people got upset with that particular post.

Jill on

Thank you Rose for saying everything I was thinking!!!

Lauren on

Wow Rose-get a life…it’s not the opinion they were complaining about from Mira it was the way she expressed it. She was very rude..plain and simple.

Emmy on

The same thing happened to me when we moved, i went from being an outgoing child to very shy, so i believe that kids can be different in different places.

Also i wish that people would just let people express their opinions, without attacking them , if your friends do not agree with you, do you attack them too?

melanie on

@Rose, it’s not about disagreeing, it’s about being disrespectful. If Mira had simply said “ya know, I’m not so sure that I agree with her–I don’t think kids would act different just from a move”, that would be fine. But Mira was completely disrespectful with the way she went about it and what she said. I think that’s what Bree was getting at.

JM on

Rose i have to say i agree. that phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” is one that really really annoys me. i mean, if we took that to the extreme then people would never disagree. in some cases you have to speak up for what is right and you can’t always be nice. it seems a really repressed mentality that some people have that you can only ever say anything nice. we’d all become unthinking robots if we did that.

anyway, i am glad this is working out for angie and her family. it wouldn’t be the kind of set up i’d want. my husband and i lived in the south in america for a while, granted only for a year, but it wasn’t for us. but whatever works for each individual i say….

steph on

Rose I think the main issue is that this Mira person only ever writes negative stuff, even when uncalled for. There was nothing contraversial in this article (unlike some of Angie Harmon’s other interviews) so its kinda annoying to see the SAME person write the SAME negative stuff. You are correct, every person has a right to an opinion, however I sincerely doubt that people get up in arms because another person ‘dares to disagree’ with a celebrity. Its simply annoying to read constant bitchiness….

Erika on

Mira, I’m sure Angie really doesn’t care if you believe it or not. She will be happy with the change she saw in her daughter regardless.

Charlotte sounds like a nice area to raise children. I’m sure Los Angeles can get crowded and busy, which can be challenging when raising children.

Rose on

@SarahK: You’ve completely missed the point of my post. I didn’t say Bree had no right to disagree with Mira. My problem is not with her disagreeing with Mira, but with her deciding that Mira has no right to express her opinion. Agree with her, disagree with her, I don’t really care – it’s just hypocritical to lecture someone about focusing too much on the negative while focusing on the negative.

@Lauren: Thanks for just demonstrating the other point I was trying to make in my post – that Mira is being lectured about being rude from a bunch of people who are also being rude. There was no reason why you couldn’t have told me you disagree with me without teling me to “get a life.” Do you notice that I didn’t direct my comments towards steph or Romy? They disagreed with what Mira said as well, but they managed to disagree without the condescending lectures.

It’s beyond hypocritical of all of you who are being rude to Mira to throw a fit about her being rude and negative while you’re being rude and negative. If you don’t like what she says then take your own advice and ignore her. Or if you’re not going to ignore her then stop lecturing others to ignore the things they’re bothered both. Pick a side for heaven’s sake and stop being such hypocrites.

Jill on

Isn’t Rose allowed to voice her opinion? And how is telling her to get a life any better?

Trish on

Enough with the Mira stuff…. What i want to know is what’s wrong with California?? I was born and raised here (Southern Cal- 30 miles outside Hollywood) and I’m raising my 2 girls here as a single mom and i have great kids. Polite well mannered kids…I’m thinking its more of the parenting then the place you live for having well adjusted well behaved kids… Just my opinion.. 🙂

Laura on

I can definitely believe that her child’s personality changed some when she moved. I moved when I was 14 (not quite as young as Finley!) and I moved from a small town where I knew everyone to a another city in another state where I knew no one. I went from being social and outgoing to extremely shy. I think I always was quite a shy person but when you live in a city where you know everyone, it is easier to be more outgoing. It was when I moved that my “real” personality came out. I’m still shy to this day (I’m 22 now and moved a second time when I was 16 and had the same issues)

Also I never heard Finley used as a girl name until I heard about Angie’s daughter, but I’m in an elementary school now and we have a Finley (girl) in our class.

Mira on

Wow, I stirred a storm in a teapot. You guys are hilarious. I like criticizing, so what?

@Trish: that’s precisely what I found annoying about the interview.

Jill on

I was a huge fan of Angie’s until I saw her on The View and read an article on here awhile ago, both about why she couldn’t possibly raise her children in CA. I found her reasons to be insulting, rude and not really to make much sense. Having my family half living in CA totally insulted and am no longer a fan…..

soph on

Whether Angie realizes it or not, it always sounds like she’s insulting California/ns with her “omg small towns are so much better!!!” crap. “A lot of pride in the neighborhood”? What exactly does that mean? Does everyone have an American flag hanging over their house? Just say “yes, we like it here” and leave it at that.

CelebBabyLover on

melanie- Right on! Everyone who wonders why people went after Mira the way they did, please read melanie’s post. Have an opinion is one thing, expressing it in a nasty way is another! I mean, Mira basically accused of Angie of lying about her child!

That being said, I don’t know understand why people are saying Mira always posts negative stuff. I think this is the first post I’ve ever seen from her. I think you guys are thinking of Mina. 🙂

soph- What’s wrong with her saying/implying that small towns are better? I have lived in small towns all my life, and I think they’re great! I’d take a small town or the country over a big city any day! It could be that, even though she’s lived in a big city for years, Angie is simply a small town girl at heart. My parents both grew up in big cities, but both have said that they have always been more small town people at heart!

I also don’t think saying you prefer small towns is insulting people who live in cities. Just as I don’t consider it insulting when someone says they prefer cities. When people say they prefer a certain type of enviornment, I take it as them saying, for example, “Cities are great places to live…..just not to me.” Or “The country’s nice and all, but it’s not where I prefer to live.” In otherwords, saying that a city, small town, or the country doesn’t work FOR YOU. Not that whichever place you dislike is horrible or anything like that!

gdfg on

There is nothing wrong with saying your personal preference is small towns, but saying small towns are BETTER can be insulting to some people. I prefer medium-sized towns, personally, but I’m not about to tell you what type of town is the best; I don’t think there’s really a right answer to that.

karine on

little question, what is she going to do in March what she’ll start filming Rizzoli in LA ? taking the girls ? going back and forth

dholmas on

I live in a small town and have 30 acres to play in. It is a nice community to raise children without the problems of a big city. I applaud her for this decision. Away from the paps and pressure of always having to ON.

J-Lin on

Personally, I couldn’t raise my children in a small town, especially in the South. Most are very homegeneous in people and thought. I want my children to be know not all people are the same or think the same. I think people learn how to interact with people different than themselves as opposed to the “hunker down” metality.

Meg on

I’m not sure where this “Small Town” thing is coming from. Charlotte is the 18th largest city in the US, larger in population than Boston, Memphis or Baltimore. It’s in the south, yeah, but it’s certainly not a small town!

Kristin on

She didn’t say it was a small town. She said it “exudes a small town mentality”, totally different. There is nothing about LA that exudes a small town feel. I doubt she meant anything insulting to California or LA in particular. She just said she wanted a slower-paced lifestyle for her girls. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Tee on

Wow, J-Lin, I try really hard not to take comments made on this site personally but you managed to do a good job insulting this old order Mennonite that just moved to the deep south of Mississippi from New Orleans. Stereotypes drive me crazy and you can rest assured that there is nobody more accepting than people in the plain community.

I agree with the many people that said that Mira’s comments are rude. It’s a bad trend I’m seeing in her comments and I’m glad to know it’s not just me.

As for Angie and her family, I’m so glad that they were finally able to move to the Carolinas. I know she’s been expressing an interest in that for awhile now and it’s always nice when you’re able to fulfill a dream! I can understand why her comments might come across as an insult to people in larger areas, especially California. But I honestly think that’s not what she is implying. Perhaps she just isn’t wording her thoughts very well.

CelebBabyLover on

karine- My guess is that the girls will stay in Charlotte and have some quality daddy-daughter time, and Angie will fly back for visits on weekends and whenever else she can. 🙂

Denise on

Glad you’re happy but you’ll miss all the wonderful things to do in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Los Angeles but I’ve lived in Charlotte for 8 years now. I have a husbands and two small boys (4yrs and 19 months) and I’m glad they are living in a slower paced environment but for me…living in Charlotte is like watching paint dry. I’m used to all the happenings and goings-on of a big city like Los Angeles. I miss LA!

Jennifer on

I agree with Mira…this woman is so annoying I find her and her mediocre ex football player husband to be a bore as is her terrible tv show.

jazzy on

I read these articles just for the comments. I love the attacks. So entertaining. I really have nothing better to do with my time, and clearly neither do many of you – arguing over comments made on Just keep them coming, please, I am bored at work, and this makes my day, sad I know, but I don’t mind admitting it.

LJ on

You know…no matter what the topic is that I read about in People; an actress, model, actor, baby’s birth, a death, a wedding…WHATEVER. there is ALWAYS someone who doesn’t like the person interviewed or who the story is about and they leave their negative litle comments just to stir up trouble. UGH. Read about what or who you like and be positive!!

Stop spoiling it for others!! These comments turned into an Angie bashing, bashing each other, immature mess. What the heck was I reading about to begin with???

MAYBE ANGIE’S DAUGHTER DID COME OUT OF HER SHELL!!!! Maybe she’s REALLY happy they moved!! Maybe she’d rather you naysayers stayed off her radar!!!!

Get a freaking life (and most likely a job!!)

LJ on

Jazzy…you made me laugh right out loud!!! LOLOL

Stacey on

The whole nature verses nurture is true here! Environment shapes how kids behave, plain and simple! If you don’t think that, you’ve never been around a child before! Look at all the different types of kids in different home setting and you will see some behave different than others! Obviously the LA area was not working for her family, and they made the decision to move! Maybe Finley felt like she didn’t have the pressure on her because of her famous mom and dad. Simple as that.

Simi on

Mira if you agree with Trish that way don’t you learn a lesson from her and learn how to talk to people without insulting them. You always talk about how people disrespect you and how it your opinion and you are allowed to have it and everything you say is respectful, which by the way is quite the opposite everything you say is mean, rude and disrespectful. You are allowed your opinion no one said you are not but you maybe want to showed some respect toward other, other people commenting or people that the piece is about, maybe you would get some respect shown back to you rather then just negative comments back.

As for Harmon family, if she is happy and her daughters are doing better outside of LA then this was a good move for them. All people especially children are influenced by their surroundings. You can’t tell me that all of you would behave the same way in USA as you would in Russia, and if you say you would please don’t ever visit Russia cause you will more then likely get killed or end up in jail for doing or saying something offensive and their law are very different that USAs.

Well for the most part small town v. large towns can feel like you have gone to a different country all together. The way people dress, speak, pace of life, hours of operation on stores, down to how people interact with you can be and most of the time is completely different. I went from a town of 5 million to a lake town of 217 people and I can tell you there is nothing these two towns have in common. So maybe her daughter did change when they moved.

I know a lot of people don’t like her and what she says but I think she has the same problem as Mina, she just doesn’t know how to express herself in a manner that is respectful, and would not come across as rude.

Mira on

@Simi: Come again? You’re totally confusing me with someone else.

FWIW, the “manners” debate you guys like to engage in below every single article is excruciatingly boring and I never ever do it. The claim that I do actually offends me much more than all the insults that got lobbed my way. Those are funny, because I can’t believe someone can take these forums and the opinions expressed on them so seriously. Just post your opinion, whatever it is, and move on. If you want to argue on substantive issues, argue away, but for crying out loud, cut the “you’re rude; i’m entitled to my opinion” nonsense. It’s unsolvable and painfully repetitive.

April on

I think people get Mira and Mina confused. Both unusually negative posters, but two different people.

Lauren on

I literally think I almost just had a heart attack when I saw this. I LIVE HERE! my favorite actress lives in my city! WOW. no words can explain how excited i feel! I want to meet her so badd! so glad she chose Charlotte to raise her children!!

Ally on

Am glad that Angie is in the area and am from North Carolina originally. And for all of those people who live in Charlotte and are from L.A. or for that matter anywhere else that doesn’t like it here, feel free to move back. My guess is you can’t find a job anywhere else, that is why most people come here, and for the good weather.

burley on

i think it is great angie and her family chose nc she is a GREAT actress with a beautiful family i hope for many years sucess for her

Rob Houck on

I think Angie Harmon is BEAUTIFUL, intelligent, and a great actress. Her husband is a very lucky man. If I had met Angie before he did, I would be the lucky man. But seriously, they seem like a nice family and I admire Angie for showing some class and not falling in with some of the Hollywood sleaze that’s so prevalent within the world of show business. That doesn’t mean everybody or even most people, it just means widespread. I know there are some who don’t want to hear about normal people with happy, traditional American families. It lacks the Hollywood stereotype of drugs, eating disorders, adultery, and other degenerate behavior. Those things are more interesting to some people, but seeing the depravity that drug addicts, especially children, are caught up in–I find neither amusing or entertaining. It’s just sad. That’s why I find stories with happy, normal people who are in the entertainment industry a refreshing change. It’s hard to find a leftist that’s content and isn’t dumping on people people that are happy and people of faith. Almost every leftist I’ve ever met is bitter, angry, and just unhappy. People who have something against Angie and her family because of their faith: Would you please tell me why you are unhappy with your life. What Angie or others do doesn’t make you unhappy; they have no power over what makes you happy or sad. So why do you feel the need to put them down. Do you believe that will make you content? Think about it and tell us why you are sad and bitter.

Alanna on

I saw Angie at the Charlotte airport last night (Sunday), she was in the security line next to me. Beautiful and gracious, she was nice to everyone that spoke to her. She seemed to be in a hurry and I have heard that she commutes to NYC to tape her show. It’s an easy 1 1/2 hr flight to NY, so I can see why Charlotte is a good fit.

I have lived in Charlotte for 15 years, and it is a great town. Definitely not “small” as we have a thriving uptown (we call it uptown here not downtown:) ), with a strong arts community, professional sports, and many international businesses headquartered here. We also have a good economy, affordable housing, and great weather. But it does have a “small town” feel to it, and is easy to maneuver and so many people here are from other parts of the country that it is easy to assimilate. I have lived in California & Texas and can’t imagine living anywhere but here. My children were raised here and I agree that it is a great place to raise kids. Happy for Angie and Jason that they have decided to call Charlotte home:)

Larry on

I was at a antique Show in Charlotte I was standing next to her, I said hello, I would have liked to welcome her and her family to NC, She was rude never even said a word and looked down as if I was not there, I do not understand this behavior I have a line of collectable items I design with a fallowing of over 500,000 in my collector’s club, I know one thing that is your never rude to people when your life is in the public’s eye, I thought maybe it was not her, Later that coming week I flew to LA for a signing event, I met up with a NBC Star a friend of mine she said, Angie must have been having a bad day, She is a very lovely person, I’m running with that I’m sure she is. Anyway To her and her Family welcome to NC enjoy the niceness it has to offer.

Austin on

I think the ones on here debating on each others comments need to grow up a little. Nobody really cares about your opinions anyway. You know the old saying about opinions! You cluttered up the comment section with your own crap. Lol!

carol wininger on

Angie we have watched you since you started on Law and Order. You and Jason have proven that 2 careers can still make a marriage work. Congratulations for using your head and givimg the girls as normal a life as you possibly can. More people need to put their kids well being first. Hope you all continue to be a happy family.

Kristine Fisher on

I was a huge fan of Law & Order and thought Angie was great on the show!! If I ever had the chance to meet her I’d have a thousand questions to ask about the cast! So happy WEtv brought back the original Law & Order!! Welcome to Charlotte!

Blah on

Worked out so well that they are now divorced.

maria on

it may have help her daughter, but it hurt her marriage. and besides the girls have nanny and friend thaa see them more than Angie. Angie jis alwaysn going somewhere

maria on

it did not save her marriage, the nanny takes care of the girls