Georgina Chapman: India Is a Designer in Training

11/05/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

Richie Buxo/Splash News Online

India Pearl Weinstein may be only 9-weeks-old, but she’s already pitching in with Mom’s clothing line.

“Oh yeah, she’s making dresses now,” Georgina Chapman joked Tuesday at the WWD @ 100 Anniversary Party at Cipriano 42nd Street in New York City.

“She smiles a lot,” the Marchesa co-founder, 34, told PEOPLE.

“I’m breastfeeding at the moment so she’s [with me] in the office. I think it’s very empowering to be able to have a career and to be a mother. It gives you an amazing sense of self.”

— Mary S. Park

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Mina on

Must be nice. Not all breastfeeding moms can bring their child into work to do so at the desk. Being famous must really have it perks. She can have a career and be a mother and enjoy it because she gets to take her child to work and be with her. Nothing like making the moms who CANT do that feel bad.

I hate when parents try to think of careers for their kids before they are born or when they are babies. Come on, nobody knows! Right now my son is 8 and neither I nor him have ANY clue as to what his future goals hold. I know she was joking, but I feel that parents often put pressure on their kids to follow in their footsteps. I hope her daughter grows up to be a tomboy and wants NOTHING to do with fashion. She’s not a doll Georgina…its a baby!

Backlash is certain to follow lol

melanie on

Settle down Mina. She was kidding. You are ridiculous though.

Bethan on

Mina, why is backlash sure to follow? I, along with many other readers on this blog, can tell that she is joking. I’m pretty sure she has the right to do that…

As for taking her to work; if I could’ve taken my baby to work, I would have. Why are we to ridicule this woman for taking advantage of her situation? Some mothers do really make it harder for others and forget that we should all be in this together.

noam on

lots of mothers take their children in to work with them, famous or not. the little coffee shop down the block from me has a playpen set up in it, and the jeweler i use has his kids in quite a bit. i’m sure it’s easier if you own your own business, but even if you work for a large corporation, there is often times childcare on-site that enables you to visit throughout the day.

and, to me at least, her comment about her daughter becoming a designer sounds like an answer to a question. like, someone asked her if she thought her infant daughter would become a designer, and she responded sarcastically. either way, it clearly was a joke.

Showbizmom on

Mina- I’m not going to blast you, I’m going to educate you. Being able to breastfeed and bring your kid to work has nothing to do with fame or fortune. It’s about the company you work for. I work in LA and can name about 20 places that I know that allow mothers and or fathers to bring their kids to work and breastfeed if necessary. Your anger shouldn’t be directed at any mother or father that works for one of those companies. Sounds to me like you have a touch guilt and small town living……..

Mina on

I’m being realistic. There may be some companys or corporations that allow that…but the majority of places dont. Maybe it IS the area I live in where there is absoluty no children in the place of employment, especially not a professional place.

This woman is calling it EMPOWERING that she gets to work and be with her child. So what is it called for women who cannot do so?

CelebBabyLover on

Mina, this is what she said about it being empowering ” I think it’s very empowering to be able to have a career and to be a mother.” Note the phrase I THINK. Clearly, she was just stating how she personally feels about being able to bring her daughter to work. In otherwords, it’s empowering TO HER. She never said that it’s empowering to all women, or that it should be, nor did she say that women who can’t bring their babies to work aren’t empowering.

Isn’t she allowed to say how she feels about bringing her baby to work?

Showbizmom- I mostly agree with what you said to Mina. However, I don’t agree with what you said about small town living. I have lived in small towns all my life, and if anything, I’d say that it’s actually more common for small town businesses to allow kids at work than it is for ones in big cities.

A big chunk of that is that, in a small town, most businesses are run by the same person who owns them. And naturally, when you’re the owner, you get to make the rules! Also, I even know someone who brings her DOG to work with her….and her boss and fellow employees don’t mind a bit (in fact, they’re all pretty much smitten with the dog!)!

Bottomline, it’s really not that uncommon these days for workplaces to allow kids, or even pets!

Mina on

It is uncommon in my area and even frowned upon. And I’ll tell you, a professional place should not allow it. There are people who do not like kids, babies, or dogs. I hate dogs with the fires of hell, and if I worked in a place where someone was allowed to bring their dog, I would not stand for it! I am sure someone feels that way about babies. Childless women who choose to be career women dont want to listen to your kid screaming and crying, especially while they are trying to concentrate and do work. I am surprised bosses allow it. I think mothers are getting more disrespectful and thinking that the world must cater to them. If you have a child, you need to be at home raising it or leave it with someone so others will have not have to suffer.

MiB on

@Mina, you sound bitter. She knows she is privileged to bring her baby with her to work, that is one of the perks of being your own boss. On the other hand, since she is her own boss, and the boss of several other people, she can’t actually take maternity leave, so she has to work. In fact, my accountants boss brings her baby in to work a couple of days a week, owning a small company, she can’t stay at home full time, but she can delegate some of the work and work half time. Her employees on the other hand are entitled to maternity leave (which granted is a lot more generous where I come from than in the US) and take it. Like millions of women out there, Georgina Chapman and my accountants boss are just doing what it takes to make it work.

Showbizmom on

I do apologize for the small town living comment. That was uncalled for. I stand by everything else I said.. Mina I don’t know what to say, but I’m a damn good mother and I work. In fact I work in Hollywood, working along side those women you want to judge. Do I fall short, yes, everyone does but at the end of the day I don’t have to go on a website and voice my guilt and bitterness about being a mother and not having what I read about on this site. God Bless you.

Mina on

Guilt? Bitter? No. Try RESPECTFUL of others. I understand some moms HAVE to work. I understand some moms WANT to work, but that is where the line is drawn reguarding employment and motherhood. Babies and dogs should not be allowed or welcome in a professional place of EMPLOYMENT. If you want to work AND have kids, leave them at home and/or make proper arrangements. Or stay at home with them if you feel guilty and dont want to leave them. Unless you work in a daycare, you should not be allowed to mother a child in the workplace. I have a child. I also have a friend who despises children and I make sure she is not bothered by my childs presence when she is visitng just as she locks up her dogs when I am at her house. Its called respect for others.

Sorry if I sound like a bytch. Its my beliefs. To make a long story short, I went to all the trouble of finding a babysitter whom I had to pay good money to watch my child overnight so I could celebrate my anniversary at a fancy restaurant with my hubby. We paid good money at the restaurant to have some wine and alone time to talk without our toddler screaming and whining or needing attention. Someone brought their screaming baby and NEVER left or even took the child away from to sooth it. They have a right to be at that public place….but mere RESPECT would tell ANYONE with a brain to think of others as well. Its called respect and unfortunately most people these days lack that!

steph on

Oh dear Mina…perhaps you shouldn’t have had a child because it sounds like you really don’t like them! Maybe you should show some respect to children and their parents, life might be a little easier. Oh and I really hope that you don’t lock your child up like a dog just because your friend doesn’t like kids…weird…

Tee on

Wow, Mina, I don’t know where to begin. Georgina simply said that she finds it empowering to be a mother and to have a career. I know a lot of women that feel that way and 99% of them don’t bring their children to work with them.

Personally, I’m all for companies that allow arrangements for children to be with their mothers, perhaps in a workplace childcare setting. It allows for a mother to go and nurse or feed her child and still get her work done.

Just for the record, I personally believe that a mother should stay at home with her children and not work outside the home but that’s MY belief and I don’t force it upon others. And I’m sorry, but comparing a living, breathing human being to a dog is a really lousy comparison.

Mina on

I never said I lock him up. For an hour I give him to his grandmother or father to tend to or play with while I socialize. She does not like kids so why would I let my kid be up in her face screaming? I hate dogs…her dogs jump on people and bark and slobber so she locks them up when i enter her house. RESPECT!

CelebBabyLover on

Mina- “If you have a child, you need to be at home raising it or leave it with someone so others will have not have to suffer.” Since you have a child, I would think you’d know that you should never call a child “it”. Children are not inanimate objects, they are people!

Anyway, as for bring babies and dogs to work…..I think it’s okay as long as your company is okay with it AND you check first to make sure that your co-workers are okay with babies and dogs. For example, the woman I mentioned who brings her dog to work made sure that her boss and co-workers were okay with it first…and they were.

As long as your boss and co-workers are okay with your baby or dog being at work, I don’t see the problem. I DO agree that you shouldn’t bring your baby or dog to work without asking if your boss and co-workers are okay with it first!

And my two cents on babies being in restaraunts. If the restaraunt in question is a fancier, non-family restaraunt, then I definitely think you should leave your baby at home. However, I think it’s perfectly fine to bring your baby to a family-oriented restaraunt. IMO, when childless people go to family restaraunts, they need to realize that kids are probably going to be there. After all, family restaraunts are called family restaraunts because they cater primarily to, that’s right, FAMILIES!

I DO, however, agree that if you are in a restaraunt and your baby starts screaming, you shouldn’t just sit by and watch. You should soothe the baby…and if s/he can’t be soothed, then leave the table and walk around with him/her…or if neccesary, leave the restaraunt!

simi on

mina you know nothing about respect from what i have read from your many postings, how about you try respect the people you write such horrible things about, and not just about this story but many other.

if you have kids and want to and can stay at home that is good for you, in my case my husband took time off work to stay home with our baby for the first year while i went to work. odd to some people but it meant the world to my husband that i was more then willing to do that. and now our baby comes to work with me. i work for one of many companies that have in house daycare, and are very good about giving nursing moms the time to take care of their babies. we also get more breaks to check on our kids and spend some time playing with them and that goes for all employees, male or female. some of my coworkers go to the daycare and just play with the kids when they are having rough day. heck our boss has a cat that lives in his office. and we have plants and fish tanks everywhere and even a room to take a nap in if really needed.

so yes my work day is 9.5 hours long but it’s worth it just see my baby happy and for me to be making the money we need. now to me that is respect for all. if you like kids or not, pets or not, you can go to work and still be happy. for people without kids that want less breaks they simply work a shorter day then me, and if you hate cats you don’t go into my bosses office.

everyone has different ways of bringing up a child and as long as it works for you and your family, and no one is being harmed than that is all that matter. i am just glad that we live in a time where we as women have more right and freedoms, to choose to have a child, we can vote, and work, this is an amazing time to be a women

Georgina i am very glad to hear that your little girl is already making amazing dresses:):):) but don’t you think it’s a little early for her to start working. i mean there is still potty training left to learn, also speaking, and walking help in a work place. :):):) joking a side i am glad that you are able to have your baby at work with you and find joy in both her and your job

Claire on

I read this blog daily and never really comment but I’m astounded by Mina’s continual negativity any time any of the celebrity mothers comment about how lucky they are to be able to raise their children and do what they love at the same time.

1. India is only 9 weeks old and Georgina is already back at work. In the US she would be entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave if she chose.

2. As for children / dogs / babies not being in the workplace because others don’t like it, I have two points a). the majority of ‘workplaces’ do have children in them. You forget that not all workplaces are office environments. b). some people do not like homosexuals / blacks / women / etc. By your reasoning they therefore shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace.

3. “She’s not a doll”. And neither did Georgina say anything to remotely imply that she is. Surely if she were treating India like a doll she would be leaving her with a nanny (as you suggest is best) instead of caring for her herself.

4. The comment about making dresses is no worse than a parent commenting “they grow up so fast, they’ll be leaving for college tomorrow.” Would the standard response to such an offhand remark be “do not pressure your toddler, they may be emotionally scarred for life if they grow up not to go to college therefore letting down every expectation you have of them!” The key word in this story is ‘joked’, so grow up, lighten up, move on. Jeez.

5. Babies screaming in the workplace – you forget that nine-week old babies sleep peacefully for most of the time and only cry when needing to be fed, changed, etc. which Georgina can manage perfectly by herself or with the help of an assistant in the office. As for being surprised the boss allows it, Georgina IS the boss.

6. Working mothers also looking after their children in the workplace is frowned upon where you live? Forgive me, but do you live in the 1940s?

7. Georgina is saying she has the best of both worlds: a career she loves and time with her daughter. Yes, that is empowering. You ask what it is for women who do not have this chance? Unlucky, that’s what. What a poor argument ‘I can’t have this, so you can’t either’, really is.

8. The dog/child comparison. Is your friend frightened or intimidated by your child like people are by dogs? Unlikely. Also, you say your son is 8 – not many 8 year olds have been known to jump up and slobber on visitors like a dog might, therefore the comparison is rubbish and it is incredibly inconsiderate of your friend to expect you to send your child away. Ugh.

Ranting aside, I think Georgina sounds like a fine mother. I just wish some people had some respect for others who lead slightly different lifestyles from there own instead of condemning them.

Mina on

Claire to answer your number 2 and 5…working ADULTS respect each other even if they have prejudices. Adults can contain themselves and their dislikes for the sake of a job and paycheck. I am sure there are co-workers who do not like each other for one reason or another. It doesnt interfer with the job, or else they can be fired. Babies cannot contain themselves. They cry when they see fit. They smell when they poop. Dogs bark, smell, drool and shed and some are allergic. A place of employement should be professional. Thats my opinion…sorry if u do not agree with it.

You make it sound as tho sending my child away is some horrible thing. Someone else tends to him elsewhere…he isnt in his room being locked up and forced to be chained to the wall….he is with his father who is playing games with him outside in the yard or in his playroom. It makes my friend, as my guest, more comfortable in my home. Same with her dogs…they arent pets to her. She loves them like children. I however HATE them. Out of respect for me, she puts them in the yard or in another room. Nobody is suffering in the situation. Everyone wins. Why is that so hard to accept?

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover, steph and Tee – I agree with all of you – wow it’s amazing how so many people can state their own opinion and you can agree with what they are saying 🙂

simi – DANG! I’m jealous …. I wanna come work with you, and where did you say you worked?? LOL ….. Seriously sounds like a great place to work and your very lucky to work there 😀

Claire – LMAO! #2 is unbelievable true (even in this day and age, and no matter how ridiculous it is!). I live in Georgia and MOST jobs don’t allow you to bring your child to work, the only ones I know of personally is at child care centers. I also agree with you, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to send your child away because your “friend” doesn’t like children!

Mina – WOW girl you have some serious issues!!! And you contradict yourself all over the place! Honestly it sounds like you never wanted to be a mother and resent the fact that you have a child! IF this person you refer to as a “friend” was TRULY your friend you wouldn’t have to send away your child just for them to visit. If she didn’t want to be bothered with your child she could respect you enough not to expect you to send your child away so you can play friends with her BUT she would wait until your child is asleep then come visit for her hour or so; after all your child is 8 so he’s in bed by what 8 maybe 8:30pm. That way she isn’t being bothered by your child, he’s asleep and you wouldn’t have to send your child off just to be friends with someone. Dogs are a different subject entirely – first off people are scared of dogs and allergic to them and I don’t care who you are you can’t compare a child with a dog.

Mina on

Once again, you make it sound as tho “being sent away” is some horrible chaining to the walls or something. He is PLAYING with SOMEONE ELSE so he is not up in my friends face. My son is VERY boisterous (did I spell that right?) and some say he is so wild they think he has A.D.D. He would not sit there and let us have a friendly conversation. Its no different than getting a sitter to go out…only I am in my home entertaining. My gosh, the horror!

Also, he is in bed by 8…but my friend works hours that would not allow her to even be awake at 8, let alone at my home. You can say I have issues all you want. Its simply not true. I simply found a way to be respectful and everyone in the situation wins. Nobody loses out. Nobody.

All you people sound like you expect the world to cater to you and your children. It wont. You expect your work, co-workers, and even strangers to accect everything about you and your families. It would be nice, but it isnt so. Trying to figure out solutions is what makes people stonger and respectful. I am sorry if I have offended anyone…this is totally my opinion and advice. Dont take it if u dont want to…dont listen to me if u dont want to. Call me names…its ok, because its people like you that only makes me stronger. =)

Elizabeth78 on

Get over yourself, be a mom, do what you want but please realize your opnions are not shared by the majority of parents or people who are becoming parents. I respect my coworkers to the fullest but there are times when someones child is sick or my children or sick YES they do come to work with us. I have a coworker who both of her children have thrown up on me at work in the morning, I clean up, do what I have to do & that is that. I still love her as a coworker & love her kids like they were my own. It is all about give & take & do what we have to do as parents. So please suck it up & realize your opinion is not shared by many.

puna on

Mina, get a grip!!! the boy has you for a mother for the rest of his life……don’t worry he will let you have a LIFE when he turns 18!

Mina on

Puna…so an hour of adult socialization is wrong…a mom cant do that now?! I guess I must cancel my babysitter for Friday night cuz I am not allowed to have a life. Pffttt!

Bancie1031 on

Mina – Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to have an opinion or to voice your opinion, you’re more than welcome to do so. Nor am I saying that you’re not allowed to have a life, not at all! Just because we become parents we’re still allowed to live. But what I am saying is it IS wrong of your friend to expect you to send your son away (whether he’s with his grandmother or his father and he is having fun). Jobs ok I can understand that but friends NO! Your children are a package deal with you and should ALWAYS come before your friends. Thats the choice we make as parents, put your children first before yourself …. I know about having busy children my daughter has ADHD so I understand it can be annoying especially for people without children. All I was truly trying to say is a TRUE friend isn’t going to put you in the situation where you have to choose between them and your children, they just suck up their feelings because they understand that your family is part of the package deal with being friends with you. Now if it was a co-worker once again that’s different story but a personal friend should and would know that. In another words maybe you should take a step back and evaluate your friendship with said friend ……..

Shahnaynah on

Mina….there is seriously something wrong with you….first of all, how can you compare a child to an animal? When we first moved to california from the east coast, my Mother was shocked that apartment buildings displayed signs that read “no pets….no children”. Amazing how some people think.

As far as your son having ADD or being “wild”, maybe it’s a lack of discipline on your part. So many people are out to have their children diagnosed with ailments rather than focus on what the real issue is: lack of parenting and control.

The fact that Georgina is back at work after only 9 weeks says a lot: she’s driven, career minded, wants the best for her family’s future and makes the attempt to “have it all”. She should be given kudos for bringing her child to work (heck, it is her company afterall) in lieu of leaving her with the nanny for hours on end….like many women in “the business” do.

puna on

There is nothing wrong with “Adult socializiation” as you put it. IT just sounds like in your case your child is more of a pest to you than anything else. It seems like you envy yor “friend” and the choice she made.I guess you are regreting yours! If she values your “friendship” she will learn to live with your choice to have kids.

Mina on

My son is not a pest to ME. My friend chose her life and I chose mine. That doesnt mean I will not respect her choices and make her comfortable in my home as my guest. I’m not saying I lock the doors and FORBID my child to come into the room. I just dont let him sit there for the entire time screaming and climbing on things (which he usually does). I wouldnt even allow that for a guest who DID like kids…its rude. Having a kid is not an excuse to let oneself go and say “its ok, I have kids.” To send him off for a while with someone he loves and trusts to have fun isnt hurting anyone.

[As far as your son having ADD or being “wild”, maybe it’s a lack of discipline on your part. So many people are out to have their children diagnosed with ailments rather than focus on what the real issue is: lack of parenting and control.]

No its called he is a very boisterous boy. He is disciplined plenty. He has alot of energy and needs to constantly move. He is curious and gets into micheif. Some kids are more mellow (usually girls) and some arent. I got the crazy kid and thats ok…I love it. I was the same way. However, I do know where to draw the line. I do not expect the world to revolve around him or me. I try to raise him best to my ability to understand that the world doesnt stop for anyone. So many parents these days coddle their kids to the point of overspoiling and it shows in behavior. Some kids today are the rudest kids you will ever meet! Just look at all the bullies driving kids to suicide! How sad for the next generation…

puna on

Mina, go take a chill pill ok.Mothers like you who treat their kids like secound class citizens are the one’s with problems in the future.Am glad your “friend” loves her dog, try and “like your kid atleast, if he has a lot of energy so what. The time the poor thing spends with the sitter on friday is probabbly the highlight of his week. hey it’s almost friday!

Mina on

Yeah right. Kids back in the day knew to respect parents and adults and that is how it should be. That doesnt mean I dont like my kid. Its not like this friend visits everyday. I have every right to socialize. Just because i am a mom, doesnt mean my life stops either.

I’m teaching my kid respect for adults. I am blessed with good parenting skills and will be rewarded in the end when my child is successful. I am so sick of seeing these little disrespectful brats whose parents cater to their every want. We live in a nation of spoiled ungrateful kids of parents who have lost sight of morals and respect. Go watch Supernanny and see those kids of teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc hit, kick, call their parents names and whatnot. It makes me want to vomit.

My kid is loved, disciplined when necessary, and taught a great deal. Of course he is still young so I dont expect him to be more mature than he is. But he is slowly learning year after year about the rights and wrongs of life. I’m raising him well, dont you worry.

puna on

Oh mina, am not a least bit worried,my 3year old is a well behaved princess and when my “friends” come over she stays with us and does her own thing while we all watch her.
I don’t have to lock her up like an animal, if i have to go out at night, i have a sitter or my husband watch her.

Nobody is saying it’s wrong to socialize, we are saying your parenting skills sucks big time! Goood luck to the poor thing, it’s no wonder he bounces off the wall when he is released from being locked up, he has you for a mother.

Am over this back and forth with you have a great life! i refuse to respond to ignorance!!

Mina on

Puna HAHAHA you cannot read! Go re-read my posts I said I get a sitter when I go out, and his father or grandmother take him away when I have company. Lock up like an animal lmfao! DID you even read my posts or were you just blindly arguing with the first one of mine you happened to catch?! Then you proceed to make things up (total opposite of what I said non the less lol). O hunny you are ignorant! Must have been the way you were raised…I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

You have a nice life too hunny. I too am done with this post. =)

gdfg on

Wow, most of the posters on here are just being plain mean! It sounds like a bunch of children arguing. If you disagree with someone can’t you do so respectfully?

CAdoc on

Why is is pathetic loser Mina moaning about Georgina being able to bring her infant daughter to work and in the meantime she’s blowing her time to read and respond to comments on this board instead of spending time with her kid!

Respect your kid, you loser Mina.

Maple Harvley on

“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.” – Aristotle