Pat Monahan’s Blog: Meet Me and My Trio!

11/04/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Autumn and Pat – Courtesy Pat Monahan

PEOPLE Moms & Babies is happy to introduce our newest celebrity blogger — Pat Monahan!

The Train frontman is dad to two teens — Patrick, 17, and Emelia, 13 — as well as Autumn, his 2-year-old daughter with wife Amber.

In addition to Train — whose latest album Save Me, San Francisco has spawned the hit singles “Hey, Soul Sister,” “If It’s Love” and “Marry Me” — Monahan also voices the lead character on Sprout’s Driver Dan’s Story Train.

In his first blog, Monahan, 41, introduces us to each of his three kids and tells us a little about balancing fatherhood with fronting a band!


Hi there! Pat Monahan from the band Train here. Many of you may just know a few songs from Train, like “Hey, Soul Sister” and “Drops of Jupiter,” to name two. Others may know quite a lot about Train and maybe even me. I suppose that either way, here I am and I wanted to share a bit of my personal life with you.

I live in the Seattle area and I am head over heels in love with my wife, Amber. We have a 2-year-old little girl named Autumn and she is a precious little angel kid — as all parents feel about their little girls, I’m sure!

I also have an amazingly talented 17-year-old son named Patrick and a beautiful, sweet 13-year-old daughter named Emelia. Patrick travels with Train as our photographer/video guy and Emelia lives in Erie, PA with her mom and is planning on high school here with me in Washington.

Autumn, Emelia and Patrick – Courtesy Pat Monahan


It can be challenging to be a hands-on father and travel the world as much as I do, but these kiddos and my wife really make me who I am and we make it work.

Amber keeps me sane and loved. As a musician/singer, I’m pretty needy and she is an amazing partner. She knows that about me but calls me on my … ahem … BS.

Amber and Autumn – Courtesy Pat Monahan


Patrick is super bright. He has many of my characteristics, so he can be a wise-ass too. He’s turning into a great young man.

Emelia is an incredible actress and singer. She is a special young lady and we are a lot alike in being sensitive. I love her to bits and every time we’re together we have an amazing time, whether it’s having hot chocolate or playing soccer or softball.

Autumn has an amazing personality and is sweet like her mom. She has a great sense of humor and is also really kind to other kids. Always thought of that as a top 10 kind of personality trait in people.

Autumn on Halloween – Courtesy Pat Monahan


They’re all wonderful and as much as we are apart, we are one beautiful family that keeps growing and getting better.

Well, there you have the beginning of a long story. If you’re interested, I’ll do it again. If you’re REALLY interested, I’ll do it until you’re really tired of me… 🙂

Sending you love and organic!

— Pat Monahan

A warm welcome to Pat! What questions do you have for him? What topics would you like to hear from him about in the future?

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Lady on

Welcome! Your kids are really beautiful, love the way you speak about them!!

VeroRivka on

Thanks for this new blog Pat!
You have a sweet family…
Of course we’re interested!!!
We’ll never tired of you 🙂

Sarah S. on

Welcome to CBB, Pat! You make great-looking kids–and Autumn is adorable! Yes, being kind to other kids is a WONDERFUL trait to have for a little kid. Love your music, and especially the song “Marry Me”. It’s been one of my favorites lately!

Sharon on

Beautiful family Pat but we wouldn’t expect anything else from such a beautiful father! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Trish on

As a huge Train fan, welcome Pat!! Looking foward to hearing more from you and about your beautiful children!!!

Joy on

So nice that your family remains such a priority with your super hectic lifestyle. What a great opportunity for Patrick to spend so much time with you on the road lately. AND his work is fabulous! Keep up the blogging, we love to hear from you!

Janine on

what a gorgeous family!

Cindy Abramo on

You are the jack of all trades, Pat. You have a lovely family and it’s heartwarming to see you take such pride in your “pride” 😉 Question about Emelia and your relationship………you mentioned she is a great singer and actress. Has she been in school productions and how many have you been able to attend? It is such a heart swelling experience, to me, to see my kids on stage.

Alana on

Yay! Love Pat! His 13-year-old looks just like him 🙂

Deborah on

What beautiful children. How nice for a celebrity to share photo of their children with us rather than the paps hiding in bushes and trees to get photos.

Sharon on

Seen the two older children in concert: Emelia sang Hey Soul Sister and it was awesome; Patrick played guitar and I always see him taking pictures. Autumn is beyond adorable. Amber is beautiful and one lucky girl… or is it the other way around. Nevertheless, it would be impossible for you to do this until we get tired of you– too many people think you and Train are like oxygen — so that would never happen!

Candice on

An amazing albeit brief insight into the life of one of my favorite lead singers of my favorite band, keep it coming!

Stephanie on

If you only knew how many times your song, Drops of Jupiter saved my sanity! That was THE song when my youngest was crabby and out of sorts, we’d take a ride in the car, blast that song, and by the end of it, he was smiling again. So glad your blogging on here!

Krissa on

Funny! JUST listened to “If It’s Love” on Radio Disney and thought about how much I have always liked Train!

Gorgeous family. Can’t wait to read more!

Natasha on

Yay another Dad blogger! Welcome Pat! I’d love to know more about how you handle working on the road and having a family? It must be really difficult as a musician.

Hope to hear more soon!

Jamie on

Pat, what a blessed life you have. Not many in this world can say that they have had what you have. Incredible talent, and at the end of the day, love of their children and wife. So happy for you. And you give so many people lasting memories with your voice and sincere lyrics.

E on

Ooh the little girl is so cute! Love the name ‘Autumn’ by the way.

Mickie on

Yay for daddy bloggers!! Your family is stunning, I can’t wait to hear more from you 🙂

Melissa on

Pat!! so excited to see you as blogger! Saw you 5 times this summer, loved every show!
Your kids (and wife) are beautiful!

Emmy on

Welcome Pat! Would love to hear more from you. You have a gorgeous family, your children sound like such wonderful kids. I also love the name Autumn!

Lilybett on

I’d like to ask Pat how his eldest kids reacted to their new sister and if he thinks he’s a different kind of Dad now than he was when they were little.

I was 15 and 18 when my youngest brothers were born (we don’t use the half- prefix in our family). I loved each of those boys to pieces the moment I set eyes on them but it was also weird for me as well, seeing my Dad being a different kind of parent to them (older and wiser, I think).

Amy on

Welcome Pat! I am a huge Train fan and hoping to read many more blog posts from you! Your family is just beautiful and I love how warmly you speak of your children and wife; very inspiring. Looking forward to hearing more about your family and travels with Train!

mary ellen on

Pat, saw you and your band this summer (fronting for john mayer) and i have to say that your energy on stage was the best part of the entire concert. I quickly became a huge train fan – your family is beautiful and the way you write about them should make them all proud, and yes, we’re all interested!!!

B.J. on

Welcome 🙂 It is very evident in your words that you love your family more than anything, it made me smile to read such obvious devotion. Looking forward to more of your perspective, Pat!

Barbara LeBlanc on

Your family is beautiful Pat – thank you so much for sharing pictures of them and about how you balance your career and family life. I love that you make your own blueprint up about how you make it work and meld it all together…just like your songs! Your Train and solo CD’s on my Ipod inspire me through my work days here in Colorado…God bless you and your family and thanks for being real. Barbara

KrisSD on

Hi Pat, I’m a big fan of Train and now I am an even bigger fan knowing what a wonderful father you are to your three beautiful children! I have a question – my husband and I are the parents to two exuberant boys, ages two and four. As a father of a son, what kinds of character traits did you try to instill in your son at a young age? How did you help him grown into a kind, interesting and talented young man?

Thank you!

Melissa on

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Pat! You have a beautiful family!

Annie on

Pat, I just recently saw you here in concert less than a week ago (with my daughter, and you thanked her on stage for the picture she drew you)! You are incredible! Love reading your blog. I truly have never witnessed such a loving, kind, connected-to-the-audience singer on stage like you. You are putting a lot of “good” out in the world and I’m glad it’s coming back to you! What an inspiration you are. I love reading your blogs, you have amazing insight and wonderful energy to share! And, your family is breath-taking gorgeous!

Cheryl on

It’s nice to see a blog from a dad’s perspective. My little guy, Jared, is 5 and legally blind w/ cerebral palsy. Just want to tell Patrick that though he doesn’t speak, he sure enjoys all the “heys” in Hey, Soul Sister. Was shocked to hear his little voice coming from the back seat of the car when that song first came out. That will forever be one of my favorite songs. See, you just never know how you will touch someone’s life…

Jordan on

You helped make some good looking children.

Dana on

Awwwww I love the pictures, you have a gorgeous family!!

RG on

Pat, you have a beautiful family!!! Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day!

Cat on

Hey Pat,

I have always loved your music. Every song on every album is good and “Breakfast in Bed” may be the sexiest song ever. Now that I know more about your personal life, I am an even bigger fan. Can’t wait for the next album to drop. (Like how I used music industry lingo???)

Soulflighttn on

Beautiful family!! Love this! Please keep it coming!!

QueenT on

Awww….Amber is getting so big! Patrick is turning into a man, and Emelia will probably be singing back-up for you before you know it! Once again, Pat, thanks for letting us in to your life. See you in Dec!

Kelly on

My four year old and I watch “Hey Soul Sister” on YouTube a few mornings each week – she loves hearing the happiness of it while she is having breakfast. Keeps asking me “who is he singing about?” We also recently heard “Drops of Jupiter” on the radio after not hearing it for years, and the lyrics are amazing! Did you write them? What was the inspiration? Daughter loves all the solar system references.

Mark Lashinger on

Pat, Beautiful family, our two boys absolutely love Hey Soul Sister, keep the songs coming.

Susan M on

Enjoyed your blog! My husband & I have been fans since the early days when we ‘discovered’ FREE being played on the radio & couldn’t get enough of it. Although we love each succeeding CD believe that ‘Train’ to be your best. Your current style is more pop than your original & wonder if you miss producing the ‘oldies’?

sky on

i’m a huge Train fan! loved Pat…loved the band!
Beautiful family…^-^

Tina on

Beautiful kids! Go Daddy Go!

Christine on

You have a lovely family. Glad things are going well for you. Being a resident of Erie, PA, I am especially happy about your success. Hope you get a chance to visit your home town soon. Best wishes and good health for the coming year.

eve on

Those r beautiful kids good to know your close to all your kids when people get divorced dads seem to forget the kids left behind, when a new family is formed.

Cher on

Not only are you a great musician, you are a great family guy and such an inspiration to so many young singers. Thank you!

Kim on

I love it! Please keep sharing Pat! I think you are such an awesome individual and your kiddos are so cute! Thank you for the wonderful blog!

FC on

I enjoy his music, and I think he has a beautiful family. That little Autumn is such a cutie!

Colleen on

Welcome Pat! It is so nice to read about the daddy point of view so keep up the blogging!

Here is a little story for ya … When my son Patrick was 6 years old my niece Autumn was born. When he held her for the first time (he took this job very seriously!) we asked him, “What do you think of Autumn?” and he whispered, “You should have named her Fall – it’s easier to spell!”

Many blessings to you and your family!

Thelma Farley on

Thanks to you and your family for sharing.

Megan on

What a beautiful family you have!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! I’m a huge fan, and drove from Charlotte to Atlanta to see you and Train in concert over the summer… well worth the trip! 😉 I’m inspired each and every time I listen to your music, and just want to thank you for putting it out there. Much love, and hope to see you again soon!

Tee on

Pat, I’m so glad to see another Daddy blogger! I’m sorry to say that I have no idea who you are. I’ve never heard of you or your band! Your children are absolutely beautiful and little Autumn looks so sweet in her Halloween costume! I love the comments that you made about your wife. It takes a special kind of man to truly honor his wife. I look forward to reading your blog posts!

Anne on


you are truly a lucky and blessed man: blessed with a beautiful family, a beautiful voice, beautiful talent, and a beautiful soul. And it is truly well deserved.

Thank you for sharing with us, but most of all, thank you for the gift of your music. For ME, I can sum up your band’s music and what it means in just a few words: smiles and happiness.

I hope I get the chance to see the band live on your next return to Canada, which is soon I hope.

Until then, I want to send all my best wishes and good thoughts to you, for much happiness and success. Take care..

Kimber on

I adore this man!!! He’s gorgeous, beautiful voice, did you see those eyes……..that sexy stare…into the camera…..he is sooooo hot….ouch! Lucky lady getting to sleep with him every night. Oh my……..8-p

TrainiacDad on

Pat-You have a beautiful family. We have been following your career for many years and always wish you the best. My daughter has always believed in your music and we hope you never forget her.

Elyssa Rosenberg on

What a great blog…so happy I can follow my favorite band and his lovely family!

mleslie on

Thank you for sharing your kids’ and family! I saw you at Marymoor (you came oh, so close, to our row) and loved it when you danced with this little blond girl who I see is one of your kids! Great music, hope you can play regularly in the area. BTW, my sister in law was holding her phone up as you came close and then when you went the other way I asked her if she got the shot. Her words were, “I have no idea. I was kinda freakin’ out”. We had a great time.

Carrie Freeman on

As a new fan of Train, I am thrilled to learn more about you and your gorgeous family. Thank you for the wonderful and incredible concert at The Greek. You are a genius performer, singer and songwriter.

Carmen on

Pat, what a beautiful family you have. Thank You for sharing your kids with us! Good Luck!

Alycia on

What a sweet blog, you speak about your family with such love & passion

Janet on

OMG! I love you Pat (:
Wonderful, beautiful family.
Awesome, cute kids. Beautiful wife.

The perfect family. (:

*a bit jealous*

Jen (HarleyChick76) on

Pat, thanks for letting us in on your world. Your family is amazing, I love how you talk about your kids. Of course they would be wonderful with a dad like you! Please share more, we could never get bored!!

Lots of love and good energy your way! xoxo

kim on

Now I know why I love train so much! Beautiful family and what a fab dad! Love how all ur family is involved with you! Great job! love hearing about ur family!

Anne on

Thanks for sharing details and pictures of your beautiful family. Having a loving family is the greatest privilege and precious gift that we are given. It is obvious that despite the difficulties inherent to your career that you put your family first, as it should be! I have been a Train fan for years, and my three kids have grown up listening to your music and are fans as well. Listening to Train is something we do as a family on a daily basis. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

Charlotte N on

Pat you have the cutest little girl ever!! I love the Halloween picture!!!
Dude, I can’t keep up with all your blogs, tweets, facebook pages, and what nots!! =]
You are such a sensitive person who obviously keeps his family close to his heart ❤
I wish the best to you, Patrick( who's band is great by the way), Emelia, Autumn, and Amber.
Keep Rocking the world, man!

AJ on

What a beautiful family you have!!

My children & I LOVE LOVE LOVE your music! My 7 & 10 yr olds know all the words to your songs & sing them..OFTEN & LOUDLY…lol

I look forward to reading more about you, your family & the careful balancing act that goes on in EVERY family- though I’m sure it is especially “interesting” in your situation, being well known around the world & travelling so much!

Thank you for letting us all get “a peek”…..

Karen on

Hi Pat: I am a new fan of Train. I got hooked on Soul Sister and then just had to go buy the CD. I listen to your music everyday (working out, in the car, computer, cleaning kitchen etc.) You have an excellent band and great music. Wishing you all the best and your beautiful family. “Family is precious and there is always room for lots of love”

Kate on

Your kids are stunning, Pat and seem so put together! It gives inspiration to us working moms that struggle to find balance – even if we are just in the same town!

Deanna on

Thanks for the scoop on you! I have always admired your talent… and it seems you are also a ‘great human being’.. humbled and kind. I, for one, appreciate that more than ever in this world of MANIACAL EGOS! I love your music… thanks for all you do! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family!!

LadyLiddy on


Love Train!!!! It’s great to have someone in my age bracket writing and performing such amazing music. Also very heartwarming to know what a great family life you have to support your creativity. Keep the music coming, it helps us all cope.

Miranda Kathrein (Train's*Girl) on

Pat, thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us. Your children are beautiful, and you are an amazing dad. They are blessed to have you as their father. You a terrific family man and I’m so glad that your family is such an important part of your life. You are truly a remarkable human being and I look forward to hearing more from you in your future blogs. 🙂

Angela on

Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal life with your fans. You have a beautiful family! I recently saw you perform in Phoenix, and ever since, I have become a bit obsessed with your music. Even my two little girls sing Train songs all day long, because they have heard them so many times that they’re stuck in their heads! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Beverly on

I have LOVED Train for years but had never been to a concert! After seeing you bring the “Trainettes” up on stage in Norfolk, VA, up we were really impressed with your way with kids. It was then that I “googled” to see whether or not you were a dad! What a beautiful family – thank you for sharing the pictures! LOVE the fact that it’s important enough to bring Amber and your kids on tour when you can (and hats-off to your former wife for going along with it). NOTHING is sexier than a dad that loves and cares for his kids.

Mrs J.P. on

You have such a beautiful family. Its nice and refreshing to hear stories such as yours


angie on

Hey Pat great pics of you with your kids, you look so happy with them. I can’t wait to read more of you on here! I have a question, how often do you get to see your family when you’re on tour? I’m assuming you try to see them as much as possible? just wondering,, sending love out to you , from a true fan.. angie

Jill on

Thank u for giving the world a glimpse into your personal life. Your children are beautiful and you are obviously a devoted and loving Dad. We will never tire of these blogs….keep them coming:-). See you in December.

jessica on

Saw you opening for John Mayer this summer and you guys were the hit of the show for me. You put on a great live show that made babysitters and ticket price well worth it. Thank you for bringing so much energy, enthusiasm, and sincerity to every show.

as on

I know Patrick, his son. He definitely does have that smart ass quality!!

Laur on

Hello Pat…

I have 2 questions,

1) Did you use the beautiful lyrics of Marry Me to ask Amber to marry you?

2) Any plans on touring to Ontario Canada

Dottie Taylor on

Hi Patrick,
Congratulations on your Grammy win!
Your mother would be soooo proud!!!!
(Her kids were everything to her)

Miss her.
Her old work friend,
Dottie Taylor

sophie on

Hello Patrick, just wanted to say you got totally ripped off at the grammy’s. Your last album has spawned too many top songs to go unnoticed. I was listening to Marry me long before it aired on the radio, How come the radio version is different? I prefer the acoustic. Have a Great life!

sophie on

oops, I almost forgot….My son saw you perforem at a bar in Philly last St. Patty’s Day, I wasn’t allowed ot come becouse I’m old. However, he did take a picute of the band with his cell phone and sent it to me and now its my screensaver. Thought you might enjoy that.

Kathi on

Hey, love the blog, your kids are adorable, been trying to get a web site with photography going, and was wondering about using your song Marry Me as wedding music on web, is that possible? What are the legalities to that? Just absolutely love the song, its very inspirational, sing it driving down the road and im sure people are smiling. Web site is about done in a couple more weeks, we were down for a time because of the ice storm last week, I know its crazy to ask but im gonna anyway, Kathi.

kay on

FYI…..AMBER’S age is 22 and holding

Aline Ferreira on

Hi Pat, I’m Brazilian, I live in Sao Paulo, me and my dog Juju, we fell in love with your music, do not know if you read these comments most was the way to get closer you get to make my words … my English is bad but I think I can only thank you for your music that speaks so strongly in my heart. Thanks.

Patty on

Love your music. Happy to see your love and pride in your family. Please update us again.

Frances Buchanan on

Hi from Dublin Pat,
That’s a very Irish sounding name that you have there, is there an Irish connection somewhere down the line?
I knew nothing about you at all before I read your blog, thank you for sharing some of your life with us. You have a beautiful family,
I really enjoy your songs, they lift my spirit when I’m feeling low,thank you!
Maybe you’ll come and do a show for us in Dublin sometime?
Keep up the good work!
Frances xx

Toni on

Wonderful to read about your love for your fam!! As a long-time train fan, I have always suspected you knew what was really important in life and hearing you talk about your wife and children confirms it! Keep rockin’!!

vanja on

dear pat , i just can’t get enough of listening to most of your songs, esp. ” when i look to the sky” ” girlfriend” and ” two ways to say goodbye” . you have an amazing perspective into what women want to hear. stupendous, keep up the great work , love . vanja

Susan on

Great Preakness concert! My daughter is there but I just watched you on tv. God bless you and your precious family. I love my kids too! Alot!
Come back to Preakness again!

Tiffany Spangler on

Wow! I can’t believe how great your son looks! I remember him when we were babysat together at Wendy’s house. He probably doesn’t remember me, we were just kids. Nice to see him all grown up! I didn’t know you had 2 other children. Nice. Congrats on your success, I love your music, amazing!

Adele Brown on

Seen you twice in New York, loved you! Brilliant show…..only have one thing to say to you though….”marry me” x

Craig Rollison on

Hi Pat,

So I got hooked on Train about a year ago, and wanted to know more about the band and individuals. Of course started with you and came across an interview with you and how “Drops of Jupiter” came about. May I say that you definitly set the bar for others to aspire to. I watched that interview several times and to have the strength to come back from something like that and then put out a superior song, to me is just inspirational!!!!! Your family is wonderful and the wife thinks your little girl is so cute in halloween costume. Thanks for being you and sharing with the world.

Patt on

I just wanted to let you know how much your music lifts my spirits. Thanks for doing such beautiful work and for sharing a little bit of your family. It is so refreshing to see someone in the public eye who is so humble and grateful for the life he has. Be well.

Kay on

Thanks for sharing, you have a beautiful family, lucky man 🙂 My band covers your “Hey, Soul Sister” here in Geneva and it’s one of our audience’s (and ours too) favorite songs. I recently heard “Drive By” and I somehow can’t stop pushing “replay” on my cellphone lol. Anyway, thanks so much for the addicting music, please keep it up, cheers!

kayleigh on

LOVE!!!!! you and your music so much, its really a inspiration on me and my life i think its amazing

Anonomus on

Ok so he says his son Patrick is talented and a good young man. I was friends with him high school and we still talk. He is addicted to pain medicine, cocaine, and inhalants. I have pictures of him doing all of them. And driving under the influence.. Is that what you call a talented man. And not even to start about pat Monahan the singer. From what Patrick has told me and his family pat is a piece of shit and doesn’t care about his first born child. Only cares about the family he has no. He left Patrick at erie to live with his sister cause he didn’t want the publicity of pat ruining his life and career. So give it up to Grammy award winning douche bag

Anonymous on

Has anyone ever mentioned that you and Jeff Probst look very similar?

Tammy Dumbeck-Wurst on

Hello Pat from Erie, PA. My husband & I enjoy your music but every year at Celebrate Erie, I say the same question to him. Where is Pat Monahan? Are you planning on returning to Erie any time soon?

Roman Hajdamowicz. on

Pat your going to B at Tanglewood August 29 my son Brian is getting engage that week and will B at the show he is getting married to Virgina , maby you can do a shout out , thanks his dad ! 🙂

Kimberly harnden on

I AM VERY very satisfied with your biography of Patrick Monica of the Bay do TRAIN

I just to let you know that I am extremelys satisfied with your Biography of Patrick Monica of the band TRAIN

wm spurio on

Hi a father of a 21 year old hows attending…finishing at westminister college where hes a music voice major.right now hes student teaching at slippery rock.he has a terrific voice we r told…he swam with a young man from erie who you would pick him up and drive him to school….i forgot his name but he told me you are a genuine person!! Joey my son was lead in every play and sang at all athletic events including westministers presidents inauguration this padt year. We live in hubbard ohio and are planning to attend your concert in clevland this july…ive read all about your start in erie and then edinboro college….you have a voice thats a gift….it must be awesome to influence lives with that gift..good luck with those beautiful kids

Linda on

So enjoyed your concert in Cleve for the disappointed fans at Blossom! Thank everyone in your band and the families that probably had plans for that day. Loved seeing your concert! You are the best. Don’t know where you guys get all the energy! You are amazing! Songs are so good!!

Kyle's Mom on

Hello to Pat and his beautiful family – 7/30/17

After listening to “When I Look To The Sky” about a thousand times in the last two months, and other favorites from my CD that was purchased after hearing Drops of Jupiter on the radio while crying over the loss of my only child, my 30 year old Marine Corp. Veteran, who died 11/12/16 in Poulsbo, WA, I realize you, Mr. Monahan, are also from WA. My son loved the area, having lived in Seattle to study underwater welding. Yep, he packed up his truck in 2014 with $350 in his pocket, left my apt. with a kiss and a hug, and traveled to find himself. He found love, found pain, and lost his fight, to drugs. That’s when I found Train, and you. I just read your story, thank you. For Veterans’ Day weekend this year Kyle’s Marine Corp. buddies are coming to our home to pile up wherever they can sleep as this year I think their number is going to double. Any chance you could, too . . . and sing for us? Wishful thinking, I know. But, in case you could, all the Operation Enduring Freedom military men and women from America would be at our home to cheer you on, and the neighbors from our very, very tiny community in Mulberry. So, when I look to the sky, I cry, and listen to the words, and sing to Kyle, and to God. God Bless You Pat, and your beautiful family. From a Marine Corp. Mom who loves and misses her handsome son who only lived to be 30.