Mario Lopez Can’t Wait to Have More Kids

11/04/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Mario Lopez has been bitten by the daddy bug.

The Extra host, who welcomed his now 8-week-old daughter, Gia Francesca, with girlfriend Courtney Mazza in September, is already pressing for more kids — though he and Mazza apparently differ on just how soon that might happen.

“I definitely want more kids. I’d love three or four, to be honest,” Lopez, 37, says in an interview airing Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.


And how does Mazza feel about that? “She’s like, one at a time,” Lopez says. “She’s cool with that. She definitely wants them, but I kind of want them right away, and that’s where we have our differences.”

Lopez thinks it’s best for siblings to be close in age. “I was raised close in age,” he says. “When there is too much of a gap … I don’t know, I just think it would be cooler.”

Asked if he plans to propose to Mazza, his girlfriend of two years, Lopez replies: “If she’ll have me. The jury is still out on whether she wants to keep me.” He adds with a laugh: “She is, at least, stuck with me … because of the baby.”

— Tim Nudd

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Ella on

So they are schlepping their 8 week-old-baby into the studio? How selfish and reckless is that?

Amanda on

Don’t these people ever want to get married anymore! I think maybe a commited relationship should come first then “more babies”. This is the first pic of Gia that she looks adorable. All the other pics made her look odd.

Stephanie on

Oh please, normal people “schlepp” their 8 week old babies all over the world. Some women *gasp* even work with their babies strapped to their backs… Get off your damn high horse Ella.

Lady on

Ella….LMAO…are you serious!?!?

Congrats, beautiful family!!

Ella on

Well, Stephanie, I didn’t!
My midwife actually regretted that many parents try to maintain the same lifestyle they had before becoming parents taking their newborns to supermarkets, festivals, amusement parks etc. I was just thinking about the spotlights, the loudness (applause etc.) in this studio situation and I still do think that a newborn should not be exposed to this – fullstop.

Bethan on

I don’t see anything wrong with bringing her into a studio. People all over the world are forced to work with their babies in much hazardous conditions. And Amanda, marriage isn’t for everyone. You don’t need to be married to have a strong, committed relationship. I’ve been with my SO for nearly 16 years and we’ve never shown any desire to get married.

Gia looks adorable in this picture though! She’s really turning into a beautiful little girl.

Polo on

The girl should not marry him. The guy cheated on his first wife right before the wedding day. She was the dorito chip girl. I wouldn’t trust him to be faithful

Elaine on

Well they certianly have a beautiful family and why not show them off. As for having her in the studio they don’t even think twice about it as they are there all the time. As far as them being married you know what as long as people are happy and committed and loved then what does a piece of paper change.

Jill on

I find nothing wrong with them bringing her to the set. Maybe his set is near Ellen’s…..maybe not. There is nothing wrong with bringing a healthy baby outside at 8 weeks.

I am so glad that on other posts people are called haters, jealous and trolls for voicing their opinion about anything. But on here it is said, “This is the first pic of Gia that she looks adorable. All the other pics made her look odd.” ABOUT A CHILD!! I never understand why people make negative comments about children. But I guess that is JMO.

In regards to being married, I also see no problem with that. Some of the most loving parents and committed relationships in this country are unable to be married….so yeah, I have no problems with these two having a child and not being married, or anyone else. Being married doesn’t provide love or a committed relationship….

KikiOttawa on

Ella: I wouldn’t say it’s selfish, proud new parents love to show off their precious bundles. Just because you wouldn’t schlepp your child into a TV studio or supermarket doesn’t give you the right to sit in judgement others.

Genevieve on

First of all, I agree this baby has not looked so cute it most of the pics/video of her so far. Let’s face it though, newborns are all beautiful, but rarely cute (funny, smooshy, little darlings). So that is neither here nor there. As far as these two getting married…Mario Lopez is a known philanderer. Ali Landry ring any bells. He was married to her briefly and she broke it off because he was such a giant cheater. Hmmm…sounds like real marriage material. Who knows what kind of arrangement they have, but given his history I would count on heartache more than fidelity. And before people go crazy, this is an opinion post on a trashy, celebrity website (sorry People, I love you, but it’s true) so don’t get all up in arms about it.

Jen DC on

It’s not as though they have her in the studio every single day… Who knows how not/quiet the home life is? And regardless, every new mother likes to get out every once in a while. Sure, don’t pass the baby off to every stranger in the grocery store, but don’t seclude yourself either…

Vera on

Weird moms create weird kids…Ella is sure to have very weird kids. And don’t kid yourself….you know you do.

Courtney on

Ella, you cannot be serious!! It’s ok for people to take them out in the dead of winter to show them off to family, or take them out when they are only a few days old so that they can shop at Walmart, but its not ok for him to take her to the studio? Its warm where they are, and I am sure they can afford the neccessities and safety tools they need..Now climb off your high horse

Claire on

Ella would think I’m a terrible mother! I was on bedrest for the last 6 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy, and at 5 days old, my daughter and I were at the grocery store, target, and other errands I needed to run that I didn’t have the luxury of doing for the previous month & a half. Maybe that’s why she’s an extremely social child now, since I had her out so early and didn’t hole her up in our house for the first few years of her life! When she was 6 weeks, I went back to work and had to “schlep” my child to the babysitters everyday b/c I couldn’t afford to stay home with her.

Jill on

I do not agree with Ella….at all….but geez people, you don’t need to be so rude. can’t you just state your point without throwing a dig at her?

Karen on

Good job Vera, a rude useless comment to counter a ‘rude’ comment. What does that say about your children’s future?

There is nothing weird about thinking parading your newborn around is a bit extreme (especially when they are very young and their immune systems are still building up). This man lives for the camera and attention, so this isn’t like taking your child to meet the family. Some people think it is a poor idea, different strokes for different folks.

Desiree on

Ella, it’s okay to take your kids out. My first one was born in the winter, so and all. My kids didn’t get sick being outside. They didn’t get sick being around people. I’m sure they are careful with their baby. There is no need to stay locked in a room. And for how long anyway would you stay locked up. Babies like the movement and attention. It’s good for them.

Amanda on

Ella, sorry, your midwife is giving AWFUL advice.

With my first I was paranoid so I basically stayed home with her for the first 2 months and I developed severe postpartum depression, very severe. I think it is very important for moms to get out of the house in those early days. With my 3rd I knew I didn’t have an option but to resume life as usual and I felt fantastic and didn’t develop one single sign of postpartum depression and I fully credit it to me feeling normal again.

Yes, your life changes but you are still you the whole ‘I am a mom now and that’s all I am’ mentality is just asking for problems, and I think it’s good for kids to know life outside of home from an early age as well. My first was also the only child we had problems with when we’d go to church, stores, restaurants, ect and I don’t think it’s coincidence.

Sosie on

Can’t everyone just shut up and be nice? Get over yourselves!

marina on

thank you Jill, for a moment I thought that I was the only one thinking that! I do not agree with Ella, but come on people there is no need to name calling or insulting her!

fran on

He wants to have more kids so he can load her down and go out and cheat. If you remember early on he was engaged and then cheated and the girlfriend broke the engagement.

Mary on

I wonder if “If she’ll keep me” is code for, “I cheated on her and she found out, so she keeps threatening to break up with me, because I am a selfish jerk.” This guy is a repeat offender—ask Ali Landry! Something is fishy if this girl does not want to marry the father of her child after being with him this long.

Ella on

Whoa – now my high horse stopped.

This is my last post on this subject.

Of course I went out with my newborns and certainly my second one was surrounded by more noise (made by the older one) than the first. I did not have any depressions and certainly did meet other people. But also I tried to avoid crowded events/areas. As far as I can judge objectively, my kids haven’t developed any weirdo tendencies so far… – above insults are not taken seriously.

And by the way, KikiOttawa – are we all here to just gush about celebs, their babies and their behaviour no matter what they are doing and what we are thinking? I agree with you in regard to paparazzi pics but what about celebs who display their family/children by choice? I do think one has the right to disagree, judge or just state one’s opinion.

Danielle on

Alright ladies enough,
we all have to accept that times are changing and as much as we may not like the fact that they are changing or how they are changing. They are changing, I am a college student who had my son 9 moths ago and I have managed to go to school, work, and raise my son you can do it. just when we “schlep” our babies all over the place that’s not what u consider it. It’s considered raising our child. Did you ever think that maybe they don’t want a nanny to raise their child so they do bring their child with them to interviews and everywhere else?

Cherylk on


Josephine on

Mario get married????? He’s already been married! He loves the single life. Baby was not planned.

Shar on

She is a cute baby, and it is so cute that Mario is so in tune with his daughter.

Ella- You must have deprived your kids from the outside world. The hospital you gave birth had more germs then the grocery store did you keep them away from all that?! You have to take the baby out to build a immunity. I took my child out after a week! He was super healthy, and he loved every minute of the out doors! Get off your high horse, and stop trying to judge! Im sure you made plenty of mistakes people dont point out on u!

Jamie on

Ella, glad your kids aren’t completely-shell shocked when they go out in public since having them around any kind of noise when they were young wasn’t in the cards. A bit crazy, if you ask me… of course peoples’ lives change when they have kids, but not taking them out when they’re 8 weeks old to be on TV? Come on… like you wouldn’t have taken your 8 week old to be on the Ellen show!

Bancie1031 on

Gia looks adorable here πŸ˜€

Ella – you are so funny! Seriously they TELL you to expose your children (UNLESS THEY ARE PREEMIES – then it’s completely different at least for the first couple of months) to every day living. It helps them to build up their immune system.

I personally see nothing wrong with Mario and Courtney taking little Gia to a studio. It’s not like they are taking her to a firing range!!!!

Yes Mario is known for being a player but maybe becoming a dad has or will help him grow up into a responsible/respectable adult. Maybe one day him and Courtney will get married but even if they don’t that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have more children.

Nicole on

LOL Stephanie, love your reply to Ella’ ridiculous comment!!!! I couldn’t have said it any beter!!

Crystal on

I have to agree with the first poster. Instead of already planning for more children why don’t you plan to get married first! Seesh! Getting married these days is like having the plague! Nobody wants to. The baby is cute but I think she’s too young to be shown off. I know that everyone wants to show off their brand new baby but there is no shame in waiting a little while. He seems soooo happy though! Good for them! πŸ™‚

rachel on

Ella, TV studios are not crowded places. I work in TV and can assure you that there are no more people in a TV studio than a small office.

becksy75 on

Totally awesome comments ladies! way to make a mountain out of a mole hill LOL ..

Who cares what other people do with their babies. If they want their baby out and about in the public so be it! no biggy. Anybody who has had kids have done the same thing, not in a studio setting mind you, but like stated before supermarkets, malls, walmarts.

And really who are we to pass judgement on what others do. I have more important things to do with my time than to pass judgement on others.

saddened on

who the heck cares? spend your time talking about, or better yet – doing something about the crisis in Haiti, the war in Afghanistan, poverty in Africa, shall I continue? You should all be ashamed.

Tee on

Jill- Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking! All of you people that are being ridiculously nasty towards Ella need to think about the example you’re setting for your own children. For Heaven’s sake, you can disagree with someone without being ugly towards that person and her children. Ella said nothing wrong. She simply stated her opinion. I don’t usually get angry over comments on a baby blog but this makes me angry. It’s time for a lot of these “adults” to grow up!

Anonymous- “i agree with vera!!! besides ella is jealous that nobody wants her kids in a studio hah”

Seriously, Anonymous? Ella is jealous because her children aren’t on a talk show. Good grief, that’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. Please tell me that you’re 13 years old because that’s the only way I could see excusing such a ridiculous and nasty comment.

D on

@Ella-There is nothing wrong with bringing their 2 month old baby to a studio. That child was exposed to germs the moment she was born.

D on

@Amanda-I agree with you
@Palo-If she shouldn’t marry the guy, then she should never have had a child with him either.

Emmy on

There is nothing wrong with taken a newborn out into the world.

MominMacomb on

Uh, has Mario ever heard of the word marriage before kids?

momin florida on

if Mario wants more kids, he should make his girlfriend his wife! He never. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Bash me if you want, but I don’t see Mario as the ‘doting daddy’. I see him using the baby to get more women! ha ha.

nikki on

yea, glad they can afford a nanny… i have two kids one 4 and one 4months and its not as fun as it sounds… lots of work mario… ur not the one carrying the baby, or breast feeding nor giving birth to it…. good luck, stick to dancing

Jill on

nikki, who says they have a nanny? there are plenty of celebrities that don’t have nannies.

there are also plenty of people who have children before marriage. Neil Patrick Harris and his partner just had twins via surrogate. The Guncles have a baby girl! Also, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel have a child. All of these couples are in committed, happy, and loving relationships….

Cee on

I took Ella’s comment more as “they are selfish to be shoving their baby under every TV camera they can find” more than “they took her out in public at a young age”. Mario Lopez is ridiculous–I have seen his 8 week old daughter more than my own 3 month old niece–he has taken her around to every talk show he can find…how about getting to know your daughter AWAY from TV cameras Mario!? We all get that you’re a “great dad, so happy, etc…” How about taking a cue from Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher–haven’t seen their baby yet because they are shielding their tiny infant from the glare of 7,000 TV cameras.

KikiOttawa on

Ella: I can’t believe some of the comments you were subjected to and I am glad you seem to have a sense of humour. I agree we are here to gush, gossip, praise, complain, whine, rejoice but I (personally) draw the line at judging. My belief that I make far too many mistakes and too riddled with imperfections to qualify as worthy as judging anyone. This site wouldn’t be here if people like all of us didn’t like looking at celeb babies. Yours was the only comment posted when I first posted but I am a slow typer I guess as when I finally finished there were other comments already.

There are several posters in this thread that should be ashamed of themselves. If you want to disagree with some, that’s fine. You want to get a little dig in, fair enough. You want to flame someone, that’s getting a bit heavy. Dragging children into it, not cool.

Ummm, wait . . Did I just judge? Oops.

P.H. on

“My midwife actually regretted that many parents try to maintain the same lifestyle they had before becoming parents taking their newborns to supermarkets, festivals, amusement parks etc.”

Ella, I agree with your midwife! New mothers need to leave their babies AT HOME!! I’m so tried of being run over in the mall by these “mini-motorhomes” these mom’s push around!! They don’t care if they get in anyone’s way or not!! They feel they own every inch of walking space!! A-N-D it’s no wonder I’m always seeing cranky kids when I go shopping. It’s because their selfish moms are more concerned about shopping then taking the poor child home for their nap!

Veronica on

Where is the moderator?? You folks have completely lost it on here.

Mario is such an excited dad!!! It is a beautiful thing to see…and lucky him he has this national platform on which to share his joy!

He seems committed to his little family, Ms. Mazza is every where he has been this whole pregnancy…so give the guy a chance.

You know Ella if you had not voiced your opinion maybe this whole blog would have had a nicer tone…not every thought should should be voiced. Take it as a lesson in just how powerful one’s words can be.

Nadira on

Jill, in the case of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, the Guncles, etc…I don’t know if that is considered having kids before marriage. After all, for all you know they would be married already if it was legal for those couples to get married. What they have is, unfortunately, as committed of a relationship as they can get.

Julie on

Awww..what a cute family! I love their reality show. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a baby to the studio.

marina on

Veronica – Ella has every right to comment if she feels like it, or at least the very same right you do. Just because she has a different opinion doesn’t mean that her ‘voice’ shouldn’t be hear.

Tess on

I wonder if the bow in her peripheral vision drives her crazy.

JMO on

Babies adapt to whatever environment you put them in. If you have a quiet house the baby will like quiet, if you have a noisy house the baby will learn to sleep through noise. If you keep your kids away from other people they’ll be shy. If you let other people be around them they usually are more social.

I personally think it’s fine to take your kids out after they’re born. It’s hard work though so I don’t find myself wanting to go to the mall shopping for hours 5 days after having a baby!

Mario is doing nothing more then showing off his baby which is what many parents do except Mario happens to have a career in the spotlight. Is this any different then the amount of times we’ve seen any other celeb baby?? Not really.

Kelly on

You people are rude and disgusting . Leave Ella alone.

Rose on

Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how many mean comments and personal insults are hurled around her at anyone who dares to disagree with something a celebrity says or does. Is there some reason why all of you so-called nice and non-judgmental people couldn’t have told Ella you disagreed with her without making things personal and being so rude to her.

I’m never more certain that someone has a good point than when the other side can’t find a way to disagree with that person without name calling and personal attacks.

Sarah on

Ella I agree with you and my Midwife gave me the same advice =) Those first weeks are essential to rest and bond. I had my baby at home and we went out a bit but we mainly stayed home, today my son is very outgoing, loves people and new experiences.. didn’t harm him one bit to spend those vital weeks in the quiet of home.

Sher on

Just my opinion……..Mario is a BIG AS*!!! He cheated on Ali Landry, just days after their marriage. He is a jerk!!! I feel sorry for his girlfriend. He does seem to be quite smitten and in love with his newborn, baby girl. I hope these feelings continue and grow. I guess time will tell. Can a “leopard change it’s spots??”

elle on

Wowwwww, I find it incredibly MEAN and NASTY to describe someone’s child as “odd-” or “ugly-” looking, even if it’s just your IMO. Anyway you try to dice it, these words are pretty harsh to describe a ANY baby or child.

Brooke on

OMG – you women reinforce my misanthropy….What a bunch of hens.

soph on

What Kelly said…

Lizzie on

MARIO LOPEZ & his girlfriend & their Baby Gia ARE adorable!!!! BlessingS to them!!

Ellie on

Please – the guy has yet to show he is faithful – my dog is more faithful. glad he is enjoying fatherhood but that chick should RUN.

Bancie1031 on

marina – I agree …. Ella has just as much right to comment her opinion as any of us!

Jill and Nadira – I think the Guncles are married. Didn’t Tori marry them when she and Dean owned the Bed and Breakfast? I believe that she did. BTW I love the Guncles πŸ˜€

Jill – you also forgot about Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham. They had their beautiful children before they got married πŸ˜€

Tee on

Veronica- I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. Ella has as much right to voice her opinion as anyone else. More importantly, she was polite. The majority of the comments directed towards her have been incredibly rude. Quite frankly, it seems like there are rude comments on just about every post lately and I can guarantee that Ella’s not responsible for them! Give me a break! Better yet, give Ella a break.

Josie on

He also cheated on Karina Smirnoff…she revealed it on “Chelsea Lately”.

fuzibuni on

ellas post was mild in comparison to all the comments from the hens who showed up to peck her eyes out!

and fyi, whoever said that tv studios only have a handful of people on them has never worked on a live talk show. The ellen show has a large studio audience.

and while it’s obviously mario and courtney’s choice to take their baby on live tv (maybe they were trying to squash the rumors that were going around about her), I agree with Ella and would try to maintain a quieter and more subdued environment for my infant. But to each their own.

CelebBabyLover on

Ellie- Why do you want Courtney to cause her baby to grow up in a broken home?

Bancie1031- Exactly! It’s possible that fatherhood could tame Mario! πŸ™‚ It’s also possible that Mario has finally met “the one” in Courtney. As for why they aren’t married….maybe they have the mentality of “If we’re happy as we are, why change anything?”. Marriage isn’t for everyone.

Jill- I agree with you about the fact that plenty of other celeb couples have kids and aren’t married. In terms of celeb couples who have kids and have been together for quite awhile and aren’t married, two good examples are Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (they’ve been together for over a decade!), and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (they’ve been together for nearly six years). Yet rarely do you see people commenting that those couples should get married!

Also, I want to point out that “once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t always true, even in Hollywood. For example, Paul Newman cheated on his first wife with Joanne…..but history didn’t repeat itself with Joanne, and they were together until he died. Another example is Julia Roberts and Danny Modder. Danny was still married when he and Julia hooked up. However, he and Julia are still together all these years later (I forget exactly how long they’ve been together, but I know it’s been awhile!).

All of that being said, if Mario DOES end up cheating on Courtney, I’ll eat my words about fatherhood changing him and all! And as for Gia, she is adorable! πŸ™‚

Mia on

So did he basically just say he’s stuck with her-because of the baby. I’m sure it isn’t as cut/dry as it sounds-but that’s how it sounds like. And I don’t understand people that don’t get married-before kids. If you’re committed enough to have a child with someone (like are in a long term relationship, as they are) + plan to be with them anyway…..just get married.

gdfg on

Mia, some people don’t feel they need a marriage certificate to be committed to each other, especially those who are not religious or spiritual.

mommytoane on

Cute baby.

Ella. Wow. What a privlidged life you must lead. Unfortunately, some of us live in the real world and have to take our newborns to the grocery store, or heck…even the dr’s office a few times. Not all of us live in a cozy little bubble with someone to do everything for us. My daughter was exposed to a lot before she was 8 weeks old….and wow…oddly enough at 8, she’s healthy as can be. Smart as a whip (actually top of her class), and cute as a button. Germs must not have affected her that badly.

Ella on

Whew, it’s quite overwhelming what my comment triggered off… One actually needs a bit of a sense of humor to read through all this!

So thanks for all the support/back up I got in the end.

MiB on

Wow! What vitriol!

I have been to studios with live audiences, and I have to say, that there shouldn’t be any problem keeping people off the baby as long as you’re not in the audience. If you move around the stage entrance, green room and corridor between the green room and the studio, it is like going to a smallish office in terms of the number of people. Worried about germs? Keep the baby in your arms or in his/her stroller or car seat and don’t let anyone touch them without washing their hands first. It’s a matter of common sense. You just take the same precautions as when you go out with a newborn. Then off course I would think that a studio would be a bit hot (with all the spotlights), noisy and bright for a baby.

As for the recommendation not to take infants out (in public) for the first two months of their lives, well, the doctors are quite literally still out on that one. I disagree on not taking them out at all, unless the weather is unsuitable (like very bot, very cold, snowstorm, sandstorm, rainstorm), but I do think it’s common sense to avoid strangers too close to a newborn. Don’t use public transport during rush hour if you can avoid it, avoid rush hour in general if you can, cover the stroller or car seat with a thin blanket to prevent people from lean in to or touching the baby or carry the baby in a sling or carrier. Sometimes you have to go to public places even with newborns, you may have to go grocery shopping, pick older children up at school or go to work.

Jill on

Naderia……my point exactly!! They can’t get married, but can have a loving committing relationship as parents! I see no wrong doing in couples who don’t get married since all couples can’t be married and being married proves nothing.

Mia, I see no “need” to be married to show my so that I am committed to him.

Bancie, from what I have read about the Guncles, they had a ceremony in 2009′ when same sex marriage wasn’t recognized in Califonia. Regardless, the Fed Gov doesn’t recognize the marriage.

Dee on

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

As for the comment about marriage, this is 2010 men and women dont have to get married to procreate.

Hell women can walk into a sperm bank and pick a donor and have a child. I cannot comprehend why a couple who love each other cannot raise a child in a loving environment without a piece of paper tying them together.

I have seen more screwed up kids come out of marital relationships than kids raised in a single parent household or with other relatives. Seriously people get over yourselves on this topic.

As for the travelling bit, I had my son on the road the first week he was born and we took our first road trip at 10 days. He has been all over including the states and all before 4 months which he just celebrated at the beginning of this month.

Just because you have children doesn’t mean you hide them away from the world to avoid “germs” or whatever. I have seen women in the grocery stores with their two day old babies. As a photographer back in the day I took pictures of babies the day after they left the hospital, mom brought them in. As long as your doctor is okw ith it show off your kid, you work hard at bringing them intgo the world enjoy them.

As for Mario’s past transgressions since we are all saints here lets jump on his back because we have never done anything in the past and have grown from it.

Let the man enjoy his happiness, if you are hung up on his previous behaviour ask yourself the question, what if it were me…is that how people should see me and view me forever????????/

COngrats Mario, your family is beautiful!!!!!

SusiQ on

Altho I found most of the posts insightful and see no need to vilify Ella for her opinion since it’s as valid as anyone else’s I do find it mildly amusing that no one’s pointed out that it’s the MAN (who does not have to carry the baby for nine months and then go thru labor for heaven knows how many hours and then has the responsibility for the majority of the care) who wants to have a bunch more babies right away and it’s the woman who DOES do all those things generally who wants to slow down a bit. I’d wait & see how much help Mario cutie is before I jumped back into that so soon. Sure, they’re beautiful & adorable. . .but they don’t sleep much at first either.

Rose on

@Bancie: Tori wasn’t the one who married them – she married some random couple who was staying at the B&B. But, yes they did get married in a later episode.

Bancie1031 on

Rose – Ok Thanks ….. I knew she married someone but I couldn’t remember who but I did remember the Guncles getting married on Tori and Dean’s show πŸ˜€

Regardless whether Mario and Courtney marry or not and whether they decide to have more children I wish them the best πŸ˜€

Brittany on

All of opinions come from our own personal beliefs, none of them are right or wrong. My personal view is that before Gia was even born the two should have been married. I believe that a child should grow up with a mother and a father working together to create a family unless there has been no way to work the marriage out and they divorced or seperated. I do not believe in divorce at all, even with cheating, I believe you should try everything within your power to keep your marriage and after you have done it all, fully forgiving the other person completely, then if it comes to divorcing then so be it. I would definitely not have someone’s child without a commitment from them. I think more than anything that it’s sad for Gia to be growing up with two people who may love eachother but didnt make a commitment to one another even when she was born…just kinda sad…

Lilianne on

I agree with those who are saying that it isn’t fair to jump on Ella so viciously just for expressing her opinion. If you don’t agree with something someone says why can’t you just say “I don’t agree” and leave it at that. Do we have to act like we are still on the playground and call each other names? And to Veronica…I disagree that Ella is “responsible” for the tone of these comments turning negative. If it hadn’t been her comment it would have been someone else’s. Some are commenting on Mario’s personal character, calling this baby odd looking or implying she isn’t cute in some way. This blog may be attached to People but it is still about BABIES and their celebrity parents.

KS on

I don’t think the problem was that they were taking the 8 week old out. Duh people do it all the day; grocery store runs; park etc.

BUT the issue (i think) is that they’re putting her on TV talk shows already. Like using her for the publicity or something. It would have probably been better if they came & did the interview and then just had a picture of her on the screen; or a camera shot of her in the dressing room…Just my opinion.

Mia on

I’m not saying marriage is for everybody-but I am saying…if they were planning on getting married anyway-why not get married before/when the baby was born. Getting married-is getting married.

Jill on

What about people who are physically abused? You don’t believe in divorce. Or someone whose spouse cheats on them daily and brings home stds? Just curious….I understand forgiving but also moving on at the same time.

Kellie on

I am laughing about the getting married comments. Half of Hollywood doesn’t know what that word even means. Those who do are either scared out of their minds of it or make up a BS excuse why they won’t. It’s not just Mario. Half of Hollywood are having babies before marriage and just because you don’t like Mario, doesn’t mean you have to jump down his neck.

JenLaw on

All of my children are out-of-wedlock, and that is my choice. Their father and I love them to pieces and we are Christians. We have traveled the country with them as well, even when they were tiny. However, I do divorces every day and it is AWFUL. It is a terrible thing and I don’t wish it on anyone. I hope Mario, mom and baby are happy and I wish them all the best, married or not.

loren on

@- Lilianne “I disagree that Ella is β€œresponsible” for the tone of these comments turning negative. If it hadn’t been her comment it would have been someone else’s” you got that right Lilianne, the most benign post can start a firestorm, and comments can turn negative for any number of reasons oy vey 😦

molly on

Holy sh*t, people (and I mean readers, not the mag.). Lay off of Ella…although I don’t agree w/her it’s not that offensive of a comment she made!

Isn’t this site supposed to be for entertainment and read/see pictures of our favorite or most loathed celebrities?

P.S. Whatever the couple does, they obviously are enjoying being parents and have a bundle of joy they are in love with. Kudos to that!

Lilianne on

I know loren. 😦 It is kind of a shame.

brannon on

No need for marriage as long as they are happy – to each their own. Baby looks adorable! Wish we could see her better. (Though from the tone of these comments i understand why they may not be anxious to release them!)

soph on

Unfortunately there are always going to be comments on here about unmarrieds having children and how wrong it is…ignore them.

CelebBabyLover, I understand your point about cheating, but how are we to know that history didn’t repeat itself with those couples? It could have and we just don’t know. Take Bruce Springsteen and his second wife–she was the “other woman” and they’ve been married for 20 years, but he’s been hit with cheating accusations in the past few years. Just saying…

mommytoane, your “wow, just wow” tone is nauseating.

be nice on

LADIES! Why do women always have to tear each other down. You can state an opinion. You can reply. ALL of it can be done w/o being mean, catty and bashing.

Jen on

To all the “they should be married before having more kids” comments. What does being married have to do with having more kids and actually staying together? I have seen way more non married couples stay together than married ones. I have been with the same guy for 10 years and we do not want to get married. Why? We simply do not believe it would change a thing. If couples want to get married for religious reasons or otherwise fine. I don’t judge. Whatever makes you happy. I just wish people would not judge the ones that choose to not get married. In Mario’s case, if he’s going to cheat on his gf he’s going to do it whether they are married or not. It’s really just that simple.

As far as then taking the baby to a studio they seem like such caring parents that they probably consulted with their pediatrician and asked if it would be ok. No one knows either way and so no one should judge. It’s amazing how when some people become parents they become so judgmental of other parents. It’s actually quite annoying and why I don’t have many other mom friends. Anyways I really don’t see them wanting to put her in harms way. They seem super excited and over the moon and they just want to share it with everyone.

Emmy on

Who cares if they are not married???? Seriously, it works for them, they seem happy, why does it bother all of you so much??????

Tiffany on

Just a note… I too had my dd with a midwife, and while she encouraged a “babymoon” for the first week or two – and I know some extremists that stayed in for the first month – she would never tell a family to stay home for 8 whole weeks. It’s not healthy either emotionally, or physically… and imo, is just asking for PPD! Actually, on the contrary… I know a lot of medical professionals which encourage you to continue on with you life as much as possible (within reason, of course)… and not let the fact you have a baby dictate who you really are, as people and as a couple! Personally, I did/do everything with my baby (sometimes to people’s chagrin)… and found babywearing awesome for this! Wrap her snugly & safely in the wrap… and off we go! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Also another note on the germs issues… understand that if a baby is breastfed… they are even less at risk for catching a lot of sicknesses, as all antibodies from mom are passed from to baby.

Mariel on


Jaye619 on

I don’t think 8 weeks is too soon to have a baby out and about. When my son was born(and we’re talking 15 years ago,now) my doctor’s advice was to wait at least 4 weeks before taking baby out. I took him for his first “walk” outdoors when he was 4 weeks old and his first visit around other people at 6 weeks. He’s still alive, so I think it went well…lol. I see young women nowadays out with babies that look like they are only a few days old. I find that troublesome, but, to each his or her own.

Reiterating others who have posted…marriage isn’t on everyone’s to do list. Foisting your personal ideals on other people is a bit arrogant. There’s no law that says you have to be married to have kids, and if you check the statistics, marriage isn’t a guarantee that your home will be happy and your kids won’t be obnoxious. It’s all a happy crap shoot so everybody just live and let live.

Let’s all smile and hug it out…this site is about cute, cuddly babies. Mean, snippy comments just seem out of place.

Rae on

Maybe it;s me,but 8 weeks old out and about? wow my baby is 4 months and I’ve been to the doctors and around the block when I walk my dog. the thought of people all up in her face and touching her makes me crazy. oh no, that is to early, yicks.

M-Nay on

OMG,OMG cutest baby EVER!!!! And cutest daddy ever!!! I SO want Mario!!

Max on

Before he takes this any further, he needs to absolutely decide if he is able to put Massa and his child first if necessary. I saw him in total conflict, trying to do so but, for whatever reason, sometimes giving in to that “person” at his work that presumes it is okay to address him like his has no rights at all i.e. (she said and I quote “get your ass down here” and he rashed right in, leaving Courtney alone. Granted in his business, priorities have to be set but there are realistic family situatios that better be first and the other party will start to feel resentment and I could see that in her. I think they are a very cute family and I hope that he can make this transition. Max