Stella McCartney Kids Is Now Available!

11/03/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Stella McCartney

Ever since they gave us a sneak peek a few weeks ago, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when we could get our hands on Stella McCartney‘s adorable kids collection.

Well, that day has finally arrived!

The designer’s fun, modern fashions for boys and girls are now available in stores and online at

And not only are they super cute (loads of styles have been adapted from the main line), but they also reflect McCartney’s ethical values — tops and bottoms are made with organic or sustainable fabrics.

“I wanted this first collection to include basic pieces that are comfortable and that address a child’s needs, without sacrificing the fun and carefree elements,” shared the soon-to-be mom-of-four.

Standouts include the wool Lee Band Jacket ($145), the floral-print Lydia Blouse ($68) and the cashmere/wool blend Ash Jumpsuit ($88).

Added bonus: A percentage of online sales of the the organic cotton Leo Sweatshirt ($36) will help benefit dad Paul McCartney‘s organization, Meat Free Monday.

While you shop the e-boutique, make sure to check out the fun interactive games in the Playground section. You and your tot can download fun wallpapers, read a featured fairy tale or listen to a lullaby.

You can also download the designer’s iPhone app, which allows you to browse the collection through the online store and includes a cool drawing game.

Can’t get enough? Check out the cute “Available Now” video below.


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Mina on

These clothes are dull, mismatched, and overpriced. Those kid models look like they just came out of a homeless shelter.

This makes me angry that just because you have a famous name, you get to do things when other people probably have better ideas but wouldnt get the time of day to be a famous designer.

Lacey on

I love the wellies!

lokl on

I like the clothes. They cost way more than I’d like to spend though.

Alice on

I love the boots so much I want to buy them and save them for my future kids!! (I won’t, but…)

Meesh on

I love these clothes. Especially the orange shorts with the peach top. Mina, your comment just sounds like sour grapes to me. Are you a designer, by any chance?

April on

More like just a bitter betty, can’t remember the last time I saw Mina leave a positive comment on this site.

Personally I prefer brighter colors for my kids but I really do like the styling details on the items shown here. Those shorts are adorable.

Gigi on

not my style, or my price point. Good for her though.

Audrey on

I think Mina is right. They are ugly and mismatched and dull. I wouldn’t put my daughter in them, and I can afford them, and do buy clothes in this price range for my daughter, if they are worth it. She always looks pulled together and adorable, and I get stopped on the street and asked about her clothes. These children look like they got dressed in the dark. The shorts are kind of cute, but not with any of the other stuff, and frankly aren’t very practical. I can see them as a cute holiday idea with a little white peter pan blouse in a warm location, but most places are freezing in the winter.

anonymous on

It’s interesting how Stella McCartney created this line so it’s “affordable” for everyone. These prices are even higher than the Gap…maybe she should’ve continued working with them instead of coming out with her own line. But then again, these prices are considered affordable, compared to the ridiculous prices high end designers charge for their fashions.

Shannon on

I was expecting something more unique.

Mina on

See Meesh and April…other people agree with me. I have a right to an opinion, and it doesnt always have to be positive. I post positive opinions when I see fit, and negative ones when I see fit. Get over it!

Kimber Christian on

I completely agree with Mina’s opinion on this one. The clothes are very drab and waaaaay too expensive. I’d rather shop at Gymboree or Children’s place and get some bright, cheery colors.

Jen on

I can buy a similar look at Old Navy. Yeah, Old Navy may not be all “Organic” and “Sustainable”..but it is AFFORDABLE!

Marla on

Once again like so many other children’s lines, her boys’ clothes are so blah. I don’t get why so few clothing manufacturers make boys’ clothes that are beautiful. I’d probably pay those prices, too, if it meant that the clothes would match the price. I found that when she had her line at GapKids, I felt the same way. Oh well.

Adele on

Nothing special here. Drab and boring. I can get my grandson a striped shirt at Walmart.

Emmy on

I agree with Mina, i would not buy her clothes for my kids, to each their own.

Also who gets to say what people can say on here? Why jump on Mina because she has an opinion different to your’s? i actually like to read everyones opinions wheather its the same as me or not. Stella McCarthy is a big girl i am sure she can deal with some negative feedback.

MiB on

Funny, I love her clothes and don’t like the styles at places like Gymboree and the Childrens place at all. I also wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra for quality. Off course, this is all irrelevant, since I can’t afford either, but the point is that we all have different tastes and that should be respected (a lot of people hate how the Jolie-Pitt children are dressed, I love their style).

On a side note, that red haired girl has an absolutely fabulous hair colour!

whit on

You can never make everyone happy! When they post reasonably priced lines you all call them cheap and poorly made when they post higher end lines you call the expensive and unrealistic. There does not seem to be a happy medium on this site….. 😦

MiB on

@whit, there is no such thing as a happy medium in the world of blog commenting, only total opposites.

Elena on

Nothing special…for a price like that I want to buy my daughter something nice and cute looking, not something basic and plain. And organic shmorganic, they are probably made here in Asia anyways LOL

brannon on

Personally love them (HATE clothes at gymboree and such – look tacky to me) Not mismatched – simple in fashion. To say they are mismatched though makes sense as that is what my mother would say 🙂 Price is good but reminds me a lot of crewcuts…

fuzibuni on

I love these clothes! The colors and styles are perfection to me. I guess whether you like it or not depends on what you are used to seeing on children. Where I live there are lots of artists and creative types, so they dress their kids in funky get ups from thrift stores, or if they have more money, stylish lines like this one. I fully expect to see every hipster kid in town wearing those shorts and tights.

melisa on

Do you REALLY think you are paying for quality, or the name? I could care less if my kids wear overpriced ugly clothes just because of the label.

Anna Vita on

The shirt with the fox is cute. The rest I wouldn’t dress my kids in even if would get the clothes for free. They have nicer clothes in their closets. To the people who like the style: You can buy the exact same style of clothes at

Lola on

Love Stella’s ability to design, but I have to say children’s clothing and designer labels just seem silly to me.

Elaine on

These clothes are hideous. The only cute thing I saw was the sweater jumper. And affordable? Is she kidding me? I agree with many here. She’s using her famous name-but has absolutely no talent. Comfortable? Nothing in this line looks comfortable to me. I would not buy these clothes for my kids. Only her “uppitty” friends will buy this line of clothing-not the normal mom looking to properly outfit her kids.