Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Melody Turns One!

11/03/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

America’s Best Dance Crew co-host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles motherhood — daughter Melody Rain just celebrated her first birthday this week! In her latest blog, Layla fills us in on flying back East for a family party — and shows off Melody’s Halloween costume!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Melody is one year old! I feel like I have known her forever, yet every day I learn something new about her little — or shall I say big? — personality! Her birthday is on Nov. 2 so we thought we’d throw her a party just before, on Halloween weekend.

It’s funny because last year when I was pregnant with Melody, Steven kept pleading, “Whatever you do, don’t let her arrive on Halloween!” … as if I had a say in the matter! I guess the thought of her being born on Halloween scared him because he’s a little superstitious, but in turn I said to him, “She’s going to come into this world whenever she’s ready, Halloween or not!”

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Steven and I decided that it was important to come to the East Coast for Melody’s first birthday, because that’s where most of our family is based and we wanted to share this amazing milestone with everyone. We had Melody’s party on Oct. 30 at her grandparents’ house.

It was so nice to see everyone come together for her — it’s amazing how much love babies bring into the world with them, uniting families together and bringing everyone a little closer. It’s pretty incredible.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


There is a Sanrio character called My Melody that I thought would be a really cool theme for her party. I wanted to go all out for her birthday cake, so I called Mauro at Carlos Bakery (of Cake Boss fame) in New Jersey and asked him to design the cake for us.

Mauro is outstanding, he has designed a few cakes for us now — including Melody’s christening cake — and he hits the ball out of the park every single time, without fail. He always seems to completely exceed my expectations (which is no easy task!) and is an awesome guy all around.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


The cake came out beautifully, and Melody couldn’t stop staring at it! I think she wanted to stick her face in it, so I did have to keep my eye on her! The family had so much fun — we played games, sang songs and danced.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


I also never realized just how much Melody loves to ham it up when she has an audience! All I have to say is if in the future she wants a life in entertainment, she’s going to have to finish her studies first! (Gosh I sound like a protective mom already, huh?)

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


We had such a wonderful day celebrating her birthday, and Melody loved seeing all of her family and being the center of attention. She’s also almost walking, which is so scary because she is quite the Curious George and wants to grab, touch and eat everything in sight! Melody was wiped out by days’ end, and was a little sleeping beauty.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


This year has flown by, and never in a million years could I have anticipated how much I would change when I became a mother. Having Melody makes me want to be a better person every day and causes me look deeper within myself so I can work on doing so.

My priorities have changed so much — Melody is my no. 1 and I would do anything for her. I feel a much deeper bond with women all over now, which I never really felt before. I have such a respect for mothers that I could’ve never truly previously appreciated either.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


I want to give us ladies a shout out, from all over the world, the country, from all backgrounds. mothers-to-be, mothers that are, I salute you! There is a deeper connection we have that binds us together no matter who we are.

We want the best for our children, to protect them, to encourage them, uplift them and most of all to see them through this life and give them every ounce of love we have in our bodies, hearts and spirits.

Thank you moms! You all rock. Here’s a toast to us and our little ones!


— Layla Kayleigh

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


P.S. I’m also adding some pictures from Halloween. Melody and I were matching Snow Whites and Daddy was our Prince — as in the singer! Poor Melody kept crying every time she’d look at Steven because she didn’t recognize him!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


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weu on

She looks nothing like her mother…all Steven

Shannon on

Melody definitely takes after daddy, but she is definitely one LOVED little girl…and definitely too adorable for words!

cris on

WEU, I thought exactly the same thing! I don’t know who Layla is, but it appears she has had a fair extent of surgery/procedures done to her face…for someone who is only 26, she already looks 10 yrs older.

Cute baby though!

Kristin on

^ I think that’s a little unfair. I used to watch Layla on MTV back in her native UK when I was studying abroad there years ago and she looks just the same to me. She’s always been a knockout.

Thanks for all the photos Layla, it’s been wonderful watching Melody grow over the past year. Love Steven’s Prince costume!! You girls look adorable too.

Shannon on

She is soooooooooo cute! Love the Halloween costumes.

Rosy on

Cris, that’s incredibly rude! She does look her age, she looks very young and simply beautiful. This is a blog written by this woman and no doubt she has read your comment, I hope you are ashamed of your petty and judgemental words.

Melody looks like she had a wonderful first birthday, I love her cake, too, fit for a princess.

melanie on

Not sure how Cris would claim she doesn’t know who Layla is and then go on to state her age, no where in the blog does it say how old she is.

Sounds like someone very jealous of a beautiful happy woman and her gorgeous family.

Diane on

Beautiful family! I have really enjoyed the pic’s over the last year and agree with her that mothers share a bond🙂

Tess on

For a year now I’ve wondered who this woman is. The kid is cute, though.

Laura on

I think Layla is just one gorgeous looking woman and their baby is very pretty, too. They seem to be such a happy family.

Alison on

Tess, she hosts a popular dance competition/reality show with Mario Lopez on MTV, called America’s Best Dance Crew. If you’re a fan of So You Think You Can Dance you would probably like it too. My roommate got me hooked when it was on this spring.

Layla, the cake looks great and I love that you and Steve had a nice normal party for Melody. The picture of her asleep is so funny – all that partying must have really tired her out! Thanks for sharing.

Tess on

Alison – I don’t have cable, but thanks for the info.

AMY on

Layla you have it going on, I can smell the envy a mile away
Gorgeous woman, incredible figure, hot HOT daddy and heavenly baby
You are one hot momma w a perfect family.
You go girl and keep smiling that beautiful smile

Happy 1st Birthday to Melody, she’s gonna break a lot of hearts!

LiSA on

I just want to eat those legs and cheeks🙂

Congrats Layla, it’s only going to get better, just be careful when she does start walking, you’re going to be in trouble!

Rachel on

I love the picture of her sleeping, she looks like an angel, love the costumes too.

Happy First Birthday to Melody, thanks for sharing your princess.

Tracy on

Gosh, there are some hateful trolls on here today! Layla and her family are beautiful and to say otherwise is just catty. You’re just jealous because you probably don’t have a job, a husband or a child. Get off the couch and stop the hating! It’s not attractive.

Jill on

Jealousy….that must be it!! God that word is so overused and missused. People are entitled to voice their opinions and if the bloggers or people the story is about can’t take it they shouldn’t be doing the story. The comments here are nothing compared to the other things I have seen other people say about other bloggers.

I have seen her blog from the beginning but have never read it. I have heard of the show but don’t have any interest in it and do not know her and have not had an interest in her or her blog. I always read the comments to see if there was anything in the blog worth reading. This time I have to agree. If she is 26, I am floored. She is beautiful, but looks a lot older IMO. Her daughter is beautiful.

I wait for the day that people respect posters opinions. People can say whatever they want, positive and negative. If you don’t like what they say, skip it.

Alison on

I guess it is just that I don’t like when someone takes the time to write a blog and share photos and people are still negative. I’m generally a positive person anyway but to leave a comment like that when you know the person will likely read it, under the guise that they should be able to handle it, is a special kind of rude.

Rachel on

Layla thanks for sharing Melody’s wonderful brithday

and to the trolls where does it say she is 26 on the blog? she looks like a baby herself to me and I don’t even know how old she is nor does it say. If anything I thought she was younger.

Layla you look vibrant, glowing and beautiful, and you have a gorgeous family

Annie on

I don’t know who she is either but she is gorgeous. The little one is all dad IMO though. Love their matching mom/daughter Halloween costumes and dad’s Prince costume made me laugh. Great pics. Love the sleepy one – too much birthday celebrating!🙂

Lady on

Toooo cuteee!! You have a really beautiful family Layla. Love that Steven dressed up as Prince, great choice!!

Jill on

Have you heard of google? Did you ever think that maybe someone googled her to see who she is or looked at previous blogs of hers in an attempt to figure out who she is because they don’t know? I know I like to figure out who I am reading about and I have no clue who she is and still don’t after reading about her…..and she is 26.

Anyone who forms an opinion outside the “best” must be jealous, a troll, or a hater!! So much for people respecting an opinioning!! You think that people are bad for saying what they say but then some of you name call….pot meet kettle!!

fuzibuni on

aw come on folks, there is nothing to even get upset about on this blog… it is all sugar and spice and everything nice! super sweet baby, and gorgeous parents who obviously think the world of their little girl.

Thanks for sharing your photos layla. I really enjoyed looking at them. I hope you don’t get your feelings hurt and regret letting us into your world because of a couple stray comments. The rest of us are appreciative and send you blessings!

sara on

Anyone that comes to a baby blog, to see pictures of a beautiful family, and a glowing gorgeous mother, and digs for something negative to say in such a happy time, and not to mention a baby’s first birthday celebration, may have some issues within themselves. Speaking your opinion is one thing, and just being down right bitter and envious is another.

Loved the birthday pictures Layla, and the cake looks delicious!

Tina on

What beautiful pictures and what a stunning family!

I wish I lived in NJ so I could try the cake boss, cake looks phenomenal.

Andrea on

I love the Halloween costumes, you guys look unreal.

Layla you look so pretty, Melody looks adorable and how creative is Steven’s costume? Loves!

annie on

Gorgeous family! Enjoy motherhood.

annie on

If you are savvy enough to go to a blog and post, then you are savvy enough to go on google and do the necessary due diligence to find out who someone is. Spare me with the comments about not knowing who she is.

It’s remarkable how catty the remarks are. She is obviously quite young, and to assume she has had surgery simply because she is much better looking than you is nuts. Women have such inferiority complexes about women like Layla.

Margeret on

Thanks for sharing Layla, your family is beautiful and you all look so happy together.

I’ve been reading your blog since day one and it’s scary how quick it flew by and how big Melody has gotten. She gets cuter by the day.

God Bless

Mona on

I love how you gave us moms/moms to be a shout out, I feel the same too we are connected.

Melody looks so happy on her special day, and Mommy and Dad are beaming w pride

Happy for you and Steven🙂

Mel on

Layla where did you get you and Melody’s costume from? they are amazing. You both look like you stepped out of a fairy tale book, your husband looks like he stepped out of a Prince video! :p

Carly on

Love the pictures, It’s not even fair how beautiful your family is!

Maya on

Layla, my daughter was born on Nov 5th (Yay for the Nov 2009 babies!) so we’re gearing up for her 1st birthday party this week-end. I love that you celebrated with family in a low key fashion. Melody looks so happy! We dressed our daughter in the Ballerina outfit for Halloween, but Melody made a pretty little Snow White!

Lindsey on

Me and my husband have been watching her since her G4 days and she’s always been a head turner and exuded so much organic sex appeal.

If anything since she became a mom, she has become even more beautiful and looks more like a woman now rather than a girl.

Congrats on your beautiful daughter Layla, and what a hot hubby you have!

Carri Anne on

Layla! I bought exactly the same Snow White costume for my 3 year old, and she loved it. I didn’t dress up, but now seeing the adorable pictures of you and Melody I def will, might need to twist my husbands arm though!

Hope you, Melody and Steven had a great 1st Birthday for Melody

love your blog🙂

Elle on

She resembles a white Beyonce mixed w Eva Mendes, and he looks a cross between Mario Lopez and Wilmer Valderamma. Baby is gorgeous.

Beth on

I used to love the MY Melody character as a kid!! So cool Layla used that as the theme for the cake, love Melody’s name too🙂

Anonymous on

Layla God truly blessed you.

What a sweet family, what a stunning couple and you all look so happy.

Cherish every moment because by the time you know it Melody will be starting high school, yes it goes by that quick!

Markie on

LOVE the Halloween pictures, Melody is such a beauty and her parents aren’t so bad themselves😉

Antoinette on

Layla you and your family are pure perfection.

I remember when you posted your first blog and I thought Melody looked like an angel. She has gotten even more beautiful, and even though she resembles her daddy, I can see you in her too.

You and Steven make beautiful babies, when’s the next one coming?😉

Laura on

Looks like the family had a great time, What a cute couple!
I’m not sure what looks more delicious Melody or the cake.

Ashyln on

I’m in my first year of college and won’t be 19 until January. Hope I look as gorgeous as her when I’m 26. She looks amazing and so do her family. Cris you must be a very jealous person if you can’t see how beautiful she is. I feel for you.

Iva on

In the family pics you can truly see pure love in your faces looking at Melody. Layla thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. I always look forward to seeing what Melody is up to!!!!!

Beckster on

Great pictures, Layla! She’s growing so fast! Happy Birthday, Melody!!

Jennifer on

Such a beautiful family!

Jill on

Ashlyn, you are right. Anyone who doesn’t have the same taste and think the same people are beautiful must be jealous…… There would be a LOT of single people if we all had the same taste and found the same qualities beautiful and had the same opinions…..Good lord!!

Milli on


You have one beautiful family,I can’t pin point who’s more gorgeous, you Melody or Steven.

And if people comment negatively it’s because something is lacking in their own lives, no one of a healthy mind comes to a baby blog to criticize, that’s one ugly person inside and out! jealous or not.

I love the family Halloween picture, Stevens costume is one of a kind!

Must be hard being so gorgeous and sweet, and having the vultures try to claw their way to you! makes me laugh because they won’t become any prettier, happier or successful by doing so.

God Bless you and your family

Laura on


I’ve read your blog since its inception and have enjoyed it. You’ve done a great job of not making it all good. You’ve shown both the ups and downs of motherhood. And you seem to be a pretty awesome mom.

But I really object to something in this blog. While I find your mother-daughter costumes cute, I find the sexiness of your costume too be appalling. I’m not an ultra-conservative who think that once a woman becomes a mother she has to dress like a nun, but I think in the context of the photos your choice was not the best one.

Is this what you’d want Melody to wear when she’s in her teens? I think not. I’ve always believed parents should try to be the best example for your kid, and this is not going to be such a fabulous example when Melody sees these pictures down the road.

By dressing like this you are fueling the fire of society today, where the media portrays women as sex objects only there to fulfill a man’s fantasy. That’s not a good message for young Melody.

This isn’t aimed at you. I really object to the idea that Halloween has become an excuse for women to be scantily clad and feed that terrible media stereotype. This is not the way to develop self respect and love that we want our young people to have.

Halloween is about embracing the fun and innocence of youth. I hope people can remember that because it seems to be forgotten.


Lisa C on

In a society where mothers are posing fully nude in mens magazines such as Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford and are still being applauded for being good examples for moms and are considered role models, I think what Layla is wearing is very tame considering imo, and I don’t think her choice of costume is setting a bad example.

This woman could make a potato sack look hot by the looks of her.

Britney on

I think you have such a beautiful family and my favorite picture is of the three of you blowing out the candles. Melody is one loved little girl!

FC on

Looks like the birthday party was a hit for everyone involved. I also love the Halloween costumes—especially Steven’s take on The Purple One himself, Prince!😀

Oh, and little Melody loving the attention and hamming it up when she knows she has the floor? Yep, I have a few of those in my family, too—in little boy and little girl form.😉

Julie on

A small number of insecure women on here give the rest of us women a bad name. They sound like a bunch of whiney hags, go please your husbands instead of gossiping away like a bunch of petty high school girls who are green with envy over the prettiest girl in school that’s dating the hot quarterback, and still gets straight A’s.
Get a life

Anonymous on

Wait until Melody starts walking, you’ll be in lots of trouble then!
Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Nina on

I’m not sure if you remember me but I was in your drama class in London.

We are all so proud of you here! Your daughter is gorgeous and you and your husband look so happy.

Continued happiness and success to you gorgeous girl, you deserve it🙂

Emily on

Layla you have a beautiful family and I loved reading your blog.

Melody does look a lot like her daddy but looks like she has your lips.

I’d love to hear about your schedule and if you are a stay at home or working mom in your next blog.

I have two lo’s myself, and juggle work and being a mom.

Thanks for sharing!

Laura on

Lisa C-

I don’t really approve of men’s magazines either. They tell girls that all they are worth is how they look which is a fallacy. I’m not saying I don’t mind nudity or wearing little clothing in the media; I’m just saying that it needs to be done artistically and to enhance the beauty of the woman, not just to make them look sexy. That’s my issue with Layla’s outfit. There are plenty of beautiful Snow White costumes she could’ve chosen and instead she chose one that objectifies instead of celebrates.

To me, that’s the issue with Halloween today. It seems to celebrate the objectification of women and I don’t endorse it; not only in Layla’s case but in anyone.

I’m not saying Layla, Claudia, Heidi, or any other mom who’s done that is a bad mother. I’m saying that any woman, mother or not, who dresses like this in public is helping feed the media’s need to objectify women, and that’s not a good example.

Jill on

Laura, I agree with you. I see this as “sexy snow white” which is confusing and wrong to me. Showing cleavage and wearing thigh highs? What about covering up a bit and westing tights……at least until you go to the adults only party!

An I am not jealous or a hater.

Alycia on

Yea I agree with Laura about the costume

Tensia on

Coming from someone who knows first-hand.. Let it be known that Layla has done something many aspire to but few succeed in doing. She has managed to find that elusive balance between being a super fantastic mom and STILL maintaining her alure. She is a vibrant, beautiful woman ~ inside and out!!

Melody is one lucky little girl to have such loving parents!! Her guy isn’t too bad on the eyes either.. lol..

Annoyed on

Really? Jill, please shut up with your self righteous defending of people’s rude comments. There is a fine line between expressing your opinion and just being plain rude. And Laura, etc – get over it. Do you REALLY think she is hoping her daughter will wear the costume in her teens? She is not setting this example, as she is NOT in her teens. She’s covered. You probably need to get back to your feminist protest of something. You people are ridiculous.

am on

@Jill. . .HAHAHAHA do you know how ridiculous you sound? You are most certainly envious of the beautiful Layla or you wouldn’t feel the need to comment on her age and the way she looks as the blog had NOTHING to do with that at all. I find that when people drag topics not initially involved in the article in to be rude to the person that wrote it. . .then it’s either jealousy, envy, or just plain b*tchiness. Get off your high horse as you are not better than anyone else for chastising those that think people are being a bit rude. They are. . .for no reason. If you can’t say anything nice. . .don’t say anything at all. . .or didn’t your mother ever teach you that???

Sam on

Oh and Layla, you and your happy family look amazing. So happy for little miss Melody and yes, mothers share a special bond. As women, only we can truly know what it feels like to bring our children into the world. It’s an amazing gift. Much love to you and your family!

Laura on


You yourself said “There is a fine line between expressing your opinion and just being plain rude.” You were more of the latter than the former so why don’t you practice what you preach?

And I don’t think Layla wants Melody to wear that in her teens, and that’s exactly my point. A lot of teenagers do wear this stuff nowadays. Melody will see these pictures when she gets older, and what kind of example is that for her?

And for the record, I’m not a feminist and don’t attend rallies or anything like that. I just happen to have an issue with the picture here. And that’s not a horrible thing. Layla puts these pictures out in the public. Obviously, the public is going to have an opinion. I myself expressed my opinion in what I believe was a constructive way. I didn’t call her a bad mother, which I don’t believe she is by the way, or anything like that.

You didn’t need to come after me. If you want to disagree, that’s fine, but I’d rather discuss it respectfully then have you tell me to “get over it” or to “get back to your feminist protest.” What does that accomplish exactly?

Treva on

How cute! I ADORE the mom and baby halloween costumes. And dad as Prince was priceless! what a Beautiful family

Tina on

I agree with Laura. Also, the outfit seems a bit impractical. How were you able to bend over (essential in caring for a small child)? You look fantastic, not because of the daring hemline, but simply because you are a beautiful woman/mommy. A couple of extra inches on the hemline would not have made you any less of an attractive woman.

jazzy on

Beautiful Family!!!!

I’m sure if any of us could look as good as Layla after giving birth, we would wear costumes like that as well!

BTW, thank you for allowing comments on celebrity blogs – how else would the obviously “bored-at-home” and “jealous-of-the-famous” have their chance to be heard?!

kourtney on

awww that was my halloween costume that she is wearing! ahh i love it (:

Judy on

GORGEOUS baby period, this is a baby blog, beautiful family, Melody looks like my daughter Madelyn, congrats!!! keep posting pics….
Ignore the rude people!

Cattykins on

Wow, Cris, what a bizarre, catty comment to make! Clearly, you see things differently to how most normal people do. Layla is clearly a very pretty, YOUNG mother, and there’s no way she looks 10 years older than her age, or as if she’s had lots of surgical procedures done! She’s naturally attractive. Like a lot of the people commenting here, I too can smell envy a mile away and it’s really not pretty. You need to grow up and get a reality check.