Spotted: Josh Kelley’s Fantastic Fairy

11/02/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Bibbidi bobbidi boo!!

Naleigh Mi-Eun Kelley waves her magic wand while hitching a ride with dad Josh Kelley as they head to a Halloween party with Katherine Heigl on Sunday in Los Angeles.

“She’s starting to really be able to formulate sentences,” the singer, 30, says of his 23-month-old daughter.

“I think that’s pretty cute. ‘I love you Dada. I love you Mama.’ I love that. She’s able to mimic really well. It’s phenomenal.”

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Rose on

Naleigh looks adorable!

Does anyone else find it disturbing that the paparrazzi appear to have been camping out in front of the Heigl-Kelley house in order to get this picture?

Vesper on

Although I think she’s adorable waving her little wand, I agree it looks like the paps are in their driveway, they really need to have some laws in the USA about stalking celeb kids.

selene on

I thought there was nothing cuter than a rocker holding his baby girl, but I stand corrected. Put that baby girl in a fairy costume and the cuteness is off the scale.

pat on

She is a darling little girl. However, if your P.R. firm calls the paps of course they will be on your driveway.

Tee on

Without a doubt, the cutest fairy I’ve ever seen in my life! Naleigh is a precious little girl! Her Momma and Daddy seem totally smitten with her.

Pat, why would you assume that they deliberately hunted out the attention? It seems to me like they do a pretty good job a shielding her from the photographers, not parading her around. Of course, I could be wrong but I’m wondering what makes you think otherwise?

Eli's mum on

I’m very confused. Is her name Naleigh Mi Eun Kelly or Nancy Leigh Kelley

CelebBabyLover on

Tee- I agree! Also, it’s pretty clear that Katherine, at least, dislikes the paps. We rarely see her smiling in pap photos.

Mari on

I assume for Halloween some paps just camp out in front of the houses of stars, especially those with children.

But of course for some people, who are already not really fond of those stars it is already a proof that they call the paps.

ELO on

Super cute photo! I love seeing this family. Does anyone remember when Josh and Katherine adopted Naleigh?

Just an FYI to those who didn’t realize, the photographer who took that could have been a block away. Camera lenses today are amazing and can zoom in from incredible distances.

Lauren on

Cuteness overload! I love them, and Josh looks way hotter now that he’s had a shave 🙂

As for the paps, it’s true that their lenses can shoot from over a mile away and look like they’re right up close, which is why I hate to see footage of paparazzi crowding and harassing celebrities. With the equipment they have, there is no need to get that close and aggressive in order to get the shot they need.

Rose on

@ELO: They adopted Naleigh in September of 2009 when she was ten months old.

Jill on

Her name is Naleigh Mi Eun Kelly and Naleigh is comprised of Nancy and Leigh.

April on

Her full name is Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun Kelley and her nickname is Naleigh. Katherine explained it when she was on the cover of Instyle, I just read my issue last night.

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: I can see both sides of this issue.

On the one hand, I’m not sure that I believe that Katherine or Josh alert the paparrazzi. I know some celebrities do that, but I’m not absolutely sure which ones do that – so I’m hesitant to jump in and say I believe it has happened in this case.

However, the fact that Katherine looks upset in certain pictures the paparrazzi have taken proves nothing. If she is trying to pretend that she hasn’t called the press then it makes perfect sense that she would pretend like she is bothered by their presence.

Beautee on

I think she is such a pretty little girl.

CelebBabyLover on

April is correct. Presumably Mi-Eun was what Naleigh was named at birth in Korea. 🙂

Gram42 on

Another post on the Heigl-Kelley family and people start slamming them for SOMETHING…imagine that. I’ve read everything from Katherine not being a good mother, to her use of her daughter for PR, to how Josh is the only one parenting Naleigh, all in previous posts on this site, now this garbage. This stuff is getting old, people. I’m assuming you negative posters are past elementary school age, so how about acting like adults and using the sandbox rule of “play nice” for a change? Now, on to the SUBJECT of this post. Naleigh is beyond adorable! I know her nickname is a combination of Nancy Leigh, but how do you pronounce Naleigh? NAY-lee (Nay, with the “a” sound as in late), NAH-lee (Nah, with the “a” sound as in holly), NAA-lee (Naa, with the “a” sound as in atom)? Just wondering how it’s pronounced.

CelebBabyLover on

Gram42- Since Naleigh comes from Nancy and Leigh, I’m guessing it’s pronouced either NAY-Lee or NAY-Leigh. 🙂