Samantha Harris: Josselyn Is a Mini Mommy

11/01/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
B. Ach/INF

When she welcomes her second child in January, Samantha Harris will probably need some extra help.

Luckily, the Entertainment Tonight correspondent’s 3-year-old, Josselyn Sydney, is ready to step up to the plate.

“Most of the time, my daughter is excited about being a big sister. She wants to teach the baby good manners and how to read and sing. What she wants to teach is different every day. She’s sort of a mini mommy,” Harris, 36, told PEOPLE at Denise Rich’s Angel Ball to benefit cancer research in New York.

“We had friends over for dinner who had a newborn and she was rocking the baby, singing lullabies to her by the end of the night. That gave me hope that she’d be a good big sister.”

Josselyn even understands the pregnancy process — in an age-appropriate way.

“She gets that mommy has a baby in her tummy and [my stomach will] get bigger and bigger and bigger, [then the baby] will say, ‘Knock knock knock. I’m ready to come out!’ That’s how I explained how she came to be as well,” notes Harris.

“She’ll put her mouth right up to my tummy and say, ‘Hi baby, this is your big sister,’ or she’ll run by me and quickly lift up my shirt, kiss my belly and keep running.”

The former Dancing With the Stars co-host explained that she and husband Michael Hess are again waiting to find out the sex of the baby.

“We’re going to be surprised — which is what we did the first time around. It was such a delight in the delivery room and I’m very excited.”

And despite balancing work and bouts of exhaustion, she says her pregnancy is going well. “I feel — thankfully — very good. My energy wanes, but that’s a given. That’s the worst thing I complain of during this pregnancy, but I am by far a very lucky lady.”

— Carlos Greer

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David on

In before people complain about her belly pose

Tess on

The three-year-old is reading?

tink1217 on

Tess…I started learning to read at 3 and could read simple kindergarten books by the time I was 4…it’s possible. I know I shouldn’t say anything but…I HATE the way she poses with the hand under the belly…like we all can’t see she has a baby bump??? She is just so pretentious about it! I never liked her on DWTS but hope she has a healthy baby.

Alice on

It doesn’t mean she reads. You know how little ones pretend to read when they actually can’t, life is a giant game for them. She’s probably thinking of sitting with her little sibling and pretend-reading a book to him/her as “teaching”, that’s pretty cute!

Jenn on

I agree with Tink, she poses the same way in every.single.photograph. Come on, you’re a “celebrity” and on TV regularly, surely she can come up with something a bit more interesting.

Lau on

Yes, the three year old could be pretending to read but not really doing it… OR she could actually be reading, which is not only possible but perfectly normal. I, too, as well as tink1217 was reading by that age.

Emmy on

Gosh i hate how she poses! Always holding her belly!

Molly on

Seriously the same people only post on her topic to whine about how she poses. Grow up and learn some manners too.

tink1217 on

I was beginning to think I was some freak of nature!!! I’m glad others backed me up on the reading!!!

JM on

not at all impossible for a 3 year old to be reading. some of my kids were…. every child is different.

Rose on

I want to fly out to L.A. and teach that woman another pose. I have never seen a celebrity pose the exact same way in every pregnant picture like that.

Jae on

The pose aside (which is over done), she looks beautiful!

Emmy on

Molly, i am allowed to hate how she poses, i can say what i want!!!!!!!!!! She has put herself out there and by saying that i hate how she poses is really not attacking her as a person, i just found her so annoying! That pose is ANNOYING!

CelebBabyLover on

Emmy- I think Molly was just saying that it seems strange to her that you’d comment on this post ONLY because you wanted to say her pose is annoying to you.

That being said, I agree about that Josselyn could be reading by now. But I also agree with Alice. She might still be at the pretending to read stage and wants to pretend-read to the baby. I think that’s cute, too! I have loved books since I was a toddler….and there are tons of pictures of me “reading” as a toddler to prove it! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

It could also be that Josselyn knows that she’ll know how to read before her sibling does, and wants to teach her sibling once she does. 🙂

Emmy on

Renn, first of its Emmy, get it right and no not every pregnant women has to hold her belly when she is pregnant! I have had 5 babies i think i know what pregnant women do! Your the smartarse who has to say “what do you want her to do hold her knees”! i find her pose annoying i am allowed to say it, so you give it a rest!!!!!!!

And Celebritybabylover your point is??????????????

Emmy on

Renn ,Oh and i understand that some pregnant women pose like that , like i said i have been pregnant 5 times but she has started posing like this even before she had a belly, seriously its my opinion, you can not say anything on here with out getting people like you getting their knickers in a knot! MY OPINION! i am not telling you to agree with me and i am not attacking her as a person, so case closed!!!!!!!!

KF on

Emily:”Gosh i hate how she poses! Always holding her belly!”

Well, what do you expect? She’s PREGNANT! Most pregnant women, shockingly, hold their belly. Do you suppose she should hold her knees, or her thighs? Give it a rest!

gdfg on

Maybe she poses like that because she thinks it makes her look good.

Molly on

Emmy you really do need to grow up. You keep posting the most childish comments I have ever read around here. You can say whatever you want and I will keep saying grow up. Don’t keep posting on a topic and embarrassing your self. If you really do have kidsspend time with them instead of making childish posts online eh

MiB on

Having worked as a nanny, daycare provider and kindergarten teacher I have seen plenty of pregnant women, and many of them do unconsciously touch their belly long before it even shows. Just yesterday I passed a pregnant woman who was walking down the street rubbing the lover part of her belly, no doubt without even noticing that she was doing it. Also, have you thought about how difficult it is to pose, pregnant or not? I for one never really know what to do with my hands, so it is quite possible that she has come up with 1 pose she is comfortable with and sticks to it. Many actors and actresses do that, Kristen Stewart comes to mind as someone who had the same slouchy pose in every red carpet picture for years, to a point where you could actually cut the dress of one picture and paste it on another and you wouldn’t see the difference.

tink1217 on

so most women hold their bellies when pregnant?? I don’t remember doing it or ever posing like that in a picture!! Nor do I remember seeing any pics of my mother r friends doing it. I think it’s a celebrity thing mostly.

Rose on

@Emmy: Don’t let the comments from a few rude posters on her get you down. There are a couple of people on here who feel the need to go around verbally attacking every person who refuses to gush over celebrities.

@Molly: It’s kind of sad to see that this is your MO in every post you participate in. This is now the second post I’ve read in the last five minutes where you were hurling insults at other people, all apparently in the name of promoting niceness. Have you ever heard that quote “be the change you want to see in the world.” In other words, being mean to people does not encourage them to be nicer, instead it makes you part of the problem. If you think people should be nicer, then start with yourself because you’re one of the meanest people I’ve ever seen on this website.

Rosie on

Emmy and Rose really badly need to grow up. That is very stupid, immature way to act.

Rose on

@Rosie: Blindly worshipping celebrities does not make a person mature. It puts them on the emotional level of a 12-year-old, and I’m proud to say that I’ve never sunk to that level.

I’m also proud to say I’ve never backed down to people like you. So continue to call me immature if you want to Rosie (or Molly as I suspect your real name is) but it’s not going to stop me from expressing my opinion.

CelebBabyLover on

Rose- But the thing is, most of us DON’T blindly worship celebrities. Defending a celebrity is not blindly worshipping them any more than criticizing them is hating them!

tink1217- As MiB said, a lot of pregnant women touch/hold their belly without even realizing they’re doing so!

Emmy- My point is that I think commenting ONLY to say that you think her pose is annoying is a little weird. On the rare occasions I post a negative comment about a celeb, I try to use the “sandwich” approach. That is, I say something positive, then I say my negative comment, and then I say something positive again. It’s more polite that way, and it sounds nicer, too. 🙂

Also, honestly, if I ONLY had a negative comment about a post, I wouldn’t post. I feel that, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

So basically, it’s fine to express your opinion….as long as you do it respectfully (whether that’s using the “sandwich” method or saying something like, for example, “I don’t really care for the way she poses”).

MiB- Excellent point! It could very well be that Samantha just doesn’t quite know what to do with her hands, so she’s settled on that pose. 🙂

Emmy on

Molly you really like to start trouble around here! Every post that i see from you is mean and feral, who is the one who needs to grow up! You know if i do not have anything nice to say i normally do not say anything, but having had 5 kids i really can not stand the way this women poses, i am entitled to say that! Once again, i am not attacking her as a person, like you seem to do, to every single person who has a different opinion to you!

Oh and do not even pick my kids into this, about me needing to spend more time with them you do not know me, or how i am with my kids, so do not even go there!!!!!!

As far as i am concern you are nothing more than a troublemaker.

Oh and celebritylover, i will say what i feel, i agree with Rose.

Emmy on

Oh and Rosie, Rose and i need to grow up? Why because we say it how it is, i do not like the way she poses, what is so wrong with saying that???????? i do not need to explain myself to you people anymore. Look Samantha might be a wonderful nice person, i do not know much about her, so will not judge her as a person, from what i have seen she seems nice, do not like her pose, thats all i am saying about her, but from saying this, i get all these Biotches judging me! “oh you need to grow up” so on, Who is the one who needs to grow up!!!!!!

Rosie on

Emmy and Rose really need to grow up and not come on here anymore.

Milosh on

Hate her posing every time. She just gets on my nerves.

Rose on

@Rosie/Molly: You’re not fooling anyone. If you’re going to post the same thing under multiple names, you should at least try to throw people off the trail by writing different things under those aliases. Writing basically the same thing gives you away.

@CelebBabyLover: There is a difference between defending a celebrity and throwing a fit every time someone doesn’t love everything about a celebrity. When I was talking about blindly worshiping a celebrity, I was not referring to people like you who responded to Emmy by essentially saying “Well I think you’re wrong and here’s why . . . ” I’m referring to the people like Molly/Rosie who hurl nasty, personal insults at anyone who dares to disagree with something a celebrity does. I don’t think a person blindly worships a celebrity if they defend that person – I do, however, consider it blind celebrity worshiping if that person defends them the way Molly/Rosie has, where they act like every person who doesn’t like that celebrity is a horrible, evil person who deserves to be called names and to be verbally attacked in various other ways.

Jill on

People need to realize that there is no right way or wrong way to make a post… have an opinion of what you think is the right way. The sandwich approach may be what you THINK is the the right way, but others may disagree. This is an open public board and anything can and will be said and if the owners of this site don’t like it they will remove it. If you don’t like what is said, you can skip over the post, but calling people names, telling them to grow up and telling people how to post is really deameaning.

Emmy on

Yes Jill well said!

Rosie, telling someone that they need to grow up and not come on here anymore, because they made a comment that you did not like, sad very sad.

Hey i think you need to go and look at the other post of Samantha, are you going to have a go and all those women because they all said exactly the same as me, are they all childish and do not belong here too?

Rosie on

teehee! I thought you would know I was being sarcastic!!! I’m too irrated with her posing!

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- Anything CAN be said, that doesn’t mean that anything SHOULD be said! I agree that it’s perfectly fine to express an opinion and to make a comment that’s not totally positive. But calling people names and saying that they shouldn’t post here, and things like that shouldn’t be said.

I also think that- and this goes for ALL of us, including me- we should use common sense when we post. For example, if we wouldn’t say something to a celeb’s face, it probably doesn’t belong here, either. 🙂

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: Why are you assuming we wouldn’t say that to her face?

I don’t believe that everything celebrities say and do is right, and I’m not going to pretend like I do. And yes I would tell Samantha to her face that her pose is ridiculous.

CelebBabyLover on

Rose- I’m not assuming anything! I never said you wouldn’t say those things to Samantha’s face. Just that IF you wouldn’t, then, IMO, they don’t belong here either.