Melissa Rycroft Is in Pregnancy Planning Mode

11/01/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland, who are expecting a girl this February, are wasting no time sorting out the details.

“I’m a very anxious person and I’m organized, and I need to know things,” Rycroft told PEOPLE Saturday at CAAF‘s 17th Annual Dream Halloween Party, where the couple dressed as Snooki and Pauly from Jersey Shore.

That includes a name, which they’ve already picked. They’re keeping it a secret until the baby is born, but Rycroft, 27, says it “came to us pretty easily.”

The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars alum has had a fairly seamless pregnancy so far, but she admits that one thing has been missing: weird food cravings.

“I found out I was pregnant and was like, ‘Oh great, I can totally gross people out with some really disgusting craving,'” she says. “But it wasn’t like that. I eat sno-cones and cereal.”

She’s not even jonesing for donuts and cupcakes, which is good. “I’d rather eat clean if I’m not having cravings,” Rycroft says, “I’m trying to stay active and have the weight that I gain be healthy weight, so it’s easier to take off.”

For his part, Strickland said he “wanted a girl all along” and hopes the baby takes after his wife. “I just hope she looks like Melissa,” he said, “I look at all these pictures of Melissa as a baby, and that’s probably what we are going to have.”

Adds Rycroft: “I just can’t wait to meet her. I just can’t wait to see what she looks like and who she’s going to act like.”

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— Michelle Ward

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mommyof2 on

oh my goodness she is carrying so high…but at least she is never going to have to worry about jeans being to tight around her belly!! :o)

Brooke on

Please go away, Melissa……I’ll even buy your plane ticket to stop you from appearing in People Magazine again.

Nicole on

I wish you’d buy yourself a plane ticket to go away, Brooke. Don’t like her, don’t read about her.

I think she’s adorable, and she’s fun, and she obviously means no harm in anything she says or does. She’s going to have one cute baby girl.

Romy on

I like reading about bachelor people, even if they can be annoying. I’ve watched the show so I think it’s fun to see what they’re doing now. She has a celebrity life now, does GMA and other shows so she’ll be around.

Brooke on

Oh My apologies, Nicole….if YOU like her, she must be okay…….Get over yourself.

kmb on

thank you nicole.

brooke- stop commenting on her articles if you’re tired of seeing about someone. the more hits/comments the article gets, the more likely People is to post more articles on melissa. makes sense, right?

just keep scrolling down the page. it’s not hard- it’s the long vertical rectangle arrowed thing to the right of the page. just go past articles for which you have nothing nice, pleasant, or useful to say.

thanks in advance from everyone tired of seeing negative comments on articles we actually enjoy.

have a good day!

kmb on

melissa looks great, and i love the ridiculous costumes. the slippers are a nice touch.

can’t wait to hear the name they picked for this little one!

it’s nice to see her supporting such a good cause.

The Wozzy on

In total agreement with Brooke. Melissa is a shameless publicity harlot. I’ve heard from numerous first-hand sources that Melissa is not a nice person. Apparently, a fan approached her and politely asked her if she was the girl from the Bachelor, and she denied it. Then she walked off laughing. The problem was, the fan knew what her husband looked liked. Now I get she may want privacy, but there’s no need to belittle what little fans you have. I wish she’d go away and stop thinking she matters!

Suzie on

I like how people say ‘first hand sources’, because that will make people believe you. I think if Melissa was a mean person, it would have came out by now, in at least one tabloid magazine! So she lied about being the bachelorette girl, or so the fan, or your friend says. Or again, another second hand story with half truths or none at all. Maybe the fan was wrong about the girl they approached, or maybe Melissa was just tired of people asking the same question a million times! Im sure if you were asked that over and over, you’d probably change the answer up just to play around. That doesnt make her a mean person.

Celebrities do deserve their privacy, and dont need people constantly coming up to them when theyre out in public. If theyre at an event, then yeah theyre gonna get questions, but if the chick is eating or shopping, leave her alone. Seems like to me, the ‘fan’ is the mean one for bugging her and then whining because she didn’t get the response she wanted. Boohoo!

Courtnee on

Listen, Melissa is a sweet girl. She has done nothing to anyone or anything. So Brooke and “The Wozzy”, if you want to go and make bad comments about someones behavior, why don’t you go to a Lindsey Lohan article. Congratulations Melissa and Tye, wish you the best of luck!!

Penny on

Melissa looks great pregnant!! Still so tiny! That’s going to be one beautiful baby girl!

Jet on

in all her interviews she has come off as a really low key texas girl. I watched her season of the bachelor and she has been a fav. since.

Hea on

She matters. As a human being on this earth with loved ones and love in her – she matters. How dare any uptight person tell her otherwise? I don’t know who she is or what she’s done but I find the comments on here disgusting. Get over yourselves and focus on something that matters to you instead if this bugs you so.

MiB on

@Hea, well said! Trust me, I scroll past plenty of posts because I’m either tired of or not interested in the featured celebrity, but I would never ever say they don’t matter. They are human beings, which means that they by definition matter, to someone, just as You matter to someone. If You don’t care for a celebrity, scroll by the post.

tina on

I’ve been a fan of Melissa since she was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and I’ve never heard of her being mean. Team Melissa! Congrads on the baby and LUV the costumes!

Abbe on

Loved Melissa since DCC:Making the Team…Congrats! I’m sure the baby will be gorgeous and loved!!

Roxy on


Congrats to both you and hubby for having a wonderfully easy pregnancy, and thats how it should be. Don’t worry about the weight gain for most of it will come off in the hosp since you didn’t gain much to begin with. If more women would pay attention to what they ate during pregnancy they would quit blaming thier weight gain on pregnancy! Have a wonderful holiday season its a great time of year to be pregnant. (I was too 22yrs ago:) P.S. I never had food cravings either other than MILK and I had 2 girls. Take care and Happy Holidays!!!

Kristin on

Love the costumes!!

ha-ha on

@ Suzie- I know right! “first hand sources” yeah then it MUST be true! haha, seriously, how ridiculous is that!

Kimberly on

And she’s famous for what? Oh that’s right, always being 2nd best. I love these “celebrities” who are famous for being famous. Heck, I’d love to be famous for getting dumped on national television… umm, not so much.

My favorite thing about celebrities is how they value marriage and commitment. She was engaged to one guy, he dumped her and then she became engaged and married to another guy within the same year? Yup, she’s a keeper and this marriage will last.

Kaitlin on

It says they have a name picked out for their baby girl. I bet it’s Molly!

Hockeymom on

All the Melissa haters should just go away!!!! Jealousy will get you no where, if you don’t want to read about people then stop going onto the website. KMB and Nicole, great comments.

Jill on

Jealousy……..that must be it!!! I was refraining from commenting, but that one gets me every time. If you don’t like someone you must be jealous and you must be a hater. Makes no sense at all. I would love for someone to tell me that they have never saw a person on tv they didn’t like…….everyone is not going to like everyone. We are all allowed different opinions and guess what…..allowed to express them on this public blog. You can scroll right past the post you don’t like, no need to read it or even make a post about it. This isn’t their personal websites…..which I would never go to or comment on.

I for one, can’t wait til she has the baby, so we can stop having articles about her bc their are so many other celebrities I would rather read about.

If you are all concerned about neg comments, you should see the post about Kendra or Sadie Sandler. Disgusting……but not jealousy or hating, just rude and disrespectful.

Tess on

Jill – great post. The jealousy comments never make sense to me. Anyone can be famous these days, as all these reality and internet and youtube stars prove. Most people choose not to be famous, so I’m not sure what the heck they would be jealous about.

Sandra Slater on

I am so happy for you. I have seen you on TV since the Bachelor and voeted for you all of the time on DANCING WITH THE STARS. ALSO WATCHED YOU ON NEW YEARS EVE. What I want to say is congradulations and what you are craving is what your child will always like when she is young and growing up. I craved strawberries when I was pregnant in 1962-1963 and to this day my son has to have strawberries all of the time. He likes strawberry pie for his birthday instead of cake, Well he always gets cake (smile) I hope you the best of life with your family in the years to come. Love a real fan of yours.

heather on

Jill, don’t kid yourself about not having to hear about her after she has the baby. That’s when people just continue to say whatever they can to stay in the media, i.e. Kendra, Bethany from Housewives, etc.

Rose on

@Jill: Great post! I’ve never understood the jealousy comments either. It’s kind of sad that some people can’t grasp that it’s possible to like someone but disagree with certain things they do, or to dislike someone but not hate them. It’s getting a bit ridiculous to see the way some people on here get raked over the coals merely for not blindly worshiping all celebrities.

Karen on

Yowzers, lots of people have time on their hands.

Congrats to both of them. Their costumes are fun! Why comment whether you like them or not…do you really think they care about your opinion? LOL

Jill on

Heather, very true….I guess my point is that she has been all over this page during her pregnancy and I am hoping after the birth it won’t be as frequent, but I am probably wrong. I would love to see more Bethenny!!! Like her a lot!!

Karen, I have as much time as you do… typed a post as did each of us. Guess we all have a little fun free time!! Yeah!

Lauren on

shes gonna keep the name a secret? just like she was going to keep the sex of the baby a secret…that went over real well. we’ll know the name by next week.

Tess on

There’s an announcement every other week with celebrity pregnancies. First the pregnancy itself, then they don’t know the sex, then they do know the sex but they won’t tell, then they’re thinking of names but they don’t know yet, then they’ve decided on a name but won’t tell, then the food craving announcements, then the weight gain announcements, then the baby shower announcements, then the kid is finally here but they’ve changed their minds on the name so that’s another announcement once they decide again, then the name meaning announcement, then the first picture, then the weight loss announcement.

So really, this woman is no different than any other celeb. I feel like most celeb kids should be five years old by the time they’re born since we hear so much about them before they’re even here.

The Wozzy on

Haha, I’m really jealous of someone who had to go on a reality show to find love. I’m just sick of her celebrity aspirations. And yes Hea, I quite certainly dare tell her she doesn’t matter, on a celebrity site that is. I mean, what’s up with the public appearances? Did you go on the Bachelor to find a husband or to promote yourself? Oh yes, I forgot, this is the girl who got engaged and broke in off in a 6-week span, and was rengaged shortly thereafter. I wouldn’t doubt this pregnancy was planned as just another part of her publicity tour!

Hea on

The Wozzy – Then you are a very disrespectful person. I’d love to see you tell her that to her face. I bet you don’t have the guts.

The Wozzy on

Oh yea, I don’t have the guts because I revere her like you do Hea! Unlike you, I don’t idolize career reality TV show “celebrities”. Tell me what’s so disrespectful about pointing out the TRUTH.

Let’s see if you have the guts: Tell me you’d be proud to have a daughter who became a professional cheerleader, posed in a sexy calendar, joined a televised dating competition, made out with, spent an overnight date with, and got engaged to a guy who was spending overnights with other girls, in love with someone else, and then used the experience of being America’s most infamous clueless dumpee to further her quest for fame.


Don’t know how I stumbled on this page…was looking for jeans. Are your lives so shallow, people, you have nothing better to do than look for dirt like one would look for it in a vacuum cleaner? You’re to be pitied really. At least this Melissa appears to be enjoying her life and new husband…one hurried statement and you simple minded people label her a problem. I can only imagine what it would be like to be around you for a day. Do you even have any friends…ever go camping…enjoy life? I didn’t think so…stop and think about how small and petty your life is. Writing negative things about someone you don’t even know….Oh Lord deliver us from creepy people like these….

Peggy on

Man, you negative people need to get a life man………..I’ll bet you’re absolutely miserable to be around. Leave Melissa alone….I’d say you’re jealous, but don’t have the looks, personality, and talent she does….so you’re stuck and making everybody want to run away whenever they see your nitpicky self headed their way.