Eli Manning, Wife Expecting First Child

10/29/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Giants quarterback Eli Manning has given fans playoff fever — and his wife Abby baby fever.

The college sweethearts, who have been married for 2½ years, will become parents in the spring.

“They are both so happy and excited. Eli is being very protective of Abby, as it is still early days,” a source told Page Six of the NY Post.

Eli, 29, and Abby, 26, who met in the spring of his junior year at Ole Miss, wed on a beach at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in April 2008.

In May last year, Eli and his wife were still basking in newlywed bliss but were beginning to think ahead.

“We’re enjoying being married right now,” Eli said at the time. “There’s no exact plan, but we do plan on starting a family in the future.”

The future is now! A spokesman for IMG, which represents Manning, declined to comment.

— J.J. Curtis

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Stephanie on

Congrats to Eli and Abby! Eli and his brother both seem like really good guys, a breath of fresh air in a profession that has had its share of not so good guys lol! I’m sure they will be great parents!

reb on

congratulations to the gorgeous couple!!

Emma on

Aw- yay! Congrats to Eli & Abby as well as expectant grandparents Archie & Olivia.

Jordan on

Congrats to them!

How cool will it be to have Peyton Manning as your uncle. He seems like so much fun.

Linda Clark on

Congratulations! You are such a great couple. I am such a Manning brothers fan. Am hoping for a Manning Brothers Superbowl!! But I know that would be hard for the family!!

What great parents you will be. The all American family!!

rebecca on

Congrats Eli and Abby! They really are a gorgeous couple!

Kim on

I’m sure if it’s a boy we will have another entertaing high energy Manning to watch in the future!!! Hopefully he/she gets Eli and Uncle Peyton’s personality!!!

Adrienne on

I dont much care for her, but Eli is awesome! Congrats to them and best of luck!!

Tara on

That’s gonna be one good looking kid!

megan on

goodness, they really have similar faces lol

Liz on

That’s so sweet! This is great. Congrats!

liza on

Um, why don’t you care for her? You don’t even know her. *rolls eyes*. Congrats Eli and Abby. That child is gonna be gorgeous!

SLW on

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!! I wish the two of them the best! 🙂


Wow what great news… congrats to the happy couple, can’t wait to see the new arrival.
Baby Manning on the way… how sweet!

Amy on

Another great Manning to look forward to. Hope we see him on the field in a few years (IF it’s a him ;-)…if it’s a girl, I can totally see her being spoiled rotten by Daddy & Uncle Payton–LOL!
Best wishes to them all! Go G-Men!

Christy on

Congrats! News floating around down here is that it’s a girl!

Becky on

Congrats to the happy (beautiful) couple..

L on

That’s great news! I adore the Manning’s!! Congrats Eli & Abby!! And their families as well!

martina on

I can’t stop laughing at the “I don’t care for her” comment. How is it even possible not to care about somebody you don’t know? It’s not like her name is splashed all over the tabloids either.

Congrats to Eli & Abby. It’s about time they gave their puppy a sibling 😉

Shannon on

Congratulations to Eli and Abby and the entire Manning family including Uncle Cooper!!!

Paige on

Congratulations to Eli, Abby, and the rest of the Manning family as well as hers! Love him. He’s my favorite Manning brother.

08girl on

AHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!! Wow, how can news about someone I don’t even know make me this excited!! lol 😀 Eli’s my favorite and the two of them together are adorable. ❤

CF98 on

Hopefully its a boy so the Colts can draft him to replace Uncle Peyton

Lola Marie on

Great family, congrats kids!!

Jennifer on

Oxford is a really small town so it’s quite possible that Adrienne actually knows them from Ole Miss. Still a random comment though…

Congrats from a “State” fan. Go Dawgs 😉

Charleneanne on

congrats to Eli and Abby. And bet oldest brother Cooper’s 3 kids are looking forward to having a little cousin.

Beth on

Happy for their families.. especially grandparents Olivia & Archie!
(Go Dawgs, Jennifer!)

Deb on

If I remember it right back when Eli and Abby got married Abby was seen giving the paparazzi the middle finger in front of TV cameras and they showed it on one of the celebrity access hollywood shows. Not exactly classy for a new member of the Manning family. If this is what Adrienne is referring to. I thought the same thing at the time of the wedding.

Louise on

Sorry football fans, it’s a GIRL:)

Rye on

how do you know Louise?

albert on

Congrats to Eli and his Wife.
Also to his Two future uncles Peyton & Cooper and GrandPa Archie

Jordi on

AWWWWWW Congrats to Eli and Abby! Me being a HUGE Giants fan, I’m really happy for you guys! =) Can’t wait for another baby Manning!

Terri on

She’s definitely gorgeous. Congrats to the happy couple.

Kate on

So, she gave the papz the finger. Maybe she wanted to, I don’t know, relax and enjoy her honeymoon and not be harassed by a moron with a camera with no business taking her picture in the first place. Good for her for sticking up for herself and the family. She’s got spunk; I like that. Adrienne is probably just jealous of her and has a diluted fantasy of herself being with Eli.

Congrats to Eli and Abby, and the whole Manning family. I’d love to see Peyton have a bundle of kids himself one day!

gdfg on

Deb, I’d give them the finger too if I were her! The paparazzi aren’t exactly known for being polite.

GiantsFan on

Eli such a hottie! Congrats on the baby!

CelebBabyLover on

Kate and gdfg- I’m with you two. I also think it’s worth adding that really, we don’t even know her. We know she once gave the paps the finger, that she’s married to Eli, and that she’s pregnant, but that’s really all we know. So I think it’s unfair to judge her.

Heather on

Congrats Eli!!! Good luck with the rest of the season!

cuda on

gooooo state(miss)

Anonymous on


martin albinder on

best wishes hope the baby is a healthy one

donna on

Evan though I’m a Raven’s fan all The Manning families seems to be very nice and respectable. I always enjoy watching them play. Congradulation to you all.