Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Birthday Boy

10/28/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Freddie Baez/Startraks

Happy birthday James Wilkie Broderick!

Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son — who turns 8 today — to school on Thursday morning in the West Village.

The actress, 45, and husband Matthew Broderick are also parents to twin daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 16 months.

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soph on

He’s a handsome little boy!

Denise on

He seems like a very happy child, he is always smiling and I like how involved SJP is, walking him to school, etc. On a different note, his pants are the right length!

Sarah M. on

Denise – My first thought was that he doesn’t have any flood pants on! I think this is the first picture I’ve ever seen of him where his pants weren’t too short.

The most important thing is that he’s happy and healthy, though. And he certainly seems to be based on every picture we’ve seen of him.

Deb on

SJP has stated before that she recycles clothing from her nephews and nieces for her children. I think it is refreshing that her kids look like everyday kids. He’s 8, I don’t think his pants being a little short is at the top of his worry list. I like that they try to have a normal life. Kate Gosselin “needs” a bodyguard and the real stars go and come as they please.

Sarah M. on

Deb – For the record, I don’t like it when ‘normal’ people wear pants that are too short either. For me, it’s either wear capris or wear pants. All of my pants come to the end of my shoes. (That probably has to do with the fact that I worked in clothing retail for 8 years!) Also, clothes can still be recycled and be the proper length. Her nephews and nieces old clothing can go to Good Will, Savers or whatever thrift store happens to be in their areas. SJP can also buy clothes that fit correctly for James at those same stores. I do agree that it is refreshing to see celebs that aren’t spending an ton of money on clothing that will realistically only be worn handful of time before the kid grows out of it, though. 🙂

As I said in my earlier post, the most important thing is that he is loved and taken care of. And he appears to be doing wonderful in both of those areas, so the fact that his pants are usually too short is irrelevant, really!

CelebBabyLover on

It could also be that James is just going through a phase where he grows so quickly that clothes become a bit to small for him almost before he wears them! My brother went through a phase like that. He got really tall really fast, so it was hard to for him to get pants that fit properly (since within a few days or weeks, they probably would be too small!). He didn’t have that issue with his shirts, because at the time he preferred really baggy shirts! 🙂

Deb on

Sarah- he’s just a lil boy being a lil boy. Why is the length of his pants such a issue? Maybe he’s a fast grower as someone commented, maybe they are recycling clothes and still donating to charity, maybe he just loves certain pants and ask to wear them. I think children should be off limits. If his dad walks around in capris, feel free to comment on it.

Sarah M. on

Deb – I was just defending my reason for responding to the topic. Nothing wrong with that. I even stated my reasoning in what anyone I know would deem a respectful manner. And, yes, I know he’s a little boy. But that doesn’t mean he can’t have his clothing fit properly. If it was just every now and again that he was seen wearing pants that were too short, had holes in the knees, etc, then that would be one thing. But this is the first photo I’ve ever seen of him where his pants WEREN’T too short. Perhaps, as CelebrityBabyLover suggested, he just grows fast. If that is the case I would understand that nothing can really be done. And I’m not the only person that thinks this way. I babysit for about 20 different families, and with all of them if the kids are leaving the house their clothes fit and their clothes and bodies are clean. (Whether they stay that way while out is another matter entirely!) I’m the same when I leave the house with my charges (I’m a nanny). I don’t know or care how they dress at home when I’m not there. But ESPECIALLY if I know that there was a good chance either myself or my kids were going to be photographed while we were out, I’d make sure that both my clothes fit and my charges’ clothes fit! I watched a 4 year old that was obsessed with costumes. Certain places he went it just wasn’t okay to wear a costume. But wherever he did wear the costume, at least it fit!!

No matter who your talking about (with a few exceptions), people can go out it properly fitted clothing. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- If I may respectfully ask, why is it such an issue if his pants don’t fit?

Deb on

Sarah M., respectfully, this is the ONLY picture of him wearing pants that fit? Maybe SJP does it on purpose to cause a firestorm of comments since this is such a hot button topic for some people.

Glad this poor child is not subjected to being photograhed every time he leaves his home. Because they are in the public eye, they need to “look” the way “we” feel they should look?

They are one of the most practical, been married forever, down to earth celebrity couples. They seem to be hands on with their kids but you know maybe they need a nanny to help dress them. Send in your resume.