Spotted: Jeremy Sisto – Rollin’ with His Homie

10/28/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Ray Tamarra/Getty

Epitomizing his character Elton’s Clueless tagline, Jeremy Sisto wheels around with daughter Charlie Ballerina on Monday in SoHo.

The 16-month-old is the only child for the former Law & Order star and wife Addie Lane — and is also Dad’s favorite Big Apple baby.

“She doesn’t take any crap, like most New Yorkers,” he jokingly tells New York.

Sisto, 36, can currently be seen in Manhattan Theatre Club’s Spirit Control.

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KC on

I love the call back to clueless. Rollin’ with my homies!

Sandra on

I saw the picture and thought the child was a boy and got confused when I saw the name Charlie Ballerina. I’m sure she’ll grow into her looks.

KF on

Charlie “Ballerina”? Really? That’s appalling. And before the holier than thou respond to me — I am strictly stating my personal opinion, as one is entitled to do in a public forum. “Charlie” for a girl sounds ridiculous, and giving a child a middle name of “Ballerina” is plain selfish.

Meesh on

Worst celebrity baby name ever. Or at least tied with Pilot Inspektor.

Molly on

How old are you KF and Meesh? Sure you can say what you want on a forum,. That doesn’t mean you won’t get criticized for being ignorant. Deal with it

Lau on

Molly, not liking a name does not mean they are ignorant. I don’t like the name Ballerina at all either, though I do like Charlie. No big deal there, is it?

Also, I agree with Sandra, I thought she looked like a boy at first, but I’m sure that she’ll grow into her looks.

KF on

Hey Molly,

My age isn’t your concern, whatsoever. And please look up the definition of “ignorance” in a dictionary, because I can assure you, you likely have no idea of its actual definition. Again, I’m entitled to my opinion, and please open a dictionary, as your grammar is laughable, and it’s clear who has an iota of intelligence here. Don’t tell me what I’m supposed to feel, as this is a public forum. If you do not like differing opinions, go elswewhere.

KF on

I’m not a fan of the name at all. I understand the other posts, and agree the name is bizarre. Now, why make a kid’s life more difficult with a silly name?

Let me guess Molly, you’d name your child after a car part, or a fruit? My guess is yes. Please gain a brain cell. Please.

CelebBabyLover on

KF- And if YOU don’t like differing opinions, you can go elsewhere, too! Molly is just as entitled to her opinion as you are to yours. I agree that Molly could have been a little more tactful, but ultimately she was just doing what you did…stating her opinion.

And as for her grammar…..Maybe English isn’t her first language. Not everyone who comes to this site is from an English-speaking country! Anyway, Charlie is adorable!

Meesh on

Deal with what, Molly? And how am I ignorant?

CelebBabyLover on

KF- Just because a child is “named after a fruit” doesn’t mean the name is bad. For example, one girl’s name that a lot of people seem to like, and that has been around as a name for awhile is Clementine. Well, guess what? Clementine is also the name of a fruit!

As for “car part” names….An Axel is a car part…..But it’s also a Swedish boy’s name (and not all that uncommon of one, from what I understand). And that’s another thing….sometimes names that sound really odd hear in the states are actually perfectly “normal” names in other countries!

As for Charlie’s name being more difficult because of her name…Actually, these days, Charlie isn’t all THAT uncommon as a girl’s name. It’s not super common either, but definitely not unheard of. And most people don’t use their middle names in day to day life, so odds are most people she comes in contact with will never know her middle name is Ballerina unless she tells them!

meghan on

Charlie is also used as a nickname for Charlotte. I personally have no problem with a boys name being given to a girl. I mean, look at Drew Barrymore. No one bats an eye at that. Ballerina is a little much, but how often do people use their middle name?

Sam & Freya's mum on

I also thought it was a boy at first. Doesn’t Jerry O’Connell have a twin daughter called Charlie? Like her dad’s comment about New Yorkers!

CelebBabyLover on

Sam & Freya’s mum- Yup, one of Jerry and Rebecca’s twin girls is named Charlie. 🙂

Gram42 on

Charlie Ballerina? Seriously?

Karen on

I love the name. It is unique and down to earth. As you can read and see from the postings. It is different. That is what makes her name special. Not the in names everyone uses. A name I will always remember.

thomastapdancer on

Poor child…when she googles her name, the only Internet references she’ll find, other than to herself, will be to “The Last Words of Charlie Ballerina”, a work of “noirotica” (erotic fiction). Why saddle a child with a silly name?

SEB on

Charlie, I guess has become one of those unisex names now. For exmaple, Jessie,Jaime,Taylor. I think the name charlie is fine. However, the Ballerina, for the middle name is silly at worst. When she gets older she can just use the intial B, like most of us end up doing. The more important thing is not what you name your child, but being a good parent.

KW on

I think Charlie is adorable,but to me she look’s nothing like Jeremy at all and in my family and others I see as well,italian genes are very dominate.My children are a spitting image of their father.He is italian,and I am swedish.I have blonde hair and blue eye’s and my husband has dark brown hair and hazel eye’s,but none of my three children have any of my traits.They all look exactly like daddy,but with all that aside,Jeremy seems to be a wonderful father to Charlie.It is very refreshing to see him spending so much time with her since his career is a very demanding one.Not to many daddys would do that.Most of them put their careers on the top of their most important list.God bless you Jeremy.