Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Expecting a Baby

10/28/2010 at 08:40 AM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

It’s been talked about for months now, and finally Mariah Carey has come clean: She’s pregnant!

“Yes, we are pregnant. This is true,” Carey, 41, said on the Today show Thursday morning as part of a sneak peek at a three-part Access Hollywood interview.

“It’s been a long journey. It’s been tough because I’ve been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy.”

Husband Nick Cannon, 30, joined the interview to talk about the “absolutely emotional” news, adding, “The greatest gift on earth is a child.”

Carey, who also told of a miscarriage two years ago, would not reveal her due date. She would only say “it’s still early” and “expecting is great.”

Ever-supportive Cannon said of the loss, “It strengthened our relationship so much … she handled it so well.”

The news, of course, won’t surprise those who have followed the couple’s coy references to pregnancy and babies over the past few months. Rumors flew as the expanding singer seemed to bloom a little more every week, and both Cannon and Carey have spoken about their desire for children.

In August, Carey fanned the flames by stepping out in Brazil wearing a maternity dress. She quickly addressed the ensuing frenzy, explaining she is “superstitious” about pregnancy and promising, “When the time is right, everyone will know.”

Days later, Cannon gushed about his wife’s motherly instincts, telling PEOPLE that “she’s very nurturing.” But not until now have they admitted they’re soon to welcome their own bundle of joy.

Now that the news is out, people will clamor to know the sex of the child. The couple wouldn’t say yet, but thinks Carey will eventually cave — because she loves to decorate.

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— Sara Hammel

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klutzy_girl on

LOL, finally!

But congratulations to them! I hope Mariah has a healthy pregnancy!

Lissette on

Aww. Very happy for them! Congrats!!

Jessica on

Congrats!! Glad for them that this time the rumors are true.

nelly on

aww im soo happy for them …i have been a fan of mariah’s since i was 6 years old now im 26 i just love that i have seen all the stages of her life ….

Mina on

Congrats to them. However, I don’t think that a child is the greatest gift on earth lol. Kids use resources that the earth is running out of. Also, many people live happy fullfilled lives, childless. The greatest gift on earth is free will and being happy in all you do. I’m sure many happy childless people would take offense to someone stating that a child is the greatest gift on earth.

Michelle on

So happy for Mariah and Nick!

Lady on

It may be there greatest gift MINA…you sound so ignorant go away…why are you on a BABY site if you dont seem to care for them….0_o!!!!!

SOOOO happy for them…many congrats to the Cannons, that’s going to be one adorable baby!!!!

Marilyn on

It was announced Tuesday evening on E! News on TV that they confirmed the pregnancy. I wonder why she doesn’t want to reveal the due date.

kay on

Lady- Lmao. Mina is the one who’s ignorant? She’s actually very right. You sound like a 10-year-old throwing a hissy fit because someone pointed out something you’re not comfortable with. Let’s just agree that people are happy with different things; some want kids and think they’re the greatest gift on earth, some don’t.

Congrats to Mariah and Nick.

ll65 on

Congratulations to Mariah & Nick.

Allie-Rose on

No surprise, indeed – and you’re very diplomatic when saying Mariah “seemed to bloom a little more every week”
I’m not a fan of Mariah or Nick, but congratulations

@Mina – that’s rude. Good for you if you’re happy being childless, but that doesn’t mean the rest of humanity has to share your view (or “advice”)

Kay on

Wow, Mina what a strange thing to say. Given that you believe the greatest gift on Earth to be free will then Nick and Mariah have the free will to consider a child to be the greatest gift to THEM. I think it’s great that you see a bigger picture for yourself but there is no need to be so rude to a couple that is clearly excited for this life changing event following a loss.

Congrats to them! 🙂

Robyn on

Congratulations to them…

at Marilyn…It is very common for celebrities and others not to reveal their due gives them a little amount of privacy..

Sarah S. on

YAY–I am so happy for them!!

momin florida on

congratulations. I hope they get the privacy they desire.

fiona on

Geez, Mina…why don’t you just go kick a puppy while you’re at it?

Lacey on

I’m happy for them! Congratulations!
Marilyn-It’s not typical that celebrities give due dates. I didn’t give my due date to my family and friends(I’m not a celeb). I just said “Mid October” to close family, and to everyone else I said Fall. Saved all those comment about how big I was for being how much far along and annoying comment on “have you had it yet?”

Mina-I think this baby will actually be good for the Earth. 😉

erilynne on

WOW, i disagree. I definitely think a child is the greatest gift on earth. It comes from love of two people how is that not the greatest? If people CHOOSE not to have a baby then obviously a child is not the greatest gift for them, but for expecting parents it definitely is.

Anyway, SO happy for them! They have been media hounded forever about this and I’m glad they finally said something about it. Media is to crazy about people’s personal lives they need to turn the notch down.

SO SO HAPPY! Congratulations to Nick & Mariah. 😀

*Luscious on

I think that it is wonderful tht they’re having a baby, and i very much disagree with -Mina! A child is the most wonderful thing on earth, witout them there’d be no us! I understand what they mean but most childless people dnt have kids either cuz they enjoy spoiling others, have career or unfourtunly can’t conceive. But im very happy with Nick and Mariah they’re absolutly beautiful and im sure their blessing will be too!:^)

Romy on

Mina, the earth will be fine. Scientists have been saying the earth would be gone for years, and we are still here years later. Kids are a great gift, and probably THEIR greatest gift. I bet Mariah is happy to finally announce it since everyone has been talkling about her growing body! I read that it is a boy, maybe Eonline or dlisted, I can’t remember.

Linda on

I read somewhere last week that she was pregnant and expecting a boy!

Mandy on

Who cares?? Lol. I’m so sick of Nick going ‘When my wife wants to say something she will’. He was practically confirming it anyways. This isn’t any big surprise either.

Paige on

Had a feeling this was true and am happy they’ve officially confirmed their happy news when they wished to.

Congratulations and best wishes to Mariah and Nick!

Jamie on

Such wonderful news to hear. I’m glad to hear that they are expecting a baby, something that they have longed for. I wish her nothing but the best throughout her journey.

Shannon on

Wow Mina! I’m guessing you’ve never had a baby. Having a child is the most euphoric/blessed event I’ve ever experienced. Of course everyone has different things in their life that they consider the greatest, but what you said is just plain hurtful to people who have kids. Congrats to Nick & Mariah! Now hearing they had a miscarriage, I can understand why they didn’t want to confirm anything til now.

Hea on

Marilyn – Why do you wonder? Mariah told you in the interview.
I quote: “Carey, who also told of a miscarriage two years ago, would not reveal her due date. She would only say “it’s still early” and “expecting is great.”” That and telling us she wants privacy.

Congrats to them.

Ellea on

I bet she’s due earlier than spring, she probably just wants a bit more privacy.

A. on

Like we didn’t see this one coming…

J on

Shannon it’s also hurtful to knock childless people just because they don’t want kids. You may not have said hurtful things but others did and it’s just as mean.

Lola on

nina I’m sorry you can’t bare any children…that’s truly a travesty.

B.J. on

Congrats to Mimi and Mr. Mimi 😉 I’ve been a Mariah fan for years, very excited for her. Can’t wait to hear what they name it… Mario? Maria? Haha.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Mariah and Nick! I wonder what they’ll name it??

megan on

I just want to say she looks so gorgeous in that photo!

fuzibuni on

Congratulations to Nick and Mariah! You will be very loving parents, I’m sure 🙂

And to the people responding to mina’s statement with venom and anger… why do you feel the need to attack her? She just gave her opinion, which is actually based in fact. As an ever exanding species, humans DO use up the earth’s resources more than we give back. Mina said nothing to you personally or your children, so there is no need to ridicule her.

Personally, I think it’s hard to disagree with Mina, as well as her assertion that individual free will and happiness are amazing gifts that should not be underestimated.

I plan to have kids myself, and look forward to the joy they will bring me (along with pain, I have no doubt), but in no way would I suggest that Mina is being cruel for stating her opinion. I actually hold the same belief as her, and it does not contridict my desire to have a baby. I’m just aware that there are consequences to expanding the human race and woul never hurl insults at someone for stating that truth.

Amanda on

Since she was out in a maternity dress this summer I’m thinking March, or possibly earlier. It’s their decision to tell a due date or not, if I were a celeb I’d probably add a month onto my due date just so I didn’t have strangers hounding me around my actual due date.

I personally don’t usually tell even family a set date.

Congrats to Mariah and Nick!! I’m sure they’ll have a gorgeous baby!

hayley w on

jeeez can’t people make a simple statement with out someone picking on it , looking you mina…..

children are the greatest gift, even if you don’t want them some one elese child might grow up to the doctor that saves your life one day, or the person the cures cancer or whatever, all children are a gift, the most wonderful and amazing gift and i cant wait for nick and mariah to experinace what utter joy you can get from just looking into your babys eyes.

congrats xxx

Mina on

Actually, I do have a child. I respect that its their opinion but their statement was more absolute than an opinion. Could be just the way it came out. And I have a right to an opinion too.

Hayley w….alot of “kids” can fall into crime and drugs too. Not every kid who grows up to be an adult is wonderful.

Dont get me wrong, I like kids and they are a joy. But I know some of the happiest people were childless.

gdfg on

Ugh, I hate the term “we are pregnant”! “We” can be expecting a baby but “we” cannot be pregnant. It was said once as a joke, but a joke is only cute so long!

marlee on

That’s great. They must be happy. However, I don’t think they’re having a Spring baby… I’m guessing a New Year’s arrival!

martina on

How wonderful for them. I also think she is due in the winter, but it doesn’t matter one bit.

And yes, they are free to think that a child is a greatest gift on earth – because to them, it is. 😉

Kayla on

Mina, You mean to tell me you’re a mother, and when you had your child you didn’t think they were the best gift ever? Ya ok.

Victoria-Jane on

Be like Thumper – if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!!

Congrats to them both, here’s to an easy pregnancy! :o)

hayley w on

ohhhhhh i get in mina, your the half glass empty woman, well what ever floats your boat,

i on the other hand and i think most of the women on here are glass half full people, thats why we think children are joy and the most amazing gift and thank our stars we have been lucky enough to have them.

mimis on

Congratulations to them! That is wonderful. when is she due? that must have been really hard to go through conception struggles and miscarriage while everyone is saying- are you pregnant? I am sure they will love being parents- they seem like a really loving ocuple.

Pamela on

Mina-we need to procreate to continue humankind, so if you really look at it, it is the greatest gift to our species.

Sandy Brown on

Congrats to both Mariah and Nick on the baby news. This is the most wonderful time of your life so take time and enjoy it.

krewcat on

Congrats to them! I agree, children are the greatest gift. Anyone who thinks that being childless is so wonderful should spend a couple days at a nursing/retirement home listening to the older people who have no family to visit, no grandkids to talk about, no pictures to show. The ones who were too busy living life, making money or whatever to be selfless to give birth. I have many friends who chose not to have any kids (I have 4) and they are happy going out to dinner everynight and doing as they please. Life sure passes by quickly, and Im glad when I get old Ill have people coming to see me!

dd on

krewcat, that’s not a guarantee either! Lots of people in retirement homes have families that left them there to die. Somehow, I think that’s even worse, knowing that you have family that doesn’t care. I’d rather die truly alone and by my own choice, which is a given if you don’t have kids!

LeeLee on

I can really see her as the mom of a lil girl!
Congrats to them both and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

JMO on

They should have a girl, combine there names, and call her Nikiah 🙂

I knew they were pregnant and it was a matter of time, In fact I think Thandie Newton actually dropped the bomb first yesterday on the View when she said that Mariah backed out of For Colored girls because Mariah was pregnant then added or something big like that!!

Here’s hoping for a healthy baby!! Not much of a fan of either but I do wish them the best.

FrenchLady on

Well…. first of all, WE are not pregnant!! YOU, the woman, are pregnant!! WE are expecting a child, that’s ok. But WE are not pregnant!! They guy does not have a clue of what is going on when WE, the woman, are pregnant. So please…… no more WE are pregnant!! Hopefully, she won’t flash her boobs all over the faces!! All of a sudden, I feel sorry for the guy, her puppet…. euh I mean her husband as she will now more than likely “hide” behind the pregnancy shield to get him at her beck and call…..

Lilianne on

I feel kind of sorry for this baby. :/ Bring on the nasty comments about that statement. Lol. I won’t respond anyway. 😀

nelly on

@ krewcat just because you have kids that doesnt guarantee you have someone to look after you when you get older…kids change …i hate when people say that there reason for having kids is so that they can have someone to look after them when they’re older (i know a few people like that) ..NOT GUARANTEED…

Terri on

Yay, for them! I’m sorry to hear of their earlier loss. I know it must have been hard for them.

Odette on

@ Lilanne, well of course there are going to be negative statements, what with that catty comment of yours. Even if you hate Mariah, which you seem to, it’s still good news and you couldn’t even have the decency to say congratulations or anything. Even if you’re not going to respond (but hopefully you will read this) I feel sorry for everyone who has to be around you, what with your bitterness and bitchy comments.



CelebBabyLover on

I don’t see what’s wrong with Mariah saying “we are pregnant”. In fact, I actually like that term, because to me it implies that the couple sees the pregnancy as something BOTH are part of. With all the men out there who are more than happy to be part of concieving a baby but not a part of bringing that baby into the world and raising it, it’s refreshing to see a couple who views pregnancy the way Nick and Mariah do.

I also want to add that saying “we are pregnant” or similar things is not exactly a new concept at all. During both of my mom’s pregnancies, my parents both referred to it as “our pregnancy” (my mom even referred to it as such in our Christmas letters….which she has saved which is how I knew about it.)!

Anyway, congrats to Nick and Mariah!

CelebBabyLover on

LLEE- So what did you expect them to do? NOT confirm the pregnancy?

CelebBabyLover on

I also wanted to say that, after hearing about Mariah’s previous miscarriage, I don’t blame her a bit for keeping quiet so long!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that this part of the post irks me “The couple wouldn’t say yet, but thinks Carey will eventually cave — because she loves to decorate.” Newsflash, Mariah, you can decorate WITHOUT knowing the gender of your baby! Are gender-neutral colors really THAT bad?

Maddie on

I am *so* happy for them! I’ve been a Mariah fan since I was a little girl, so this is truly the best news 🙂 I feel bad that in way Mariah was kind of forced to tell, particularly because of the previous miscarriage… my heart broke for her when Nick said that Mariah ‘literally used to cry herself to sleep at night.’ Regardless of who you are, a pregnancy is extremely personal, and you shouldn’t have to tell anyone before you are ready. Being a celebrity doesn’t change that.

A child is a wonderful gift, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. What I love most about this, is that Mariah has had her uncertainties about becoming a mom, but she waited until *she* was ready. It’s not that she didn’t want to be a mother, she just hadn’t met the right person. I can’t wait to see her maternity style and hopefully, if we’re lucky, a peek at her little one.

gdfg on

“I don’t see what’s wrong with Mariah saying “we are pregnant”. In fact, I actually like that term, because to me it implies that the couple sees the pregnancy as something BOTH are part of.”

Of course both people are part of the pregnancy. But they aren’t both pregnant. By saying “we are expecting a baby” or “we are preparing for a baby” they are showing that they are both in on it. But saying “we are pregnant” just doesn’t make sense. Men aren’t pregnant, and just because a woman is pregnant doesn’t mean she’s getting ready to raise a child.

MiB on

@Mina, one of the beautiful things in this world is that we are all different, and for them this baby is the greatest gift in the world while as for you the greatest gift is our free will. I have two older sisters, one decided early on that being a mother was not for her. She went on to become a social worker specialized in families and children and is now a child and family psychologist and is very happy with her decision and a very devoted aunt. My other sister has a child, and is very happy with her decision, even though she didn’t feel the “urge” to become a mother until in her 30’s. I have aways wanted children, but do sadly not have any, so if I were ever to be blessed with a child, biological or adopted, I would feel that that was the greatest gift in the world. And already having a quite small ecological foot print, I wouldn’t feel bad about it either!

Tee on

Well, this news probably doesn’t surprise anyone! I’m sorry to hear that Mariah and Nick lost a child. That explains why she waited so long to confirm this pregnancy.

Mina, you’re right in saying that you don’t have to have a child to lead a happy life but the rest of your comment really threw me for a loop. I honestly don’t understand people that talk about not having children out of concern for the environment. A child is a huge blessing! I will freely admit that this is a sensitive subject for me because all I’ve ever wanted is to be a Momma and, at 29 years old, I’ll be having a hysterectomy soon. I hope I’m not taking your comment out of context but do you mind me asking why you’re more concerned about the planet than a child?

gdfg on

Well, Tee, you can’t have children if you don’t have a planet for you child to live on . . . .

Robin on

Such a miracle after the loss of their first pregnancy. I wish them the very best.
Now the waiting begins to find out the sex of the baby!!

God Bless Mariah, Nick and their sweet little bundle of joy!

NH on

Mina and gdfg- IN MY OPINION!!! YES AN OPINION!!! Having a child was the most precious moment in my life. You may not think so but why do you care if Mariah Carey does??? I have never commented on the forum, but you irritated me!

carmen on

Congratulations nick and mariah..

Tee on

gdfg- That’s true, you can’t have children if you don’t have a planet for them to live on. On the flip side, you wouldn’t need a planet if people didn’t reproduce! I appreciate you answering my question but I still don’t understand why people are more worried about the planet than a child. I’d like to better understand your (and Mina’s) line of thinking.

Sharon on

I probably should not say this because I really dont know her personally, but Mariah seems to be a self absorbed person. I cant see her putting her child first.

Do not know Nick personally either, but he seems so genuine. What is he doin with her……

CelebBabyLover on

Sharon- What’s Nick doing with Mariah? Maybe he’s with her because, I don’t know, he loves her?!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, Sharon, motherhood may just change Mariah like it’s changed other celebs!

o on

My goodness, CelebBabyLover, you’re seriously getting annoying. Must you reply to every single post and make everyone else feel like they’re in the wrong? Yeah, so maybe you believe that every celebrity is perfect, everyone loves each other and all baby names are great, but do YOU HAVE to post three and four times in a row picking on insigficant details??

Tee on

O- I read the comments on this site quite a bit and I always enjoy reading CelebBabyLover’s comments. She is one of the few people that manage to leave comments that aren’t rude. While I see your point in the sense of her posting several times in a row, she doesn’t usually do that. CelebBabyLover is kind and respectful in her comments, even when she is disagreeing with somebody else. Quite frankly, I’d rather read her polite and sweet comments then other people’s rude or nasty comments. Just my opinion here.