Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Expecting Twins

10/28/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Courtesy CNN

This just in!

Kyra Phillips and John Roberts are about to become parents — times two.

The CNN news anchors are “very excited” to announce that they’re expecting twins next spring, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

CNN Newsroom‘s Phillips, 42, and Roberts, 53, a co-anchor on American Morning, were engaged in April.

— Sarah Michaud

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urbanadventurertales on

Is it just me or does it seems like the majority of posts on here are about celebs having twins?! Man, it’s getting more common in Hollywood than a singleton!

I’m a mom of twins as well so congrats to the couple and I hope they have plenty of energy to keep up with them through the toddler years!

Brooke on

OMG I love them! I watch them every morning. First John on American Morning and then Kyra on Newsroom. So happy for them!! They’ll have some good looking kids! πŸ™‚

Latiere on

CNN seems to be a hook-up spot. They’re together and John King and Dana Bash are together. What ever happened to work ethics smh. Congrats any way though.

Gina on

Urban, that is because so many of them use fertility drugs or invitro. She is 42 and he is 53 so the chances of them conceiving naturally are pretty much nil. That is at least what my fertility doctor told me about all of the over 40 pregnancies in Hollywood! Congrats though to them! That is such a blessing… matter what method was used!

J on

“Man, it’s getting more common in Hollywood than a singleton!” Definitely. It used to be so shocking to me when a celeb would have twins, now I’m more like “when’s someone going to have triplets?”

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

And thanks to J, now I know I’m not the only one expecting celeb triplets someday.

Midge Sampson on

IVF/fertility drugs: With more celebs using these methods to have babies, it really surprises me that there have yet to be any triplet or even quadruplet births. Can you imagine if a celeb was pregnant with sextuplets like Kate Gosselin was?

Melissa on

They seem kind of old to be having kids. There is a reason you body stop producing eggs and as you head towards 40. It’s natures way of telling you your body is too old to have babies. They will more like grandparents than parents.

Karen on

How fun! Congratulations!

Bear on

I wish some of these celebs who are using fertility drugs or IVF to get pregnant would speak out about it. 1 in 8 women struggle with infertility, it is way more common than anyone knows. It’s a painful struggle that rest of us fight with everyday.

Marie on

Twins…it’s called Invitro.

fuzibuni on

congrats to them… I’m happy they found love. I think they look really cute hugging on each other in that photo πŸ™‚

and in regards to work ethics and “hooking up” on set… keep in mind that these folks work A LOT. It’s hard to have a social life when you put in such long hours. It makes sense that they struck up a relationship at work… they have a lot in common and that is where they spend most of their time!

Marie on

Midge- not surprising because celebs can afford to avoid the quack doctors like octomom’s!

Michele on


Marilyn on

I didn’t even know they were a couple. I thought she was married to someone else. I guess she got divorced.

maurice on

I love them very much, God’s riches blessings for them and their little ones.

Mimi on

Wow. I did not know they were together! I remember John from his days as as VJ in Toronto. He was awesome then and still is. And I usually tune into Kyra as well. Congrats!!

Anne on

Why does everyone have to find an agenda as to why they are having twins why not just say congratulations you two and i hope the babies are healthy and happy

Megan on

Melissa, that comment was unnecessary…she’s 42, not 62…and even so, who are we to deny her having children and who are you to judge them for it…they will be great parents and the kids will definitely be gorgeous…congrats to Kyra and John=)

Elizabeth on

Wow! Congratulations to them, that’s great news!

Claudia on

I’m really happy for both of you! I had 4 children with my first husband. Unfortunately our marriage ended in divorce. I went on to marry again and my current husband and I had our son (now 15) when I was 45. I didn’t think I could get pregnant at age 44 so I didn’t worry about it. I got pregnant naturally and it was the easiest pregnancy of all! We feel so blessed!!!! He’s a healthy, normal teenager.

mindy on

Celebs have more twins because many celebs wait til they are older to have children. Women over 40 have twins more than 5% of the time – that’s more than one per twenty births. At 45, it increases to 20%! One in every five moms 45 or older has twins.

Erin on

By the same logic, Melissa, is starting your period a sign you should start having little ones right away? Maybe that’s why Bristol Palin and Teen Mom on MTV are such icons these days?

kate on

Didn’t he just recently get a divorce?

Teresa on

They all have twins because it’s IVF.

Molly on

Does it really matter how they conceived. It’s none of our business ladies. Congrats to them and I hope the babies arrive healthy πŸ™‚

dawn on

I am so disgusted. I knew this would happen with this old geezer. I remember he was talking about his family last year and now he is with another woman. I knew New York City would corrupt his values. A typical guy thinking with the wrong part of his body. I hate CNN. U GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill on

She could have also conceived the twins naturally. Twins are more common as a woman gets older because their bodies’ hormones get more out of whack and they are more likely to product two eggs per cycle. My Mom had twins naturally at age 41, and her doctor told her it was most likely due to her age and the number of pregnancies she had had previously. However, I know quite a few women who have had twins recently, and all of them had twins through IVF.

munchmom on

While I am always glad to hear of the conception and birth of children, why does this feel “off” to me??? Because they are not married, according to the article. We worry about unwed young people becoming parents, yet we glorify high profile celebs when they do it. Get married and THEN have babies together!

daniel seddiqui on

I love them too. They both interviewed me during my 50 jobs in 50 states journey

Kylie on

@Marie: Invitro? Twins?? We are not taliking 4 or 5.Do you know how common twins are? Even with older moms!I’m one- certainly not invitro! Love the judgements-NOT:( !!!What the heck- get your own lives

Terri on

Congrats to them. I enjoy them both on CNN.

Elliott on

It’s amazing how many congrats are given to these two — what ever happened to the old fashioned sequence — DATING — MARRIAGE — CHILDREN ???? Or, is this a concept that we only teach the youngsters? Is it any wonder that the young ones dont listen?

smiley on

Roberts is 53? Why doesn’t pappy pack it in? His child rearing days are long gone. Geesh. Whats with these celebs having kids in their 50s? Not fair for the kids. The kids deserve young parents that they can have around for a long long time. Its selfishness. They want new babies like its a new car.

mia on

To Melissa-that was a very unnecessary comment about them being too old to parent.

I had my son at age 36, and I am so happy that I did. Most people have their children too young and in this day and age they can’t afford kids. I knew I wanted kids so my ass saved for them once I graduated grad school at age 27. I did in vitro, but I also have enough money saved for my kid’s college or to pay off my house.

I have 20 year old employees who never see their toddlers cuz they are too busy working their asses off, stripping or prostituting themselves, or too busy clubbing and dating multiple men instead of staying at home.

Being younger doesn’t make you a better parent, you’re just broke ass and trying to figure out ways to make a buck like Bristol Palin and Levy Johnston or depending on their mamas and papas to support everyone or living off welfare, MEDICAID, OR WIC.

CP on

Scramble CNN Scramble…she is the best you have and when she leaves on pregnancy leave…well, CLICK !!!

Marie on

First, Kyra should be ashamed of herself for cheating with a married man with two children and contributing to the destruction of a family. How would Roberts like his daughter’s husband (when she marries) to treat her in the same manner he has treated his wife. Wow, he transfers to NY and suddenly finds his new soulmate and trashes 25 years of marriage!

Just remember KYRA, what goes around comes around. Good luck when Roberts decides to change up again in a few years. You guys are embarrassing yourselves. Someone should inform you as to the definition of integrity.

CNN should have enough sense to keep this info under wraps. I am sure your families are so proud of your recent conduct.

Molly on

LOL@ Smiley and Melissa. Really now they are old? How old are you two because all of us can already tell you both are probably 13 years old looking for attention

Crystal on

I remember John aka JD (he was known as JD back in the 80s) on Toronto’s Much Music back in the 80s and on Citytv in Toronto. Wow time flies! He’s a good Toronto boy through and through!

Crystal on

Kate, he was divorced in 2008 and began dating Kyra in 2009.

Shalay on

Mia, your 20 year old employees are stripping and prostituting themselves? What kind of business are you running?

Margie on

Who cares! Now start reporting the truth.

Ashlee on

Some of these comments are ridiculous.

I’m deeply sorry some of you are so ignorant and think that at 42, Kyra is better suited to become a grandmother than a mother. Becoming a parent is a life changing event and while someone may be ready for it at 22, others aren’t until 45. Either way, her reproductive decisions have no bearing on any one of you.

As for the rant about the fact that they aren’t married, what is this? 1953? They’re in a committed relationship and a piece of paper isn’t going to change that. It’s not as if she’s a 16 year old child bouncing from bed to bed. Just because marriage may be important for you, it’s not for everyone. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Perhaps you should focus on your own lives before you pick apart random strangers and their decisions.

Steph on

Well said, Ashlee. I like coming here to see who’s pregnant and what they are naming their babies….why get so moral, political, and judgemental etc? Surely there are better places to get all uppity than Celeb Baby Blog?!

Emily on

Actually, the older you get, the more likely it is you’ll have twins…your ovaries will send out a “last hurrah” of eggs before you hit menopause.

Sharon on

Women over 42 can conceive naturally! And we’re not talking celebrities…. I got pregnant at 44. Why are people judgemental of couple’s over 40 having children? It’s no one’s business who has babies and at what age. Geeesh! I cannot believe the ignorance of the above commentors about twins and IVF. Everyone I know who has twins conceived naturally. And as for the comments about engaged couples conceiving and how immoral it is, my goodness, I wish we could all have perfect lives like yours. We all live our lives and make our own choices. That’s life. Judging others is cruel and dangerous. I think some people are just jealous. Congratulations John & Kyra!

kate on

Twins at 42 courtesy of IVF….they can afford it. Any woman 40 and over who has twins has had medical help. A grandmother at 42? Hardly. But I do not know why women wait until they’re in their 40s to conceive…its not like she couldn’t afford single parenthood. I did it on my own in my 30s and I honestly would not recommend waiting until you’re in your 40s. It gets harder and harder and you want to be around to see grandchildren. However, congrats to both of them.

Sharon on

As for the comments about how couples should date, marry and THEN have babies…. Couple’s 40+ DO have unplanned pregnancies (in case the thought didn’t occur to you). But I guess you are saying these couples should end their pregnancies so as not to offend others who believe they look like “grandparents” and too washed up to raise toddlers. Women have been giving birth to twins since the beginning of time. How arrogant and ignorant to believe that in the 21st century, modern medicine is the key to conceiving twins.

Molly on

Kate, not every woman wants to have kids in their twenties

Ashley on

Mia~ Congratulations! You sound just as ignorant as Melissa!

CelebBabyLover on

kate- “Any woman 40 and over who has twins has had medical help” That’s news to me! As other posters have said, women can and do concieve after 40, and women are also more likely to concieve twins naturally over 40. Now, granted, I’m sure a lot of the celeb twins out there ARE the result of IVF. But to say that ANY woman who’s 40 and over has had help? I’m sorry, but that’s just not true!

Crystal- Thanks for posting that. So he didn’t cheat on his wife with Kyra! They had already divorced! Anyway, I wish them the best of luck!

Michael on

Wow! Where are some of these comments coming from?

No cheating involved here, at least none that anyone here knows of. He got divorced in 2008. They started dating in 2009. That’s the sequence. They’re engaged and planned to be married. No home wrecking involved.

Just wish the happy couple all the best and move on with your lives!

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to point out that there HAVE been a few sets of celebrity twins. Granted, though, those have all been sports stars, T.V. actors, or other minor celebs. It is certainly true that there have been any triplet births to major celebs yet. πŸ™‚

Gina-Nicole on

I just realized she was the same reporter who left her microphone on while visiting the restroom as she corresponded George Bush’s Katrina speech in 2006! She was making unflattering comments about her sister in law and people attending the conference overheard the whole thing! LOL! Nice that she has LONG recovered from that!

DD on

So many of the comments here are absurd. Since when is it a problem to have a child at 42? If you think things just “shut down” at 40, you’ll be surprised what happens if you’re not using birth control.

Many women have their first child in their late 20’s and early 30’s and their last child in their 40’s. Maria Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver are examples.

Lissette on

I didnt know they were together! They’re two of my favorite anchors on CNN. Congrats to them!

Lori on

Actually Ashley, I thought Mia sounded MORE ignorant than Melissa. As if the only decision to make babies is waiting til your mid-to-late 30’s to have kids.

Mia – So how exactly are you a stay at home mom if you’re running a stripping/prostitution ring (tongue-in-cheek)? I was 22 and 24 when I had mine (37 now) and I was and am married and although we had little money, we lived according to our means so I could stay home with our children. People in their twenties can figure that out if it’s important to them.

Oh and BTW, I see lots of ‘hags’ my age that ignore their kids and husbands, if they’re still married, so they can go clubbing and whatnot. It’s not behavior exclusive to 20 year-olds. Many other women my age are having to make the painful decision to go back to work while their teenagers still need their guidance because the economy is forcing their hand to do so.

I sincerely do hope that your job/company is recession-proof so that you can remain smug.

Twin Mom on

Fake babies??? So IVF babies are fake babies now? Tell that to my three kids, all IVF babies, 2 of which are twins. That’s such a load of B-S and you should think before you write.

pfreeworld on

@- Melissa on October 28th, 2010 so if we use your logic, then there is a reason why human body starts having problems as it gets older. So by your logic, people should stop getting treatments to get better and just die because it is the nature’s way of telling you that your are old and you should die. See, how your logic is so flawed?

LIs on

I never understand all the “twins it has to be IVF” comments, no it does not. Both of my sisters got pregnant with twins naturally!

smiley on

I refer the good ol days when parents were young. This trend of having kids in your 40s and 50s began in Hollywood and has entered main stream society. Soon grandparents will be extinct. It’s better when your parents show up at your graduation without the help of a walker.

Mel on

Congrats to them! Why does everyone assume they used some sort of infertility treatments. The odds of twins greatly increase after 35. Plus it isnt just in Hollywood where twins are on the rise. I work in Labor and Delivery and we have had 3 sets of twins in 2 weeks. All under 30, all on public aid. In this small town the docs def do not give them fertility treatments. Who are we to judge anyway? Even if they did use help so what. It is none of our business.

Cynthia on

Why does so many people care how they were conceived? For women the older you are the more your chances are to conceive twins naturally. I became pregnant with mines at the age of 38, naturally. I most important thing is for her to take care of herself and those babies as much as she can. My twins were born healthy, 7lbs 10oz & 7lbs 2oz. full term. Best wishes to them both.

kai on

having children later in life is not a trend started by Hollywood. Get real.

Ron Foyee on

An attractive couple…should produce attractive offspring!

Ashlee on

Smiley, thanks for the laugh.

My mother, several aunts, and both my grandmother and step grandmother have had children in their 40s. Famous women had absolutely nothing to do with their choices.

While I’m sure a select few exist, I doubt people are stupid enough to let Hollywood dictate a fad that extends into reproductive choices. The hottest shoes? Sure. When to grow a human? Not so much.

quadmomplus2 on

The reason you will probably not see a celebrity with high order multiples (triplets or more) is because most infertility clinics will only transfer 2 embryos during IVF unless the mom is over 35. In that case, you are usually told that in order for the clinic to transfer 3 or more, you have to be willing to “reduce” your pregnancy to twins. Having a high order multiple pregnancy is very risky. The odds of delivering 4 babies alive in a quad pregnancy with no lifelong handicaps is only 40%.

When my perinatologist found out I was carrying what he thought was triplets, I had “reduction” crammed down my throat. I weighed 120 pre-pregnancy and was told there was no way I could carry them. When he found out it was quads, I was told that I had to reduce 2 or I would be “on my own.”

We are very fortunate that they were all born healthy, but you’d be amazed by how many “twin” moms share with me (having just met me) that their twins were actually quads that they reduced. I don’t think any OB or perinatologist would encourage someone to proceed with a high order multiple pregnancy in this sue-happy culture.

MiB on

It’s kind of funny to see the comments her versus on the post where Rachel Dratch told how she had bought into the whole “now you’re 40, so you’re never going to have any biological children” and reconciled with it just to find out she was pregnant? Yes, fertility declines as we get older, and there is no saying when we will get into menopause, but the truth is, the closer you are to menopause, the more likely you are to concieve naturally, and twins to boot since the ovaries start releasing more eggs towards the end.

My grandmother had my mother and her twin sister at 43, and that was in the middle of WWII. And her case was actually quite normal until the late 40’s. My best friend was born when her mother was 46 and had started being a bit more relaxed with contraception since she didn’t think she could get pregnant anymore (she also had a grandchild on the way). A friend of my mothers had 2 children naturally at the age of 43 and 46 after 20 years of marriage and no children. At the kindergarten I used to work at, there were several mother in their 40’s, only 1 of them had had help concieving.

So I would certainly never say someone had help concieving based on age and the fact that they were having twins. Triplets and quads, well, then I’d start to think that they might have had help, and not even that would convince me fully without evidence (like, that they are all fraternal).

I have no idea who they are since I don’t have access to CNN, but I wish them all the best.

smiley on

Forget 50s, wait until 60s or 70s to start a family. That way you get to play with them when they’re cute babies and by the time they’re 10 they’ll be someone elses problem.

Kim on

How is this story related to Hollywood celebs?

Grace on

42 is not old at all. What are you 12 or something?! Come on people. Women have been naturally having babies well into their 40s for centuries. It is not a new celeb thing.

The average age for a women in post WWII to have her last baby was 42. This was before any fertility treatments were even around! It was not until the birth control pill that this started to change.

Glad to see the trend is back. Give me a more mature mom in her late 30s/early 40s any day as a mom. My mom had me at 24 and was way too young to parent. Your brain does not even fully develop until after 25!

Danielle on

I see both sides as my parents struggled 14 years to conceive and then adopted me. My mom now thinks it was foolish to try so long and they should have adopted earlier. I will also be adopting and I encourage anyone seeking expensive fertility treatments to look at their other options. With grants and tax breaks, adoption is many times cheaper than fertility. And for all you out there who say ‘It’s not yours’ I can assure you the love you feel and the love your child feels for you is the same if not more. I love my mother because she choose me to love.

Nikki on

I used to like John when he was on CANADA AM in Toronto,but since this affair with Ms Phillips, I am very disappointed in him……


Rowan on

I don’t understand why despite a very few negative comments, about Kyra & John having children later in life, that there are so many in defense of them. Why so defensive when only a couple people object it? There’s no need to ramble on about your best friend’s dog walker’s sister who had a child at 46. Right now there are over 70 comments and the majority of them are in defense of having children later in life. You’ve won the arguement. You’ve made your point. Move on. Let’s just keep it to congratulating the couple!

Also, I wish that some of you wouldn’t bash on having children “early” in life (aka. your 20s). I don’t claim to know when is the best time for everyone to have children, but having my two children in my twenties was best for me, so please don’t tell me I’m a bad mother because of it. I don’t go out clubbing or drinking, I don’t “hook up” with a different guy each night (I’m married), and I have not turned to stripping/prositution to put them throw school. My children are happy and loved and well provided for (I can afford to send them to university, if they so choose). I don’t think they could ask for much else.

Finally, to those telling the “negative” commenters to get a life…umm…you yourself have commented several times and are obviously stalking the board. I think you are the one in need of a life.

V.K. on

All I have to say is that they’re older than my parents… and I’m 22.

Ashlee on

V.K., your point?

Mich on

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if these folks actually got married before having a honeymoon and getting pregnant? Very sad the lack of morality!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Congrats even though I’ve never heard of them! Yeah, the twins r very popular in Hollywood right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mariah Carey had twins!!!

Elizabeth on

I must say I’m surprised at the, well, surprise over their ages – it’s not unusual at all for women to have babies in their early 40s, nor is it a recent phenomenon. And men have been fathering children at all sorts of ages forever. I wish Kyra and John all the best.

Sharon on

No one is “stalking the board” more than you, Rowan. You even have time to count the defensive postings….

caskinner on

Aren’t they a little old to be having kids?

Dave on

Great Job JD,

For those growing up in Toronto in the 80′ know John Roberts as JD while he worked for City TV and did a weekly show called ” The New Music ” with Jeanne Becker. He was great then and great now on CNN. WAY WAY Happy for the couple.

You should Google his name with ” The NEW Music “

Molly on

Smiley and caskinner , just stop. You are both just making yourselves look even more childish by posting immature comments. Walk away from the computer and go back to school eh

Ashlee on

What’s sad, Mich, is your overabundance of ignorance.

meghan on

@Mich, Being that she is over 40, I’m guessing they didn’t expect a pregnancy. Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to. Doesn’t make it wrong.

@nikki Try doing the math; John divorced in 2008, start dating Kyra in 2009, they got engaged in 2010. Can’t have an affair if you are already divorced.

Robyn I on

Doctors don’t usually try to implant more than 2 or 3 embryos in a potential mother depending on her age. With IVF there is a greater chance that an embryo will split, resulting in twins.

Many moms who use IVF over the age of 40 are also using eggs from a donor as their eggs are of low quality.

Brooklyn on

Dawn, you can stuff it . . . I am sick and tired of people who know nothing about New York City talking about it like it’s Sodom and Gommorah . . . when you know FULL WELL that anyone’s so-called immorality can exist ANYWHERE, you benighted little woman.

I haven’t been to this blog in a year or so, but it appears the moderators have slacked off . . . nastiness like this was not condoned back in the day . . .

Krissa on

He’ll always be JD Roberts from CityTV to me!


The baby will look good??
At her age, she had to use donor eggs, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Either way as lame as CNN and all their anchors are, at least THESE children will soon have mommy and daddy home all day long to take care of them.

Sharon on

Donor Eggs, Momo? So you’re a fertility expert? We all know you don’t have a clue…. It’s people like you who spread rumours and misinformation. Women older than Kyra conceive naturally! Myself included . If you can’t make an intelligent and educated comment then please refrain from typing.

MiB on

Seriously MOMO! I doubt she used donor eggs. My theory is that she bought into the whole “I’m over 40 so I can’t get pregnant naturally, why bother using protection with my soon to be husband?” that so many commentators on this post have (the “Well You had unprotected sex so what did you expect?” flange are meeting on the Rachel Dracht posts) and had an oops pregnancy. As both I and Grace have stated, the average age for women to have their last child in post WWII was 42.

Kat on

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the headline. Last I heard Kyra Phillips was married to another man, what happenned?
Seriously if she had anything to do with the breakup of John’s marriage I have lost all respect for her coz I like her and she’s the reason I watch CNN in the morning. The guy isn’t young either, yuck.

Molly on

Kat, he was divorced before they started dating. Read the other comments before posting please

CelebBabyLover on

Kat- There’s nothing “yuck” about older men! My dad is older than John is, and he most certainly is not “yuck”! Neither are any of the other older men I know! As for her being younger than him….It’s not like he’s 53 and she’s 23 or something. She’s 42, which means there is an 11 year age difference between them. That’s not really THAT much of an age difference.

Other celebrity couples have similer age differences (two examples: Brad Pitt is 11 years older than Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruise is 16 years old than Katie Holmes), yet no one seems to complain about the guy being older!

Kim- This site isn’t just about “Hollywood” celebrities and celebrity babies. Sports star are also featured here sometimes, as are people from news shows like Kyra and John.

Shorie on

Quit glorifying unwed pregnancies regardless of the parents’ ages and social status!

Nicole on

IMMORAL. Whatever happened to marriage first. If they were so in love, why didn’t they get married. People are so selfish. They don’t care about their children. They just care about themselves. What kind of examples are they setting?

scott on

Classic Canuck

scott on

Whats with all the negativity from the “christians” on here? So what that they aren’t married. Get over yourselves and your righteousness.

Jacielynn on

What ever!!! Has any Christian heard of “Begotten not made?” It means coming from God-NOT man made. I’m so sick of this world accepting these artificial means of getting pregnant. Its a sign if you can’t naturally have children. If God didn’t give you children, He must have something else in store for your life. Accept that. How about when people start making children through IVF who are related? Think about that future.

Rachel on

Congrats to them!! All I know, is that at 34, I just had my 1st baby last month and I feel sooo tired all the time. Maybe I wasn’t healthy or fit enough before, but I wonder if that is why doctor’s tell women to have your babies young. All I know, is God willing, I hope to have baby #2 in a year or two. I hope I won’t be “too old” then.

CelebBabyLover on

Nicole- As other posters have said, she probably didn’t expect to get pregnant being over 40, so they had an “oops” pregnancy. Hence them not getting married beforehand! In otherwords, they probably didn’t get married before getting pregnant because they didn’t expect to get pregnant!

Jacielynn- We don’t know whether or not they used any sort of fertility treatments. As other posters have said, women over 40 can and do concieve naturally, AND it’s more common for older women to naturally concieve twins, too. Kyra and John also don’t say whether the twins are identical or fraternal. So for all we know, they could be identical, and identical twins are pretty much just pure luck. A fertilty treatment called ICSI (in which a single sperm is injected directly into an egg) is thought to increase the odds of identical twins as the egg shell has been “tampered” with, and therefore more likely to split.

But from what I understand, the jury’s still out on that. That being said, I DO agree that, like any technology, fertilty treatments, particularly IVF, DO have the potential to be abused. We just have to make sure we do whatever can to make sure fertility treatments continue being used only for good. πŸ™‚

MiB on

@Rachel, I doubt it, I have yet to meet a new mother wo isn’t gutted for the first six to eight weeks, before the baby gets the day and night thingy that most of us are dependant on. I haven’t really noticed that age would make a huge difference, but rather if the baby sleeps well, how the birth was, if there are other children in the house (and how old these children are), how much help and support they have. It will get better πŸ™‚

L on

To those who are bashing those who get pregnant before marriage can go sc**w yourselves. I am a single unwed mother to a beautiful 4 1/2 yr. old daughter. Although I did’nt get married before baby, it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to. I still dream of meeting someone special & getting married. God Blessed me with a beautiful miracle before walking down the aisle. However,the father of my child decided not to be with me anymore, he didn’t want to be married/tied-down whatever! (after 3yrs. of being w/him btw), so he left when I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. I have no regrets at all nor will I ever be ashamed to hve my child out of wedlock because no one is perfect and not everyone gets married first or married at all!

And no one should decide what age one should have kids or how or if thehy should marry,not that I’m condoning becoming unwed mothers, but whatever decisions an individual makes in life is NON of our business and if that decision results in a woman becoming pregnant before marriage, so what?! Does not make them any less or better than those who do it the “right way”. I dont think there is a “best time”(marriage,kids,etc.) Everyone is ready when they are ready. and God bless ’em! “Those in glass houses should not throw stones!”-leave it to God! BTW, CONGRATS TO THIS BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! πŸ™‚

L on

people mag assholes

Carroll on

I think Kyra and John, they make a great couple. Congrats to both on Kyra being pregnant w/twins.
I agree with fuzibuni, so… no need to comment on any neg. comments.

Carroll on

For those who DON’T know, Kyra Phillips is DIVORCED and no…she didn’t cheat. She’s been divorced longer than John Roberts, but she IS divorced.

Carroll on

Who cares how she got pregnant! Or the fact that they haven’t planned a wedding date. It’s their lives those who believe they should be MARRIED FIRST. This is the 21st. century a& if they choose to get married after the baby is born, so be it. If not, why should anyone care? It’s not YOUR life, just because you’re christian, it’s THEIRS!
Some here are so judgmental, so critcal, so neg. Enough already.

That means you too Mich.


MiB and Sharon.. what’s wrong with you two? Why are you both so angry and bitter to other commentators? I notice you both posted attacks to 3 or 4 other’s opinions (including mine, of course).. What do you do, just sit by a computer and wait to get on your viral high horse?

I, like everyone else, have a right to my opinion and the right to post it, just like you do.

If YOU don’t like reading negative comments or other opinions that you don’t share.. then don’t get on a frigging comments site!!!

Sharon on

Momo, Differing opinions is one thing, but for you to state publicly that a 42 year old needs donor eggs to conceive is pure ignorance of knowledge. I’m not angry or bitter. Shocked, yes. Get your facts straight before you spread misinformation. We are all entitled to read and post FACTS and opinions.

And btw, you are the one attacking others with hurtful comments like “the baby will look good?” or how lame CNN is. Once again, no facts to support your statement. You’re just embarrassed that MiB and I called you on your comments because they are all so ridiculous


S – What’s Ridiculous about a comment?.

There are more weird comments all over these pages, like the religious ones and getting married and stuff.
You need a hobby you ARE on here alot.

Sharon on

So are you Momo. Touche

Keedee on

I didn’t know they were a couple! I noticed her tummy last week and thought she just had a slight middle-aged pouch. Oh, well.. Best Wishes to them!

carol Perreault on

Congratulations–My husband and I love you guys and we wish you and
your expectant babies all the luck in the world. God Bless you
and Gods Blessings to all.
Carol Perreault

Carol H on

I personally, don’t care if Kyra Phillips and John Roberts get married just because she’s pregnant. In a traditional world, most people get married first, then have children, but who says couples, engaged or just living together, SHOULD get married. I say, “to each their own!”

Francois on

I am vey happy for her.She’s my favorite news anchor.

Paula on

I think it’s great. Love both Kyra and John. So when is the wedding? that will be a special event…

Dan on

I hope the baby grows up with Kyra’s personality; I can’t stand that John Roberts guy.

Lynn on

They are pretty mature to have children at this time of their lives. May they enjoy the journey of having these babies. The only concern is that these high profile people treat these children like pets and not give them the quantity and quality care they deserve before the age of 5. Nannnies and more nannies is the norm for these people and do not enjoy every moment of this important 5 year milestone in a baby’s fast growing lives. May Kyra or John for that matter be a stay at home parent and not hand them off to others to raise them.

Lynn on

I agree with Lynn about pawning the children off to others to care for these children the parents are excited to have. May they enjoy their golden years with these children because in a blink of an eye their grown up and all that will be left is regret for not having spent raising their kids and enjoyed the fruits of this wonderful and sometimes tedious job. Memories of not taking care of their own will be a regret they will carry and money will never compensate being away from their little ones. So rethink of your priorities before you go on with your so called high powered jobs. Is it worth it?

BarbRN0798 on

It is also more common for older women to give birth to naturally conceived twins. Women in their forties are more likely to release more eggs per month than younger women do.. Probably Mother Natures way of releasing them before they “spoil”!!

Bridget on

If you think you’re seeing a lot of older moms with twins, you’re right! After age 35, you start dropping more eggs and the result is not unusual to have twins. OLDER MOMS HAVE TWINS NATURALLY. I would know, I did at 36. They are now 3 and I am EXHAUSTED keeping up with them!!! Don’t just assume people used drugs. I am PROUD of my NATURAL twins!

Shannon on

To the individual that commented that it is impossible to get pregnant on one’s own after the age of 40 without IVF, you are wrong! πŸ™‚ I had one ovary, was getting ready to have a hysterectomy, and found out that I was pregnant at 40. My husband was 48. Thanks goodness our baby got in under the deadline! I had a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy who is now one. He is my first and only baby. He is a very busy and happy little guy. Despite my “advanced age,” I do have the energy to keep up with a toddler and also run 3-5 miles a day:)

I am an infinitely better mom than I would have been 10 years ago. Moreover, I am financially stable, I have a job that allows me to work from home, and I have a nice and safe home for my baby.

Congratulations John and Kyra!! You life will change dramatically and wonderfully. Enjoy every magic minute of watching them grow!! πŸ™‚

Michael Magill on

Just wanted to add my congratulatons………….John Roberts used to work in Toronto and i have followed his work, and i watch Miss Philips every day on CNN………..Congratulations to you Both!!! You will do a fine job of parenting!!!

Margaret Cobb on

How is Kyra Phillips related to Stone Phillips? I understand she was married prior to being engaged to John Roberts.
I wish the very best for Kyra, John, and the twins.

Johnny D on

These folks are TOO old and TOO busy with their careers to be having babies at their age.