Kendra Wilkinson: I Want Baby No. 2 to Be ‘Like a Shiloh’

10/28/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Justin Stephens

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t even pregnant with her second child yet, but she already has the ideal sibling in mind for her 10-month-old son Hank IV.

“We’re definitely excited for baby number two,” Wilkinson, 25, tells PEOPLE about her hopes for having a little girl.

“She’s going to be like a Shiloh. She’s going to be a tomboy. She’s going to be out there rolling around in the dirt.”

But Wilkinson’s hubby Hank Baskett prefers a girly girl to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s 4-year-old daughter’s style. “He wants a little princess,” Wilkinson explained. “He’s like, ‘She’s going to be my little princess.'”

Motherhood has changed the way Wilkinson views herself.

“This is the only time in my entire life that I can actually look in the mirror and say that I’m proud of myself,” she says. “I’m so f—in proud of myself because I’m taking the time to be a mom.”

Adds Wilkinson, “I take so much time being a mom. When I make Hank’s breakfast, I’m already thinking about his lunch. When I’m feeding him lunch, I’m already thinking about his dinner. It’s preparing for everything and loving him, and spending the time.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Romy on

she has such a way with words 😉

Melissa Dilan on

Awww I’m sure she’ll still be a great mom!

gdfg on

“I’m so f—in proud of myself because I’m taking the time to be a mom.”

If you want to be a great mom, learn to watch your language! Using words like “f-in” just makes you sound trashy!

Luna on

I feel like everyone has a ‘type’ they think their child will be. I think she’s a good mom. But she really should watch her language. Because he’ll start to repeat everything and before you know it, he’ll be saying “Grandma, sh*t!” 😦 And you’ll be forever terrible. Believe me, I had to straighten out my language after my son arrived.

Tess on

I have no idea who this woman is, but to describe what your future child will be like sounds ridiculous to me. The kid will be whatever he/she is meant to be.

And she’s “taking the time to be a mom?” Well, let’s hope so since she chose to be a mom. You don’t get points for doing what you’re supposed to do.

Stella Bella on

Describing children that haven’t even been conceived yet seems, well, interesting.

Molly on

For your information gdfg bashing mothers is more trashy. You might want to think about that before making your next comment. Anyhow, I have the same feelings as Kendra. If I have a girl, I hope she’s a tomboy

Aimee on

Hey Kendra you know it could be a boy right lol. Naw they’re just excited imagining their family but just don’t get disappointed if you get one with boy bits.

Alana on

What is with this women, she is ridiculous, I don’t understand why people talk about her. I don’t understand America and how they let trashy people stand out. This women has done nothing but sell herself. Shamesless women.

JMO on

well maybe she’d prefer not to have a girl …like her!! 😉

court on

I remember when baby Hank was born she did an interview talking about how she won’t have another child until he’s in kindergarten because she wants to take the time to enjoy him first. I didn’t think she would hold out that long and now I definitely won’t be surprised if she’s pregnant within the next year. At the very least, it’s great to see she’s being a hands-on mom, she’s seems to be in a loving relationship, and she’s no Kelsey Grammar’s wife, having to ask the nanny about her own child’s well-being.

Lola Marie on

No matter what Kendra says, people are going to hate. *shrugs* Anyways, I ❤ her and can't wait for her new season!!!

Paula on

Yup, Kendra just jinxed herself. Now she’s going to have all boys, you watch and see.

Molly on

Alana why are you posting if you don’t like her? Looking for attention perhaps?

ELO on

She is a changed woman and can now look in the mirror and be proud of herself? I sure hope not. I saw a preview of the new season of her show where she is up on the coffee table dancing in her bra and underwear, flinging a shirt around in the air and baby Hank is sitting right there. I’m sorry but that does not appear to be responsible parenting. At least not in my book.

Amanda on

I don’t even know who she is so I’ve got nothing against her personally but you can’t decide who you’re children are going to be or what they are going to be like. That’s up to them. Shiloh is how she is because of what;s in her heart, not because of some concious decision taken by her parents to make her that way. I recall Brad Pitt saying he and Angelina were conscious to support their children’s individual personalities, no matter how bizarre they seemed. Kendra would do well to take note. And cut out the swearing.

Anonymous on

Okay, really? Why are you even on here bashing her and reading the article about her only to talk so rudely about her? You talk about her being a good role model for her son and making yourselves seem so high and mighty, how about you practice “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say (or post!) anything at all.” or “treat others how you would want to be treated.”

Would you want someone who doesn’t know you going around telling you what a bath mother you are?

Think before you post or speak, okay?

I am sure that whatever their child decides to be, boy or girl, they will be fine with it.

sinclair on

another insecure woman. she is still shallow and immature as the day is long. what is she afraid of, competition from a ‘girly’ daughter? or not being able to relate? What is she afraid of, or what does she find so repulsive about being stereotypically pink and girly or frilly? If she feels scared that she will not be able to relate, there is nothing to worry about and kendra should just let her daughter be who she is–the bond will be there regardless of her being a girly-girl, or a tomboy, or a mix of both! Why do girls have to be one or the other?

Molly on

Grow up Sinclair

Crystal on

So she wants a tomboy daughter because she’s so self absorbed she couldn’t stand some competition. If she has a daughter hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be the prostitute that Kandra is. She should be ashamed of herself not proud for spreading her legs for a living. Only tramps do that.

Sarah on

Hum, CBB, is there any moderation anymore on this site (re. Crystal calling Kendra a prostitute. Seriously?)

Molly on

Crystal, I can already tell just by your ignorant comments that she has way more class than you

kmb on

Wow, I am shocked at the harsh, negative, and downright terrible comments on here. Kendra seems to have turned her life around, and has a beautiful baby and husband to show for it. Some of the commenters on here act like she’s out on the street corner having sex with strangers and shooting up drugs. Although I certainly don’t think of Kendra as a role model, nor do I personally agree with some of her past choices, I would never spitefully insult and imply ridiculous things about a stranger.

ALL she said about her possible future daughter was: “She’s going to be a tomboy. She’s going to be out there rolling around in the dirt.”

Kendra is a self-proclaimed tomboy, probably why she would want a tomboy daughter herself.

Sinclair, you blew her comment way out of proportion. Kendra said nothing about being threatened by a “girly” daughter, she simply stated what she imagines her future daughter would be like. Reread the article before you jump all over words that aren’t there.

Crystal, you are clearly a hateful, spiteful woman. You can’t even bother to spell “Kendra” correctly, yet you are trash talking her behind your computer screen. Don’t bother reading the article if you only have miserable things to spit out.

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- Kendra’s not a prostitute any more (and really, she never was one really. She was one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. That’s a little different than being a prostitute. I don’t approve of what she did, but I think it’s wrong to call her a prostitute!)! And how do we know why she wants a tomboy daughter? It could be for any number of reasons! Also, I think she’s just saying what she’d LIKE a future daughter to be like, not that a future daughter HAS to be like that!

ELO- I doubt baby Hank is going to have issues from seeing his mother in her underwear!

Sophia on

Haha, Romy! My thoughts exactly 🙂
This woman is so bizarre. “Like a Shiloh”? Seriously? Such an odd thing to say.

kate on

is there any moderation on this site ???? i know everyone has the right and must express themselves, but seriously people, in my opinion hateful comments should not be published…

gdfg on

Actually Molly, I’m not bashing mothers I’m bashing the language she uses.

hayley w on

wow, i would hate to be around when all you perfect mother fall off your pedestals and land down here with the rest of us normal mums, won’t that be a shock for you .

uck every mum swears say you don’t and we no thats a lie, sometime you cant help it, it my not be f**k but i’ll be dammed if its something you would let your kid say.

Sinclair get a grip silly little women, i wanted a girli daughter and spent hours wondering what she would be like, its normal i’m girli but im sure if i wasn’t i would want a daughter just like me its normal go spout your twaddle somewhere else.

Crystal- seriously, i think your nasty and sad, does that make you feel good? im guessing thats why you called kendra a bad name, make your self feel better huh? get a little self esteam by knocking some one elese right, well thats not sad at alllllllllll is it.

ELO i had a glass of wine with my children in the room shhhhhhhh don’t call child services or any thing but then i got up and did a silly dance sang a silly song and my children joined in, we all did the timewarp, oh how will i ever forgove myself!!

love kendra, i love any mum that loves her kid and does he best x its beautiful and a joy to see, we are lucky enough to see that. i hope her children are every thing they can be and morexxx

Luna on

Don’t we all imagine what our children will be like from a very early age? We play with baby dolls or just imagine it. She imagines a tomboy, maybe because that’s what she wanted to be growing up, but she just wasn’t. My sister desperately wanted to be a ‘Shiloh’ but she just wasn’t. She ewwwwed at bugs and dirt like a girly girl. Kendra seems like a good mother and sooner or later, your kids will see you in your underwear. It’s not all that traumatic.

Barbara on

You know what? There is something about this person that makes my skin crawl. She is telling the world what the sex of her next baby is going to be and that this kid is going to be a tomboy and roll around in the dirt! Give me a break! Give your head a shake!! When it comes right down to it, she will always be one of Hugh Hefner’s playmates and need I say anymore??

robyn on

Having a baby brings forth a lot of things, she is the one who has to make peace with her past which her child will one day question.

Nancy on

I know a lady who had 2 boys and when she found out the 3rd wasa boy, was depressed, angry and didn’t even want to pick out a name. Then she had a 4th child, a boy!! Be happy with what you get. Some people can’t have children at all.

lokl on

I love Kendra!

Mariel on

hahaha and everyone here talking nasty stuff about Kendra …are everyone a nun???,,,, HAHA C MON GIRLS NO ONE HERE IS ABLE TO JUDGE HER,,, get a life, AND LET HER BE!!!!!!!!

Hea on

Oh grow a pair people and relax! Nitpicking and name-calling is as tacky and trashy as the day is long. I like Kendra. I think she’s made a huge change in her life and she seems to be a good mother. Dancing on a table does not make one a bad parent. Only stupid people judge that hard.

MiB on

I agree with Luna, who hasn’t imagined their future children at one point or another? I certainly have! from pregnancy to death at a ripe old age (who wants to see their future children die young?)! And you know what? It doesn’t matter that they have totally different pictures of how their daugther will be, because if they one day have a daughter, they will love her no matter if she is a tomboy or a frilly princes, because she is THEIR DAUGHTER!

SadieA on

kmb said: “Wow, I am shocked at the harsh, negative, and downright terrible comments on here.”

We should all welcome kmb to the site, this is obviously her first time visiting!

lol But seriously, Kendra may lack a filter, but she seems pretty present as a mother. I don’t recall ever seeing photos or reading about her going out & partying since she had the baby. All she ever talks about is her son and her husband. She may not be the most tactful person in the world, but I think she is completely devoted to her family.

A wise woman once said “Money can’t buy you class. Elegance is learned, my friend.” While Kendra may not be the classiest woman around, I think her heart is in the right place.

Anonymous on

Some of you people on here sound so stupid and outrageous. I would LOVE for you people to have others look at your life, everything you do/say and judge it like you are doing to others, sounding as if you’re perfect and do everything right. “O-M-Goodness she said a bad word! Oh no take her son away because that means she’s a bad mom!”…She’s a friggin adult! Heck he’s gonna learn it somewhere and bad words don’t make a bad child. It’s not the end of the world! I think smoking around your kids is 10x worse than saying a bad word. And come on…look at the world we live in…curse words are the least of our problems…get over it.

Brookie on

I have always loved Kendra- I have a soft spot for her actually. If you watch the E! True Hollywood Story about her and actually listen to her talk about her life, she does crave attention and for very good reason. She’s not perfect, but she definitely hit a fork in the road and had to decide which path to take. She took the right one! She has a beautiful family now, and is living a happy, drug free life. Let’s not bash her for something like her language- let’s congratulate her on the life she has made for herself! YOU GO KENDRA! And both of your Hank’s are precious! 🙂

brannon on

Wow?! None of you ever imagined what a future child will be like??

Tee on

I don’t know much about Kendra or her past but it’s obvious that she dotes on her son. She seems very happy to be a mother. I certainly don’t approve of her past activities but everyone has made mistakes. Hopefully she has really turned her life around.

I agree with several other posters. I think most people have done some daydreaming about what our future children would be like. That having been said, I do find her comments to the extreme. Comparing her future child to Shiloh seems odd.

Molly, I’m sorry but you are the one that is being rude. I agree that Crystal’s comment wasn’t worded very well but Alana and Sinclair were just stating their opinion. Not every negative comment is rude!

Jill on

CBB does montior this site….I have seen them remove plenty of comments, as recently as last week…..but only when the comments are directed at a child. I guess if you bash an adult and slander them it is okay because it brings more comments and traffic to this site.

I also have seen them monitor this site because they have updated their posts for errors, Kourtney Kardashian’s post, Matt Damon’s….those were the recent ones.

They pick and chose…..I hope that Kendra reads the things that are written and addresses them with this site….I know that I would.

Shiv on

I wouldn’t mind her so much if I didn’t have to see so much of her. There’s articles for when baby Hank burps or when her and her husband are going to have sex. Who cares! You can tell when these sites are desperate for something to post. What’s next? Talking about a Kardashian that may or may not be pregnant? That’s usually the pattern of a slow news day.

Karen on

She obviously loves her baby very much. It really is time to outgrow talking like a sailor, though.

anonymous on

kmb I completely agree with you

Dawn on

Ah come on folks, most of us had a vision of what our little angel was going to be like, sadly most of us found out we had more like little devils, but still we love and accept them for what they are. I hope they do have a little girl and that she makes Daddy have tea parites with her and tosses the football around with Mom! Nothin wrong with that!

Katie on

If you don’t like her, don’t comment, stop reading, or better yet, don’t even click on the link!

Kendra is f-in awesome and I’m sure she does NOT cuss in front of her child and even if she did, who cares? It’s hers and Hank’s son, not anyone elses. I think people these days are too ballsy when it comes to intervening in someone elses parenting styles. Stay out of it.

I cannot wait for her new season, she seriously is the BEST!

kmb on

Haha SadieA, sadly, I’ve been reading this site for years. When it was sold it became a stomping ground for nasty and unfiltered comments. I miss the old CBB days.

Agreed, Kendra’s heart seems to be in the right place, she’s clearly classier than a lot of commenters on this site.

scdallas on

People shouldn’t criticize her. At least she didn’t go on to become a hollywood train wreck. I realize that some people think she’s a terrible role model, but when compared to other young hollywood girls, she’s not that bad. For being a wild child, she’s calmed down considerably, and her choices in life have taken her to a good place. I’d much rather have my teenage daughter look up to her then Lohan or Hilton!!!

gdfg on

“Kendra is f-in awesome and I’m sure she does NOT cuss in front of her child and even if she did, who cares?”

No one said she cusses in front of her son. But if she did, you’d better bet I’d call her out on it. Sorry, I just don’t believe that’s good parenting to cuss in front of your children. Maybe you disagree with me, but that’s my opinion and that’s what a comments section is for.

Anonymous on

All of you women who are judging Kendra are just jealous of her. She made mistakes and she is doing everything in her power to be a better person. You are not God!!! I am sure some of you who have posted hateful comments have done some things that you are not proud of either.Crystal you would jump at the chance to be one of Hugh Hefner’s girls if you could, so shut up and get a life!!!

Alisa on

Alot of you are so mean! I don’t love Kendra, or the things she’s done in the past but her past doesn’t determine the kind of mom she is or the kind of person she is. Sounds like she’s growing up to me!

As for ya’ll getting your panties in a bunch cuz she’d like a tomboy – good grief! Hasn’t EVERY SINGLE one of us moms wondered what our future babies would be like and thought “oh it’d be nice if…”
That’s all she was doing.

Katie on

Regarding the cussing, you guys need to get the f–k over it. If you’re offended, then that’s your problem. It’s not like she’s telling you to go f–k off directly. It’s just a word, people.

Secondly, it actually sounds like all you “haters” are just jealous of her. Again, if you don’t like her, don’t read links to articles with her and don’t watch her show.

Tara on

Sorry, but the majority of us that are saying “Watch what you commit to, because it will never turn out that way” HAVE KIDS – plenty of them. YOu’d think we’d know a tiny bit about what we are saying. Other then that – it’s all hot air – and coming to a board on the net – bashing someone over their opinion makes you more rediculous then the person you are complaining about, because it makes you look like A) A troll and B) Like you have no life other then to sit here and watch the comments roll through. LOL

Katie on

If you are seriously offended by her cussing and think that you can tell other parents how to parent their own kids, then I feel bad for you. This comment section isn’t worth my time anymore.

Love you Kendra!

Mandy on

Kendra really is a good mother.
Just because some of the things she says and does are a little out there doesn’t mean shes a bad mother. I mean shes young, and this is her first child. You can’t expect her to be perfect. And if you just want to talk trash about her then go read some other article.

Lizzy on

Ppl do get that she wants a tomboy bc she is one, right? She’s into sports and working out and all that jazz. Just because she wears makeup and cleans up well doesnt make her self absorbed. Plus how many couples have done stuff in fron of their child? Plenty. He will never remember any of that stuff. My mom used to tell me how her and my dad had sex when I was asleep. Don’t remember and dont care so who cares if she goofs off and spins her shirt around.

Kendra is hilarious and I think she is just thinking out loud for her dream family. Who hasn’t said they want 2 girls and a dog or whatever. So she wants a boy and a tomboy, get the F- o ver it.

Marla on

I actually like Kendra. She seems nice enough and at least not pretentious. But one thing she’s gotta remember is that we can’t pick our child’s personality or pinpoint what their likes and dislikes are going to be until they come out of the womb and experience life for themselves. Some kids figure out what interests them earlier than others, but aside from introducing them to certain activities, etc., ultimately nothing can really be forced. As the old saying goes, you can lead them to the water, but you can’t make ’em drink it.

teia on

Im proud of kendra she has come a long way. People will say what they want and all the negative BS is all out of jealousy. She seems to be a good mom let it be. stop hating people. She’s a beauitful lady and she is doing her best. I think the whole point of this article was to say she wants to be a mother of two. Kendra im proud of you.

Whatever on

Prostitute? She’s sure acted like one. Everything she’s done appears to have been for money and “fame”. I’ve not seen even the tiniest display of talent from her. Okay, so she didn’t kill herself from a drug overdose. WHAT an accomplishment…Okay, so she slept with a man who slept with at least two other women at the same time….WHAT an accomplishment…She saw an opportunity to move on from a failing show to a reality show to make more money…WHAT an accomplishment…She saw a way to get even more bite for her show and got married….WHAT an accomplishment…

This woman is trash. Always has been and likely always will be…The sad part, is her children probably WON’T question her past, because they will think her slutty behavior is normal and acceptable. And, for those of you who think she is “wonderful”…that opinion doesn’t speak well of your ability to recognize a quality person. Go back to your trailers, now.

Lori on

Wow, there are a lot of judgemental women on this site. If you hate her so much, why did you read the article.

I wondered about Heff’s girlfriends, so I watched their show… and turned out to love it! It wasn’t what I thought it would be at all. Mostly three women growing together, getting along, and having fun. Oh yeah, occasionally Heff would stick his head in and say Hi.

Anyone who knows anything about Kendra would know that she wants a tomboy because that is what SHE is, not because she’s jealous, but probably so they can goof off together.

BTW, my kids have seen me in my underwear. Sometimes it just happens!

And OMG! She cussed in an adult conversation! Let he who is without sin…

shanta on

even though she uses f- in doesnt mean that she is being trashy saying something like that so i dont know what u are talking about that is the way how she is expressing herself

erin on

I absolutely love Kendra! 🙂 She’s a trip!

B on

I think all of you that are commenting on Kendra’s thoughts about her future child have somethng wrong with you. What do you care? Seriously, you’ve never thought about the type of person your child is going to become? You dont have thoughts and hopes, silly or not, about what they will be like?? of course we will all be happy with whatever our children are like, but it’s fun to dream and think about who our unborn children will be.



Rye on

I am sure she dotes on her son and that is expected as a mother. I just don’t like her as a person and how she has come into her “fame”. Being one of THREE (or more) girlfriends to an 80-something year old man and posing naked doesn’t seem “fame” worthy to me. It’s sad and pathetic. I think she is actually kind of gross for that. I can’t get past her sordid background. I don’t think that nasty background has any bearing on how she mother’s her child though…but, I still don’t like seeing and hearing about her. I think she is a bad example of a role model to young girls and women in general. Sleep with an old guy while he has other women sleeping with him, pose naked multiple times and then find a rich sports player to marry and do reality tv. Yeah, that’s really the way I want my daughter living her life. I am just saying….she’s not someone I respect.

THAT SAID…This is America and she has a right to live how she wants to live. She isn’t hurting anyone so I say “to each her own!” cause it’s her life.

Psychs on

yeah, lets all make judgments about what type of mother she is/will be to her children because she made a poor word choice. I’m sure people who think shes a bad mom for saying the f word are the perfect parents, right? All of you June Cleaver wanna-be’s need to get off your mom-jean asses go take care of your own kids. I’m sure if someone was quoting your every word, you’d “F” up a few times yourselves.

Heather on

Well, whether you’re a hater or a lover of Kendra and/or her show, we should all agree that empty words/arguments online will always fall on deaf ears. It changes nothing. Prayer is truely the only way to see change in a person. To those who think Kendra should stop cursing and stop fishing for praise on a job she should be doing any way (parenting), simply pray for her. For those who love her and think she’s awesome, pray for her! What harm could it do?

There, problem solved 🙂

Mary on

What a happy baby! Good luck, Kendra and Daddy Hank.

SusiQ on

How much do you think you’re the center of the universe to put out a story about Baby #2 before you’re even pregnant? But, in all fairness, she’s an airhead so I’m not surprised; the magazine is the one that should be ashamed. and me for reading it. and then commenting on it. I really must find something else to fill my time.

Joanie on

Hank is such a precious baby and I think they are doing a great job. You can see the love in that family!

carrie on

The surefire way to have a tomboy is if you have boys first. I have 2 boys ages 8 and 10, and my 5 year old girl is tougher than both! But she’s also got a little princess in her 🙂

boo on

I don’t believe they will make it; Kendra has used television, sex, pregnancy and marriage to bury her psychological problems from childhood trauma. She will hit the wall eventually. The sad part is that there is a child involved … and now discussion of another one. She is saying what she thinks she’s supposed to say to keep people interested in her life. She and Hank living in separate locations is the beginning of the end. She’s a kid trying to be a mom. Good luck. Peace.

blankita on

Kendra was a mega tomboy, that is why she wants her daughter to be one as well . Plus most common opinion out there isn’t in favor of Shiloh, meaning most moms would not let their lil girls dress like a guy, or wouldn’t be happy about it anyways… that is also probably part of the reason she made this statement. I think Kendra has grown Sooooo much since her “Girls next door” days, but she is who she is, an ex playmate so why is anyone surprised by her behavior??? PLUS she is a good mom, she breastfed her son and that to me is a staple of a selfless, loving and nurturing mother.

AUTiger on

I’m sure she doesn’t use that kind of language around him. She’s an adult and if it comes out in an adult conversation when baby’s not around…who cares!

d on

She’s changed and that’s what matters. Hank Baskett has been a great influence on her. At least she knows that. Good for her. Go Kendra.

soph on

“All of you women who are judging Kendra are just jealous of her. Crystal you would jump at the chance to be one of Hugh Hefner’s girls if you could, so shut up and get a life!!!”

LOL. Yep, that’s it. Jealous of trailer trash.

Melanie on

ok..ok..what’s the big deal?! Let Kendra live her life! When she does whatever, does that affect you?! Is your salary less?! Is your house smaller?! Do you lose your job?! So what’s the big deal?!! And FYI, all of you negative people who have nothing good to say but sh*t, that’s the kind of woman your husband’s love the most! So while you’re here posting trashy comments, he’s probably out there having what “god alone knows” time with one!

Leigh on

More than people who write hateful comments about celebrities, I am more disheartened by those who take time to defend. Even commenting multiple times on the same page to chastise those who (let’s be honest, rightfully) condemn this woman whose fame is based entirely on the fact that she slept with an octogenarian and sold nude pictures of herself to a magazine.

This is my first time on People. The Friday before Halloween is not a big day in my office and I’m painfully bored. What’s your excuse? To be honest, grown adults taking time out of their day to defend a reality star’s parenting skills – repeatedly – on a website said “star” will never see transcends “pathetic” into down right disturbed. Are your lives so empty that you have nothing better with which to fill them than the worship of those you see on your television screens? Yes, I realize the irony of me taking time to write a post mocking those who regularly do. As I said, I am merely bored today and will never visit this type of site again (it saddens me to think this is the state of the people in my nation). Go outside, weirdos, or for crying out loud, read a REAL book. Yikes.

Jackmama on

I think its great that there are a lot of people defending what she said. Some others should go back to school and re-read what she put. She HOPES her next child is a little girl and a tomboy. Shes not saying shes a fortune teller and knows what it going to be! And who the heel cares? Its her child and she can say what she wants. Shes raising it, and whether shes cusses or dances in her underwear is her own choice. Shes not doing it in front of your children. And she is not a prostitute!

And if any of you watched the show you would know how it was in the mansion. She has done well for herself. Shes not a fame whore, putting her life, pregnancy and marriage on television. Shes one of the lucky ones who looks that good and gets something out of it. All you lazy asses at home who sit on this site waiting to bash anybody you can would jump up in a second to be able to make the money she makes. And if what you say about her using television and articles to get attention, well obviously it works by all your comments and her bank account just keeps going up! Nice contribution! Now you should probably get off the computer and take care of your OWN children 🙂

colby on

Who is this person, and why is People devoting space to her. Honestly, if I wanted the latest in White Trash news, I’d visit the nearest Trailer Park. Come on People, stick to celebrities!!!

SadieA on

kmb, I hear you. CBB used to be such a pleasant site to visit. I like that we’re able to discuss things more freely now, but it seems schoolyard insults always dominate the conversation. It’s hard to believe that those comments riddled with spelling errors and name calling are being left by adults.

Anonymous on

Love her! See looks amazing!

irateAmerican on

What a f..g great role model for young American girls. Pimp yourself out by effing an old man, a man old enough to be your great grandfather, get a tv show, no education, marry a rich black sportstar and then get a TV show to show your life. Freaking good role model I tell ya. No, you idiots, if you want your daughters to look up to anyone, look up to young girls like Selina Gomez, Danica Mckellar and many of those types. Don’t worship Kendra. Give me a break America.She’s not a good role model and if I had a son who married this person, I would have an issue with that. She was paid to have sex with pimp Hugh Hefner and now she’s made out to be a traditional role model? You have got to be kidding!!!

Pam on

Just because that women has a child now doesnt mean that everything is forgiven and forgotten. She hasnt changed, she is still the same fouled mouth, attention seeker. Even in that interview she cursed out. She should improve her language before her kid starts hearing and learning all that bad language and cuss words. I’m so sick of People Mag talking about this white trash, its like they wanna make her a celeb. Stick to real celebrities, and stop it with that white trash.


She is such a great mom. Hank IV is so ADORABLE.

Laurs on

Wow..I cannot believe all the negative talk..Kendra was simply making a comment on how SHE would like her daughter to turn out like..I like her because she is herself..doesnt pretend to be all high class and stuff..she is Kendra take it or leave it..

Speaking of Angelina Jolie I remember her saying that she NEVER wanted to have a baby of her own and here she is with 3 kids of her own…we all can say things but that doesn’t mean it is going to happen..we say what we feel in the moment. Oh and by the way, yes I know Angelina and Brad have more kids I just meant the biological 3..enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Kim on

Dear MOLLY, everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of rather or not you agree. Grow up sweetie.

Jayna on

What I find the most amusing about many of these posts is the call to the site moderator to remove “negative comments”. If someone doesn’t agree with what another person has posted, they think that they should be censored. Last I checked, we have freedom of speech in this country (until The Messiah (aka Obama) takes that away too). People should be able to express whatever opinions or comments they have. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t make their opinion wrong.

Karen on


Lola on

Everyone needs to take a chill pill – PEOPLE CURSE. GET OVER IT. And, seriously, who cares if she posed nude as Hef’s girlfriend? She made A LOT of money, and in this economy, all I have to say is: you go, girl!

To “Leigh”: Thanks for making everyone yawn for a moment – hahaaa. Maybe you should call up Playboy for a job, since your current one forces you to visit and comment on websites you despise.

Sooo Rich on

Ha, who cares about her cursing or what kind of kid she wants next you guys. That’s all pretty much “normal”. I just can’t believe they’re making another season of that reality show of hers. It is sooooo boring…watever. I guess it’s not as bad as the trashy jersy shore trolls show though.

D on

You’ll get what the good Lord gives you and won’t throw a fit, if you don’t get a “Shiloh” lady. YOU have no control over it. By the way, get some soap for that potty mouth of yours too.

Elle on

I’m sorry, but Kendra is sincerely dumb.

Miami on

She is NO role model, she released her own sex tape, and rode 90 yr old great grand daddy Hefner until she got her own “reality show, she is an inmoral tramp and will always be one. Is that really the type of person that the media wants people to emulate? And then she turns around and pretends to be all mom like and proper, gimme a break. That foul mouth skank should go back to the trailer park and stay there.

Kerri on

Wow, this site has gotten REALLY nasty.

pat on

Kendra don”t you think it is time for you to stop shaming your family by grinding your ass on your spouse so publically? Make your people proud of you. Little Hank will be in school soon. Kids and adults are very mean. It will not be fair to your son. Please make him proud of his Mommy. Don’t have another child until you grow up. your son will.

Holly on

People are so funny, to judge the person in the article,,oh I hate her she did this, she did that. blah, blah. Obviously you care otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked the link, read the story & taken time to comment. I love it, holier than thou attitude. If you don’t like a celebrity or what they have to say DON’T READ IT, pretty easy. Read a story abt a celebrity that you do like & comment on that. Why come & bash people who do want to read abt a certain celebrity???? THE REST OF US COULD CARE LESS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! Go Kendra, Go Kendra !!!

Jen on

Great mom’s say f***?

rathnawjoe on


youme on

Umm….Dear Amanda from “on October 28th, 2010” just because a parent says they want a tomboy or a girlie girl doesnt mean they wont support their child’s personality!! DUH.

Kendra is just saying what she would like in a girl, it doesn’t mean she wont support the kid once its born and turns out to be different than what she wanted.

youme on

hey – Alana on October 28th, 2010, when you want to bash someone make sure you are doing it in correct spelling format…for your information when you wrote “who is this women” you made it plural because women mean more than 1. You should of spelled it like woman.

sinclair on

kmb and molly, get a life, please. your self-righteousness is old.

hayley, please learn some basic grammar and learn how to spell. Also, I am a woman, not a ‘women,’ thanks. but i am sure that you knew that, ms. know-it-all. keep fawning over your blonde airhead idol.

Alexis on

I have watched a couple of episodes of Kendra’s show, and I think she acts way better than she used to on “girls next door”. She has really grown up a lot since she has had her baby, and she seems a lot happier. Yes, she probably should watch her language, but I bet she tries hard not to swear in front of her child, she seems like a pretty good mom.

Traci on

I’m with you Alana!

Shelby on

Kendra is nothing but a prostitute. She sold herself to Hugh Hefner, and was glorified for doing it. Her language is atrocious, and she is one hideous role model for her son and any oher children she brings into the world.

Jess on

Kendra is an amazing person and mother for doing something so simple, that very few women do. Remain themselves. Having a child isn’t life altering, i’ve got 3! Come on kids, it’s not difficult. My children havre chores, they behave and *gasp* mommy and daddy even cuss in front of them, yet they don’t utter those words!

If people would grow up and realize that to be a mother you have to be just that, a mother and not their best friend, they might actually get somewhere. And if all of you on here bashing Kendra for being herself, how are you such good parents? Get off the internet and spend some time with your kid.

Haters will continue to hate, it will consume you eventually!

Molly on

Kim maybe if you were actually a woman with intelligent comments I would listen to you but since you seem to only be able to bash celebrity parents in order to feel better about yourself, I can only laugh at your comments. Sorry GROW UP SERIOUSLY SWEETIE and never respond to me ever again.

Sadie A, I think CBB with People has ruined this site.

Kay on

Can anyone PLEASE tell me how in any way that this is newsworthy?? Kendra dreaming of her next child?? It really shows how ridiculous we are rather than how ridiculous she is. And she’s pretty ridiculous!!

I remember last year, when Hank went to the superbowl, and People ran a story that Kendra had said that if the Colts won, she was going to run down onto the field and jump into Hank’s arms!! I really laughed at the newsworthiness of that one!!

Stace on

It figures the the type of a low class womnan Kendra is would agree with a person like Angelina. Birds of a feather.

lisa on

it’s sad to try and be someone you are not .GOOD LUCK!!

Bancie1031 on

I personally love Kendra. Little Hank is sooo cute! I can’t wait until She and Hank have another one 😀

Holly on

They are living in a huge mansion, WTF he can’t hold a job and the reality show doesn’t pay that much, must be the Sex Tape, yup real responsible.

halifaxhoney on

I miss the old CBB before it was sold as well. The comments were well moderated. I think that the majority of people forget that just because you aren’t actually speaking to each person face to face that you still should have manners. Whatever your opinion may be about Kendra Wilkinson it’s classless to hide behind a screenname and be so cruel. Like another said, she may not have a way with words but her heart is in the right place. I think that could be said about every celebrity that is featured on this site.

The way I read this article was she is ok with having a daughter that isn’t the traditional idea of what a girl “should” be. She is a sporty girl herself and that is probably something she looks forward to sharing with baby Hank and a future daughter.

People, I hope you can set an example by not even allowing the disrespectful comments to publish.

Lily on

Really, Jayna? You use a story about Kendra Wilkinson to bash Obama? I’ve seen uninformed people do a lot of things, but this really takes the cake. You might want to educate yourself a little bit about the President before you embarrass yourself further. Maybe you should stop reading People Magazine and pick up a newspaper.

Audrey on

hahahahahahaha Molly, you are trying to be a bitch to everyone and call them out and no one cares.

Tee on

It’s rare that I comment twice on a post but I’m going to this time.

Anonymous, Katie, Karen, Jess- I am so tired of hearing people call anyone that makes a slighly negative comment a “hater.” I’m sorry but it’s about as childish as it gets. I don’t know much about Kendra’s past but the little bit I do know makes me wonder if she has really turned her life around for her son’s sake. That doesn’t make me a hater! I can’t hate somebody I don’t even know personally!

Anonymous- “Crystal you would jump at the chance to be one of Hugh Hefner’s girls if you could, so shut up and get a life!!!”

Okay, Anonymous, that comment was totally uncalled for! Crystal might have had an opposing position of Kendra but there was no need for you to say that she would choose to be a prostitute and there was no need for you to tell her to shut up. Your comment is one of the most immature things I’ve seen on this site in a really long time.

Lisa on

OMG!!! Hank IV is absolutely adorable. He is so sweet. The cuteness in the above picture is just melting my heart. One thing is for sure Kendra and Hank make gorgeous children together. Precious indeed.

Tiffany on

No one has the right to judge another. Only God has the right to pass judgement upon people. So how about we let him do his job, if you don’t like what she’s doing or did, then shake your head at her and pray for her. Bashing her is doing nothing for you but bringing hate into your heart and life.

I would also like to say I am sorry to all of you, who have different beliefs than me. I’m not trying to offend you or say that you should believe the way that I do… I think i’ve covered my bases… just had to put that out there.

TR on

I like them as a couple, she’s quirky, a bit o a blonde airhead, yet she embodies sexy, sporty and niceness. This is not meant to be a racial put-down at all, but it amazes me how white Hank IV is. I know his Daddy is mixed (white/black) and light skinned, but their baby is very white. No it doesn’t matter, and no it doesn’t mean he is any less adorable, I am just amazed he’s not perhaps tan color like his Daddy. And if a baby girl is in store for them, indeed she will be Daddy’s princess. She can be a combo Kendra, girly girl and tomboy.

katie on

Wow, I hope with the people that are saying all of these negative things have a completely innocence record in their personal live. I think that Kendra is a woman that is living her life and being a wife and mom. I don’t care about her dating past (lets talk about all the “winners” that most married women have gone through). She is a new mom discovery her new self. So what if she drops an F bomb every once in awhile. It’s not like she is saying it directly to her child. I say keep up the growth, girl! I wish the best to her and her little family.

hayley w on


so sowwwwwwwwyyyyy sinclaere abut my splein if it offendedd u .

i just finisged a 12hur shigt at work when i popppped i to see a fewlovely post abt babies andsaw your pile of….errrr get a lifge opinion if tats what u want to cal it. so i was a tad tried whn i rote wat i wrote.

And btw its Mrs thanks but i’m sure you already knew that I would be married and happy, because I am secure person and don’t feel the need to say nasty mean things to make myself feel better. Ok miss need-to get a life………..

Lets hope if you hve any children they don’t take on your spiteful little ways. We can only hope.

Diana on

Kudos to Kendra’s publicist for making news out of nothing!

jn on

..trashy mouth grow up


……..ALL DA HATERS NEED TA QUIT!!!!!!…………………..

Erin on

She makes it sound like a toy that she plans on buying online.

Jenn on

Geez…judgemental much? Seems to be a lot of narrowminded folks posting on these articles. Here’s a thought..if the article is about someone you don’t like or don’t care about, DON’T READ IT. Then the rest of us don’t have to waste our time reading the crap you call an opinion.

Tiffanie on

Molly = Patti, Kendra’s mom. Just ignore her, based on Kendra’s life thus far, Patti didn’t do a great job at being a mom – the only thing she taught Kendra is how to sell herself for money and have babies. I feel for the children.

Tiffanie on

…I was wrong, Patti is also teaching Kendra how to use her children to make money, as Patti is blatantly living her life through Kendra’s.

Lisa on

You don’t CHOOSE how your child is gonna be. Hello!

Tiffanie on

No, Tiffanie, you are wrong, Patti is also teaching Kendra how to live off her children, as Patti blatantly live her life through Kendra’s.

Kitty on

Little Hank is so so adorable! I think he’s a nice mixture of both of them. Kendra seems to be a good Mom and loves her family very much.

sinclair on

thank you, Whatever, you are spot on.

Nicole on

Why would you WANT your child to be a tomboy (possibly gay?) There’s something sick about that. Let her be who she is. Angelina J. is a bad mom for not making Shiloh dress in a more feminine way. That is a sign of a dislike for women. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine and girly. It’s the way God designed it.

Lovely Rita on

I love Kendra and am so happy for her and Hank. Glad she’s with a real man now and not an old has-been bag of wringles & Viagra.

Rye on

Nicole, you are an idiot.

Marky on

Okay, Nicole, that’s it! I have read through all these posts, many of which are fairly ridiculous if a person knows anything about child development and psychology, and then you throw in a stupid statement that says Kendra should just let her future child be who she is, but Angelina Jolie is a bad mother for not forcing Shiloh to be more feminine in her dress style, “because that’s the way God designed it.” 1) Which way is it, let the child be who she is, or force her to wear what you want her to, and 2) I am a very conservative Christian, and no way do I think for one second that AJ is not allowing her daughter to be herself because she dislikes women. Look at Zahara–feminine to the core. Shiloh is Shiloh, and how she dresses will not make her gay or straight. No little girl dressed more feminine than Chastity Bono-frilly to the bone-and it did not make her straight. I remember her as a 3 yr. old, all dressed up with long blond hair and very girly looking.

I was a tomboy and all into sports, but that didn’t make me gay. I’m straight as an arrow, married, with several kids. You need to lighten up, lady!

I am not a Kendra fan, nor do I dislike her, but women always think about their future children and what they may be like. If she has another boy, she will love him just the same as she does the one she has. She will love whatever her daughter is like, too. It’s just conversation, people, not rocket science!

DianeM on

WOW…Thanks for the laugh!! Kendra is not the sharpest tool in the shed, why are people so “surprised” by her comments? She’s an airhead! Take a breather people, relax. I read the story and laughed. Wouldn’t expect anything remotely intelligent to come out of her mouth. She did drugs as a teen? Had a troubled childhood? OMG!! Newsflash. Most of us did. It’s called life. She stops having sex with an 80 year old, gets married, and has a baby. And is “taking the time to be a Mom”. Good for you Kendra. Guess what. So am I. But that’s what I am supposed to do. It’s my JOB. Enjoy your little one who is not even a year old yet before talking about your next child. People have gone kuckoo.

hollis on

a) Stop swearing – you’re supposed to be an example to your son and it sounds trashy.

b) You SHOULD spend the time – that’s what mothers do when they sign up for motherhood. If you want a pat on the back for doing your job though…. *pat pat pat*

Tammy on

Did everyone forget what they should have been taught? Don’t say anything if you cannot say anything nice!

Pam on

In her Twitter accocunt she just posted that she’s meeting up with SNOOKI at a night club in Las Vegas..While the kid is in L.A with the nannies…Yeah thats why she dumped Hank so she could be closer to party circuit and hang out with other trash like Snooki..Yeah great role model and mother I tell ya..

Suzie on

Why are people so upset about her talking about her future child? If I imagine having another girl, I’d like her to be a little princess too just like her sister, what is wrong with that?! It’s like imagining who they will look like Mommy or Daddy? God forbid she dreams about her future child. And her cussing doesn’t make her a bad mom. Her beating her kid? Yeah, that would be bad. But come on, it’s just words. If he doesn’t hear it at home he sure as heck will hear it in this lovely world we live in. You can’t keep your kids in a bubble. Some of these comments are just so damn judgemental, it must be nice being perfect.

Suzie on

@ Nicole: “There’s nothing wrong with being feminine and girly. It’s the way God designed it.”

Last I checked, God created us naked. We humans designed the clothes and styles we wore and wear today.

Allie on

Kendra as the mom of a 10 month old myself YOU GO GIRL!

Mrs Charlie on

Why would anyone want their daughter to be like Shiloh? I don’t care what Angelina has said, that child is being brainwashed into thinking she is a boy and I think that is sad. There is a difference in being a tombay and becoming a boy.

Hea on

Great mom’s say f***? – Jen on October 29th, 2010

Not necessarily but great moms understand that one uttered word such as “fuck” does not make one a bad parent.

I cuss sometimes. I’m an atheist, a metalhead and I’m a loving human being. I don’t take things for granted and I take pride in what I’ve done and who I am because I’m a good person. 🙂 I make realistic plans for my future, I sometimes try to imagine what my future kids will look like and be like and I even wonder what I’d name them. I wonder if I’ll even get to HAVE them. I bet a daughter of mine would be a tomboy because I’ve always been one. Does thinking that make me crazy or trailer trash? I didn’t know that…

Hea on

Tammy – You can’t forget what you’ve never been taught in the first place, I guess.

Rose on

“Did everyone forget what they should have been taught? Don’t say anything if you cannot say anything nice!”

@Tammy: Some of us were taught a much more important lesson by our parents: Don’t blindly worship celebrities (or anyone for that matter) and pretend like everything they do is right and perfect.

chinue x on


Hea on

Rose – Whoever said she was perfect? Compare if you want but do it correctly, please.

Pam on

She’s ridic, that foul mouthed talentless ho. Always exploting herself sexually. She’s also exploits her kid. Heck, she even had the “reality” TV cameras in her delivery room. A bigger attention whore than this one, impossible.

Holly on

Everyone is jumping on her language. I say everything and anything in front of my kids, they are 9 and 5 and would NEVER repeat anything I say! I think they have each done it one and then I explained that like everything else there are things you get to do when your a Adult that you cant do when your a kid. Those are Adult words and when they get to be Adults they can say them anytime they want. Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with them, Who said they are “bad” words?

Miami on

So sick that the people at People Mag continue to talk about this talentless hag. She’s only “famous” for riding Hef until she got her own “reality” show. She continues to explout herself sexually, and uses that kid as a prop. Some role model I tell ya.

Tricia on

Have you ever seen Kendra’s mother on tv? Her mother acts the same way as Kendra does. Very immature…tries ‘too hard’ to be clever and interesting. Kendra is kind of funny but this article really illustrates her character. Nice girl, I’m sure but she’s years behind her age.

Jo on

If she is asked to list her professional accomplishments, I wonder what she will write down? Just wondering…

Andy on

Molly – are you in fact Kendra? Or a paid spokesperson. LOL – you certainly take alot of time to comment and insult everyone else. Take your own self-righteous attitude and get a life.

We all spend too much time caring about these people who don’t do much to improve our lives. They are overpaid, over-indulged and we give to much concern than ANY celeb deserves.

I think we should put it into prespective and stop contributing to the celebrity/pappo crappo! Find something smart to do with your time. We don’t care about the SITUATION or any of them. LOSERS for doing what they do and LOSERS we are for caring!

kim on

nicole wtf!!! dressing in jeans and getting dirty make you gay??? I wonder if all the lipstick lesbians know this? by all rights i guess i should be gay by your reasoning, grew up on a farm – got dirty- played with animals and only dressed up for choir concerts because i had to.
go back to the stone ages

Traci on

I honestly don’t think there is a less suitable woman on the planet where motherhood is concerned. She is too clueless — in many, many ways.

Hea on

She’s ridic, that foul mouthed talentless ho. – Pam on October 31st, 2010

Well thank God you’re not foul mouthed and bitchy.

tam on

Nicole, please tell me you’re 5 years old? lol

lori on

I hope all of the people posting negative posts on here are “perfect” people! ( but I seriously doubt it) Every single one of you are spine-less cowards hiding behind a computer screen wasting your time typing worthless negative posts. On top of that, the grammar you choose should explain its self to all the posters on here (including myself), wondering why you would even post something so rude. Let me hear it, you have a right to your opinion, correct you do! But if you have nothing positive to say, why say anything at all? is it that hard to keep it to yourself? does it make you feel better by what you post? Because if it does make you feel better, then theres something wrong! No one is perfect, and I dont hear Kendra claiming she is either. We have ALL done stuff in our past that oneday im sure we all will have to deal with in ways we dont think of, when we are actually doing it.

Bev on

Kendra i think u r a great mom. It shows that u care for your son. Don’t listen to other people on what they think, it is what u think, thats all that matters. You go girl. From your number 1 fan.


Just LOVE all you people on here thinking your are GOD, Judge not lest ye be judged and He who is without sin shall cast the first stone!! Get a life and start judging yourselves!!!

Magan on

This is one person I thought OMG she is pg when I found out, but she is a great mom. She is excited to be a mom too, she is happy being a mom. I think its great she wants another one already and thinking how she would like the baby to be. She is a great mom and has done what she has had to do for the baby she has now.