Céline Dion Names Twin Sons Eddy and Nelson

10/28/2010 at 10:45 PM ET
Lilly Palmberger/CelebrityPhoto

Meet Eddy and Nelson!

It took several days, but Céline Dion and her husband René Angélil have finally named their twin sons.

The name Eddy comes from Eddy Marnay, who produced the singer’s first five records. “He was like a father to her,” says Dion’s rep. “Eddy is a major influence in both Céline and René’s lives.”

Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela, whom Dion met two years ago while kicking off her world tour in South Africa.

“René said that in just the few minutes they were able to spend with him, they were impressed by the human being he is,” says the rep.

“Céline and René want their children to be inspired by their names, because they were so inspired by these men,” she adds.

Dion, 42, told French magazine Gala that the couple had been “going a little bit crazy trying to decide” on names, citing her mother’s desire for French names and her eldest son, Réne-Charles, pushing for American monikers.

The singer, 42, gave birth to the fraternal twins on Saturday at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. On Wednesday, the newly expanded family headed home with three of Dion’s sisters and her mom to help out.

The twins’ names were first reported by Canada’s TVA.

— Marisa Laudadio and Sara Hammel

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Kay on

They’re not awful names, but they sound a little strange with their parents’ and brother’s names. I am surprised they aren’t of French origin. I wonder if they have middle names. Regardless, I am thrilled for them.

Sonya on

I’m really not sure how I feel about those names. On the one hand I love honoring names, on the other I don’t like these names and was hoping for something French. But at least it’s not Bronx or Zuma:-)

Sonya on

Kay- Réne-Charles’s middle name is Dion, so I assume it will be the same with the twins.

Tess on

None of the kids’ names go together, IMO, but at least they are normal names.

kmb on

not what i expected at all, given the name réne-charles, but still nice names nonetheless. and not crazy-sounding, which is a big plus. i like that the names mean something, and honor people important to the couple.

Rose on

This is why I love finding out what people name their kids – because there’s just no way of predicting which way it will go. And I would have never expected those names. There doesn’t seem to be any continuity between the three names whatsoever (which I don’t think is necessary or anything, I just find it interesting when the same two parents have such varying taste in names.)

Beac on

Eddy? Not Edward or Edmund, but Eddy?

And Eddy & Nelson? Neslon and Eddy? Like the old movie actor Nelson Eddy?

Charlie on

Their name choices aren’t exaclty my cup of tea, but there is absolutely nothing bad about them. I think Rene-Charles has an elegance and sophistication to it, and Nelson is okay, but I wonder if Eddy is just Eddy. I am not a fan of nicknames as given names, so I always find that an interesting issue. All in all though, unexpected but not bad choices. Welcome to the world Nelson and Eddy!

M on

What great meaning behind the names! I am sure the boys will enjoy hearing stories about whom they were named after. Perhaps the Eddy that she named him after was also just Eddy and not Edward or Edmund.

And Beac, she clearly states the Nelson and Eddy that she named her kids after in the article.

soph on

I actually laughed out loud when I read the names, sorry. Rene-Charles is so nice and elegant. Oh well…

Crystal on

While I am not a fan of nicknames being actual names (Eddy) I absolutely LOVE the meaning behind the names. It’s just so sweet and thoughtful. CONGRATS to Celine, Rene and Rene-Charles on the new additions to the family! 🙂

shirabee on

not at all what i expected, but none the less it was a perfect choice for her family! it has great meaning and i’m sure these boys will grow up and influence many! congrat celine, rene, and rene-charles

meghan on

Nelson Eddy was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the headline, Beac. I’m glad they told us the signifigance to them.

CelebBabyLover on

I love the names! They may not go with Rene-Charles….but who says siblings have to have names that “go together”? 🙂

Allie-Rose on

They’re not bad names per se, and I like the tributes … but Eddy and Nelson don’t go together, nor do they go together with René-Charles…

karine on

Eddy Marnay real name was Edmond. I ‘m found a big fan of Eddy and Nelson

Sophie on

I agree with Soph! So funny… Eddy and Nelson :D. I had expected Paul-Émile and Louis-Ferdinand or something similar to go with René-Charles. Oh well, as long as the babies are healthy :).

lil on

I think it is nice she chose names that hounour people she greatly respects and admires. I would rather someone do that than use real trendy names, or try to hard to be original.

Congrats to Celine and her new family members.


Why does the babies names have to be named after her career backgroud? Doesnt the dad want at least one of the babies names to take after him?Hopefully they prove me wrong with the middle names. it just seems like its always about her. Thats a little divaish if you ask me.

Sharon on

@ KAYC: Celine’s husband’s name is Rene and their eldest is named Rene-Charles so he already has one of their children named after him. Plus Rene is also in the music business, which is how he and Celine met. So naming their children after “her career background” does not seem “divaish” to me.

Rachel on

Nelson Eddy? Wasn’t he an actor and singer in the 1940s and 50s?

Cate on

KAYC–Doesn’t Rene-Charles seem like he was named after his dad, Rene :)?
Not what I expected either…but they get to pick!

Au-Roar-a on

@KAYC – their first child has his father’s name – surely you didn’t expect all three boys to be called Rene so she could honour her husband to your exacting standards?!

I really like those names, i think they make lovely twin names, they’re short and sweet and work in both languages. At least they’re real names. Not irish-surnames-as-first-names-for-girls or invented random words like “supernova” and “triceratops”.

Congratulations Celine, Rene and Rene-Charles.

Lis on

Céline has been fairly clear that she’s going to be staying in the US for a while longer. Her older boy wanted American names… probably so they don’t stick out as much in school. It’s not unreasonable.

These are definitely pretty traditional, American names. 🙂

ELO on

While I don’t care for the names Nelson and Eddy and they don’t match the other family members’ names, I can appreciate the sentiment behind their choices. I think they chose names that obviously have special meaning to them.

claudiazz on

Rene-Charles is such a beautiful name. I cannot lie I hate the choice of names for these twins. If she wanted to honor these individuals she should have used these as middle names. I bet her mom is very disappointed in their names as may be Rene-Charles.

Ellen Smith on

Definitely a disappointment. At least Edward or Edmund would have sounded a little more formal (and using Eddy as a nickname). Eddy on its own is very much a nickname. Rene-Charles is such a great name – French, continental-sounding, and elegant. As for them having American names, very few people in America are naming their sons Eddy and Nelson these days. Well, at least the babies will be loved and filthy rich. I’m sure that will make up for the naming fiasco.

tink1217 on

my maiden name is Nelson…so no complaints there! LOL…but anyway…name choices are just that…CHOICES. Not meant to please anyone except the parents, which is the way it should be. Obviously these names mean something to them and were long thought out. All that matters is that Celine and Rene are happy with them and that their babies are happy and healthy. So thrilled for them!

megan on

Maybe the names are Nelson and Edmund??? That would make more sense….

JMO on

They’re not bad names at all. Just not something I would picture her using for them. Kinda just really random despite the meanings. I agree with some they could of chosen them as middle names.

heather on

geez, they’re siblings, not a boxed set; they’re names don’t need to “go together.” In most families, they tend to, somewhat, simply because they are reflecitng the parents’ similar tastes…on this case, that “taste” is to honor other people through those names- so of course the names don’t really have a sound that goes together, but they obviously share an underlying theme. I love the names :o)

h on


liline on

It’s funny to me that you think René is an elegant, sophitiscated name. To a French person, it brings to mind a surly overweight elderly farmer. Not glamorous at all. The American equivalent of a hillbilly name.

Tee on

What a wonderful way to honor two special people in their lives! I’m glad they took their time choosing names for their babies. I’m sure Eddy and Nelson are beautiful and hope to see a picture of them soon!

soph on

liline, I don’t think Rene is elegant on its own, but coupled with Charles it sounds very dignified.

JuliP on

you know, naming your children is a personal decision and one that belongs to the parents. I’m pretty sure if they wanted public opinion or input, they would have asked for it.

Lau on

Well, I personally don’t like the names at all, but there are some really nice meanings behind them both. All the best to the family.

KikiOttawa on

Is it just me or are the names a little anti-climatic? Don’t get me wrong they are nice enough names, I just excitedly googled ‘Celine Dion twins names’ every day since they were born and I guess I was expecting a bit more ZING to the names. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

I’m glad the pregnancy and delivery went well and that the two healthy boys are now at home with Mom, Dad, big brother and a small armada of Dions.

Tara on

Nelson Eddy? Wasn’t he an actor and singer in the 1940s and 50s?

– Rachel on October 29th, 2010

That’s the first thing I thought when I heard them announce it last night too. I figured they must be really big Nelson Eddy fans, LOL!!

Vanessa on

I personally love the name Eddy (as it is my son’s name)and I just don’t see it as a nickname! I am not a big fan of René-Charles so am glad they didn’t go for something like Louis-Olivier or François-Xavier!

Dana on

C’est vrai, franchement! Celine + Rene have obviously not tried to keep their heritage alive at all in these names!!! There’s no mention of middle names, but this is as plan and English as it gets….

Anonymous on

I’m a little bit dissappointed with the names just because they don’t all go together. I do however like the meanings behind the names. I love names which have personal meaning to the parents.

Brooklyn on

Oh. I can’t say I’m a fan of these. Was hoping for French names.

LB on

Blah. Nice that she chose to honor people, but maybe she could have done that by using these as middle names. They don’t sound good together, one super casual and one more formal. They also don’t fit in with the rest of the family names. odd choices IMHO

Shannon on

I think it’s very sweet that she chose to honor those two men. Nice job, Celine!

lilly on

ok well i did think they were gonna pick french names, its ok that they went simple normal american names, hey it could always be worse, they could of picked something hard to pronounce, and for once a celeb didnt pick something awful or off the wall crazy, like come on who names a kid zuma, bronx, rainbow, etc… The twins are healthy and celine is good, so everyone should be happy 🙂

Rachael on

Not what I expected either, and it took almost a week to come up with those names? Blah, maybe the kids will develop nicknames as they grow that are more fitting?

CelebBabyLover on

Rachael- Or maybe, as we see the twins, we’ll realize that those names DO fit them!

heather- I agree! Why do siblings’ names have to “go together”?

CelebBabyLover on

megan- If the names are actually Nelson and Edmund, then why on Earth did they announce them as Nelson and Eddy?

CelebBabyLover on

Dana- Who says you have to honor your heritage when you name your children? My family is primarily German by background, but none of us have German names!

Olivia on

Celine was pregnant with 3 babies, but lost one. I just read it on AOL news. Sad. 😦 She said the third baby died and made from for it’s brothers.

MiB on

@Rachel, how can you know that the names are not fitting them? (Just for the record, I love nicknames, just not on the birth certificate since I believe that a child should have a name that will grow with them.)

While I might personally toy with the idea of naming a potential child of mine after Nelson Mandela, I wouldn’t actually do it, since it would seem odd in the majority of languages the child would be spoken to.

I have to admit though that I too was a bit surprised as I really thought they’d go with french names, or one french and one english name.

Celine on

It’s funny that most of you find René-Charles as an elegant and sophisticated name. In French, it sounds right the opposite. Very old fashionned and pretty ugly, the two names never being used together. René is one of the ugliest French first names ever. Also it’s very rare in France to name a child after one of the parents. We do often choose grandparents first names as middle names. And we give two middle names. I don’t know if the tradition is the same in Quebec though.

As for the names of the twins, you can like them or not, but it’s nice that they have a deeper meaning. I hope that the boys will be inspired by them.

h on


i have to agree with you, René is one of the ugliest name ever, but i actualy think that René-Charles is quite lovely, because charles is such a classy name i almost don’t hear “René”.

Plus, René-Charles goes to an american school so maybe his american friends and teacher call him “Charles” since it’s also an english name.

I actualy like “rené-charles” a lot more than “eddy” and “nelson” even if i truly respect Nelson Mandela, but let’s face it: some people like Mandela and the other man they named their son after, can be great human beings and still have the ugly names

maureen on

what is the problem with irish surnames i tell you ryan and kelly are much nicer than eddy and nelson but it is up to celine and her husband what they want to call their children their not bad names and nelson is a english surname anyway best wishes to celine and her family they are lucky kids to have such a loving mother like celine

whatever on

They should have stuck with french names!!!

Rachael on

All I’m saying is I expected a bit more elaborate, or classical names for the babies given what she’s done on the past. If she wants to call them Nelson and Eddy ~ go for it.

Congrats to them all!

jessica on

These are normal names thankfully, but i think she could have choosen way better names for her twins. I mean out of all the names in the world those are the two she chose? oh well atleast her kids are healthy so congrats!

olive on

Nelson Eddy?? She should have a set of twin girls and name them Jeanette and Macdonald.
Then the can sing Indian Love Call.

Nikki Dai on

Coming to this site, I realize how pathetically sad some of you people are lol. The families are wonderful and lovely and some of the people who come here as evidenced by this thread and many others live through these stars too closely. Disappointed… not fancy enough… these aren’t your kids, please remember that, sheesh.

Mia on

Also definitely not the names I would’ve pictured-but as long as the babies are happy + healthy-that’s all that matters!

CelebBabyLover on

h- Exactly! And maybe Rene-Charles has had some difficulties at school because of his name, and they didn’t want the twins to experience difficulties from having French names while going to an English school, either! 🙂

Olivia- Interesting! I wonder if that baby was a little girl?

Dinah on

Funny that they chose these names because here I was thinking they went through 10,000 names these names are going to be something out of this world but when they announced these names ha! is all I have to say.

KM on

After Nelson Mandela? Seriously. That’s just dumb. And EDDY?? Way to keep to your French Canadian heritage Celine, it’s only what made you who you are. And I’m not talking about fame and fortune, Celine was huge in Canada way before the Americans caught wind. Just sayin’.

CelebBabyLover on

KM- It’s not dumb! Nelson Mandela is quite the amazing guy! Also, as I said before, there’s no law that says you have to honor your heritage when you name your kids! I didn’t see, for example, anyone claiming that Nicole Kidman wasn’t honoring her Australian roots when she named Sunday (I know Nicole was actually born in Hawaii, not Australia, but she grew up in Australia!). And noboby criticized Gisele Bundchen, Salma Hayek, and Jessica Alba for not honoring their South American and Latina heritages when they named their kids! Why the double-standard?

Suzanne on

I think Rene is a beautiful name and is making a comeback. My mother’s name is Renee and I always loved the name. Nelson and Eddy sound great also, good choice. Congraulations Celine and Rene and Rene-Charles

MiB on

@KM, what’s Your issue with Nelson Mandela?

Abi on

There are some very negative people on here. They are not our kids, leave the names alone. Life would be pretty boring if everyone was named Michael, James, or Richard. Nobody has to like the names except the parents…..

jk on

Blessings to the whole family…who cares what their names are…we’ve all been shocked and amazed at some celebrities naming of their kids and now we’re all used to them and can’t imagine them being named anything different…

Eileen on

I looove how on this site, when the topic of names come about how some of you will rationalize them into something YOU like.

Maybe the names are Nelson and Edmund??? That would make more sense….
– megan on October 29th, 2010

Plus, René-Charles goes to an american school so maybe his american friends and teacher call him “Charles” since it’s also an english name.
– h on October 30th, 2010

Literally, every single announcement turns into: Well, maybe it’s really this, or maybe they’ll call him that. From Matt Damon’s “rhyming names” to Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins. People, deal with the fact that people are going to name their children what THEY want to, otherwise they would hold a public vote and get your input.

Cheyenne on

I follow celebrity baby names, as well as those of friends and family because it’s fun, not because I’m living vicariously through anyone. I don’t like either name, and I don’t think the “continuity” factor has as much to do with being French as much as their name choice with their first son.

As for Irish surnames as first names, @ Au-Roar-a :

“At least they’re real names. Not irish-surnames-as-first-names-for-girls or invented random words like “supernova” and “triceratops”.”

My kids Quinn and Reilly (Fitzpatrick) are complimented regularly on their names, which are ethnic, easily spelled and pronounced, meaningful, yet still less common. Irish surnames for the win. Eddy and Nelson … at least no one’s name is Blanket.

lisa ann on

It took them til the babies were a little over a week old to come up with those names????

Denise on

I love that she named her boys after people that mean something to her. Every time she call their names she think of the two men that meant so much to her. Names don’t have to go together as her kids are three separate individuals.

Jane on

OK!!! REALLY, people!!!!

have your own kids and name them what you want. they didn’t name their
children, Apple, Suri, Shilo. and the list goes on……..

Eddy, and Nelson.

nice names and i’m happy for all of them!!

p.s. I named my girls Amanda and Jessica. and i don’t care what other people think.

CelebBabyLover on

Denise- Exactly! And I think that’s why it took them so long to come up with the names. Obviously they wanted names that held a lot of meaning for them! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Jane- Well, Apple, Suri, and Shiloh’s parents named their kids what they wanted, too! Also, for what it’s worth, both Suri and Shiloh are names that can be found in a baby book. So they are “actual” baby names. 🙂

Gram42 on

Of course they can name their children anything they wish, but that doesn’t mean I have to love the names. I am very surprised at the name choices, I must say, simply because Celine speaks so often about her French heritage. I understand they are to honor people, but I think you can honor people by giving a child a version of the name that might sound more appealing. Just because you love your Aunt Gertrude doesn’t mean that the child won’t be teased for being named Gertrude (I’m saying this because I saw that very thing happen with that name.) I am not a fan of nicknames as given names. Edmond would have sounded better, IMHO, but I don’t get to name the child. I immediately thought of Nelson Eddy…sorry but it is the very first thing that came to my mind!

People do have to really think about names because they do influence the child’s life. I have a friend who named her daughter Ella Mae. Several people mistook the name for Ellie Mae and asked if she was named after the character on The Beverly Hillbillies and it made the mother very angry! After watching a kid at school named Robin Hood nearly have a nervous breakdown because of the teasing, even at a young age I saw the importance of carefully choosing a name. Like I said, it’s the parents’ choices not mine, but I don’t like these names any more than I like Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins’ names and that’s my prerogative.

CelebBabyLover on

Gram42- I really like your comment. You managed to say and explain your dislike of the names in a very respectful way, and I appreciate that. 🙂

Ann on

I assumed they were named after the American singer Nelson Eddy until I read this story.

hao13 on

I’ve never been a fan of composed names (my eldest half brother has one particularly ugly composed name mixing his maternal grand-father’s name and our father’s name: Louis-Serge so we tend to just call him Louis). Because of that, as a French Canadian myself I wasn’t too thrilled with the name René-Charle (I think it sounds ugly). But at the very least it was a French name. By giving her children English names I feel like she’s turning her back on her French Canadian heritage and that’s a little disheartening (even if the inspiration is from the names of good/influancial men). I don’t know, I gues it’s a culture thing. It feels like she got so taken with the money and fame from the US that she kinda forgot where she came from…..a very poor and large family from the north shore of Montreal.