Céline Dion Tries ‘15,000 Names and Nothing Has Stuck’

10/27/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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Like many expectant parents, Céline Dion consulted baby books looking for the perfect names for her twin boys, born Saturday.

“I’ve read nearly 15,000 names,” the singer, 42, tells French magazine Gala, “and nothing has stuck.”

In her first interview since delivering her sons, Dion explains that the problem may derive from excessive input on the issue.

“Because [elder son] René-Charles goes to school in the United States, he’s suggested English first names. My mother, on the other hand, has been hinting about very French first names and we’re going a little bit crazy trying to decide.”

Now mom to a brood of boys, the singer says she’s happy being queen bee.

“Honestly if I had a choice, certainly I’d have liked to have a girl,” Dion admits. “But the day I learned that I was expecting two boys, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a day of tremendous joy. I’m truly happy. Everything went well and the babies are in good health. That’s all that counts.”

Conceived through in vitro fertilization after multiple attempts, the twins are fraternal. “They were in two different sacs,” husband René Angelil explains. “During her pregnancy Céline had already remarked about their difference, saying, ‘One is more active than the other.'”

Having delivered the boys via c-section, Dion makes light of the surgery, laughing, “I’m telling you, if they could have come out through my ears at the time they were ready to come into the world, that would have suited me fine.”

She plans to return to Las Vegas in March as scheduled — though fans may see a bit more of Dion than they’re used to. Having added a little over 40 lbs. to her frame during pregnancy, the weight gain is the least of her concerns.

“I don’t care about my figure. I never have and I’m not worried,” says Dion. “In any case, I’m not going on any diet because I want to breastfeed … Besides I have a really good stylist and if it’s a question of going up a dress size or two — well, so be it.”

— Peter Mikelbank

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Jessica on

Many congrats to her! She is a fabulous woman and deserves the happiness!

klutzy_girl on

I hope they come up with names soon! It’s driving me crazy that we don’t know, LOL!

brenda larsen on

How about Christian and Nicholas

Sarah on

I LOVE her outlook on motherhood and parenting. She is awesome.

Stephanie on

I wonder if Dr. Pliskow delivered her babies again. He did with her first. I was lucky enough to have him deliver my son via C-section as well. His work is AMAZING! Good luck to Celine!

tink1217 on

I LOVE her attitude on the whole weight thing!!!!! Good for her!! I bet the babies are beautiful!!!

ItlnPrncs on

BOY NAMES … Dylan and Landon are my two favorites!!

Congrats though – Love her!

bored on

why not name one an english name and one a french name. then all will be happy

Brooke on

I would like to suggest:

Luc Etienne


Emile Frederic

Yvette on

Gavin Alexander and Rayne Luis

Mom to twins on

Just because her twins were in two sacs does not mean they are definitely fraternal.

Anonymous on

Bill and Ted … As I’m sure they’re in for an excellent adventure!

Jen on

Congratulations! I’m sure the names they pick will be great. Just don’t rhyme them lol. Oh and a good way to tell if a name fits is say it outloud. You can yell it or just say it. First, Middle, and Last name all together. Thats what I did.

Brooklyn on

Hope they are able to pick names soon!
I like Alexandre and Luc!

Dawn on

Been there done that! Had a hard time naming first son and then twin boys came along for me too. So glad they are all healthy.

Luna on

Naming is really hard and everyone has an opinion. Celine and Rene’s (and maybe Rene-Charles’s) opinions should be the ones that matter the most. I mean yeah if you pick a name and it’s something very conflicting, like the name your sister wants to name her children, her opinion should be taken into consideration. But just pick names you can yell out on a playground and not feel stupid yelling. Congrats to all of them!

Nick on

She will look better with more weight on any how… i hope she doesnt loose it all 🙂

I think for the sake of the children she should give them “american” names, or if they have to be french make them french names that are popular here in the States, kids can be so mean at school.

so i agree with Rene-Charles which is probably why people call him RC.

Mina on

I think one of them should be Damien…it has American, Irish, French, and Italian/Latin backgrouds, and it sounds so nice and handsome..manly when need be, and cute when need be. Different, yet not off the wall. Maybe that is why I chose it for my son lol. Damien Edward. Or Damien James.

Kristen on

Celine has a wonderful sense of humor and I think this showed it with how she described having a c-section. Remember, when she invited Ana Gasteyer onstage to impersonate her when Gasteyer did that on SNL? Anyhow, I don’t think we really have a right to demand names out of her. After all, we don’t even know the sex of Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s new baby…

Laila on

I`m so happy for her and her family. Can`t wait to see their photo 🙂 Names….I really hope they go for names starting with their own first letters, C and R, like they did with René-Charles. Christophe & Robin maybe ❤

Louise on

Sebastian and Luca?

Love them both, and both would fit with either American or French accents and cultures!

So happy for Celine and her family, have never been a fan of her music but empathise with her fertility struggles and am so glad to see they’re so happy! x

crod on

How about:
Loic and Liam ?

Jen in CA on

That’s true “Mom to twins” my identical boys were in two sacs.

Anonymous on

umm i know this sounds funny but its Celine Dion we are talking about she will be back in tiptop shape by the time the show starts she doesnt know how not to work!!and 3 boys i think she will be in even better shape than before!!

Jill on

Bertrand Robert and Quentin George

Melissa on

I don’t understand how parents do not have a name when the child is born. You have 9 months to prepare for it!!!

Karin Wilmot on

Congratulations Celine & Rene! How about Stefan and Laurence. (Steven & Lawrence in English).

Aurora on

Karin – Laurence is a very popular name in Quebec… for girls 🙂

I can’t wait to hear the names. As a fellow Quebecoise, I hope they choose French names, or names that are as common in French as they are in English, like Thomas, Justin, Vincent, Simon, Nathan, William, David, etc.

Anonymous on

Damien reminds me of the evil kid in The Omen. Sorry… just sayin’.

Janice Pielert on

God Bless you, Celine, your precious babies and your beautiful family. You deserve every happiness. I, too, know how precious boys are, as I have two sons of my own.

ponymom on

Congrats to Celine & her family!!! Love your outlook on regaining your figure- its most important to provide the best start to your babies and a mother’s milk is certainly the best way to personally ensure that.

As to names- sometimes you just have to get to know their personalities before you can give them names that suit them.

Tami on

My brother & sister-in-law also struggled in naming their sons. My oldest nephew was due in late December, and they still didn’t have a name for him by mid-November. I’ll never forget my SIL mentioning to us their name choices, which were the same two names but they couldn’t decide which should be the first and which should be the middle name. We decided it for them! With their second son, my bro & SIL put together a list of names that they had narrowed down to. Then, they had their oldest son (who was a little more than 4-1/2 at the time) choose his name. His little brother just passed his 4th birthday on Oct. 21st, and it was at that time that I reminded the oldest he had named his little brother. It seems he had forgotten this, and thought that it was pretty cool he had had that privilege.

So…if Celine & Rene want my advice (LOL): Come up an English and a French name; choose an English first name and a French middle name (per the request of Rene-Charles). Then, have Big Brother choose their names. Since he’s almost 10 yrs old, I’m sure he’ll come up with two pretty good decisions.

lise on

sebastien et alexandre

Sherry on

Congratulations to Celine & Rene. There is nothing better than babies to make the world a better & brighter place. I too like the name Gavin, as that is my grandson’s name. But I’m sure whatever you & your husband choose will be beautiful, as they are your precious bundles of joy! After all I know you won’t pick some weird name that the poor boys have to live with the rest of their lives. Again congratulations to the Angelil family!!!

Sherry on

Oh and I also congratulate Celine in just being healthy and not getting sucked up in this losing weight game that is played in Hollywood. Good for you Celine, just makes me admire you even more. You are thinking about your health & the health of your precious babies instead of your vanity. How refreshing in this day & time!! BRAVO to you!!

pascale on

how about Alexandre and nicholas! the name of my boys. i wanted something french and english so that was my choice….

Pat on

As long as we don’t have Rene II and Rene III it’s all good! Please don’t pull a George Foreman or Michael Jackson and name your kids the same names.

sister to twins on

Mom to twins, I’m sure the doctor involved didn’t take one look at two different sacs and assume they were fraternal.

Yohana on


How about David, Mark, Lucas, Matthew ? Sounds almost the same in French and English.
Bonne chance

Lola on

@Melissa–Maybe they decided to wait until they could see their sons in person before naming them…I know some parents want to know what their children’s personalities are and choose a final name based on that.

mumoftwins on

Congratulations Celine. My identical twin girls were born on the same day as your boys but 5 years earlier. You have great style and taste so I’m sure whatever you and Rene choose will be lovely. My favourite French/English names beginning with an R and C are Remy and Christophe or Christian. God bless.

ecl on

Very weird to suggest names to other people.

Mom to twins on

Celine’s husband commented in another article that they look a lot like each other. In this article it says Celine says they are fraternal and her husband explained because they are in 2 sacs. I was just commenting that 2 sacs does not necessarily make them fraternal and the only way to tell if they are the same sex, have the same blood type and they look a lot alike is to test their DNA. I doubt they tested them before they were born. As for Celine and her twins, I’m thrilled for her.

Stephanie on

Congrats Celine and Rene. I vote for french names 🙂 Je suis du cote de Maman Dion: Des prenoms francophone !!

Michelle on

@Mom to twins, it’s likely that, because of Celine’s invetro procedure, they know that the twins are fraternal. I believe it’s very rare to have identical twins through invetro.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Celine and Rene! I am extremely thrilled for them 😀 Picking a name (in my opinion) is one of the hardest decision a parent will make. I can’t wait to hear which names they have decided on 🙂

Diane on

how about…Stephan and Anthony ?..i have an Anthony and always liked the name Stephan

Lindsey on

Her twins are definitely fraternal bc she had IVF and two separate embryos started growing- not one that split. Je t’aime Céline and Baby A and Baby B!

CC on

Stay true to your roots Céline! Tes enfants méritent ton héritage canadien-français!

Lesley on

If I had a French last name and twin boys, I would name them Thierry and Etienne.

Karla on

Congratulations on the birth of your babies. I know about not finding names….it happened to me with my second child.

How about: Renard and Renaldo? Renard Philippe and Renaldo George?

c.loback on

I love Celine Dion, she is incredible. I think they should choose french names. Having such a french last name it would suit.

Monica on

We had a hard time naming our 2nd daughter. We had it narrowed down to 3 names and then decided that one of them was too unique and took it out of the running. When I told my friend that name she loved it instantly and urged me to put it back in the running so we did. We finally did a coin toss and ended up with the name we had nixed and it fits her perfectly. But we definitely had to have a name before we left the hospital for the birth certificate. My kids were also born in FL so I wonder if they really have names picked out and just are saying or how they got to go home without names. I know that sounds stupid because it is Celine Dion, but a law is a law, isn’t it? Either way, congratulations!

Nella Canadian girl on

Congratulations,to Celine and Rene, so so happy her dream finally came true, she is a good mother fame has not affected her at all. About EDDY and ERIC, sounds good.

Bridget on

She’s had nine months to come up with names and still stuck?? I think new souls should be named immediately or they get lost on a soul level. The soul realizes when its in between two worlds.

Crystal on

She name her sons after her late father (give them his name as their middle name). She should stick with French Canadian names of course and remain true to her roots.

Scarlett92858 on

CONGRATS TO CELINE AND RENE!! Babies are a miracle from GOD!! So, Celine, look in The Bible for Boy names!! Or name them after your Dad or one of your many siblings, honor them by naming them after one of them!! I named My Children after their Great-grandmothers!!

Ashlee on

Bridget, not everyone whips out the baby name book when they get a positive pregnancy test. It’s a difficult decision and sometimes parents want to see their child/children before giving them a name that will stick with them for life.

I had no set name for my children when they were born and, at days old, I can tell you, as long as they were eating, sleeping, and filling up their diapers, they could care less whether I called them Bob, Jane, or Elephant.

As for their souls, I’m pretty sure they’re intact.

amy on

luc and jonpaul

Emily on

@ Monica, it’s not against the law to not give your children names. I live in Texas and knew someone who she and her husband couldn’t choose between two names. When they filled paperwork with social security for her number, etc. the baby was assigned a letter like “Y” on all her information and whenever the lady and her husband decided they had to go through and change everything from “Y” to the actual name.

cécile on

I know her “pain”. I’m French and fell in love with an English (why??). With our 3 sons, we had to take in count the way the name would sound with the last name, the fact that both set of grand parents would be able to pronounce and write it. I had to give up names like Guillaume, Mathieu (english speaking people I’ve met are not comfortable with that many vowels), names with accents or cedillas (Benoît, François).

And since we were not fond of the habit of systematically shortening long names, we went for Pierre, Paul and Louis.

I’ve always liked Jean (French for John) but obviously it left the door open for confusion on the english side.

Kirsten on

This is a woman who has had a lot of difficulty conceiving and carrying children. I’m sure the reason they have not picked names yet is because it’s not like they can have ten more kids. I’m sure she wants to pick a name for each baby that not only personifies their very personality, but also reflects how much her children mean to her.

I personally suggest Liam and Luc(or Luke). Or Nicholas and Gabriel. Or Tristan and Phillipe. French names are so romantic. I’m excited to see what she picks!

CelebBabyLover on

I hope Celine and Rene are able to come up with names soon. It must be frustrating for them not to be able to figure out what to name their sons!

Denise on

Hey Celine…why don’t you let Rene Charles decide on the middle name and you and your mom figure out their first names? I think that is a fair choice! smiles..at any rate, I am just happy that they arrived healthy and strong!

MiB on

As someone who has constant decision making angst, I can understand her. Naming a child is a difficult matter, You want to give the child a name they can grow with, one that will reflect who they are or who you want them to be, it has to sound good in its parts and in its entirety, sound good when said together with the names of the siblings, have positive connotations, work in the languages it will be said in (in this case English and French) and then there are so many to choose from… Yes, I will probably have huge problems if I am ever blessed with a child to name, unless it just comes into my mind and sticks, like my brothers name did when I named him before he was even born.

On a side note, I found some of the “French” name suggestions quite amusing. Gavin? Luca? Liam? Rayne? (English/Scottish, Italian, Irish, and unknown origin respectively)

Robert on

Congrats! I like Palmer and Ingram.

Luna on

I had a name picked out for my first born that I was going to use…until he was born. The name didn’t work and we went with another name we’d liked a while ago. With every other child, we went in with three very different names and left it up to the baby what they’d be named.

ann on

Estrella & Paz which translates to Stars & Peace

Angie on

LOVE her attitude! Happiness and health – the rest will fall into place!

Belle on

I would like to say Congrats on twins. As a mother of twin girls they are a Blessing!!

I would like to suggest names
Alexander Pierce and Nathaniel Dion
(Alex and Nate)

Bethan on

Wow congratulations on the boys! I also think that she should go with French names, but simply because I adore French names. Sebastien and Luc are my favourites! Maybe with English middle names, but both names can be anglicized anyway!

My best wishes again to Celine and her family 🙂

Cynthia on

Thing One, Thing Two? Just kidding.

Cynthia on

Enjoy them, they are a true blessing!

Tanisha on

Congrats to Celine on her twin baby boys.

Sherri P on

My boys are identical and they had 2 sacs, they did however share a placenta, it all depends on when the egg splits. Interesting enough my boys didn’t look alike at all (granted 1 was a lb more than the other), but the older they get (3 mon now) the more they look a like. That said, it is unlikely to get identical with ivf b/c the zygote splitting usually happens within 8 days of conception, and I kinda think if they split in the petri dish someone would have noticed 🙂

JMO on

I’m sure they’ll come up with lovely names. I can’t see them going to outrageous.

Rach on

Celine is the best ! I wish her all the happiness in the world !

beck on

What about Aleksandr and Alaine