Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Playground Pair

10/26/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Santiago Baez/Ramey

Hello, friend!

Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick greets a playmate while sister Tabitha Hodge toddles on ahead as the pair explore a West Village playground with mom Sarah Jessica Parker on Saturday afternoon.

The twins, 16 months, are the Sex and the City star’s children with husband Matthew Broderick; they are also parents to son James Wilkie, 8 this week.

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Traci on

O for cute:) Adorable little girs!

Catherine on

Oh, how gorgeous are they!

The daughter with the top pony tail looks a lot like Dad (Can’t remember if they were donated or not?)

Allie on

Oh they are too cute!!!!

jessicad on

I just squealed!! They are so cute and I don’t think I’ve seen them walking yet or a picture of her with both girls, soooooo precious! I’m so happy she has TWO girls to dress, love her fashion sense:)

Annie on

ADORABLE! I love how one is darker haired and one lighter. I’m happy so happy for her! 🙂

Erika on

They are ADORABLE. Marion looks like their son, and Tabitha is just adorable, she has such a sweet face!

Adriel on

It’s great that one looks like Matthew and one looks like Jessica and James.

M on

Awww! It is heartwarming to see an older celebrity who used donor eggs with such success. It is truly inspirational to other women considering their options. I suppose sometimes surrogacy and donor eggs are the way to go!

Amber on

@ M, I know she used a surrogate, but I think the children are biologicaly Matthews’ & Sarah’s. They are so different yet so equally adorable!

Erin on

Tabitha looks all Matthew!

Jen DC on

Oh, I can’t stand it! How cute, what delicious dumplings they are!

Gigi on

I don’t think they are donor eggs. Either way, it is not really our business. The girls are beautiful, and I think they resemble Sarah Jessica and Matthew.

Shawna on

M – do not post stuff as if you know it is fact when no such information has ever been published. The children look like both parents and there is no reason to assume they used donor eggs. More likely she froze eggs from when she was younger. But either way it is not our business and stating something as if it is fact doesn’t make it so.

Angel on

Total cuteness!! What precious girls!

Brooke on

Oh Man….Loretta looks EXACTLY like Matthew in that solo pic….So cute

Brooke on

Shawna – get off your high horse. Your comment was rude. Asking a question about the origin of a baby’s birth when we know it was a surrogate is not out of line….

Mandy on

I thought Tabitha was the one who looked like Matthew? Maybe I’m just crazy and can’t remember what he looks like. Haha.

SY on

They are both adorable! I love the way SJP dresses them, they aren’t too frilly, yet completely comfy and fashionable.

Lola Marie on

Do people need to bring this up every post…!? It’s been a while now…..they are their children…regardless & genetically!!! Anyways, their absolutely adorable, Id like to see pics of James with his sisters!!

CelebBabyLover on

Brooke- I agree with Shawna. M didn’t ask a question about the babies’ orgin. She stated that they are from donor eggs like it’s a fact. So I understand what Shawna’s saying. We don’t need to be spreading mis-information!

Anyway, I see both parents in the girls. 🙂

Tuna on

OMG the cuteness! They are growing up so fast. Loretta has so much hair, I’m only just getting my 2 year old’s hair into a ponytail 🙂

Dazzle on

twins are so adorable.they look so happy 🙂

mamabear on

Brooke – ….No, but making an assumption and stating it as a fact IS rather out of line. While Sarah Jessica and her husband did use a surrogate, considering that Sarah Jessica’s son, James, looks exactly like his mother and Marion looks exactly like her brother…I think it is in poor taste to ASSUME that Sarah Jessica is not the biological mother of these children.

On a lighter note, these babies are ADORABLE!!

Lis on

Oh my gosh…those babies are too cute for words! I bet Sarah Jessica is just floating on Cloud 9…I am sooo happy for her!! …I’d love to see a recent family photo with all 5 family members 😉

Dana on

Awwwww Tabitha is so cute 🙂

Sophia on

Tabitha and Loretta look so different but they are both sooo beautiful! Tabitha seems more calm and serious and focussed, and Loretta looks bubbly and friendly and loud. Of course I’m just going by the photos I’ve seen of them, but whatever their personalities they certainly are a couple of really, really adorable little girls 🙂

Jordan on

They’re both cute, but Tabitha is ADORABLE!

I wish SJP would learn what a brush is and how to use it.

Georgina on

Brooke, firstly M didnt ask a question, she stated a fact, which (like shawna said) no-one actualy knows is true, so Shawna is correct in saying she shouldn’t state something when she doesn’t know its true. And your comment was more rude than Shawna’s so why tell someone not to be rude and then do it yourself? I think thats called a double standard!!

And secondly, I too Mandy thought it was Tabitha who was Matthews’ double, so no your not the only one! Either way their both adorable, I didnt remember them being so old, I swear they were only born last week!

Stephanie on

The girls are biologically theirs.

C on

I think that SJP has been thru quite enough trying to have more children that its kinda cruel to be constantly debating whether or not she used donor eggs to have the girls. Does it matter? They are hers regardless, and they sure look happy in every pic Ive seen. Soooo…maybe its time to quit worrying about what is really nobodys business outside hers and just be happy fro the family?

April on

Oh my, what adorable girls Sarah Jessica and Matthew have. Agree that debating on whether or not the kids are biologically theirs is pretty tasteless. If they wanted us to know they would tell us.

Ellen Smith on

C – That would be no fun at all! It would, however, be refreshing if the stigma of using a donor egg (if, this is in fact the case here and with other celebrities) could be lifted by these same celebrities admitting that they used donor eggs and how delighted they are to be parents. Possible examples of probable mothers of egg donor babies: Marcia Cross, Sarah Jessica Parker, Geena Davis, Adrienne Barbeau, Kelly Preston, etc.

Tess on

I don’t think either kid looks like either parent, but that doesn’t mean they’re not biologically theirs.

tara on

I think it is their business whether they are biological or donor eggs. But basing they are biological on the fact they resemble SJP and Matthew is not very accurate. When a woman choses donor eggs, she goes through a database of woman and views their picture, characteristics and medical history. SJP could have very well selected a woman that resembeled her. Or she could have frozen her eggs back when she had James, perhaps she knew she wanted more children but not right away and her doctor recommended it since there are more more risks and complications the older a womans eggs are. Regardless they are beautiful little girls and I look forward to watching them grow up.

sasha on

Touchy, Touchy, Touchy…many of the women who post comments on this site are so touchy and overly opinionated about other indivudual’s posts. It’s ridiculous!

Alice on

The reason we’re wondering about the eggs is because the girls look like both of them! If they were from donor eggs it would be funny / show how you can become similar to someone you’re close to. Like, many posters often say that Zahara looks like her mom.

Ans on

It is just as presumptuous to state that the children are theirs biologically when that also is not a set fact, for all we know.

CelebBabyLover on

Ellen Smith- I think the reason why a lot of celebs who use donor eggs don’t state that they did (if in fact they did), is because they’d rather their child hear that news from them rather than the media.

tara- Good post! If I’m remembering correctly, she used IVF to concieve James. So another possibility could be that she had some of the left over embryos from that cycle put into the surrogate. 🙂

Tee on

No matter how these girls were born, it’s clear that they are loved and doted on. Isn’t that what we all want for any child?

Brooke, while I’m not sure I would have worded it the same, you said what I was thinking. Shawna’s comment came across as rude and that’s uncalled for.

Terri on

You got that right, Sasha!

Both girls are so different, but so cute in their own individual ways!

Helen on

I was pleased for SJP when she had her babies, however I wish many celebrities would come clean about if a donor was used as it gives false hope to women considering IVF to try using their own eggs, when the chances of success if over 42 are absolutely appalling. My consultant has said the chance with a donor egg of a successful pregancy is 50% higher with a donor and my partner will be the real biological father. It is uplifting to see that beautiful babies do come from donor eggs as the main worry of the mother is will the child look like me, be attractive, intelligent etc. Celebrities can afford to spend thousands of pounds on failed IVF attempts where as the average couple will have a budget of £5-15k and a donor egg is usually the only option when in your 40’s and most will travel abroad and use an anon donor. I hope my IVF will be successful and any baby will be beautiful as Sarah’s (whether she used a donor egg or a frozen one from the past)

Jane Elise on

Whether it was donor eggs or not, doesn’t matter, and is nobody’s business anyway.