Alanis Morissette Celebrates Her Baby Shower

10/26/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

With her due date approaching, mom-to-be Alanis Morissette celebrated her baby shower Sunday in Santa Monica, Calif.

The singer, 36, arrived at the afternoon party “beaming and showing off her cute baby bump in a black dress. She looked great,” a source tells PEOPLE.

About 25 guests celebrated — and dropped hints as to the sex of the baby, carrying gift bags and balloons emblazoned with “baby boy”.

“After enjoying catered food, the group also played loud games and seemed to have a lot of fun,” adds the source.

Morissette’s husband, Mario “Souleye” Treadway, also stopped by towards the end of the shower.

— Pernilla Cedenheim

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melanie on

I don’t know who that is in the picture up there but it’s certainly not alanis morisette πŸ™‚ Unless she is now Asian??

I would love to see an updated pic of her though, I bet she is glowing!

Molly on

congrats!!! I’m glad she’s so happy and settled now.

grgirl on

Funny! I thought the same thing…this woman clearly looks Asian!~

swanda on

maybe she’ll write and sing happy songs now….

klutzy_girl on

That’s definitely Alanis.

And I saw a picture of a bag. Definitely seems to indicate a boy!

Karen on

So sweet!

rose on

@melanie, that’s just kinda what happens when women get pregnant. their face puffs up and they can look completely different. you can totally tell it’s still her though!

Brittany on

She is not wearing make-up. That is why she looks so different. I took a double take too! πŸ™‚

April on

She looks different but I think it is just the angle. I can tell that it’s her because of the hair.

melanie on

@rose, I know what happens when women get pregnant πŸ™‚ I just don’t think it looks anything like her though!

Rainy on

It’s definitely her. She just doesn’t look the same way she did in 1995, lol!

Jill on

This is her….no doubt about it. I saw multiple pictures (there is a better one out there) and there is no denying it is her. Also, I also saw the blue bags and it’s a boy bags.

Abby on

@Melanie – pretty rude comment, just saying. It’s clearly, obviously her.

Anonymous on

that’s her. Gaining weight makes you look really different. And we are also looking at her from a side view, but it’s her. When I was overweight I looked asian in certain pictures and i’m actually native american

E on

i have to agree with Rose. . .my sister changed so much that when people saw her walk in to her baby shower, they asked who she was, so no surprise there. she doesn’t look asian at all, just puffy!!

Christi on

Melanie , that is Alanis and if you read anything you’d also know that is her updated pic shes pregnant on her way to her baby shower. Can you not see either? shes about to pop.

Dazy on

ugh that is totally her and for those who think it is an Asian woman how can you tell can’t see her face except for from the side so what are you looking at? Anyway happy for her finding love and becoming a mom this year.

akri on

I’m soo happy for her! I thought it’d be a girl..I’m usually good @ these things..oh long as he’s healthy, that’s what matters.

NatalieClark on

I’m with you all…this is NOT Alanis! People…where did you get this info/picture?! Some women’s face, nose, etc change during pregnancy…HOWEVER – they don’t change from white to asian! Or, asian to african american! Come on People!!!

heather on

~def. alanis!! she is just pregnant & tired! so happy for her tho!!

Angelina on

Um…why wouldn’t it be Alanis? That article is about her baby shower!

NatalieClark on

Is it really her?!?!? haha! I’m still staring at the picture! I think she looks great, but it’s hard to picture Alanis! ha! Either way – I am thrilled for her!!!! She looks lovely…

Meghan on

Um, wow I was expecting some comments on the actual article, not just repeated specutlation on whether or not that is Alanis so i’ll be there first.

It is really nice to hear about just a cute little celeb baby shower that sounds like what most people would have for a shower. When is she due again?

jenn on

How can anybody say this doesn’t look like Alanis. It’s totally her, and looks just like her if you’ve seen pics of her as she’s progressed through her pregnancy.

melanie on

wow, you all are a little ridiculous. My comment wasn’t rude in the least–I was simply stating that I don’t think it looks like Alanis. @Abby, let’s not get upset about little things that aren’t a big deal, shall we?

and @christi, did I ever say that she didn’t look pregnant? Not at all. Just stated that I didn’t think it looked like her. Simmer down!

Anna on

Melanie, you didn’t say you didn’t think she looked like Alanis. You said “it’s certainly not alanis morisette”. You stated your thought as a fact.

Anyway, looks like Alanis to me!

melanie on

Right. That’s how I feel. I am more than entitled to think that that’s not Alanis when, TO ME, it doesn’t look like her. And this is why I don’t comment–the pettiness of some people is insane. Enjoy your day ladies!

CJ on

lol she’s not asian, she is swollen… she IS pregnant.

B.J. on

I think perhaps some people still picture the Jagged Little Pill-days Alanis… 15 years ago, ladies! She’s older, she looks different, and now she’d preggo. I think she looks great, can’t wait to hear the little guy’s name!

Tee on

Melanie, for what it’s worth, I didn’t find your comment rude at all!

Julie on

That’s definitely Alanis. I can tell by the smile/smirk on her face. She’s just bloated from the pregnancy.

Jill on

it is her…..there are multiple pictures floating around of the same scene and you can clearly see her face in the others.

Vanessa on

I’ve always loved Alanis and her music. She is so beautiful and pregnancy definitely suits her.

CelebBabyLover on

Didn’t she already say she’s having a boy? Or am I thinking of someone else?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I didn’t think she was due so soon!

Ardice on

Congrats, Alanis!
Have fun!

mel on

CelebBabyLover- I think you’re thinking about Lily Allen. πŸ˜‰

Abby on

Sorry, saying Alanis’ weight gain makes her look Asian (because that IS her) is pretty rude. I stand by what I said, but I’m certainly not upset.

Jacqui on

The term “baby bump” is so ridiculously overused. That’s not a baby bump on Alanis, it’s a full-blown pregnant belly. It’s called a baby bump when it’s like 8-10 weeks along, not a few weeks from giving birth!

Those of you who don’t think this looks like Alanis…. Facial recognition is not your strong suit. I hope you never have to identify someone in a lineup.

AND there is no connection to being fat, pregnant, or puffy and looking Asain. Seriously? Please do yourselves a favor and never actually say that aloud in a room, you will be embarrassed.

gdfg on

I agree Jacqui. And I think “baby bump” has become an annoying cliche.

CelebBabyLover on

Mel- Nope, it’s not Lily Allen I’m was thinking about. I did a little research, and discovered that it was Ali Larter I was thinking about. I was remembering her “I have a little penis inside me” comment, and thought it was Alanis who said it for some reason!

julie on

I think someone saying that she looks asian, seems to sound abit racist to me.