New Mom Isla Fisher Hits the Red Carpet

10/25/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Dave M. Benett/Getty

Talk about a red hot return!

After giving birth to her second child this summer, Isla Fisher made a sexy red carpet debut on Oct. 25 for the London premiere of her new movie,ย Burke and Hare.

The busy new mom expertly played up her lush red locks and sexy curves with a crimson lace strapless mini and cropped black velvet jacket, both by Dolce & Gabbana.

We last spotted Fisher out and about with husband Sacha Baron Cohen, 3-year-oldย daughter Olive โ€” and her mystery new addition.

TELL US: What do you think of Isla Fisher’s new mommy red carpet style?


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Romy on

she looks great!

Victoria on

Why is she so secretive about her 2nd child? She won’t even say she gave birth nonetheless announce the name of the newborn?

Leslee on

Curious as to why this is filed under “Mom and Babies”, given that Ms. Fisher hasn’t acknowledged having another child. It feels a bit odd seeing this red carpet blurb posted here.

She looks very pretty though, perhaps move the post to another section?

Stella Bella on

She looks awesome!

lily on

Why can’t Isla be secretive? I think other celebs have a thing or two to learn from Isla and Sasha.

Meghan on

Wow, she looks great!
So, I know that they are completely entitled to their privacy, but being a huge fan of Isla’s, I really wish they would at least tell us the baby’s name! But that’s just the curious person in me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jill on

She looks great….and I think it is wonderful that they are not sharing their news with the paps, magazines, etc. I respect their privacy and everyone else should as well. I do look forward to hearing the name and seeing a picture when they feel the time is ready for their family.

klutzy_girl on

I saw an article earlier that said when Isla was interviewed, she mentioned morning sickness due to her second pregnancy. So she has acknowledged it technically.

selene on

Why does she need to acknowledge something we already know? We saw she was pregnant, we saw her with Sasha and Olive pushing a pram. Obviously she had a baby.
We don’t need to know if they had a boy or a girl, I wont be losing any sleep over not knowing.

She looks fantastic, I am very excited about Burke and Hare and seeing Isla with her Edinburgh accent.

Ans on

I must say, it’s awesome she’s been able to keep the secret for so long. I can’t think of a similar situation as I sit here. Good for Isla and Sacha.

JMO on

I don’t think she needs an official announcement.

But I do worry this will only cause more paparazzi to hound her when she’s out and about bc they will be trying to get the “first” shot of the baby to be the first to announce what it is. Bottom line is she can’t keep it a secret forever. Somewhere along the line as the child gets bigger it will get out whether it’s a boy or girl.

However if this is fine w/ her and her husband then I say do what you have to until you feel it’s time.

btw I think it’s another girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

Georgia on

Selene – totally agree wiht you post! It’s not rocket science. We saw she was pregnant and now they have another child. Why should they release an official statement about the birth? Becuase people are nosy and want to know the details?! It’s their right to not make a big deal about it.

And really when you think about it they aren’t being “secretive”. They are just being normal and doing what everyone else does when they have a baby! They aren’t denying that the baby exists for goodness sake!

I am sure everyone will find out details as they naturally emerge…..

Romy on

I’m sure we’ll see the baby out some day and we’ll know the name with no announcement given. They probably get sick of being stalked to get pics of their kids and don’t feel like playing along. Just like Busy Philips said, she (Busy) was like a nobody before becoming pregnant and then suddenly her photos were wanted.

J on

Is she really being secretive or is she just being casual and not giving every little detail to the media? Good for her. ๐Ÿ˜€

Leslee on

Again, this IS “Moms and Babies” and there really isn’t any baby to refer to. We can assume there probably is a baby but nothing has been said at all, it’s not even a picture with a pram/stroller/pushchair, nor a comment of “Isla, you look great for just having had a baby” and her reply of “Thank you.” Nada.

She can choose to share the news, or not, that is her prerogative and makes either choice at her own peril or benefit. The fact still remains there is no confirmation of a baby that the article implies that puts her into this category of “Moms and Babies” and forcing the issue is out of place. I am sure those that see her and think “new mom” will do so with the post elsewhere and not intermingled with those that are open to the press with and about their children.

meghan on

Why does it have to be confirmed to include her first post baby public appearance? They are discussing her appearance. She was obviously pregnant a few months ago, now she’s not. Just because she didn’t issue a press release doesn’t make it any less real. We don’t need everything spelled out for us!

CB on

@Leslee—Are you the celebrity baby police? Take a chill pill. I’m glad they posted this picture of Isla because she looks so pretty and in shape for being a new mom, haven’t seen her in awhile. It was nice to see her out and about since after all, she is a mom and she just had a baby, hence the reason for posting the picture in this category.

Sarah M. on

I think it’s in the right section, Leslee. She apparently mentioned in an interview that she had morning sickness (only pregnancy related), we saw a few photos of her either with a watermelon under her shirt or pregnant (I’ll go with pregnant), we saw her and Sasha out with Olive and Isla was pushing a pram obviously not pregnant (I doubt they’d take an empty pram along with them just to confuse people). Now we see a picture of her where she most obviously ISN’T pregnant. There’s gotta be a baby somewhere. Whether they acknowledge that fact or not, it’s pretty obvious to the common person.

While I am curious about the name (I like names, what can I say), an official announcement doesn’t ALWAYS have to be made for something to be known. Sometimes it’s common sense.

Isla looks beautiful and maybe we’ll get to see a picture or hear a name sooner of later!

Beac on

I think Leslee has a valid point.

This photo belongs in the fashion section, not the Mom & Babies area (BTW, totally hate that sexist title — often there are dads w/ their babies featured here). It’s a cute dress, she looks good — but I do come to this site to get the latest information on celeb babies (especially love to get the scoop on new celeb baby names!).

As for the reasons for Isla Fisher & Sascha Baron Cohen not releasing the baby’s name: I don’t care. They haven’t, and it’s their right. But I do think it does create a sense of public ill will.

jeepers on

“Public ill will” over not releasing your new baby’s name? How on Earth should that cause ill will? If that is all is takes, the public gets ill of will much too easily.

CelebBabyLover on

Why shouldn’t this post be here? It’s about a celeb mom who just had a baby, and this is her first post-baby appearence!

molly on

OOOOh so she wants us all to look at her now, smiling for the Paparazzi. I dont want pictures of the baby, but as a Home and Away fan, and Isla Fisher, it would have been nice to be told what she had, the name, the sex. I am not an over the top crazy fan, but a bit of information would have been nice.

Alex on

I think this is a bit of a daft decision (re baby), given that she seems so intent on privacy. It doesn’t work. The more secretive she is about it, the more attention she gets on the matter.

The cynic in me says that that was the intent….

Anyway, regardless, she looks beautiful.

Loumin on

As much as I love CBB and check it everyday, I think the negativity in the comments on this post alone is one of the BIG reasons why they are being so secretive. Its their baby, their marriage and their choice, Good luck to them! x

MiB on

@Beac: It’s exactly your kind of attitude that make celebrities announce the name and release photos of their babies wether they want to or not. I know for sure that I would harass friends and family with every little detail of my babys life (if I’m ever lucky enough to have one). But you’d be darned if you ever saw their name on an open facebook page, in a blog or anywhere else, and I think a lot of mothers feel that way. Why should Isla Fisher be any different? She has chosen fame, her children have not, and if she wants to keep them out of the limelight she should be allowed to. She is actually one of those celebs who does make a big effort to do so.

MiB on

I forgot to say; I absolutely love the dress. I want one, now! (Maybe my local vintage store has got a similar one, within my bidget? Pretty please?)

melissa on

She looks great! She doesn’t owe anyone of us anything. I’m sure her family and friends know the name of the baby and thats all that needs to know. While yes we would like to know, we don’t have any right to know.

Leslee on

Just to spell it out, sometimes things happen with babies that people don’t want to discuss and putting someone in a “new mom” category might be inappropriate.

Some babies are born with health issues that affect their ability to survive and/or function. While Isla Fisher definitely appeared pregnant and made one appearance with her husband and daughter while pushing a carriage, we don’t really know anything else and that’s what their wishes are.

You can put two and two together and make a good guess that they likely have had a healthy addition to their family and have chosen to just keep things private. Without any real confirmation, it’s an unfair assumption to blast it over the media in a “Mom and Babies” section just because she stepped on to a red carpet, not to a baby boutique, kid park or even pushing a carriage.

Prince had a child that died a number of years ago and never spoke of it. Sarah Palin kept her impending arrival of a child with a serious issue secret. Rapper Xzibit had a child pass away soon after birth and Sarah Parish lost her infant daughter to a congenital heart defect. That’s just a few examples of what can happen and why someone might not discuss it for a reason and perhaps including a red carpet appearance in this section for an unconfirmed birth might be more suiting, just in case. None of us would want that happening to us, I’m sure.

Is it that much to ask to err on the side of “just in case?”

Kristen on

She doesn’t own any of us ANYTHING! Including the announcement of hwe new bundle of joy…

Anyway, she looks amazing!

Tess on

Not a fan of her or her hubby, but I’m glad they keep their private lives private. A lot of celebs should follow their lead.

SadieA on

I think it’s great they made no announcement. The demand she release the baby’s name, gender, &/or birth date is just further proof of how “tabloid” having children has become, like they owe us information about their child because they’re in movies. Just because some people want to publish press releases including the exact time of birth and divulge all of the details doesn’t mean they’re all obligated to. Good for them for being true to themselves and normal and not calling their publicist the second the baby came. Calling them “secretive” isn’t entirely accurate, I think “casual” is a better term at this point.

Sarah S. on

Isla looks gorgeous in this red lace dress–she’s a stunner, all right!! Congrats on the new addition! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ivey on

@leslee, I’m sure if there was something wrong with her baby, she wouldn’t be on the red carpet. That is just common sense. If they changed the post to mom of Olive, would that calm you down, because she is a mom so nuff said!!

selene on

Why is she being so secretive about HER baby? Because its HER baby. I will no doubt go and see Burke and Hare, not because I think Olive is adorable and love her name, but because it looks like a fun film and I am a fan of Isla and the rest of the cast. The cast includes Simon Pegg who has a daughter, do we know her name? No, because she isn’t the movie star.

Another reason she may be keeping it to herself, Alicia Keys welcomes son Egypt: EGYPT?? what kind of name is Eqypt? Why would she name her son Egypt? Egypt, like the place?

Kristen on

Well, Isla acknowledged that she was pregnant, saying that corsets were difficult because of it: “That was difficult because I was pregnant during the making of the movie, so I didn’t really squeeze into it. I used to pretend I was wearing a corset and then not wear it, just wear a push up bra – don’t tell the director that.” She also said she had terrible morning sickness, and Simon Pegg said “I didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t look pregnant until the last minute. I saw her a couple of months later and she was like a balloon. None of us knew, not even John knew. She hid it well.”

Ellen Smith on

I don’t think Isla has any obligation to release the name of her child, but it does seem a bit odd given that she and her husband were much more open about their first child. Also, pushing a pram does not confirm that one has had a baby – it just confirms that one is pushing a pram with “someone’s” baby in it.

maggie on

In the course of conducting interviews to promote her movie, I’m quite sure that the topic of the new arrival would come up – it even states in this article that she made reference to morning sickness for goodness sake. Wouldn’t it be a natural segue to talk (albeit briefly) about the baby? The whole pregnancy/birth/baby thing is the elephant in the room that’s for sure and any interviewer with half a brain would address it.

SadieA on

Maggie, I’m thinking she’ll get asked about it and will probably give the gender and first name at the very least. That’s why I don’t think “secretive” is the correct word, at least not until she flat out refuses to give out any information. I think she will let the details come out naturally, she just doesn’t feel the need to make a public statement.

Janie on

Isla looks gorgeous! Good for them for keeping this secret. She most certainly belongs in the Baby Blog section. She IS a mom!

Jenn on

As an actress, Isla Fisher owes her audience one thing…a good performance. End of story.

MariaP on

From one side I respect their wish to keep everything secret but from other nothing will hurt them If they say we have boy/girl and maybe the name. They choose to be celebrity so they could say basic stuff. At least having a baby is a blessing. A person that I’ve met once said ” Don’t believe in something unless you see with your own eyes “. I really hope that everything is OK with the baby and with him/her long, happy and healthy life

Katie on


You really think that Isla would be smiling on the red carpet with an ill child? Or are you implying that those with ill children or children who have passed away are somehow not parents? I’ve had one late-term miscarriage and I have no other children and I STILL consider myself a mother. You are trying to read as intelligent and PC, but really you just seem more and more idiotic and you’ve dug yourself a hole that you can’t get out of. Give it up.

SadieA on

Again, MariaP, there is absolutely no reason to believe they’re keeping everything secret, they just haven’t put out a press release! I think we should lay off the “they chose to be celebrities so we have a right to know” nonsense until Isla actually refuses to give out any details. Some actors prefer to use their publicists for their careers only & not their personal lives, Isla seems to be one of those actors. I’m sure at some point she will be asked those questions & she’ll probably happily answer the basic ones. Not everyone uses a baby as an excuse to make an unwarranted public announcement.

Vanessa on

She is absolutely radiant.

sam on

wow what happened to if you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all. she looks amazing, i have always like her, and i like her even more now. she is an actor, her only obligation is to the movie studio that she acts for, not to the rest of us. she choose to be an actor not all actors choose to be celebrities, we may want them to but not all of them choose it. people from the hills, and other reality tv shows want and choose to be celebrities, they are the ones that sell out their private lives to the world. actors have a job to act, and be someone else for duration of a movie, not in their private lives. so good for her and her family for keeping their private lives private, i hope she keeps up at it for a long time to come

CelebBabyLover on

SadieA- I agree! I also want to point out, in response to the poster who said they were much more open with Olive that they were actually pretty private about her, too. They only announced the gender and birthdate when the media started incorrectly stating they had a boy. And even then, that’s all they told us. Just the birthdate and that they had a girl. Olive’s name came out naturally later on. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jill on

While I don’t conclude her lack of an announcement to mean her child is sick, I don’t conclude her being on the red carpet smiling means her baby isn’t……..many parents do smile even though they have a sick child. My cousin at 4 was diagnosed with a condition and given four months. My aunt smiled plenty during that time and she isn’t an actress who can fake it. I am not saying I think their child is sick, but to say she isn’t because she is smiling, makes less sense to me.

Candace on

The baby girl is called Elula. I have it on good authority although cannot reveal the source.

I like Olive and Elula and Isla is a lovely actress

anon on

Elula?? Really??

I would assume that it comes from the month of Elul on the Hebrew calendar, which would roughly correspond to the month of August on the secular calendar.

I would also assume that the baby was born in August, since Isla looked about three/four months in the paparazzi photos taken of her shortly after her wedding in March. I suppose that this is the equivalent of naming a spring baby April–which BTW was the name of a character that Isla played in that movie with Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin (who played a little girl named Olive in a different movie.)

If that’s the case, I find giving a child a name that’s reminiscent of roles in your own movies a little weird and narcissistic.