Go Pink With The Precious Club!

10/24/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy The Precious Club

Most moms don’t need a reason to dress up their little girls in pink, but there’s never been a better one than Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And The Precious Club is marking the occasion in a big way.

During the month of October, they’re going to donate 20-percent of all sales of pink products to breast cancer care and research via the Avon Foundation for Women.

And if you’re a lover of pop culture, even better.

The adorable cotton onesies and tees ($16 each) come with sayings like My Pediatrician is McDreamy and Future Carrie Bradshaw.

To shop, go to ThePreciousClub.com.

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JM on

oh god. nothing wrong with dressing girls in pink but is this really the best we can come up with for statements about our girls’ futures? “I’m a girl, i like shoes and boys”. come on… so tacky!

breast cancer awareness, great, but what would be wrong with just shifting away ever so slightly from a limited stereotype rather than rolling around in it? so sad that this is all we have to say about girls… would never dress my girls in anything with such a tacky message.

Shannon on

@ JM:

I agree with you to a certain extent but I look at it as being tongue-in-cheek. It’s like the onesies that say Tax Deduction or something like that. *shrugs*

Amanda on

That is super cute, and if I ever have a daughter I will definitely get one.

Some people just take life way too serious if you don’t find that onesie funny, and cute.

Heather on

I’m with you, JM. I’d be horrified if my daughter wanted to be like Carrie Bradshaw. I’m sick to death of awful, sexist slogans on clothes for little girls.

Rach on

I agree with you JM. I think the best part is “Carrie Bradshaw” really ? Does anyone really want to brand their kid with that ? I love SATC, but my goodness, Carrie was funny and cute and stuff but she had so many issues :S Well, I guess it could be worse.. It could say “future Samanta Jones” lol.

Instead of stupid characters and things, why not print female qoutes a la Maya Angelou etc. I would buy heaps of those.

JM on

yep totally agree with you heather and rach. can’t we for once send out a different message about women and girls than their stereotypes. i like the idea of having famous quotes from empowering women on clothes, they should bring out an alternative line, for parents who want their daughters to be clever rather than just shopaholics.

carrie bradshaw was funny as a character in a tv show but who would want to be like her?

Brianna on

Amanda I couldn’t agree with you more. These are so cute, I just bought 3 for my daughter and another 3 for my niece. JM and Rach these are baby clothes why are you taking them so seriously. I am an attorney, I fight for women’s rights all the time but I’m able to separate real life from fun and entertainment. I want my daughter be well-rounded. It is possible to be clever and still like to shop and buy clothes and enjoy SATC. The fact that you would assume any woman that likes to shop is not clever says a lot about why it is so difficult for all women to band together these days. Instead of criticizing another woman’s opinion, why can’t we all act sophisticated and clever and accept a woman for who she is and let her enjoy whatever she wants. I enjoy Maya Angelou as well, but from a fashion/pop culture standpoint, I’d rather have Carrie Bradshaw or a McDreamy t-shirt.

Brianna on

I absoulutely love these shirts for my daughter. The designs are so pretty and the quality of the shirt is wonderful. Not to mention I love the cute little sayings.

Brianna on

Well said Brianna. I agree 100%. My little girl has no clue who Maya Angelou is YET. But she does know what a cute shoe looks like and she likes having that on her shirt. For those criticizing the shirts- please take them for what they are which is cute and fun. This company is obviously run by a woman so why don’t we all just support her. It’s hard enough for a woman to be sucessful in business without her fellow women bashing her products.

CMS on

Oops, Brianna (aka Brianna and, also, Brianna) —

The computer outsmarted your attempts to write fake raves for this product under three different screen names. Did you say you were a lawyer? Hmmm…. To me, your actions only discredit the business more. My favorite part is how you compliment yourself in the third post. 🙂

I think these t-shirts are annoying and materialistic, and definitely not the message I want to be sending to our little girls. Who was that reality TV star (one of the NJ housewives??) who recently declared bankruptcy with millions of dollars of shopping debt? I envision every one of her four daughters wearing a t-shirt like this.

JM on

good point CMS about the reality tv star, do we really need more spoilt celebrity kids like paris hilton and lindsay lohan?

and brianna, nice try, you kind of discredited yourself there didn’t you?

Brianna on

Hi CMS this is Brianna #1. It is your right to not like these shirts. I for one love them and I was simply saying why. However, I think it is wrong for you and the others on this site to generalize a t-shirt with a pop culture saying as being bad. What would you like the shirts to have? Lines from a poem or book that a baby has never heard of? These shirts work because they are pretty colors with cute pictures for a girl to wear. It’s simple as that. Why can’t you just take it for what it is? A cute fun shirt. Not everything is so darn serious.

Tess on

I would refuse to buy my kid anything having to do with Carrie Bradshaw. I’d rather have a kid aspire to be a scientist than a shopaholic.

B on

Hmm, that’s odd. Isn’t it a fact that many chemicals in cosmetics have been linked to breast cancer? If I wanted to donate money to breast cancer research, I would donate directly to a reputable source, knowing that ALL of my money will go toward research and not mostly to a for-profit company.

Having said all that, I wouldn’t want my daughters to wear onesies branded with Carrie Bradshaw and a shoe. Whatever happened to cute stuff like ducks and flowers?

Jill on

I love when people try to post as someone else to agree with their post and get busted…..always makes me laugh!!!

Tess, I totally agree!!

Erika on

I agree with JM as well on the slogan. I actually like the color and I think it’s great that they are using them to raise money for charity, but I don’t like the saying. I don’t necessarily think that it’s inappropriate just tacky and I would not want a future daughter to want to be a future Carrie Bradshaw, nor would I try to make her one. It just seems stereotypical and superficial. I would not have a problem with a onesie with a pink ribbon or something on it, especially since it is for the breast cancer charity. However, I just think that this is a little weird. It’s not even that cute, honestly.

J on

Future Carrie Bradshaw? No thanks. I don’t think that makes a person too serious when they don’t care to joke about their daughter being like a fictional character with just a tad too many financial, partying and personal issues.

Whatever floats your boat though…

Pam on

First, Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character, so…yeah. And second, let’s not forget the character is a successful writer, her columns were published into books, Hollywood wanted to make a movie out of her columns, and she wrote for Vogue. So when you say that you don’t want your children to be like her, does that include her success and talent? I’d love it if my daughter followed her dreams and loved her career. There’s nothing wrong with the *fictional* character Carrie Bradshaw. In my opinion, she’s fabulous.

Rach on

LOL, Brianna, with that logic, Baby Einstein and the like would go out of business. My mother introduced us to reading and poetry etc at a very early age. I am from the Caribbean and we learned so many “difficult” subjects at an early age. My teachers in Canada could never understand how I could understand something like algebra, but be horrible at fractions and long division. I was raised on lots of Shakespeare and classics so I aced them in school. It was like Bible verses, after a while, they stick in your memory and become a part of you. Also, these are things that you have to stick with as a parent. Right now I guess my son just loves the bonding and looking at the pictures and hearing my voice, but as he grows it will all make sense if I keep it up.

I understand your pop culture stand point, but really, where do you draw the line ? Seriously, what if it did say Samanta instead of Carrie. I know many people who actually had their kids in these “paris hilton,future socialite onesies. And fashion at that age,face it, it is for the parents. It says more about you, than the child. Seriously, with your own statement about Maya Angelou, I can say the same to you,what does you child know about McDreamy or Carrie Bradshaw ?? Hopefully not much !! But hey, its just me. I think I would choose Mr Darcy or Mr Thornton any day over any McDreamy/McSteamy/McFlurry. It is like watching that Confessions of a Shopaholic film during a recession and viewing it in a completely way.

And you don’t need to justify your choice by your occupation.It is perfectly fine, your cup of tea, just not everyone’s. My husband and I have bought cute onesies and recieved many as presents like that for my son when he was little. My favourites were “@2008″,”You have to learn to crawl before you learn to rock”, “I come alive at night” and my brother’s fave, the “Ipood” one.

I just wish that these were more positive than popular.