Matt Damon Welcomes Daughter Stella Zavala

10/23/2010 at 08:00 PM ET
Jemal Countess/Getty

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana have their hands full.

The couple, already raising three children, welcomed a girl, Stella Zavala Damon, on Wednesday, Oct. 20 in New York.

“Mom and baby are both healthy,” Damon’s rep tells PEOPLE. “The whole family is thrilled.”

Damon, who turned 40 earlier this month, and Luciana, 35, wed in 2005 and have two children together — Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2. Luciana also has a daughter, Alexia, 12, from a previous marriage.

Damon’s next film, Hereafter, is in theaters now.

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations! (And LOL, she missed my birthday by one day!)

I love Stella’s name! It’s on my list of favorites.

Mallory on

I LOVE the name Stella! Congrats to the family!

Erika on

Yay congrats! Funny how all the birth announcements come at the same time (her and Celine Dion) and it’s also funny how both couples both have only boys or only girls! Four girls sounds like SO MUCH FUN though! I would love to live in their house lol. Little girls are just the best, and their daughters are adorable. I don’t love the name, but Stella is starting to grow on me. Isn’t Gia’s middle name Zavala too? I wonder if it has significance…Anyway, congrats to them on another beautiful GIRL! πŸ™‚

Ellea on

Blah the name stella blehk! lol no boy for Mr. Damon! lol

McDork on

Did i imagine it, or is Zavala the middle name of Gia too?

They make beautiful babies ❀

Jess on

Yay! Another girl is going to be really fun πŸ™‚

congrats to them! Stella is a beautiful name

ELO on

Congrats to them! I love their name choice, it goes very well with the rest of their daughters names.

Meredith on

Congrats to the family! If you read the names in age order they are kind of rhyming… Alexa, Isabella, Gia and Stella. And Erika, I thought the same thing about the middle name…wonder is Zavala is a family name or something?

Angela on

Congratulations on the birth of their fourth daughter.

That said, I think there is some gender bias here. When I read about someone who has four boys, I see more comments pitying the parents than congratulating them. The same cannot be said for families with four girls. It’s sad because boys get a bad rap. And before anyone jumps on my for saying this, I am the proud mom of three (two girls and a boy in the middle). My son adores and dotes on his sisters. I just wish I could see the same love shown when a family announces their fourth (or more) son.

Lisa on

Aww I wasn’t expecting her to give birth yet! Alexia, Isabella, Gia, and Stella all end in A’s I think that is very cute! I would love to see an updated picture of the family I don’t even know what Gia looks like! I hope we get more info on how big the baby was and everything because his wife looked so great when that last picture was taken. Congrats to the complete family of 6!

nella on

I had a feeling Matt Damon would have all daughters,that will be a fun household. I grew up in a family of all girls and i loved it. Congrats to their family! Stella is a cute name, plus it flows nicely with the rest of the names in their family.

Romy on

I don’t like how Stella and Isabella rhyme

Mia on

Wow-4 girls! Congrats! Love the names πŸ™‚

No boys for Matt Damon-he said his wife was “done” -maybe they’ll feel different in a couple of years.

I bet she’s adorable!

Anonymous on

Now they have a Stella and a Bella?

kaitlyn on

I like Stella but it’s become too popular for me. I thought their oldest daughter was Alexia?

Ivey on

Well here’s hoping it is not Stella and Bella, congrats none the less!!!

Rosie on

I love the name! Stella Damon welcome! πŸ™‚

Stella Bella on

Love the name Stella, obviously. lol

Holly on

Congrats…they sure do like names ending with a.

Gabby on

LOL, they were obviously trying for a boy. Tough luck, Matt. ;-P

raquel on

aww poor matt didn’t get at least one son, I love all the names they picked though. this will be their last baby matt said in parade magazine recently. he said my wife has been pregnant with 3 kids within 4 yrs and she is tired, plus he said it’s not my mission to make her the next ethel kennedy with a tribe full of kids. he said raising 4 girls is gonna keep us busy enough. I wonder if ben and jennifer would have a 3rd girl if they had another baby, both ben and matt have brothers that had all boys too.

Beautee on

Awww Congrats to them, all the females names end with an A. Stella shares the same birthday as my daughter. I bet she’s just as beautiful as the other daughters. = )

Mina on

Stella and Isabella? REALLY? If they like girly, pretty, filly names that end in A, how about Olivia or Hannah or something. If my name rhymed with my siblings I would hate my parents. Even with twins its annoying, but with non twins?? Ugh, so glad these people are done having kids!

Alicia on

Alexa, Isabella, Gia, Stella. I like those names. But names that rhyme are kind of tricky in families: Stella, Isabella, Stella-bella. LOL. Cute.

Meredith on

Congrats to the family! Stella is definitely growing on me as a name and its cute that if you say all four kids in birth order they are rhyming and kind of sing-songy: Alexa, Isabella, Gia and Stella. And to the other posters, I also remember that Gia’s middle name is Zavala…I wonder if it is a family name and what the significance is?

Gabriella on

Congratulations to the family!

I have four daughters and live in, practically, a madhouse but you learn how to adapt the best you can to keep your sanity.

I’m sure little Stella is just as beautiful as her older sisters.

Christina on

Aww, congrats to them! I was hoping for Mattea for the name. Fits right in with Alexia, Isabella and Gia, plus gives a nod to Dad’s name. But as long as she’s healthy, that’s all that matters. House full of women! Matt has his hands full. lol

Molly on

Congrats but I feel bad for them. They won’t be getting any sleep for a while πŸ™‚

ecl on

Is Luciana’s last name Zavala?

CelebBabyLover on

Gia’s middle name is indeed Zavala. I remember reading that here before. I wonder if it’s Isabella’s middle name, too (I don’t think her middle name has ever been announced)? For that matter, we don’t know Alexa’s middle name, either, so her middle name could also be Zavala (she DOES have a different father, but it’s very possible that “Zavala” is a family name on Lucy’s side or something, so she’s used it in all of her daughter’s names). πŸ™‚

Anyway, congrats to them!

Mallory on

Yes, Gia’s middle name is also Zavala. I have to wonder, though, why they never announced Isabella’s middle name…Maybe it’s Zavala, too?

robinepowell on


You’re right, Gia & Stella do share the same middle name. That’s really strange. Maybe we’ll get some explaination as to why Gia & Stella both have “Zavala” for a middle name.

I’m guessing Luciana must have picked the first names, because all the girls’ names end with “a”.

micheley on

I love the name.
And I love love the name Zavala. But I’m pretty sure its Gia’s middle name also, because I remember loving it when she was born.

Tess on

Maybe Zavala is Luciana’s maiden name?

cat on

Congratulations to the Damon family! Stella is a lovely name, (and Zavala is GiaΒ΄s middle name as well)

Amy on

As Stella and Gia Middle names are Zavala, is it Isabella’s too?

someone on

Matt Damon’s wife name is Luciana Zabala that’s why the children have their mother’s last name as middle name.

rachel on

i love the name stella but perhaps not in conjuction with isabella! but beautiful all the same πŸ˜€

Alice on

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed she has the same middle name as Gia. Stella is a beautiful name though. Congrats to them an good luck with so many little ones!

XOshaneavaXO on

Awww no little guy for them? I thought this time would be a boy. Congrats to them & good luck lol πŸ™‚

Sophia on

How nice for them to have their four girlies! Stella’s a lovely name but the fact that it rhymes with Isabella puts me off a little. Anyway, congratulations to Matt, Luciana, Alexia, Isabella and Gia and welcome to the world little Stella Zavala!

Moi on

Congrats to the family. I actually like the name Stella, but with an Isabella already I think it’s not the best choice. The names sound too similiar.

Angel on

Congratulations to the happy couple! I’m kind of disappointed in the name though. They usually pick beautiful names and I was expecting this one as well. While I like the name Stella, I don’t like it when there is also an Isabella in the family. Too much rhyming for me. I am also not a fan of using the same name with children (Zavala).

JM on

aw congrats to their lovely family. i hope they are all resting and relaxing and enjoying this special time. stella is really not a name i like, i don’t get why it’s suddenly become so popular, but it’s not bad, i’ve heard worse.

Rita on

In my country which is Lithuania, people say that the more girls you have the better jeweller you are (it’s because females are considered the pretty sex). So I guess, Matt is a real craftsman πŸ™‚

Erin on

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe they don’t call Isabella “Bella”? Not every William is called Bill, right? So there goest the overly rhyme-y thing. And as for the argument that they were trying for a boy and so poor Matt? I invite you to the 21st century. Even the royals don’t get their panties in a bunch over having girls, so you shouldn’t either. Sheesh.

Georgina on

Angela, I always thought the gender bias was the other way round, and people were quite happy to have as many boys as they could, but people with girls needed a boy. I just remember the comments on Jamie and Jools Oliver, like they had been saved because they now had a son.

Im only assuming here but by number 4 you’re probably quite low on names you both like anyway, and the fact that their families are from two different countries, it has to be something everyone can pronounce, so a small thing like the end rhymes the the end of another childs name in comparison to grandma being able to say your name, isn’t major. Isabella might go by Issy also, which would make it less of an issue.

God help him when their 14,16 and 18. Maybe by then Alexia will have her own place so he can go see her!

Michelle on

Luciana’s full name is Luciana Bozan Barroso.

Shannon on

I thought his wife’s name was Luciana BozΓ‘n Barroso?

Romy on

Luciana’s maiden name is something like Baroso. Isabella and Stella still rhyme even if they don’t call her Bella. Alexia and Gia also rhyme. I believe her older daughter’s name is actually Alexia, not Alexa as listed. I don’t care for that aspect, but apparently they do!

SadieA on

I’ve always heard Luciana’s name is Luciana Bozan Barroso, but maybe Zavala is a family name or her middle name?

Mallory on

No, Luciana’s maiden name is BozΓ‘n, not Zavala. It says it in the People article linked in “wed in 2005”. But that’s not to say that it’s not a family name. Only they know for sure!

JMO on

wow that’s alot of girls!! Matt’s got his hands full now!!! All the girls have such lovely names!! Congrats!

Kellie on

Really Mina and Gabby??? I hope that you two never have kids, they will probably be screw ups.

I just want people to know that there are men who are happy with having only daughter’s. They don’t need to have a boy to feel masculine like some of you are acting like. My brother is havivg his third daughter and before she was ever concieved, he said he wanted another girl. He loves having daughters, loves that he is their hero and they adore him.

MariaP on

Congrats to them. I love all their girls’ names. Here lots of couples put similar names to their kids especially for twins but also If the kids are not twins
Example… Maria and Daria, Hannah/Anna/Lanna/, Tanya/Sanya and a lot other examples so I find Isabella and Stella names to be quite cute

Cici on

Erin, you’re a pill. A nasty angry little pill. Most people want to have at least one child of each gender so if Matt had three boys, everyone would want him to have at least one girl. It’s like with Celine and everyone wishing she could have at least one daughter. It’s not sexism, but a normal human longing. I get that you have daddy issues but the rest of us don’t and just think it would be cool if Matt could have one son and Celine one daughter.

Mira on

You guys are hilarious. So what if Stella and Bella rhyme. It’s not like these siblings are connected at the hip. They’re different people who will have independent lives. This is the weirdest complaint I’ve heard on this board for a while.

And in many cultures, the middle name is an identifier of who the parents are, not another first name. So there is nothing strange about siblings sharing the same middle name. In fact, in some countries that’s the naming tradition and is even enshrined in law.

babyloover on

Maybe Isabella is called Izzy for short? And even if it is Stella and Bella as long as they like it so what! Congrats to them !

Jaedyn on

Congrats! I love all of the girls’ names, but for me, Isabella (called Bella or not ;)) is too similar to Stella. Plus, I don’t get the Zavala middle name pattern for the youngest two while Alexia and Isabella don’t seem to have any middle name at all (but maybe I’m mistaking). Anyways, I like Alexia, Isabella, Gia and Stella as names! Wonderful!

HeatherR on

Zavala is Luciana’s maiden name.

I also don’t like how Stella and Isabella rhyme, but they obviously don’t mind it and that’s what counts πŸ™‚

Blessings to them on this newest arrival!!! I would love to have more children but unfortuntaly am not able too.

Beth on

Luciana’s maiden name is Barroso, not Zavala, so I’m not sure what the significance to that name is.

Congrats to the new family of six!! What a beautiful family!!

Ceecee on

Congrats to them! Must be Matt’s lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful ladies who love him!!

ELO on

Luciana’s maiden name is Bozen.

Erin on

Cici, really? As for “everyone else” wishing Matt had a son and Celine a daughter, you’re right. All three or so of you on this blog. I’m guessing you’re the type to grasp the arm of a mom with all one-sex children on the street and weep – “Oh how I wish you had a (fill in the blank). I feel for you! I long for your loss!” You’re a gem!

Jess on

Isabella and Stella rhyme regardless of whether or not Isabella is called by her full name or Bella. The rhyme comes from the end of the name. So Bella or Isabella, they BOTH rhyme with Stella.

Kinsey on

I never understood the whole “Wife must give husband a son” mentality. I came from a family of all girls and my parents were thrilled and never disappointed that one of us wasn’t a boy. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl; it’s your kid, you love it.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Matt and Luciana! I love the name Stella πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see a picture of her πŸ˜€

Angela on

Georgina, we may have to agree to disagree on this one. πŸ™‚ I looked back at some recent posts with families with more than one boy, and you can see a couple of the comments for yourself:

Perhaps it’s because the boys are so young, but I really don’t recall reading similar comments when people have two really young daughters. Basically I think it’s a fallacy that girls are easier than boys.

Ashlee on

Angela, I agree with you, completely.

It seems like if a celebrity has more than one boy, they are pitied but if a post is made about the birth of a girl or multiple girls, it’s celebrated.

I suppose it’s chalked up to stupid stereotypes where little boys are perceived as loud, dirty, and rambunctious while little girls are sweet, calm angels. As a mother to both genders, I can’t help but find that extremely comical.

noam on

i like the names. because of the syllable differences (three for alexia and isabella and two for gia and stella), the rhyming isn’t so obvious, to me at least. and i think they’ve alluded to zavala being a family name, back when gia was born…

Jen on

My mom is one of 7 girls (no boys) and my grandfather loved it- Congratulations and best wishes to the Damon family!!!!!!!!!

Tee on

Gabby- They were not necessarily trying for a boy. My sister has five girls and EVERYONE says that about them. It’s the craziest thing in the world. Now they are looking to adopt and guess what? They want to adopt a daughter. Some people are just happy to have children and don’t mind if they are boys or girls.

LisaS on

Congrats to the Damon family on the arrival of their new bundle of joy! I’m sure they’re thrilled and so happy with their new baby girl, and wouldn’t wish her any other way.

As for the boys versus girls argument, I think it might have something do with the fact that this is a celebrity BABY blog, and so most people posting here are likely women. As such, we see a lot more posters who want girls as opposed to boys. Personally I’ve always preferred boys over girls. I still hope to have a baby boy someday!

Mina on

Kellie…having kids who have rhyming names is something I did…when I was a little girl playing with dolls.

Emmy on

Congrats to them! As for people thinking that girls are easier than boys, that boys are loud and messy, well as the mother of both genders, that can not be further from the truth at my house, my daughter runs rings around her brothers! So really girls can be just as or even more rowdy than boys! Not all girls are sugar and spice! This is not pointing down girls i have a daughter i adore her, its more sticking up for the boys, who i do think get put down more than girls, so unfair!

Oh and seriously why do people assume that you have to have both genders to be happy? a family with one gender children, is still a complete happy family so stop assuming that they were trying for a boy, or that they are not happy with a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I clicked on the “wed in 2005” link, and cleared up a couple of mysteries for us. Lucy’s maiden name is indeed Bozan. Barroso was surname of her first husband (Alexia’s father, I’m guessing), and her first married name. That’s why we see both Bozan and Barroso listed in various places as her former surname. πŸ™‚

Also, Alexia’s name is indeed Alexia, not Alexa. It’s listed as such in the article about Matt and Lucy getting married. Also, if you re-read this post, her name is now listed as Alexia. Obviously CBB caught and corrected their mistake. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Isabella might very well go by Izzy and not Bella as some posters have said.

Ava on

Where did I read that Gia’s name was actually Gabriella and that everyone kept getting it wrong??

CelebBabyLover on

As for Stella rhyming with Isabella….perhaps the name Stella has a lot of significance to them (for example, maybe it was the name of one of their mothers or grandmothers) and they didn’t care about the fact that it rhymes with Isabella. πŸ™‚

sgv on

“aww poor matt didn’t get at least one son”

really? that sounds so stupid to me, sorry but comments like this are ignorant. “POOR MATT”??? he has 4 healthy girls, there a a lot of people that can’t even have ONE child, so what’s the problem on having just girls? I have two and would love to have another girl, and my husband is totally in love and happy with his two girls, what’s the problem if somebody doesn’t have boys? I never get that idea.

Bozan Barroso are two surnames, in south america we use both mom and dad’s surname, so Bozan is not a “middle” name.

Anyway, congratulations to Matt and Luciana!!! and welcome baby Stella! (lovely name by the way :))

Kresta on

Personally, I would rather have 4 boys than 4 girls. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter and I found my sons easier to raise than my daughter, especially in the teenage years. She is 23 now and married and we are very close. I get along with my sons, who are older, very well too.

Rach on

Ok, can one of the ppl on this site find out about the Zavala meaning and significance. I miss CBB.

brannon on

I agree with Angela – very obvious gender bias. (Even in posts with one baby … aww a boy versus yay a girl!) Very strange. Anyway, predictable name but glad all are happy and healthy x

Georgina on

Angela, I do see what you mean on that one, that two boys so young is considered much more of a struggle than two girls. And anyone who has more than one boy will know its really not!

I think LisaS might have it right, a lot of women post here and they want a daughter themselves so their comments reflects this. I also think it might be a little over compensation, that in the past boys have been celebrated soooo much that now it swung too far the other way. I don’t no, I have two daughters and then my youngest is a boy, and on the most part people say, oh you kept going til you got your boy then, when Id always wanted three regardless of what they were. I must just meet the opposite type of people to those on cbb!

ProudMom on

I can’t believe someone actually wrote “most people want a girl & boy”. Really? I would love to know where that statistic came from. I have one son & hope that all of my future kids are boys too. There’s nothing wrong with wanting/having one gender.

Kellie on

Mina- Obviously you still are child…. how about try growing up some?? Just a suggestion.

Brookie on

Once again, we can’t just congratulate this beautiful couple on the birth of a perfect, healthy baby. We have to argue back and forth and throw snarky comments about how we all know they really wanted a boy. We do NOT know these people or what they want in life. I will be the first to admit though- I have a daughter. I am pregnant now, and yes- I kinda hope it’s a boy. Am I going to be devastated if it’s another girl. Absolutely not! I’ll be grateful for a healthy child. But I do think it’s sort of natural to want to have that experience of raising both sexes. And I’m with you Rach- I MISS CBB!

Rose on

@Cici: Your comment to Erin was vile. Erin’s comment may have been slightly sarcastic but it wasn’t angry and nasty. Your comment on the other hand was angry and nasty. You’re such a hypocrite.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I’m not sure if I like Stella as sister name to Isabella. Just a bit too similar for me!

Erika on

Hmmm well I can speak for why I was so excited with them having 4 girls, and it is because that is my ideal family. I am such a girly girl and have had dreams of buying princess dresses and bows for a future daughter forever. Boys just seem so boring in comparison and I’ve never wanted to have a son. Of course these are sterotypes but it’s a dream to have a daughter and nobody can convince me otherwise. If I have a son, I might be dissapointed but believe me, I will learn to do the boy stuff too and love him just as much as I would a daughter. If I have a daughter who is a tomboy, I will be respectful of what she chooses to wear and such, of course. It’s just, I have always dreamed of having a baby girl, and people commenting on how cute she is, being proud to show her off. Other people may feel the same way about having only boys and that is perfectly fine, it’s just a preference and ultimately you can’t control what you get anyway. Nothing against boys but it’s *my* personal preference and when I see things like these I tend to apply them to my point of view.

Mina on

Kellie thanx for your priceless advice lol

raquel on


Ashlee on

Raquel, not everyone wants to experience both genders. Some people are content with all girls while others are content with all boys.

I have two sons and have never had a yearning for a daughter. While I’m fairly certain I’m done having children, if I was to ever get pregnant again, I’d be thrilled with a third son. I have nothing against girls but growing up, my “ideal” family was always a house full of boys. Saying that those people who are content with having all one gender must be lying is quite foolish. While it may not be what you would want, you can’t pigeon hole every parent to the same thought.

tam on

I thought Zavala was a Greek name

raquel on

well you have 2 sons now ashlee so of course your gonna say that lol. i have never seen anyone before having any kids say i hope in future i have say 3 girls and no boys, i do see those comments though after people have the same sex than they go oh i never wanted the opposite sex anyway lol. anyway for matt it seemed he did want a son in an interview i read recently which is that really surprising he already had 2 daughters and a stepdaughter, it’s normal to wanna have one son. but they didn’t and that’s fine, and he decided to close shop cause you can’t keep trying for a sex you might not get.

Ashlee on

I’ve wanted sons since I was young, so the fact that I have two boys doesn’t mean by thoughts aren’t valid because I’m trying to be grateful for what I have. I’ve always gotten along better with males and knew that, while it wasn’t something I could control, having all boys would be ideal for me.

Please don’t assume when you can’t speak for everyone. Again, while your ideal family may include both boys and girls, the same can’t be said for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rach on

Aww thanks Brookie, plus now it takes forever navigating through the site ! CBB was so much more personal and nice. I learned some great new mom tips from readers and staff alike ! Also, before the merge with PPL, cbb posted so much more articles and pics, now I guess because of copyright,and contracts etc,only a few celebs are covered.. usally the same ones..

And Brookie I agree with what your saying. It is not bad to have a preference, but in the end all you want is a healthy baby. A friend of mine was on her last baby before having her tubes tied and she felt so much pressure to have a girl..she actually convinced herself it was a girl even when she saw it was going to be a third boy. She referred to the baby as she even.. my husband thought she was going kind of loopy, but because of these kinds of views in society, sometimes it is really hard on some people.

I have PCOS so I couldn’t be picky..I was just grateful !

Eileen on

I once read the comments very frequently, and would like to thank some of you for reminding me why I stopped. With: “Blah the name stella blehk! lol no boy for Mr. Damon! lol”
– Ellea on October 23rd, 2010 AND “Boys just seem so boring in comparison and I’ve never wanted to have a son. Of course these are sterotypes but it’s a dream to have a daughter and nobody can convince me otherwise. If I have a son, I might be dissapointed but believe me, I will learn to do the boy stuff too and love him just as much as I would a daughter. If I have a daughter who is a tomboy, I will be respectful of what she chooses to wear and such, of course.”- Erika on October 25th, 2010

Ellea – are you 12? I genuinely hope that you are not an adult. Erika – this is a comment portion of a birth announcement. Post your personal and immature ideas on Facebook, where one of your friends may care. With your skewed, materialistic ideas of what parenthood is all about, I would suggest sterilization.

All of these personal gender stereotypes are so 1950s. If this couple had wanted a boy, they certainly have the means to have made that happen in a number of different ways. They have 4 healthy children, which is 4 more than many desiring people will ever experience. While some of you personally may feel that their family is not “ideal”, that is your opinion and should not continue to force your outdated ideas on anyone. Especially since the Damon’s have not said one word about being anything but overjoyed with their family.

J on

Hey, that’s my birthday too! I’ve had a good life being born on that date. GOD BLESS YOU little one, your 3 older sisters, and your Mom and Dad.

Erika on

Wow Eileen, a little harsh, no? Seriously, I should be sterilized because I have always hoped for a girl? Because I have had visions of what my future children will be like, yet will accept them whether they are the way I invision that or not? I’ve had TONS of experience with kids and I have dreamed of having a daughter since I was a little girl. But there is no use explaining it, people like you don’t explain dreams and ambitions, apparently. It sounds like your the immature one, and I really really hope that you don’t have kids, and if you do, I sure hope you aren’t raising them to be hateful like you.

And Ellea was posting an opinion just like I was, and just like you were. It’s a public comment section and everyone posts their own opinion. My comment was in response to someone who was comparing Celine Dion’s comment section to this one. I was explaining why *I* was happy for them having all girls and went onto explain my preference for when I have kids. Nothing wrong or inappropriate.

Eileen on

Erika….when you said there was no use explaining it, you were right. Once again, comments like: “Boys just seem so boring in comparison and I’ve never wanted to have a son.” and “If I have a son, I might be dissapointed” to your PERSONAL facebook or blog….because people on here are looking to read about celebrities. Not you oor your offensive gender bias. And YES! Saying: “I have always dreamed of having a baby girl, and people commenting on how cute she is, being proud to show her off.” is the defintion of materialistic and immature. If that’s what you think parenthood is all about, I would suggest a parenting website or maybe a job babysitting.

Erika on

Eileen, I get what you are trying to say. I have spent MANY hours and days babysitting and I know that parenting is not about whether you get a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter in the long run but it is a dream for me to have a daughter. I wouldn’t have had a problem with what you said, if you hadn’t suggested that I be sterilized. *THAT* is extremely harsh, rude, unnecessary and certainly uncalled for. I understand if you don’t want to read about the dream I have had since I was little on a public website, but suggesting that I elect to have surgery to prevent me from having children is very very offensive to me. I know plenty about children and I did state before that if I have boys, I will be happy with them.