Céline Dion Welcomes Twin Boys

10/23/2010 at 04:55 PM ET
Lilly Palmberger/CelebrityPhoto

Céline Dion is a mom again – times two!

The singer gave birth to fraternal twin boys on Saturday, Oct. 23 at a Florida hospital at 11:11 a.m. and 11:12 a.m., her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Celine, René and their son René-Charles are thrilled,” says her rep.

One of the boys weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz., with the other at 5 lbs., 10 oz.

Dion’s doctor, Ronald Ackerman, said at a press conference outside the hospital Saturday evening that the delivery, done via c-section, went as expected. He also revealed that the twins were both born with a good amount of hair.

The twins are healthy, says her rep, but will spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature.

“Celine is resting now and they plan to discuss what to name the boys when she wakes up,” the rep adds.

“René-Charles has been to the hospital to visit his brothers and is just so excited they are here.”

— Marisa Laudadio

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I can’t wait to find out the names.

TeenMomm! on

Yay!! congrats 🙂 Cant wait to hear the names. And really good weights for twins!?!??!

Erika on

I was really hoping that at least one would be a girl. But congrats to them anyway. I hope they are healthy and will be able to come home with her soon. I can’t wait to hear their names!

lisa purvis on

How Wonderful twin boys!! We had twins on april 23 a boy and a girl. Gianna n Joey. They are 6 months today. We also did several IFV treatments. But all worth it. Have fun with your new babies.

Andrea on

Congratulations! be well

Jess on

I was hoping she would get a girl as well.. oh well. Congrats to them for healthy twin boys!

Adriel on

I wonder if they are identical twins.

Romy on

really good weights for premature twins!

Sarah M. on

Adriel – It says in the post that they are fraternal. 🙂

I, also, can’t wait to hear the names!

Rosy on

Congrats to them, twins would be so amazing 🙂

Adriel – They had fraternal twins

Tamara on

Adriel-it says right near the top of the article that the boys are fraternal

i can’t wait to hear the names they choose

Brooklyn on

I’m so glad everything went well! Congrats to Celine, Rene and Rene-Charles!!! Can’t wait to see what their names are, I hope they are French!

Laydacris on

congrats Celine and family!!

Brooke on

I am so happy for them, she is my all time favorite singer! I can’t wait to hear the names!

Skye on

I hoped just a little tiny bit for a girl (as these will probably be her last children!) but I have no doubt that they’re ECSTATIC right now with their beautiful babies. Congratulations to them. Such wonderful news.

Molly on

Congrats to them 😀

Bobanx on

Adriel – It says in the post that they are fraternal. 🙂

I, also, can’t wait to hear the names!

tink1217 on

congrats to the family!!!! So glad all are healthy and happy!!

stacey m on

Congratulations to the entire family!!!They certainly have waited a very long time for these precious babies and went through so, so much to have more children. I’m sure they do are happy, irregardles of the sex of the babies. To all of the posts that wished for a boy and girl for them and stated, “Oh well”, don’t sound so disappointed. Really rude.

vicki on

I think it is wonderful. I had twins but one was way to litle to survive and the other one they only gave a small chance. But guess what? that 1 1/2 lb baby is now in his 30’s and weighs well into the 200 l;s.and YES 5 lbs is really good weigh for twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Traci on

Congratulations to their whole family:) So happy for them!:)

ali on

just for fun- my guesses are Lucas & Thomas.

Lisa on

I’m so happy for her after her struggle to have more kids! I agree those babies are pretty big being premature! Should be interesting to have a 9 year old and 2 little newborns! 3 boys! So happy for them and can’t wait to hear the names. Now that Matt Damon and Celine Dion have had their children, it’s time for Kelly Preston!

Alex Rowe on

omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!! I can’t believe that she had the twins already!!!!! Congratulations Celine and Rene and Rene-Charles!!!!!
I can’t wait to hear what the boys’ names are

Vanessa on

Félicitations to Celine, René and René-Charles on the birth of your sons and brothers. Hoping that she’ll be able to take the bundles of joy home soon and that all is well. Can’t wait to hear their names! I too hope they’ll be French.

Tee on

I’m so glad to hear that Celine and her babies are doing well! They are great sizes for being premature! I’m looking forward to hearing their names! Congratulations to the family!

dd on

I hope this was not a scheduled c section if those babies are premature.

Ashlee on

Three beautiful sons: how wonderful! I’m thrilled to hear that everyone is doing well and I wish them nothing but the best of luck in the future.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! This part of the post: “The twins are healthy, says her rep, but will spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature.” makes me wonder if they put them together in one incubator (a techinque called “double-bedding”), since it says incubator and not incubators. 🙂

Also, I’m confused as to why they have to be in an incubator at all. They were due in early November, weren’t they? It’s now the last week in October (in fact, November 1st is a week from tomorrow!), so they can’t be all that premature, can they? Or is it common practice with twins to put them in the NICU for a bit even if they’re only born a couple weeks prematurely?

I really don’t know that much about twin pregnancies and births, I’ll admitt!

Madison on

So, Vicki….your other twin son died? I’m sorrry. 😦

Kate on

I believe they announced earlier in her pregnancy that they were having two boys so it’s not a surprise.

h on

it’s a good thing that René Charles has now 2 siblings

i’m thinking Paul, Victor, Romain or Alexandre for the names

Rose on

@celebbabylover: Celine’s babies weren’t due in early November. They were due in late November, I believe November 30th. The article about her being hospitalized said that they were trying to hold off delivery until at least the first week of November, not that early November was the due date.

Meagan on

Congrats to all 3 of them on the birth of 2 healthy handsome(im sure) boys. I had a set of twin boys at 35wks and they were 5lbs 5oz and 6lbs 3oz. So that is a excellent weight for them, can’t wait to hear the names and see pics(if they choose to share them with us). Maybe I missed it but did it say or does anyone know how far along she was when they were born? Congrats to them once again.

Michelle on

dd, why on earth would you think it was a scheduled c-section?
This is not the place for an anti c-section debate. She was having twins after a previous c-section and she wsa admitted to the hospital last week for monitoring. Of course she had a c-section and of course it wasn’t planned.

Lola Marie on

So blessed. I know the family must be beaming & so thankful right now….what an amazing gift from God after all they have been through!! Cant wait to hear the name, CONGRATS!!!

Lucy on

dd, it’s entirely possible that they had to come out early for a number of reasons. They could have not been thriving properly, there could have been issues with Celine’s health. There are a multitude of factors that come into play with twin pregnancies. Any pregnancy in fact.

CelebBabyLover, it is a bit weird that they are in an incubator, considering that full term for twins is usually 36 weeks. Perhaps they aren’t doing quite as well as they should be at their gestational age.

Meghan on

Congrats to the family! They now have the additions they wanted. And how great is it that they are healthy!!
But, how premature are they? I thought she was due the week of November 7th, which would only make them 2 weeks early. Anyways, it is great that they are healthy!

Jennifer on

I am so happy for Celine and her family! What a wonderful blessing…twin boys! I can’t wait to hear the names!

Jaedyn on

how about maurice and nicholas? 🙂

Bb on

Congratulations, am so happy for them!

Linda on

Does the husband Rene have kids and grandkids already? Just curious, if so wonder if they are all part of the family!

Sherri P on

Having just had twin boys in July, full term for twins is generally 37 weeks, but most docs prefer 38 and won’t let you go past that. My boys were 34 weeks and we had an emergency c-section because I developed preeclampsia. My babies spent 26 days in the NICU, the majority of that time they were co-bedding, but not the first couple of days. There are many reasons for them to be there. My boys spent so much time there b/c they had to learn how to eat, there are generally 5 requirements that have to met for them to so home, so it could be any number of reasons. As for Celine, I wish them the best and hope they get to bring those little babies home soon, safe and sound!

lise on

they will have french names for sure…my guesses are Alexandre and Sebastien…

Sonya on

Linda Rene has three older kids – Patrick (42), Jean-Pierre (36) and Anne-Marie (33).

Congrats on the new additions! Can’t wait to hear the names:-)

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Celine and Rene! I also can’t wait to hear which names they choose, I’m extremely happy for them!!!! 😀 I also can’t wait until we get to see a picture of the new additions 😀

Rose on

@Linda: Rene’s daughter has three kids. But I’m not sure if his other kids have children or not.

Rose on

@Meghan: She was due the last week of November.

dd on

“Having just had twin boys in July, full term for twins is generally 37 weeks, but most docs prefer 38 and won’t let you go past that.”

This is the reason for my comment. Scheduling c-sections for 37-38 weeks is a major cause of prematurity and lung issues. There’s no reason to “not let” let twins go to 40 weeks. None. Did you know that the AVERAGE length of a normal, no-interventions pregnancy is actually 42 weeks, including twin pregnancies? So scheduling c sections for 38 weeks actually may be causing some twins to be born four weeks early. Why are we doing this to ourselves and our babies?

Rose on

@dd: Actually there is a reason to not let a twin pregancy go to 40 weeks. The placenta deteriorates more rapidly with a multiples pregnancy so it’s not as safe past 38 weeks.

Mrs. R. on

dd –
actually there is a VERY valid reason not to let twin pregnancies last past 38 weeks. The placenta begins to break down, just as it does when a singleton pregnancy lasts past 42 weeks.

Because of the strain managing 2 babies simultaneously, the placenta just plain old wears out faster.

Twins are considered OVER due if they go past 38 weeks.

Unless you have been pregnant and given birth to twins, you may not know these facts. I know I didn’t, despite having other children.

Ashlee on

Considering no one knows Celine’s medical history or how her pregnancy progressed, it’s foolish to make assumptions about the delivery. She had a c-section. End of story.

This post should deal with a happy and healthy growing family; not a debate about c-sections vs natural birth.

Beaky on

@celebbabylover, when my sisters were born they were just over 5lb each, and they spent a night in an incubator, just as a precaution. It was hospital policy.

dd on

Not every placenta will wear out. Why not manage women on an individual basis instead of assuming everyone has the same condition? It’s easy to diagnose calcified placentas on ultrasound. I am a midwife and I have only seen two cases of a calcified placenta or placental insufficiency with twins, both delivered vaginally after induction, and I see full-term (38-40 weeks) twin births at least 4x a year. It should be a woman’s choice how to deliver, not “my doctor LET ME” or “DID NOT LET ME.”

T on

dd – Reserve judgment until or unless you know all of the facts, and remember that scheduled does not always mean elective. My son was premature, following a scheduled c-section. Scheduled, because I had a complete placenta previa with pre-term labor and bleeding. The minute I hit 35 weeks the risks became greater than the benefits of waiting and a scheduled c-section was performed. He spent some time on a ventilator and in the NICU but it certainly beat the alternative!

edeilo on

Wow, I really hope “dd” is never my midwife, singleton of twin pregnancy.

Congrats to Celine and Rene. Can’t wait to here the names!

Stellia on

I just gave birth to twins a boy and a girl they are soo much fun to have around and being a mother is soo amazing and sooooo overwhelming congrats to Celine and her family

Mya on

Aww congrats to Celine! I delivered my twins last year on October 23rd, they turned 1 yesterday. Great weights for the babies, hope she gets to take them home soon.

Laura on

Of course they are healthy, she had the best doctors that all the money could buy. They will have fun running around the palace she just had built in Jupiter, Florida. Those kids will never have to take the bus either as she said about R.C. when he was born.

dd on

I did not judge. All I said was I hope it wasn’t a scheduled c-section that caused the prematurity. Nowhere did I say that c-sections are better than natural. Nowhere did I say that mothers are bad for having c-sections. You are reading into my comments. I hope you never have to hear “whoops, baby was a little earlier than I thought” and baby is premature and struggling because you had a scheduled c-section FOR ANY REASON at what the doctor *thought* was 38 weeks but was really 35. It’s a bad situation.

Paula on

I was so hoping that she would have a little girl as this would have probably been her last pregnancy. Anyway, congratulations and I am sure the 2 names will be French. I can guarantee that! They will be loved little boys for sure!

Shannon on

I keep checking back to find out the names. lol

LisaS on

Oh my! I can’t believe the babies are here already! Seems like it was only yesterday when Celine had announced her pregnancy.

So happy for them. Congrats, Celine, Rene, and Rene-Charles, on your new family additions!

Adelaide on

Congrats to Celine and her family. Twins are awesome..lol I am one. can’t wait to find out the names. Congrats again

CelebBabyLover on

dd- Sometimes babies HAVE to come out early. How do you know this wasn’t the case with Celine’s twins?

CelebBabyLover on

T- Good point! I was born via “scheduled” C-section (scheduled is in quotes because I decided I wanted to come out a bit earlier!), but it wasn’t elective. It was because I was transverse, or laying sideways, in my mother’s womb. My mother DID try to get me to turn into the proper head-down position….but I refused to cooperate!

That being said, I just want to add something to my earlier comment to dd: If you just meant that you hope Celine and/or her doctors didn’t scheduled an early C-section when there was no real medical need to…..I doubt that was the case. Considering Celine had been admitted to the hospital for monitering prior to the delivery, my guess is that she or the babies were having some issues.

Perhaps there were concerns that the babies weren’t doing as well as they should, or maybe Celine was showing signs of pre-eclampsia. It could also be that Celine was having some pre-term labor, which the doctors were able to stop temporarily, but eventually required the early delivery of the babies. One other possibility is that one twin was taking more than it’s share of nourishment, thus depriving the other one (this is known as being a “vampire twin”).

brannon on

Funny … just commented on Matt Damon’s post about gender bias and it seems to be running rampant here … so glad she and her babies are healthy 🙂

rosie on

uchhh stop using the term GAVE BIRTH in these c section articles!! a c section is not birth!!

t on

rosie – a c-section is very definitely still giving birth! Birth by definition means the emergence and separation of offspring from the body of the mother. Whether it was through a vaginal delivery with my daughter or a c-section with my son, I very much “gave birth” to both of them.

Kolby on

Rosie – a c-section is not a birth? That’s news to me. I wonder about myself and my son – both of us came into to world vis c-section. Were we not “born”? Really, that’s just silly.

Congratulations to Celine, Rene and Rene Charles. This is wonderful news and I wish the best for the whole family.

Miche on

Rosie – just because my children came out of my stomach instead of my vagina does NOT mean that I didn’t give birth.
What a ridiculous statement!!

Malin on

Congratulations to Celine and her family! I’m so happy for them!

Liz on

I hear one of their names might be John Paul!

gdfg on

“Does the husband Rene have kids and grandkids already? Just curious, if so wonder if they are all part of the family!”

Why would you wonder if they are a part of the family? If Rene has kids and grandchildren they are obviously part of the family, no matter how close they are to Rene and Celine.

Sherri P on

Rosie, should we say that our babies “were ripped out of our bodies”? Does that make more sense? I guarantee you we gave birth and typically speaking it’s a lot harder on those that have a C-section than those who have a vaginal birth. It was really hard for me to give in and have the C, but I know it was the best thing for me and my babies. Nobody has a right to say what we’ve done unless maybe they’ve done it themselves.

DD- I had ultrasounds every 2 weeks from 14 weeks on in my pregnancy and 2 before I hit that point, with a maternal fetal specialist. For your information, they were exactly right on the age of my babies (it’s their job to know). I for one am glad I stuck with a doctor who was able to do my surgery and take care of me the best way possible for me and my babies. Also, for the record a gestation is actually only 38 weeks- OB’s add on 2 weeks that we are not actually pregnant hence getting 40 weeks, and everyone else is absolutely right, once you hit 38 weeks with a twin pregnancy it becomes far more risky for them to stay in due to deterioration of the placenta. I’d rather get my kids out where others can take care of them better than my deteriorating body. It wasn’t great having them in the NICU so long, but I’d take that over death, their’s or mine.

when one takes more nutrients the term is twin to twin transfusion syndrome. It’s most common in identical twins that share a placenta, its the main reason I was watched so much during my pregnancy and if it happens before 26 weeks and they don’t fix it via in utero surgery it is usually fatal to both babies. My babies did develop it towards the end (one was 4 lbs and the other was 5) if I had gone much longer it could have been worse. They are now just over 3 months and my little guy is finally catching up to his younger brother 🙂

dd on

Okay, but not everyone has TTTS. Not everyone’s placenta deteriorates, and it isn’t an IMMEDIATE concern if a placenta does begin to calcify or TTTS begins. Also, Naegele’s rule (40 week pregnancy) has been debunked, because he calculated it based on an average menses length of 28 days, which is not right, the actual average is 29.5 days. So the average length of a pregnancy is actually 274 days for first time white moms (41.5 weeks). The old rule was 266 days, which was calculated in the 1700s based on a passage in the Bible saying that pregnancy is about 10 lunar months. Basically, it depends on the length of your cycle. 38 weeks is only “term,” which only means that the baby has all his reflexes and mature lungs. It is not a full gestation.

Meagan on


Ashlee on

Rosie, you should learn to think before you speak.

Since when does having a c-section mean not giving birth? I don’t care if a mother was in labor for 39 hours and delivered vaginally or if she scheduled an elective c-section months prior to her child’s arrival; she gave birth.

Apparently, in a c-section, a child just mutates out of the womb while the mother relaxes leisurely, poking fun at all those dumb, “real women” who give birth vaginally.

diana on

@megan: If I remember correctly, she was 33 weeks into pregnancy. Also, I read somewhere that she was admitted, in fact, for early labor, and they tried to keep it under control, and that she was expected to stay for a month in hospital. All this information from different sites, for what it’s worth, points, for me, for a natural start of the birth. Also, I really don’t believe a doctor will let a mother have a VBAC of twins without carefully assessing the previous scar and the risks.

Felicitations et bon courage, Celine! C’est magnifique d’être mère de trois petits garçons, je suis très très heureuse pour vous et votre famille, et surtout pour le grand frère!

CelebBabyLover on

dd- I will ask you this again. How in the world do you know there wasn’t a very good reason Celine’s twins had to come out early?

dd on

I DONT know! I said “I HOPED!” That’s all. I have no idea!

Meagan on

DD- U dont know the situation as to why celine’s twins were born early. There are many reason why they could have been. I was 35wks and went to the dr for a regular check up and already started to dilate and go into labor and i was rushed for an emergency c-section because my twins were breach and transverse. Just because a set of twins are born early to a celebrity doesn’t mean they elected for it to happen they are regular people like you and I. So remember that before you go assuming she had them take her babies early or so on and so forth. If you haven’t had a set of twins and seen specialists for a twin pregnancy then don’t put out your opinion on matters of this because a twin pregnancy is a WHOLE LOT different than a singleton pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dd on

Uh, I guess the fact that I am a midwife who catches mostly-vaginally-birthed 38-41 week gestation twins (some even come breech!) at least four times a year, and have attended over 1,000 births with a 5 percent c section rate, 100 percent VBAC rate and 0 percent maternal/fetal mortality rate, doesn’t count for anything? Twin pregnancies don’t require specialists unless something is going wrong, which has happened only three times in my career. Twin pregnancies do not need to be scheduled for c-sections at 38 weeks right after the mother finds out she’s pregnant.

Bancie1031 on

WOW I can’t believe ALL the arguing in a topic that should be joyous! What does it matter whether she had a vaginal birth or a C-Section, all that matters is that she had 2 healthy babies that are a complete blessing for this family and I wish them all the luck in the world! Congratulations once again to Celine and Rene!

BTW have they released the names they chose for their babies yet?

zappo on

dd- what do you want? for us to say you are undeniable 100 percent correct? you keep posting and re posting with your badgering medical facts, and good for you that you have been involved in so many wonderful births, you are smarter than everyone else on the forum and you have so much midwife experience. great! it’s as if you want to hear from Celine herself what happened during the delivery so that YOU can judge weather or not the C section was deemed necessary by you. It was HER pregnancy. Give it up! No woman owes anyone else an explanation for their birthing style. You do what you want to do with your kids and your clients, and let the rest of pregnant women feel at peace without making them feel bad about their choices. Sheesh!
And back to the original point of this article. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF YOUR BABIES!!!

Bancie1031 on

Also if everyone would just stop arguing with dd hopefully she will just go away …… I think she’s liking all the arguing, some people get off on it!

Sheri on

DD certainly does not sound like an experienced midwife to me. She sounds like she has worked for a year, maybe 2, as she has not had the experience to show the consequences of VBAC with twins when mom is over 35 and experiencing complications. ANY experienced midwife would have read the entire post and seen these risk factors. To jump to conclusions as she has demonstrates lack of experience and compassion. The article does not mention the lie of the babies in utero or any other medical information that only the parents and caretaker would be privy to, but that seems to be beyond DD’s scope of practice.

My favorite delivery (I had 3) was with my youngest, and I absolutely loved my midwife. She listened to my husband and I, my body, and our baby to help us plan the perfect delivery. Experience taught her to understand her limitations, which we appreciated. I have even encouraged my DIL to go to a midwife rather than a physician based on my experience. She has interviewed many and chose the one with the most experience and with the most concern for the care of the baby–and that includes the possibility of a C-section if there is ANY risk to her or the baby. The ultimate goal is not to get through delivery without medications and without a C-section, but rather to welcome a healthy child(ren) into the world to healthy, relaxed and happy parents. That means different things for different people.

For the record, I had all 3 of my children vaginally and without pain medication and believe it is every woman’s right to choose her method of delivery based upon factors of stress, pain tolerance and emotional comfort with the delivery process.

I agree with the poster who stated she would never go to DD for midwifery. Narrowmindedness is never a good quality–especially when speaking in terms of healthcare.

Katie on

Congrats Celine Dion Can’t wait to her the names you pick for your sons 🙂

ronnie on

name the boys DUKE AND DUTCH!

christa on

cograts to the family.how wonderful!can”t wait to hear what you name the boys.god bless you all.

belita on

Congratulations to a beautiful family.I am happy that you had a succesful pregnanacy and now healthy twins.I am glad you never gave up.Rene charles will be a great big brother to the twins.Conratulations Celine…..more happiness to you.Belita

Alyssa Boyett on

Celine Dion had welcomed her twins Nelson and Eddy back in 2010.