Samantha Harris: Josselyn Is My Little Yoga Buddy

10/21/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Tony DiMaio/Startraks

Samantha Harris has maintained an impressive figure throughout her pregnancy with her second child, due in January. But the Entertainment Tonight correspondent, 36, gets by with a little help from a friend.

“My 3-year-old daughter actually does a very good down dog,” Harris tells PEOPLE of her yoga-loving youngster Josselyn Sydney.

“She’s interested in whatever Mommy’s doing. She actually knows my friend Patrick’s DVDs by name, so she’ll say, ‘Let’s do Patrick’s video.’ Or she’ll say, ‘Mommy, let’s turn this one off. Let’s do yoga instead.’ She knows [I] likes to exercise and she knows what exercise is, and she’s really great about helping [me] out when she can.”

But the svelte correspondent admits she has a soft spot for more than just working out.

“I do have a weakness,” Harris explains. “When I go to the Entertainment Tonight set, I go to the craft services table where they have these really great chocolate-covered old-fashioned doughnuts. I take them and I eat a chunk out of it. I don’t eat the whole thing, but I definitely cut myself a nice slice of it.”

Harris, who says she doesn’t overdo it, also likes to dabble in another sweet treat. “I end up making another sweep past the craft services table for some M&Ms.”

-– Dahvi Shira

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Mrs. R. on

While I tend to think Samantha is a tad underweight and rather over-obsessed with her own figure, I do totally get bonding with your child over exercise videos.

My daughter isn’t generally allowed to watch TV, but when I was in my last tri with my son, I liked doing a prenatal yoga video. My daughter loved doing it with me, and was great motivation because she asked to do it every day… I think partly because it meant she got to watch something on TV, and partly because she got to do something fun with mommy.

Claire on

I agree with Mrs R. Whilst promoting healthy living and exercise to your children is a really great thing, Samantha might be taking it a bit too far. She cuts herself a “nice slice” of doughnut? When you can’t even enjoy a treat once every while, you’ve taken it too far. Hopefully she doesn’t project any of that onto her kids.

miche on

My 3 yr old loves to do Wii Yoga with me. She says, “Let’s go play yo-go together!”

torgster on

This woman has always rubbed me the wrong way. First on Dancing With The Stars (yay Brooke!) and even more now that she can’t pose for a single pic without holding her gut!

steph on

that ‘gut’ happens to have a baby in there…its not like she’s had a few too many burgers and is holding it up…

Tee on

I was thinking the same thing as some of the above posters. A slice of a doughnut? I’m not sure if that’s good or not. Maybe Samantha knows that she has to be careful or she’ll wind up gobbling down the whole tray of them. (the way I’ve been known to do!) I don’t know? Either way, I’m glad she’s teaching her daughter about proper exercising and I’m looking forward to hearing more about her pregnancy and new baby!

Laura on

She definitely has maintained a trim figure and looks gorgeous but she’s starting to annoy me.

kai on

at least she’s honest. I would think that most people in Hollywood have this kind of “discipline”.

CelebBabyLover on

torgester- What’s wrong with her posing the way she does? Isn’t she allowed to be a proud mama-to-be?

CelebBabyLover on

That being said, I have to admit that I have the strongest urge to grab a donut and insist to Samantha that she allow herself to enjoy the whole thing!

Anna on

She seems a bit obsessed with her figure if she can’t even enjoy a donut.

Michelle on

Oh lordy she bugs me! Eat a whole friggin’ donut, it isn’t going to show on you!

Emmy on

I find it so annoying how she poses too. Not a fan.

Lady on

Does she have to pose like that in every single photo-op…..*rolls eyes*

tracy on

SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING!! Even if you do maintain a good figure when you are pregnant, you shouldn’t brag about it! I do not like her!

Jill on

I am finally enjoying a season of DWTS….sorry, but I couldn’t watch with her on it. And I am really looking forward to her having the baby, so we can stop having the same looking pictures every single time.

And I am not jealous, I can skip the post, but this is a blog and posts should have both negative and postitive posts. You can’t have all roses!!

ray on

The pose – we get it, you’re pregnant, quit with the pose, it’s getting old.

Ah, the evil doughnut – it’s okay, eat the doughnut for pete’s sake. It’s just a doughnut. This woman needs to get a grip.

t on

Have any of you ever thought that maybe she can’t “just eat a donut”? Maybe she knows that if she does eat “just a donut” she won’t stop there, and she’ll continue to eat more. Maybe, just maybe she knows what works best for her, not you. And the hypocrasy in this world amazes me. We’ll all tell “big” girls to be proud of themselves and not worry about what other people think, but then we put down someone who is thin and proud of it. Why on Earth shouldn’t she be proud of herself?

Christina on

she annoys me.

Marisa frank on

Excercising with your kids is great. I think you are never to young to teach your kids health and fitness habits. I recently found out I was pregnant with my 4th child after I had lost 30 pounds from my previous 3 pregnancies. My boys work out with me and not only it is cute to watch them try to learn the moves but then are so honest it motivates me. I mean they will say stuff like why are you taking a break, the guy on tv is not taking a break. LOL!

sarah on

When is she due? Thank goodness she’s not popular with teens bc she would promote a negative body image while pregnant. she looks like she just had a big lunch

Michelle H on

I agree with Ray – EAT SOMETHING! You are pregnant and could use an extra few pounds on you. The skeletel pregnant look isn’t overly flattering.

acorr on

Oh I could barely stand her faint vice and toned arms during her stint as co-host on dancing with the stars. I don’t know why…I just couldn’t stand it…sorry

CMS on

I worry about the daughters of moms like this…. I have friends who grew up in the shadows of mothers with extreme body image problems, and it seems to really take a toll on the daughters.

Heather on

-I think Samantha looks lovely during pregnancy. Her baby will be just as beautiful as his/her big sister. It is sad though that they work in an industry where you can’t even eat a whole doughnut while pregnant! It reminds me of Giuliana Ransic getting so upset over having to gain some lbs per doctors orders. She said she wouldn’t be able to fit into the sample sizes for her job. Samantha probably has that same mentality. Very sad indeed!

CelebBabyLover on

sarah- No one should be promoting ANY kind of pregnancy body image to teens! Teens shouldn’t be getting pregnant at all!

Amy on

Did anyone think maybe she just CAN’T eat an entire fricken donut?? I’m skinny, not as skinny as her, but skinny, and I can’t remember the last time I at an entire donut. Not because I’m worried about ONE donut making me fat, but because it makes SO full. So I do what she does, and I cut myself a nice slice, and leave the rest for another day. It’s not a huge deal.

Molly on

Explain to me why supposedly adult women can’t pass by topic of someone the don’t like without leaving an immature, whiny comment? I find it hard to believe people like Laura and Jill are actually mothers better yet adults. Why should we care if you hate her?

MiB on

I totally agree with Amy! I have never been able to eat more that 1/3 of a doughnut, or I’ll start feeling sick due to the fat and the sugar, and I am certainly not skinny!

Lola on

Not eating an entire doughnut is basically depriving the baby of food – you only live once…why not eat the whole thing?

Amy: I feel bad that you can only handle one piece of a doughnut (especially when doughnuts have only gotten tinier over the years…) Keep trying – you’ll be able to do it one day!

Amanda on

Wow, so many haters on here. I think Samantha looks toned, not skeletal. I wish I had the discipline! I think it’s neat that she and her daughter are doing yoga together. I wish my mom had instilled a healthy exercise regime in me. Yoga is perfect for pregnant moms. I miss her on DWTS. Brooke is a bit bland, though eye candy for the men out there.

Kim on

At least she’s not like some women who use being pregnant as an excuse to eat like a pig and gain a ton of weight. She’s far wiser to eat a HEALTHY diet and keep the donuts to a minimum. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can eat donuts and junk food all the time. You go girl!

Kim on

Oh PUH-LEASE LOLA, she isn’t “depriving the baby of food”. She being intelligent enough to keep away from excessive sweets. You probably use being pregnant as an excuse to gain a hundred pounds!

Annie on

She is so annoying I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight anymore.
Her voice just gets me!
And yes, I think she can handle a whole donut, give me a break!

shell1213 on

mmmmmm…..sugar and yeast….make sure that baby gets ALL its nutrients!!!! For goodness sakes people — I can’t eat a whole doughnut because in our little town, our donut shops make generous portions. And to those of you unfamiliar with the food catered at the craft service table, lay off. My daughter has partaken and she says the catered sweets can be pretty decadent. I only wish I was as toned as this lady is! Bitch about something real…

Tiffany on

I agree that she is really annoying and I am so glad she is off DWTS! But what is wrong with her posing the way she does? She’s a happy pregnant woman! I posed like this while I was pregnant too…everyone I know does when pregnant. There’s not too many other ways to pose when you’re pregnant lol. I do agree she should let herself have a donut once in awhile, but maybe she knows her limits and knows just a little of it is enough. Either way, congratulations to her and good for her in teaching her daughter healthy lifestyle choices.

Arlene on

Agree with Kim and a few others for their positive comments. Some of the rest need to practice a little verbal self-control and be less judgemental of someone who is just trying to take care of herself and her babies. She looks great and sounds incredibly sensible!

Big E on

I am extremely surprised by the comments posted. I’m sorry to say, but it sounds like a whole lot of jealous, immature women. Samantha looks fantastic. As someone who also enjoys exercising, I can say that it has little to do with my “body image” and more to do with how I feel physically and mentally. I am now 3 mos pregnant and exercising regularly. I also would love to eat an entire donut but I don’t, just because you’re pregnant does not mean you can eat whatever you want. A proper diet and exercise are the best things you can do for your baby. So maybe Samantha limits herself to that sliver of donut because she knows that not only is it not the most nutritional thing for her but it definitely isn’t for her unborn child.

melinda on

You people should be ashamed, but I will just assume most of you are haters! No she is not my favorite person, but what is so wrong with trying to be healthy and be proud of it? Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that your eating habits have to change into a monster. And if she is so called unheathly from it sure seems as if her last child is fine. It’s o.k to put the fork down people!

kathy on

I do wish Samantha was still with dancing with the stars, Brooke Burke is just DULL, lacking so much in personality,
Hopefully you will come back SOON!

Diane on

I love Samantha! I think it is great she exercises with her daughter, kid’s need to learn the importance of it early in life. Her having part of a doughnut is showing the benefits of moderation. So many of us either live in a state of gobbling down too much or not letting ourselves have any. I miss Samantha on DWTS. I’ve always liked Brooke, especially when she was dancing with Derek. But I don’t think she is a great fit on the show.

Sheila on

I think it is great that she continues to exercise during pregnancy, that is important. Teaching her child yoga and she loves doing it,is wonderful. Children need to be phisically active and if she continues she will be very limber for other activities she may want to do in the future. Sounds like Samantha likes her cravings, as she should, but I think she is great for not over indulging.

Abby on

LOL at the lady who doesn’t allow her daughter to watch tv. Um, I’m sure she’ll be socially adjusted…not!

Double LOL at all of the jealous haters in these comments. I’m sorry but taking a big bite of a donut is not a crime. It’s called self control. I’m sure you’re all sitting around on your giants rears eating bags of chips right now as you type. Get a life!

Sunny on

Good for her – she is doing exactly what health experts say- don’t eat the whole thing. And why should she not be proud of her figure and doing things right? Sounds like a few jealous people who think being pregnant gives them the right to blimp up. Please don’t for your babies health and your husbands right to have the woman he married.

sally on

I don’t understand why she annoys so many people. I think Brooke Burke is SO annoying I can’t watch DWTS anymore. Does she have to say, “How does that feel?” every single time a couple gets a score? She stinks at the job and Samantha should come back. Congrats on her pregnancy and she should pose proudly.

LeighAnn on

I agree, she annoys me to no end. Not every picture has to have her “posing” with her pregnant belly. Give me a break.

Anonymous on

For heaven’s sake. A “trim” figure during pregnancy? That’s
taking it way too far for Samantha or the writer. Naturally you
don’t want to gorge and gain 60 pounds, neither do you want
to try to maintain your “trim” figure. Whoever thinks this
is a good idea should check the statistics and data. Pregnancy
is not normally the time to diet but to make sure the baby gets
good nutrition and good food. Doughnuts are not “good” food
but occasional treats aren’t going to hurt anyone. Pregnant or not.
She appears to be just another body conscious hollywood starlet.

Molly on

I agree Sunny. I guess these same people hate me too because I rarely eat a whole donut lol

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with the posters who have said that maybe Samantha gets too full if she eats a whole donut. Some people just have small appetites!

d on

ABBY I find it amusing that you are pointing out and insulting all the hateful posters on this board but then proceed to make a nasty comment yourself. Hypocrite much?

twila on

sounds like alot of jealous women out there 2day..YOUVE GOT IT GOIN ON,SAMANTHA 🙂 very happy 4 u

Steph on

Hey, I’m one of those people who ate like a horse while I was pregnant because I was excited to…and gained 50lbs because of it. And I also lost it all within 5 months. I would NEVER do that again because I’m not 19 anymore and my body would never rebound the way it did back then. I would kill to have her level of discipline.