Jennifer Lopez and Twins Star in Gucci’s New Children’s Ad Campaign

10/21/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Max, Jennifer and Emme – Mert and Marcus for Gucci

After weeks of speculation as to whether or not Jennifer Lopez would star alongside her 2½-year-old twins Emme Maribel and Max David in Gucci’s latest campaign, the fashion house confirmed Thursday morning that the trio is indeed gracing the ads for the yet-to-launch line, which will hit stores in spring 2011.

“Jennifer Lopez stars in new Gucci children’s advertising campaign,” they Tweeted.

And while Jennifer lends her flawless face and adorable offspring to the campaign, in return, the fashion house will make a donation to UNICEF and the Maribel Foundation, which Jennifer started with her sister Lynda, according to WWD.

Renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot captured the campaign this summer on the beach in Malibu, Calif., where the adorable pack dressed up in Gucci and got glam in the sand.

Emme, Jennifer and Max – Mert and Marcus for Gucci


–- Jessie Goldberg

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nella on

The first picture of Emme and Max is adorable!!I’m glad that this will be going to a good cause. Jennifer looks great, except I wish she tried to look more natural and relaxed instead of fierce haha!

Amber on

Wow, look at those curls on Emme! I love JLo, but man, why such the serious diva face- it’s the beach, lol! Anywho, cute pics. Mini-me’s of both!

Sus on

Strange pictures…

Siana on

IMHO having the kids pose for Gucci is a little bit too much…

Amber on

Why not try to look more mom-ish and less diva-ish?

JM on

i agree the children are adorable, but jennifer looks really unnatural in these pics. does she really need to do the model pout when she’s just playing with her kids? it would make the pictures more relatable if she was maybe looking at her kids and smiling.

Beautee on

Mark and J-lo each have a mini-me. She looks great and the children are adorable. I agree with the above posters, relaxed and natural would have looked better for a beach photo shoot but they are still good pictures.

nelly on

beautiful pics…

Melissa on

I think she has that serious face because she is doing a photo shoot. That’s probably what they wanted her to do. I agree though, that they should have had a relaxed look since the children are involved and it is at the beach. I love the pictures of the twins. Mini Jen & Mini Marc! So cute! I saw Jennifer on the Talk the other day and it was nice to see her interact with Leah in front of the camera. The interview made her a lot more personable than what the media shows her to be when they say she’s such a diva. She seemed pretty down to earth with the women to me.

ecl on

I agree. The pictures would be much more beautiful if she looked more relaxed. Who makes sexy faces while playing with their toddlers?

miche on

Wow – she does not look very happy to be frolicking at the beach with her children…

Raleigh on

uhm…in the second one, it’s hard to tell which one is the daughter…

kai on

on another side, somebody called it the “I’m too sexy for my kids”-look, lol

Jordan on

Jennifer – close your mouth for once! either smile or keep it shut. the slack-jawed look is the same everytime there’s a new picture of ya.

Max is Marc’s mini-me. Emme’s adorable.

selene on

Theres no denying that Max and Emme are beautiful and I no nothing about Jen and Mark as parents and I am sure they are brilliant but I think having your children participate in stuff like this is ridiculous.

Having a famous parent means that you are bound to be known, especially if your famous parents are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony. But this just seems unnecessary. Kids should decide for there selves whether or not they want to be in the public eye in this way.

Everybody knows who Suri Cruise is and what she looks like thats because the public seem to have an increasing interest in her and Tom and Katie but Tom and Katie are not parading her about in photoshoots.

But on a positive note I cannot believe how phenomenal Jennifer looks, if she was not famous and I past her in the street I would think she was 20 something, then probably walk into a lamp post

josie on

she said in her previous interview that she and marc will never expose her children to the camera….yea right JLo!!

lokl on

photoshop much? high fashion photography is such a joke. all “fashion”, no art.

B.J. on

Oh my, the twins are so very cute, especially in the first shot!

Jacqui on

Everybody is right, and it has already been said, but the Blue Steel is just plain RIDICULOUS! What, with the children playing in the sand, and one on each hip. It’s SILLY! Haha!

E on

Oooh those kiddies are simply adorable! Love the curly hairdo 🙂

Mkay on

It’s funny, when looking at the pics I wondered why the high fashion poses (or attempted) while balancing 2 children on each hip? Then I read the comments and see I’m not alone in that observation. She’s beautiful, her children are beautiful, but ITA – lighten up. It’d be a much better ad if it was natural, mom and kids without the model poses. It’s a strange combo.

JMO on

My first thought on the photos was why so angry? The other was how cute are those two kids!! Max and those glasses. Cuteness overlaod. He looks a lot like his daddy. Emme alot like Jennifer. For some reason Emme looks older then Max. Maybe it’s the head of curls. Cute photos but I agree Jen should just be looking down at her childre while they are playing. We know who you are! That pose just seems unnatural even for an ad campaign.

elle on

Wow, love these pics! The children are darling, and Emme’s hair is beautiful 🙂

elle on

She’s selling a product (Gucci, not Fisher Price), folks. It would be one thing if she were doing a photo shoot to solely promote herself (then frolicking naturally and looking less sexy would be appropriate). Give her a break.

Jen on

Holy photoshop batman! I hardly recognized JLo in the first picture. But man alive Emme is so cute. Love, love, love her curls. I agree that a natural family scene would have been more appealing, but I’m guessing the art director/photographer wanted JLo to look the way she does in these photos.

cc on

she looks like maybe had some work done on her face.

Holly on

How strange…the kids look like props rather than her own children. I get the I can be a mom and be fashionable thing but this ad misses the mark. Cute kids though.

Molly on

You didn’t read did you Selene. In exchange for this shoot, Gucci is making a donation.

Romy on

I remember when those photos were posted here a long time ago and everyone was saying no she just had them on location with her. She is not my favorite, and I don’t care for these pics, even though everyone looks good. I thought Max was Emme and vice versa in the last pic.

Mira on

The photographers who shot this campaign are either clueless and talentless or simply have never interacted with children.

Ridiculous pics.

martis on

beautifull kids!!

felicity on

what did jennifer lopez do to her face? She is almost unrecognizable!! Either too much editing or too much botox, fillers or both!!???

the kids are adorable and really metamorphed into really cute toddlers!!

martina on

The “hard” look is because JLo is representing a brand known for it’s fierce sexuality. Gucci ads are sharp and sexy. The “natural” “relaxed” look would work well for a fragrance or skin care product ad, for example. But I am really shocked that the kids are involved. Especially given the over-sexed image of the brand.

Sat on

I love the pics. J-Lo is an icon, and this shoot does her justice 🙂

Shannon on

Cute kids but this is horrible. Jennifer looks extremely detached. These remind me of a photoshoot Britney Spears did for some magazine with her boys. She was on the bed trying to look sexy and the kids were playing next to her. It just didn’t work. 😦

Mia on

Aw-the babies are cute! When they were first born + they were in the magazine I thought they looked exactly like Marc-esp. Max! -But now they both look exactly like Jennifer. Genetics-amazing. ‘Love how they have their mom’s naturally curly hair.

Bancie1031 on

I think Emme looks like Jennifer and Max looks like Marc ….. Cute kids 😀

marta on

It is a Gucci advert, not a Fisher-Price advert…

Monique on

She looks like she needs a couple cups of coffee so she can open her eyes…..maybe two cups…

Lily on

Good that she is doing it for a good cause! Her twins are ADORABALE, I am in love with Emme’s hair! Agree on her expression, she could try to look a little more relaxed and mom-like. 😉

L.A. on

These photos are gorgeous! I can’t believe people are complainig that she’s posing…hello it’s a photo shoot. These images are going to be in Vogue & Bazaar people!

Ellea on

Jlos facial expression makes these photos look satirical.

Louise on

Emme’s hair is exactly the same as my niece’s! Adore it so much!
Gorgeous kids x

HJ on

Geese! All You people jealous much!? This shoot was for a donation to a good cause. All the negative comments are pathetic.

Victoria on

Couldn’t it just be that Jennifer represents the Gucci side and the children are there to represent the UNICEF side (so to speak)?

The first thing I thought when I saw that picture was how lovely Emme’s hair is and how beautiful the children are, not what face Jennifer was pulling. She was probably told how to pose anyway; but then some people just love to nitpick over everything.

Kim on

Jennifer was paid for this campaign and Gucci donated additional money to UNICEF and to her and her sister’s charity.Mark didn’t want the kids used in the ad according to Jennifer on The Talk on Oct 20th.I think she should have used models if there was going to be no interaction with the kids. Also these kids are now in ads that are going to be in fashion mags, billboards etc. The kids were barely known before this. As a matter I didn’t even recognize Emme since I haven’t seen her with curley hair. I hope this media exposure doesn’t backfire on JLO in terms of protecting her kids privacy.

jordan on

Jennifer looks like she’s in her 20’s…she looks grear. He kids are too cute

AE on

I agree with most of the comments. The children are adorable, but I didn’t even recognize Jennifer Lopez at first. She really looks different. And the contrast does not work. It just makes no sense. It’s actually quite jarring. Any other children but her own would look terrified!

Curious on

you guys with all your negative comments are so pathetic. This sucks. Your negative comments anyway has no impact on this photoshoot neither will it change the cause for which it is for. I hope you guys get a life

Kaylee on

Hello? People? She obviously had something (or some things) “done” to her face, she does not even look like the same person. Yeah, she looks great, but she doesn’t look like Jennifer Lopez. Her face used to be much rounder and her eyes are different.

Sandiya on

why do people always have an opinion about them. The twins look very cute and jen is just a great mom and why do you care if the twins are models there are so many children so let them be wathever they wanne be.

Benilde on

The kids are cute – she looks silly in the pictures.
You cannot combine the sexy vixen and the mother in one shot, especially with your kids on each side.

Leslie on

Which one is the girl? They BOTH look like girls!

Lillian Tussey on

These photos are pathetic! What is wrong with JLO? Disgusting and wrong!

Nan on

Both of them are unfortunate looking…..sorry J-Lo.

albert on

she is so phony it’s pathetic, i look at her and look at someone who for some reason has to put on this fake sexy look all the time in her pictures and it’s sad. what we should see on her face is contentment, especially as a mother, pride in her children, not some i’m super sexy fraud look that we often see on her face, it’s sickening. i mean, is she that insecure?

FineNile on

I love this pic. The kids are adorable and Jennifer is fierce

Mary on

I don’t think those kids are cute. I know many more “every day’ kids are are MUCH cuter. And the pictures are not natural-looking at all. Poor kids, they look like their dad, he is not much to look at either

RH on

She doesn’t have a “fierce” look… she doesn’t want to smile because of the wrinkles lol… ALL her recent pictures are SERIOUS… as if she’s scared of smiling… reason… WRINKLES I say… and it has nothing to do with “jealousy” as someone posted… ANYONE with her money, fame and MAKEUP ARTISTS, personal trainers, cooks etc would probably look 10 TIMES BETTER THAN HER… scroll back to the 80’s when she used to dance at IN LIVING COLOR and you’ll know what I’m talking about… she looked like CRAP… that was her TRUE self WITHOUT all the glam and glory 🙂 not jealous just stating a FACT!

RH on

lol @ Nan and Mary… I think you’re speaking for many of us! AGREED! I believe I’ve seen DOLLFACES around town that could very easily be in ANY magazines… hmmm… maybe too much “hype” about a “charity”… I truly believe, to this date, that when you give to charity, the most HUMBLE and HONEST part of it is NOT FLAUNTING IT!!! When you FLAUNT IT, it’s not charity anymore… at least in my eyes it isn’t… WORD! lol… case in point… OPRAH! Whenever all these public figures start talking about what they GIVE to charity etc, it annoys the living daylights out of me!! It makes me think they do it for TAX PURPOSES! >:<

sehrish on

I love the first pic. Its soo cute! Max looks just like his dad! and I love emme’s curls! As for the second picture, kind of looks like its all about her! Other then that, I am happy she did it for a good cause =)

Ava on

Poor things look like him…cute hair tho

MMD on

Who is doing the modeling? you can’t even see her kids faces but, she is all over the pic. Can’t fool me, this is all about Jennifer!

Stephen on

My kids are a lot cuter. They just have parents who have to work their arses off for a living. Pictures are ridiculous in her trying to look ‘hot’ with the kids. She should have relaxed.

ChellBellz on

Such cute pictures, proof that you can be classy and sexy while toting twins. i love how so many of you act as if you know Jenn because you saw her in some pictures lol. Have a Seat!

kathy on

does she EVER smile?!

mommajam on

Ridiculous pix…I wouldn’t have recognized her. The kids are cute, but let’s hope they don’t start to look like Skeletor when they are older. Yikes!!

RH on

“Such cute pictures, proof that you can be classy and sexy while toting twins. i love how so many of you act as if you know Jenn because you saw her in some pictures lol. Have a Seat!”

ummmm… I will have to assume YOU know her? LMAO! GOLLY! Can’t we all agree to disagree? I DISAGREE with you about the “classy” part… she has NO class, sorry… you might not know this, but her sister is WAY classier than she could ever be… she’s an anchor woman at a news station in P.R and WAY prettier than she is under all that makeup…. just an FYI… lol… geez!

Alyssa on

It would have been a nicer looking photo if Jen wasn’t scowling.

Bellais on

I think adorable is pushing it…..

Stephanie on

Wow! That is a beautiful picture! Jennifer and her babies look great =)

Raquel on

Leave my girl alone all u hater’s back off to bad u cant be like her, she is a good mom, people will always talk mess, jlo we love u keep up da good job, who care’s what people say abt u….. much love, muah….

Raquel on


Lily Daisy on

The kids are precious. I hope JLo and Mark protect them from overexposure because they will be hounded for many more photo shoots after this. As for JLo’s look, I’m afraid we’re talking about Gucci. There is nothing “natural” about them; however, I do think that Gucci could have let the children be more center stage in the pic. After all, they are launching a “kids” campaign. I agree that J’Lo looks contrived. Hopefully, they’ll have a more appropriate photo shoot in future.

Ellen on

I love the pics. I think Emme and Max are adorable!!! JLo looks great too, there is no “natural” for Gucci! 😉

lucy orta on

Great photo shoot. So Jen’s face looks different, it could be a weight loss. She is so thin that even a few pounds changes the face. Sorry, you all jump to botox and stuff as the reason. She is just a gorgeous mom with gorgeous kids. So she said she would never expose her kids, she is doing this for UNICEF, so get a grip. Que bella con los hijos. And she is looking sexy because this is a Gucci ad, not a Fisher Price ad, to quote someone else who commented earlier. Let her be a person, stop being critical. Are you all so perfect that you are ready to cast stones?

Gigi on

I think that she has plenty money to donated, so she didn’t need to use her kids, besides the pictures are all about her and not the poor kids….Jen stop being a show off…